How To Install Nemesis On Kodi Media Player

Nemesis Kodi Addon

Kodi being the famous media player offers countless content to stream online with no restrictions. You name it, and Kodi has it for you. But there’s a catch – due to its open-source nature, Kodi has both official and third-party addons. Third party addons are illegal by their nature for delivering copyright content, and this is why they are shutting down by copyright trolls now and then. For unlimited streaming, Kodi needs working add-ons to help you get what content you like. BTW! Have you heard of Nemesis? Well, if you haven’t today, we will tell you all about it and how to install Nemesis Kodi addon.

Let’s First Give You More Details About Nemesis Addon

Nemesis is a mixed platter of sports, movies, tv shows as well as live IPTV, cartoons kids junction and much more. It is the ultimate add-on for you to access unlimited content. This add-on isn’t part of the official Kodi repository. Moreover, it is supported by the development team. You can refer to the Kodi website for any queries, and the team will be there to guide you.

Let’s start with step by step instructions on how to install Nemesis. Even if this will be the first add-on you’ll be downloading; we will provide you with a complete and easy-to-follow process. We will be providing both Kodi Krypton and Jarvis guide.

How to Install Nemesis Kodi Add-on

Installing Nemesis is similar to installing the mainstream third-party addon. You will begin with an installation source for the file manager, after which you will need to download the repository to run the add-on.

Let’s proceed.

  1. From the home screen, click on settings
  2. Chose System Settings
  3. Select addons in the left pane and check if the UNKNOWN SOURCES option is enabled.

If the third-party addons are already installed then ignore the above mentioned steps.

  1. On the Home screen, select settings icon
  2. Select File Manager
  3. Double Click on Add Source
  4. Copy paste the url and click ok

You’ll be directed back to the Add File Source pop-up. Over there rename the source from ‘repo’ to let’s say ‘StreamArmy’ and enter a name for this media source and type a new name. Select OK twice to save the file source.

Installing Stream Army Repo

  1. Go to Kodi and select add-ons. Chose add-on browser
  2. Select Install from Zip file
  3. Select StreamArmy source
  4. Click on to open the repository installation.
  5. Pop will appear confirming successful installation

Installing Nemesis first hand

  1. Being on the add-on browser screen select install from repository
  2. Chose Stream Army Repo
  3. Click video add-ons and select Nemesis from the list
  4. Nemesis info will be displayed, begin installation
  5. Final Confirmation will be displayed and the process will be completed.

How to Install Nemesis Kodi Add-on for Kodi v16 Jarvis

  1. Launch Kodi Jarvis v16.1
  2. Go to settings from Home screen and click on File Manager
  3. Select Add Source
  4. Select the box which says NONE and enter and click done
  5. Name it Army or anything you chose. Double click OK
  6. Browse back to the home screen and click on System.
  7. Next, click on Add-ons and then select Install from zip file.
  8. Choose Army. Next, select
  9. Hold for the notification
  10. Now, chose Install from repository, and then Stream Army.
  11. Click on the Video add-ons and then Nemesis.
  12. Click on Install.
  13. Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  14. Access the add on by going to Videos > Add-Ons > Nemesis from your home screen.
  15. And you are good to go.


Thanks to nemesis’s impressive features, its known as a one of a kind add-on for Kodi. Since its first appearance on Kodi, it has been creating a wave of popularity for the Kodi users. Do you want to feel the power of free unlimited video streaming? So, download Nemesis now!

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