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When it comes to technology, the internet is the leading development of the recent past. It has transformed our way of living almost beyond the imagination and in quite lesser time. It has become an inseparable and a vital part of everyday life that we can no longer live without. The Internet is extremely famous these days for fulfilling individuals requirements with different services identified with distinctive fields. It is an exceptionally versatile facility which can help you in executing numerous undertakings efficiently and advantageously with just a few clicks. Just about everything is currently accessible over the web in this period of advancement of technologies.

It is in general practice these days to explore a particular solution over yonder and attain satisfaction with the genuine solution. You can pay your bills online and buy different things by going through various websites and selecting among an assortment of alternatives. Alongside the facility of discovering different services over the web, a standout amongst the most critical and popularly rising points of general intrigue is the rise of social networking sites. Besides, the internet ensures a positive impact on education, prompt access to information and a simpler way for people to engage in online learning. Government and politics are another offices in which the internet is crucially vital. The advent of the web seems like a blessing in disguise in the healthcare sector as well.

Internet comes with many goods, but is it safe?

With such ubiquitous acceptance of internet in almost every walk of life, our dependence on the web world has increased exceptionally. However, are you aware that it has given rise to many online fraudsters, that are just waiting to savor on the flaws occurring during our online activities? A little lapse from your side in saving your data or password can make the internet an unsafe spot. Consequently, you may get compelled to pay heavily concerning severe data loss or corrupted device.

Okay, but a layman doesn’t know about the RISK on Internet

The cyber criminals, predators, spooks, and crooked organizations are always in the hunt to take benefit of the unwary visitors. There are more than 3 billion people on the Internet. A normal internet user surfs around the web and see the digital world on clicks, but is he aware of the dark side too? No, not everyone is aware that there are strings attached to the web that could lead to critical loss to your data. Here are some of the significant risks that you may encounter during net surfing:

  • Intruders often utilize the data they discover online to deplete your bank balance or destroy your credit assessment.
  • Phishing is a typical trap employed on hacked sites to steal the sensitive data. It will make you pretend as if you are accessing a legitimate website or social networking platform, but in real, it aims at taking away your digital information. EBay and PayPal are two of the most widely recognized targets for phishing tricks.
  • Mainstream social networking sites, for example, Facebook always remain on the target for frauds.

Country wise censorship and bills

Web censorship is the suppression or control of what one can view, publish, or access on the internet. Usually, it is imposed by the governments or by private organizations at the order of the state regulators or on their own initiative. Below is the list of major countries and their internet censorship bills that affect the digital rights of the users knowingly or unknowingly:

  • China – The great firewall of China is the world notorious for censoring anything that the government finds offensive. Be it a blog, chat, or even a social networking platform. Its online controls have been brought under scanner by human right groups, traders, and even its own people.
  • Iraq – The censorship keeps on changing in Iraq under different rules. Especially, the internet witnessed strict rules during the invasion of 2003. Certain sections of its penal code also address internet censorship, such as Paragraph 215, 220, 403, 404, etc.
  • UAE – In UAE, the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) decides online censorship policy. As compared to other countries, it has quite lenient filtering policy, which concentrates more on gambling, pornography, dating, content that attacks religious sentiments, and more.
  • Afghanistan – It has blocked all the sites that it considers “immoral” like Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter etc.
  • Pakistan – The Internet exchange of this country monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic and greatly censors anti-Islamic sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Turkey – Access to YouTube seems to be in a steady state of flux here. The authorities here are prompt to censor the videos thought to insult Turkey or its History.
  • Thailand – Over 45,000 sites have been blocked in Thailand, which is based on extremely secret and selective criteria.
  • Syria – It is known as one of the most pervasive Internet filtering countries and censors anything offensive in context to the government.

Besides, the trend of online censoring keeps on emerging now and then in different parts of the world depending on the emerging political, economical, and other factors.

NSA – Let’s talk about it

NSA or National Security Agency is an intelligence organization responsible for global processing, monitoring, and collection of data and information for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence reasons. It tracks the locations of a huge number of mobile phones every day, permitting them to guide individuals’ relationships and movements in detail. It supposedly has entry to all communications made by means of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, YouTube, Skype, AOL, Apple, Paltalk, etc, and gathers a huge number of contact records from individual email and messaging accounts every year.

Digital Rights  – Definition and acts

The meaning of digital rights and obligations is to have the privilege and opportunity to utilize digital technology at its best. As a user of digital technology, you additionally get the privilege to security and the opportunity for individual expression.

Here are the Digital Rights:

  • Right to freedom of expression
  • Right to protection
  • Right to credit for individual works
  • Right to advanced access
  • Right to our individuality

Digital Responsibilities:

The digital responsibilities and concerned with the obligation to:

  • Report tormenting, badgering, sexting, or fraud
  • Refer to works utilized for assets and exploring
  • Download music, recordings, and other material lawfully
  • Model and teach students desires of innovation use
  • Obligation to keep information/data safe from hackers
  • Avoid character assassination over the web

Internet surveillance – what’s happening?

So what do you need to minimize the influence of web surveillance in your region? Here is a quick roundup on the same.

Internet Surveillance has been an important debated issue — we have discussed it widely as it has been raised on real news outlets every day. We’ve seen a huge number of new extensions, applications, and items aimed at helping you hold your privacy on the web. It is such a major ordeal to know who’s behind it, regardless of whether you can totally keep away from it. An extensive variety of tools that will make you harder to distinguish, track, and keep an eye on is indeed the most sought after one worldwide.

There is no deny that we all gave been victim to the Internet surveillance. Some countries have the minimal effect while the web surveillance immensely influences the others. To protect your digital rights and to minimize the web monitoring in your country, you should protect your identity online. To do so, you would need a service that can guarantee all what you do online is SAFE.

Solutions can be many, but we would talk about the one we actually trust on.

Virtual Private Network a.k.a VPN is one great technology that masters the art of securing our online activity and minimizing the Internet surveillance on a global scale. Have a look at the three VPN types:

There are three main kinds of VPN. The most common ones of these are virtual private dial-up networks or remote access VPNs. They are user-to-LAN connections used when employees of an organization who are in remote areas require connecting to the private network of the company. The other two types are both site-to-site that implies multiple fixed sites connecting over the public network.

What can be done to avoid internet surveillance?

In order to avoid such web surveillance, you have to follow the given-below points:

  • Hide your browsing data
  • Fortify the Email security
  • Encrypt your IMs and Chats
  • Protect your messages
  • Secure your mobile devices

VPNs to help you minimize Web Surveillance & Protect your Digital Rights

Here is a worthwhile suggestion of three VPN’s that are safe and help you keep web surveillance at bay:


  • It offers highest level of protection of your precious data from hackers- 256bit encryption
  • Keeps your files secure and totally yours, which is among your foremost digital rights
  • Provides capable protection from intrusion, including OpenVPN


  • It is among the best VPN service provider to secure your online identity at blazing fast speeds
  • Offers online protection, easy to use and fast access
  • Allows you to choose from among multiple servers to go anonymous online


  • It encrypts your internet connection to keep it secure and protected from web surveillance
  • Allows you to access your favorite but censor websites online easily
  • Allows you to use VPN services on multiple devices simultaneously

Final words

So next time you feel like browsing online, make sure you are protected enough and are not becoming a prey to internet surveillance. Else, your identity, data, and even your money, all could be at stake. Perhaps, using one of the recommended VPN is a better idea to get away from such concerns. For more insights into online protection, you can always approach us at ReviewsDir.

If you have more to add to this article, tell us in the comment section and we will have a chat on it.

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