Ivacy VPN Review 2023

Let’s Introduce The Ivacy VPN

VPN industry is growing and every day a bunch of new players sprouting into the scene every now and then, all the success stories often start from the beginnings. Only a few VPNs deliver high quality services, to be on the top VPNs need to up their game to stay relevant to their user base. Ivacy is one of the VPNs that aims to become a top VPN service.

About Ivacy VPN:

Ivacy is own by a Singaporean based company called ‘Ivacy’. There’s no mention of the company name when you look at the ‘About Us’ page and for some reason it is kept as secret. If you search for Ivacy roots, it was initially launched by a Russian based company which then shutted down due to Russian laws against VPN. Either it has been taken over by another company or the registered company has moved its location. In both scenarios, the real physical location of Ivacy company is shady which makes it not 100% secure.

Ivacy VPN provides unlimited bandwidth with no caps to download any content you want, using 256-bit encryption to protect your browsing details from prying eyes. With Ivacy VPN, you will get normal internet speed on your 5 simultaneous connections, supporting multiple protocols with exemplary internet kill switch options.

Is It Safe To Use Ivacy?

A VPN provider with a shady existence is always a question mark for its users privacy and security. There are no such cases associated with Ivacy yet revealed questioning its dedication towards the customers, but as a reviewer, we still recommend to be on alert side if opting for Ivacy services.

Why use Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy is one of the most economic VPN services in the market. This VPN got popularity in recent years, due to bypassing geo-restricted Netflix and other on-demand streaming services. The provider offers zero-logging policy to keep users anonymous, the best thing about Ivacy that it offers servers in US and UK and does not based in data-retention regions like Europe. Singapore law does not require any logging of user activities.

Does Ivacy works on Netflix?

The streaming site Netflix has taken a stern stand against VPN providers, however, Ivacy VPN is still able to defy its ban, with the help of specialized Netflix optimized servers. All you need is to configure VPN manually using server address as abc3.dns2use(dot)com in order to access Netflix US. However, if you still find it difficult, you always have the option to approach Ivacy’s customer support team and know more on how to view Netflix shows in anonymity using Ivacy.

With Ivacy you can easily access US and UK Netflix library, at times users face problems while connecting the UK Netflix but US Netflix works perfectly fine. You can also stream other popular on-demand streaming services.

Overview of Ivacy VPN

Features Values
Does this service implement a no-log policy? Yes: You can remain anonymous
Is it good for torrenting? Yes, it's great for P2P
What Netflix catalog can this provider unblock? US, FR, JP, UK, AU, DE, CA
How many multi-login does this provider offer? This provider allows up to 5 simultaneous connections
Server Locations 56+
Operating Systems (Apps and Devices) Android, iOS, Windows, MacOs, Linux, Chrome, Raspberry pi, Kodi, Kindle, Windows Phone
Refund policy (money-back guarantee) 30 days
VPN protocols TCP, UDP, L2TP, IKEV
Bandwidth Unlimited
VPN encryption Most secure VPN encryption: AES 256 bits
IP Addresses This data isn't provided
VPN Servers 1,000+

Silent Features Of Ivacy VPN Service

Ivacy VPN was the first to introduce “Split Tunneling” feature, which enabled users to have complete control over their data. The feature made it easier for users to decide which data to send through ISP, and which one through VPN service. After that, the company has integrated many features in its software. Some prominent ones include:

  • Torrenting & P2P file sharing

Usually, people Torrenting in order to prevent ISP monitoring, gain unauthorized access to restricted data, and to overcome speed glitches and bandwidth restrictions. In addition, it is also helpful in avoiding DMCA Notices and ensure complete online anonymity. Because Ivacy has its P2P optimized servers placed in regions like Netherlands, this makes it a very limited service for torrenting. Plus, there are limited number of server dedicated for the same purpose due to which the speed can be badly hurt.

We have also gathered a list of 5 best VPN for torrenting and P2P that will provide you unlimited options for servers which ultimately give you more speed.

Ivacy Torrent Support


  • Rock-Solid Security

A public WiFi is one of the widely used method that people use to spoof into our online activities; as they are highly susceptible to attacks no matter how good the place seems. Hackers run automated systems on openly-provided networks to monitor and attempt to brute-force their focus in you accounts; it’s mainly due to weak encryption. We need strong encryptions that takes years or centuries to crack; 256-bit encryption is considered as the strongest, keeping the current privacy status into consideration. Ivacy secures online presence with 256-bit encryption; your connection with Ivacy is nearly impossible to crack.

Note: VPN has become an undying need of every internet user. If you look back to 2017’s online disasters, you can see that how many people have been affected due to weak or no online security at all.

The security features of Ivacy VPN among the best you could ever avail and finds many admirers in the Ivacy VPN review portals. They are as good as military grade security and are instrumental in keeping your online identity under veils. Moreover, the VPN also protects your browsing activities from prying eyes, whether hackers or administrative authorities. It offers a range of security facilities, which include:

  • Complete Wi-fi security
  • IPv6 Leak Protection
  • Multiple protocols like  PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2
  • Protection from Identity theft
  • Secure DNS
  • Multi Logins

Just imagine all your 5 favorite devices are protected with a single username. Well, that is what you get with Ivacy VPN. The diversified device compatibility is one of its many fortes – provides an opportunity to get connected and protected all the time. Be it your laptop, smartphone, iPad, gaming console or any other PDA, protect your privacy with Ivacy without experiencing any glitch at a Blazing fast speed with 99% uptime.

Ivacy VPN software supports iOS, Android, Mac, and Desktop. this software is also equipped to handle other devices like consoles, blackberry, Linux, Routers, Smart TV, Kodi, and OpenELEC.

  • No Logs – Zero means zero

Unfortunately, the trend of “Zero-logging” is falsely advertising and this trend seems more and more pervasive with the passage of time. This claim become so cliche within the industry, that we recommend you to read every word in their privacy policy along with the users’ recommendations.  After analyzing the entire VPN, it’s safe to say that Ivacy VPN upholds it’s advertisement-free zero logging policy and respects your privacy more than yourself – don’t worry Ivacy does not keep logs of your online activities.

✎ Read Also: Read More About VPN Logs And How It Can Affect Your Online Privacy

  • 100+ Locations – Extensive Coverage

One of the lucrative USPs and prospects that hook the user to use the VPN service. You can easily rattle the restrictions without being caught by their ISPs with the Ivacy world of 275+ servers in 100+ locations across 50+ countries. There are dedicated services in multiple locations in North America and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The wide range of servers ensures users from all the continents and ease of access to a high level of security. Also, the user has the choice to switch servers any time they wish to. The ease to switch servers conveniently also allows the company to execute planned maintenance without restricting user access

Ivacy VPN has categorized its server locations based on support for encryption protocols. The first category of servers supports PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocols. Likewise, the second category has the support for OpenVPN TCP and UDP.

Through all its servers, it aims at providing best of VPN services to customers. Countless Ivacy VPN reviews available on multiple sites also echo this very fact.

  • Multiple Protocols

What possibly could go wrong? You think

It takes a moment, You claim!

So you are whipping out your cell phone while waiting for your cappuccino at a cafe. The problem is the network you are connected with. It’s very easy to hack as on public WiFis, as when you connected to the network, you actually connected to the computer and your online activities rerouted with that evil-twin computer – means your login details, browsing activity and your credit card information becomes a public property. WiFi eavesdropping is the most common tricks in the man-in-the-middle attack playbook.

We need an SSL certificate encryption to protect our online privacy that Ivacy is offering. The same SSL technology is used to activate OpenVPN, which all the major and legitimate VPN providers are using and Ivacy is no exception. Ivacy also offers other common protocols like PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, in case you unable to use OpenVPN.

Most of the VPN users do not understand the difference between PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN and therefore are unable to decide which VPN to choose. To help understand the difference better, here’s the difference between PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2 and OpenVPN.

Ivacy VPN service has smart features to help you configure VPN according to your purpose with just a few clicks. This tool helps the users to configure the VPN depending on their specific purpose. To benefit from this tool, you also need to choose the server location from where you wish to access the concerned web content with unlimited bandwidth.

  • Dedicated Support

Ivacy has a well-known customer support base. Ivacy calls their technical support team as “tech warriors” and user review term as “tech wizards.” They are highly proactive in addressing customer queries and come up with high-quality resolutions. Ivacy Offers Dedicated support for ticketing system, social media, Live chat, and email support

  • Internet Kill Switch

At times your system disconnected from the VPN and that time your internet traffic route back through your ISP and you again become susceptible to prying eyes. With Ivacy you don’t need to worry about this issue as it offers internet kill-switch that halt your online traffic from entering or leaving from your device – Ensures complete security in case slow or dropped connectivity

Pricing plans – Affordable and Amazing

So many things come to mind while investing into a VPN service, we always feel reluctant to try the VPN services because of being robbed – in terms of services. Therefore pricing and subscription plans are hard to ignore.

Is there any Free trial available for Ivacy?

As of now, there is no free version available at Ivacy VPN. However it does offer risk free, 7-day money back guarantee. On talking to a support agent via, Frank, via Ivacy Live Chat, it was confirmed that Ivacy does not offer any free version for any device or OS.

All its plans are paid ones, with the 2-year offer being among the most cost-effective one. Though, it does endorse 7-days money back policy if the user is not satisfied with the VPN service; you have seven days to decide whether you want to continue VPN services or claim their money-back guarantee.

Money-back guarantee is not as clear as with other VPNs, there is a catch; claim is only possible if you have stayed within one Gb of bandwidth.

Having reviewed other several VPNs, it’s safe to say that Ivacy is one of the cheapest options to consider but not your ideal cheap VPN service. However, it offers great value for the features and the services it offers. Ivacy provides three subscription plans, one of the plan pricing depends on the length of the plan.

Here is a look at its various plans:

Ivacy Pricing

  • 1 Month Plan: $11.95/month
  • 12 Months Plan: $3.33/month
  • 24 Months Plan + 12 Months Free: $2.04/month

The standard monthly plan is on the expensive side while the last of these plans is the most recommended one as it saves 86% on billing amount, at $39.95 every 24 months.

What about the payment method?

It offers multiple modes of payment for availing services. Ivacy supports payment via PayPal, Credit Card, Master Card, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, AliPay, Yandex, Ukash, CashU, Giropay, Necard, Mercado Pago, MyCard Wallet and more.

It provides both recurring and non-recurring billing. Though primarily set to the recurring method of billing, it can be changed by raising a ticket with the customer support.

Ivacy Promotional Deals

In addition, if you subscribe for its plan instantly, you can get even more discount on each of its plans:

  • 2 + 1 Year Free VPN

Ivacy is currently offering a 2+1 year offer deal. It’s actually a plan for three years in which one year is for free. It will cost you $2.04/month which billed at amount of $49 upfront. As compare to the yearly plan, you can save upto 83% by opting 2+1 year free deal.

  • Lifetime Subscription

Ivacy is constantly featured its lifetime deal on StackSocial where you can buy the subscription for lifetime at $69.

You can also get Ivacy VPN coupons from Reddit also offers a lifetime package at a one-time payment of $69.

Ivacy Lifetime Deal

Ivacy VPN Clients For Different Platforms

  • Ivacy for Windows

Some of the VPNs cause painful experience in installing and running them on any PDAs. Ivacy is a simple mon-click solution for download and installation. The windows client is extremely user-friendly that allows you to choose your protocol and purpose (streaming, torrenting, browsing, maximum encryption) in order to get the most desirable Ivacy server. Ivacy VPN for Windows offers quick online browsing with high standard security and anonymity. It allows you to

  • Circumnavigate the firewalls
  • Be Totally Anonymous
  • Access restricted content
  • Avoid ISP tracking
  • Say goodbye to surveillance
  • Avoid Port Blocking
  • Keep hackers at bay
  • Defeat Speed Throttling

How to Install Ivacy on Windows

You can download and install Ivacy for Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 in few easy steps. There are two versions of Ivacy software, a current version, and a beta version. Once selected, the software automatically downloads to your desktop:

  • Download the Windows setup wide.
  • Open the setup file and Click Run
  • Follow the steps of the Ivacy Setup Wizard to complete the installation process.
  • Let the Ivacy client application to open automatically.
  • In the dashboard, select your desired protocol from among the available options

Ivacy Windows 1

  • Provide your email address and password

Ivacy Windows 2

  • Select Purpose
  • Select the desired country in the Personalized Selection” tab
  • Click Connect Now button
  • You are free to enjoy the best of privacy with Ivacy VPN.
  • Ivacy for Mac

Mac Ivacy VPN is the foremost choice of 70,000 users who trust Ivacy when it comes to ensuring complete online security and privacy. For OS X users, Ivacy has exclusive software and manual configuration; you can use both the methods. Ivacy Mac Clients will give you the similar design and feel to the Windows PC software. It is suitable for use in all the Mac OS, including Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks and so on. Ivacy ensures numerous benefits for Mac VPN users.

  • Single click website unblock facility
  • Bypass firewalls
  • Private and secure online surfing
  • Access sports & Online Channels
  • 7-day risk, free Money-back Guarantee
  • Stop ISP tracking
  • Anonymous P2P File Sharing

How to Install Ivacy on Mac

You can download and install Ivacy VPN for Mac in few easy steps. As a prerequisite, make sure that you have proper internet connection and premium Ivacy VPN account. The steps are as follows:

  • Download Ivacy VPN for Mac
  • Run Ivacy in Applications folder.

Ivacy for Mac 1

  • Select PPTP Protocol in Ivacy Dashboard
  • Choose the desired country
  • Enter the Username and Password
  • Click ‘Connect’ to make the most of Ivacy Privacy

Ivacy for Android

Ivacy Android VPN is available for all the latest Android OS including Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop and so on. The app run smoothly on all the android devices, running Android 4.0 and above. the size of the app is relatively lesser than the other VPN apps. It allows you to enjoy a whole lot of features to connect to internet in anonymity:

  • Single-Click Connect to unblock the desired website
  • Anonymous, secure and private browsing
  • Share photos & message over social media in complete privacy
  • Secure your Whatsapp, GB, Snapchat, Viber, Google Hangout and other chats,
  • 7-day Money-back Guarantee

How to download and install Ivacy on Android?

While you install download and Ivacy for Android, you join 50,000+ users who trust Ivacy for their online privacy more than anyone else. As a prerequisite, make sure that you already have signed up for Ivacy account, and have your username and password. Here are easy steps to install it.

Ivacy Android 1

  • Click Download link to go the Play Store link.
  • Alternatively, open Play Store, search for Ivacy and open it.
  • Tap Install button.
  • Tap Accept to grant all the requisite permissions.
  • Wait for the completion of installation.
  • Tap Open Button to open the App.
  • Mention username and password as provided in the email.
  • Tap ‘Settings’ and then ‘Servers’

Ivacy Android 2

  • Choose the desired country and protocol
  • Tap connect button
  • Tap the checkbox that says ‘I trust this application’
  • Tap OK button to enjoy Ivacy VPN for Android

Ivacy for iPhone/iPad

Ivacy offers best VPN for your iPhone/iPad, which is good to work on iOS 7, 8, 9 and 10 among others. Its multifarious features give it an edge over the competitors.

  • One-click to bypass website filtering
  • Browse in completely anonymity
  • Secure texting on Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber etc.
  • Private and secure multimedia content sharing over social media
  • Risk-Free, 7-day Money-back Guarantee

How to install Ivacy on iPhone and iPad?

On installing Ivacy VPN for your iPhone or iPad device, you join the club of above 50,000 users who already securing their internet life with it. Before installing, make sure that your device has proper internet connection and you have a premium Ivacy VPN account. You can follow the steps depending on whether you choose PPTP or L2TP protocol. Here are few simple steps to install Ivacy VPN manually on your iOS device.

Ivacy for iPhone and iPad

  • On the home screen, tap ‘settings’
  • Open General and Select VPN
  • Tap “Add VPN Configuration”

Ivacy for iPhone and iPad 2

  • Choose PPTP or L2TP and Name it Ivacy PPTP or Ivacy L2TP accordingly.
  • Enter the requisite details
  • Tap Ivacy VPN to start the connection
  • Enjoy complete anonymity on your iPhone/iPad

Ivacy VPN for Kodi

Earlier known as XMBC, Kodi is a free and open source media center meant for use on Windows, OSx Android, and Linux platforms. The award winning software offers a rich collection of TV shows, videos and other multimedia content to its users. It does comprise a catalog of add-ons supporting official streams for TV programmes and various channels, but users in most of the regions are unable to access it, which is where Ivacy VPN comes into picture. Yes, you can configure the VPN to unblock Kodi on Windows OS.  Ivacy VPN for Kodi makes way for OpenELEC compatibility, which helps you to access geo-restricted channels on Kodi.

Is Ivacy available on Chrome?

Yes, once the VPN is connected to all of your application, Browsers will be using VPN connection, and the same holds for Chrome. Earlier IVacy VPN did not have any Chrome extension. Thankfully, it has not improved its services and currently it works on all the platforms and browsers including Chrome.

Ivacy – The Website

The format and the layout of the website follows the similar pattern that other VPN providers’ website. You can get most of the same features descriptions and uses-of-VPN on Ivacy website. One thing that website lacks is the server page. You cannot find the server locations, cities information and countries count on the website anywhere. To get the information we have to contact the live chat.

Upon contact, the following Ivacy server list was given:

Ivacy Server List

The page is very cluttered and totally unmanaged. Plus, upon asking to Flix, the support agent, about the count of countries, he mentioned 150+ which was quite a surprise for me. After counting each country individually, I found only 50 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia and others.

Here’s one look of the Ivacy website:

Ivacy Website

How Ivacy Works?

Ivacy VPN acts as a shield between you and the internet, hence protecting you from revealing your online identity or activities. It helps you to bypass online censorship and access blocked websites in a foreign location or at your own place. All you need is to install its dedicated apps available for all the major platforms – Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. The one-click app is easy to install on your PC, laptop or smartphone. After installing, you can choose from among more than 100 server locations. Moreover, Ivacy VPN also provides the facility of its smart Purpose Selection Tool, which enables you to connect with the best server depending on your specific browsing requirement. So, whether you wish to do online streaming, P2P file sharing, anonymous browsing or any other task, this tool helps you to connect with the best server location accordingly.

Editor’s Final Thoughts

With 275+servers across 100 locations worldwide, the Singapore based Ivacy VPN continues to impress its countless members. In our Ivacy VPN review, we discovered that it is among the rare VPN providers to offer a range of features without exerting much load on your pocket. While Internet kill switch shuts down your online activities when disconnected from internet, AES-256 encryption makes sure that your data and identity remain protected. No log policy, together with prompt customer support contribute further to its promising services.

However, for secure browsing, IVacy VPN does require you to pay; since it does not provide any trial VPN version as of now. We hope that the company would pay attention to this point and will come with a free version as well, along with its 7-day money back guarantee. Overall, Ivacy VPN is worth trying, in fact the best in the business.

8 Total Score
Ivacy VPN Review

Ivacy allows you to do unrestricted Torrenting, watch Netflix shows, and unblock other restricted sites with ease. It ensures quick speed and complete protection with AES-256 protection. Though it is available at affordable cost, but the users will surely miss free trial versions.

Privacy and security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • More than 450 Servers in Over 50 Countries
  • Supports protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP, IKEv2
  • High end security with AES 256-bit encryption
  • 99% Uptime and Blazing Fast Speed
  • P2P optimized servers in countries like US, UK and Canada
  • Dedicated Customer Support Available
  • Login from 5 devices at the same time
  • Ivacy do not offer any free plan
  • Its windows app has a lot of glitches
  • Many of Ivacy users complaint about VPN connection
  • In most cases if you connect to USa server, the IP shows on IP address website is of Panama or Brazil
  • Ivacy Apps are still not adequate enough.

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