Is Kodi Legal & Safe to Use in USA & Worldwide?


Kodi is nothing short of magic for entertainment lovers. It brought diverse entertainment channels, be it streaming services or traditional cable TV, in a single unit. So whether you are a fan of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black or HBO’s Game Of Thrones, you don’t have to rush to different channels, Kodi has it all in one place. Kodi seemed like a happy afterlife. It made us believe that nothing bad could happen anymore. The epitome of entertainment would bring every favorite show or movie regardless of their source. However, the happy afterlife was just an illusion. The villain showed up that raised questions about Kodi’s legality. The situation is so worse now that people keep asking whether Kodi is legal or is Kodi illegal? The confusion is real, and we cannot take it lightly since the copyrights mafia and strict piracy laws are real threats. No one yearns to end up in prison or pay an insane amount of fine for watching their favorite show on Kodi illegally.

The Chaos Is Real – Is Kodi Legal, Is Kodi Streaming Illegal, Is Using Kodi Legal … Just Stop

We understand the chaos around Kodi is absolutely real. Nobody knows what’s going on? We are bombarded with a ton of questions about Kodi’s legality on a daily basis. It is time to clear the air among Kodi users. Folks! Listen very carefully, Kodi is legal. You are not infringing any law by using a Kodi box or Kodi app on your devices. There is no need to panic and abandon your favorite means of TV, movies, documentaries, live shows and other forms of entertainment just because of heightened speculations about Kodi’s legal status. We receive tons of requests from our readers to clarify the subject; is Kodi legal in USA and other parts of the World? Let’s clear the confusion now!

The only thing that has infuriated copyrights holders is the fact that Kodi has third party addons, which allow streaming of pirated content. Therefore, pre-loaded Kodi boxes have come under fire. Let’s take the case of European Court of Justice, which has given the verdict that selling fully loaded Kodi boxes is illegal. A new controversial law in Britain has set the jail time up to 10 years for copyrights violation. In fact, UK officials may investigate people who bought Kodi boxes as a means to curb piracy and copyrights protection. Read our recent guide on how to use Kodi safely in the UK without being tracked.

We have just shown you the glimpse of insanity related to Kodi boxes. However, we would like to repeat Kodi is not illegal. Unofficial Kodi addons that help in streaming pirated content has corrupted the entire brand and given a reason to copyrights protectors to adopt extreme methods to control piracy.

So – Is Kodi Legal Then?

The answer to this is, YES! Using Kodi is legal and safe to use. However, to ensure maximum security and anonymity, we encourage our readers to always connect to a reliable VPN to double your entertainment. Below are top five VPNs to help you stream Kodi legally and safely.

Kodi’s Response To The Allegations

Kodi is not quiet on the matter of its legality. The platform knows it is a ploy to destroy the brand name and associate Kodi with piracy and copyrights infringement only. This way the real content creators will abandon the platform. It is important to keep in mind that Kodi is an open source platform. It cannot do much about third party addons, except block them. However, a little tweaking is enough to get rid of the ban.

The XBMC Foundation, the developer of Kodi software, is not sitting idle and waiting to get blacklisted. It is trying very hard to change the conversation surrounding Kodi by actively taking measures that prove its commitment to copyrights protection and intolerance to piracy.

  • The first step is to stop the sale of fully-loaded Kodi boxes. According to Nathan Betzen, Kodi Product Manager, “we will issue trademark takedown notices anywhere we think the likelihood of confusion is high. If you are selling a box on your website designed to trick users into thinking broken addons come from us and work perfectly so that you can make a buck, we’re going to do everything we can to stop you.”
  • Kodi is also tired of people trying to fool others by making expert videos on YouTube and claiming to be part of Kodi team. Betzen strictly warned, “If you are making a video in which you claim to be a Kodi developer or Kodi team member or you are just using the Kodi name while assuring users that some pirate addon is totally legal and isn’t going to break next week, we will do everything we can to take you down. Most of all, we are tired of a thousand different salesmen and YouTubers making money off ruining our name.”
  • Kodi has also shown support to Digital Rights Management (DRM) in order to win the trust of content producers. An official blog post on Kodi said, “We work really hard every day to distance ourselves and Kodi from all the piracy-related talk. Unfortunately, the buzz circling Kodi and piracy is so great that content publishers don’t want to work with us. From our viewpoint, supporting low-level DRM is a first step to changing that.”

Is Kodi Legal In USA? Kodi’s Status In USA

We have discussed the stupidity that has ensued over fully-loaded Kodi boxes in the UK. Unfortunately, the USA is no different. The copyrights mafia is even stronger in the USA than anywhere else, probably because the country is responsible for producing entertainment content that is loved and watched all across the world. In fact, a lawsuit against ZemTV and TVAddons library filed by American satellite and broadcast provider Dish Network in a federal court in Texas has become the sole reason for the closure of many third party unofficial Kodi addons, including Phoenix. Most of these third party addons facilitated the streaming of pirated content via Kodi. These addons are the prime reason Kodi got a bad reputation of being a piracy facilitator. Anyway, the point is USA is the country which is responsible for shutting down major players of unofficial Kodi addons. So you would be a fool to try any illegal Kodi addons in the country.

We suggest you to be extra careful while using Kodi in the USA. It is your duty to check the details about Kodi addon before installing it. Kodi is 100% legal in the USA. However, using third party Kodi addons that have pirated movies and TV shows will land you in huge trouble with authorities in the United States of America.

Kodi Addons: Is Kodi Exodus Legal or Is Kodi Genesis Legal?

It must have been explicit by now that real culprits are Kodi addons. There is nothing wrong with Kodi itself. Kodi with official addons is perfectly fine, and no authority or government official can bother you about it anywhere in the world. The trouble begins when you start using third party Kodi addons that may bring illegal content to your screens. The problem starts when an innocent user installs an addon without knowing about its origin. In his little world, he has done nothing wrong, but the reality is that he has just downloaded a third party Kodi addon, which may be responsible for streaming pirated content.

Is Kodi Safe To Use: 3 Precautionary Measures For Using Kodi

Kodi is legal, but there are other factors which may raise the questions about its legality. Realistically, authorities everywhere have jumped on the opportunity to attack the platform. They are not letting even a single opportunity to slip. The idea is to create panic, so people stop using Kodi. However, we are telling you Kodi is safe to use. You can still enjoy your favorite shows in one place. We do have a small list of precautionary measures for using Kodi.

  1. Do not use third party Kodi addons or unofficial Kodi addons. Before installing any Kodi addon, make sure it is official and legal. You cannot take a risk with Kodi addon as it will decide whether Kodi is legal or not.
  2. Use a Kodi VPN always. The authorities are hunting continuously. They may target you just because you are using Kodi. In order to stay invisible and anonymous online, always use a VPN before connecting to Kodi.
  3. It is good to know about the internet laws and regulations of your respective country. If you are not aware of them, it is time to Google that stuff. Basic knowledge will give you an edge in case you receive a legal notice or warning. Or you may find that your country doesn’t care about Kodi at all and you can keep using it as freely as you were before.

Verdict: Is Kodi Legal? It Depends On You

We have been debating about Kodi’s legality, but it is not much of a debate. Kodi’s legality is in your hands. How you choose to use the platform will define its legal status. It is not rocket science here. You just have to be extra careful while downloading Kodi addons. Third party Kodi addons are shutting down themselves because of the sudden attack on Kodi. Major players like Phoenix, ZemTV, Salts have already gone away from the scene. The rest of Kodi addons are expected to follow.

What do you think about the Kodi legal issue? Have you deleted any Kodi addons because of it? Share your experience with us here.

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