5 Best Japanese VPNs (Tested & Reviewed) to Use in 2023


Japan is a country where the internet users have almost nothing to complain about – the speed is phenomenal, no censorship issues, and the authorities do not spy the Internet activities of Netizens. However, the country is paranoid about the copyright infringement. The obsession with piracy is insane in Japan. Even if you are viewing the copyrighted material, you are violating the law. The punishment includes imprisonment and hefty fines.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is probably watching your internet activity in hopes of catching you access torrent websites or any other link to copyrighted material. Well, such situations call for a Japan VPN that can save you from the prying eyes. The Japanese VPN should allow unlimited P2P downloading and must have a kill switch to keep you protected even if the connection breaks. That’s the main feature that we have taken into consideration.

In case you are thinking about going for a free Japan VPN, we would like to stop you immediately because it will not do the job, even one bit. Anonymous and safe torrenting demands high-end security and protocols, and unfortunately free VPNs do not have all such features. You have to spend a little to enjoy the complete online privacy and security. We have dug the best Japan VPNs for you – our editors have reviewed and tested each of them and found the listed ones as the best most reliable Japanese VPN options available today. Let’s reveal;

Top 5 VPNs for Japan – Tested & Reviewed

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So why go for a Japan VPN?

It is true that Japan is one of the freest countries when it comes to the internet freedom, but a few incidents have contaminated the fairness of Japanese government. Now, they are watching the Japanese internet users closely. Let’s explore in detail how your position is compromised as a web consumer in Japan;

A Japan VPN for Censorship/Surveillance

There was no censorship or surveillance in the country but after the Fukushima nuclear incident, the government was more than eager to control the content on the internet. Many YouTube videos, pictures, and articles were removed that highlighted the adversity of the situation. Although the authorities considered it as the only option to deal with an ugly situation, the incident paved the way for the government to monitor the internet.

There were also rumors that a massive internet filtering system will be adopted in the country, but so far those rumors have not become a reality. However, these incidents hint towards a harsh reality – the online arena has been polluted in Japan, and it is only a matter of time when things get worst. A Japan VPN is your only logical solution to deal with such web censorship.

Protect yourself from Copyright Infringement with VPN Japan

As discussed earlier in the article, Japan does not tolerate one thing i.e. copyright infringement. It is a crime to watch, download or upload copyrighted material in the country. If you dare to violate the copyright code, you may end up in jail for ten years and have to pay a hefty penalty. And no one wants to go jail, right?

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are directed to monitor your activity, and if you are caught accessing torrent websites, you will receive a warning from your ISP. You may even have to pay the penalty. Also, the ISP may decide to tamper with your Internet connection speed. You may also read our article on torrent VPNs and why you should always connect to a VPN while torrenting.

The solution lies in the form of Japan VPN that has no problem with P2P downloading. If you got caught, there is no way out.

“Japan-based internet users who download copyright infringing files face up to two years in prison or fines of up to two million yen ($25,700; £15,900) after a change to the law.”

According to a news report in BBC

Believe us; the copyright infringement law isn’t limited to rule and regulations only, authorities take strict action against the offenders. Just recently, Japan police arrested 44 people for piracy.

“Police in Japan have arrested 44 people suspected of being involved in illegal Internet file-sharing. Raids in over 90 locations across the country targeted individuals suspected of downloading and distributing a wide range of content including movies, music, anime, manga, and software. If convicted they face fines and up to ten years in jail.”

Torrent Freak reported

Not to forget – Your Online Security & Privacy

Well, one of the salient feature VPNs offers is data security and privacy, and Japanese citizens are no stranger to it. With over 91% of the population is connected to the Internet, it is certain that data theft risk is at the large scale. Whether you go out in cafes or Malls, you always use public Wi-Fi networks and trust us; they are not safe at all. Cyber criminals love to hack your network and sell information online or crack your financials.

Using a Japanese VPN will surely restrict them in decrypting your data. When you connect to a VPN, all your access ports will be blocked for online data thieves, and they cannot even spy what you do online. If we particularly talk about the devices, Android has the largest market share, and for sure in Japan also. However, it is known that Android devices are easy to crack as compare to others. So if you use an Android-enabled device, then it will be good if you use Japan VPN Android to safeguard your device. But wait, your iPhone browser can also be easily hacked by these professional hackers, so all my iOS friends, do not forget to connect to a Japan VPN iPhone to add security layer.

Is There Any Free Japan VPN?

Of course, there are plenty of free Japan VPN options, but we will not recommend any because they are not completely reliable. Using a free Japan VPN is as good as using no Japan VPN at all. Also, after exploring the copyright infringement issue in Japan, it should be clear that the authorities are too smart to be fooled by a free Japan VPN. However, the final choice is yours.

Hide Me – Free Japan VPN

Hide Me is a free Japan VPN that can offer you limited services for free. It offers following features;
VPN at 3 locations (Canada, Netherlands, Singapore)

  • 2 GB data transfer only
  • Limited protocol support
  • One connection only
  • No port forwarding

This feature list should be enough to tell you that a free Japan VPN is good for nothing but as we said earlier, the final decision is in your hands.

Verdict – Don’t be a Copyright Offender

You can be anything in Japan but a copyright offender. And you must have understood by now that the copyright infringement is a broader issue in the country where you can be considered a criminal even for watching copyrighted material once. Besides, your ISPs have no right to monitor your activity 24/7.

It is not about whether you intend to violate copyright laws or not, subscribing to a Japanese VPN indicates that you value your online privacy. Well, the good thing is we have dug deep to find out the best VPNs for Japan. Now you simply have to select one Japan VPN and keep yourself protected from Japan’s copyright obsession.

Good luck! ?

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