KickAss Torrent Alternatives – There’s Always a Way to Download Torrents!

Kickass Torrent Alternatives

If you are a torrent lover and freak, and finding alternatives to KickAss Torrents, then we have the perfect recipe cooked for you. Our today’s article will discuss top 5 KickAss Torrents mirror sites, list sites similar to KickAss Torrents along with URLs and touch base on how Torrent VPN can help us remain anonymous while torrenting. In case you want to know the best Torrent VPNs, you may jump directly by clicking here.

So let’s get started with our KickAss torrent alternatives discussion

All you torrent lovers out there must be aware of the recent news about kickass torrent and the development thereafter. It’s a sad story I know, but the netizens are waging a war against it by requesting for donations to rebuild the site and uploading KickAss Torrents mirror sites. Before I share the details of how things stand at the moment, let me briefly recap the whole incident for you guys.

Let’s quickly do this! Take me to the KickAss Torrent Alternatives NOW!

KickAss Torrent Seizure and the Arrest of Alleged Owner – A Brief Recap

As reported earlier by Torrent Freak, Artem Vaulin, 30 years old Ukrainian national was arrested in Poland over multiple accounts of copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit money laundering charges while operating KAT [KickAssTorrents]. Not just this, a federal court in Chicago has ordered the seizure of several KAT domain names which has sent chills amongst torrent users across the world. KAT was much more than a torrent site to millions of regular visitors as a great majority of the users considered it to be their virtual home where they gathered with friends on a daily basis thus creating a very active community. There is chaos and as you can understand people have started looking for alternates already.

While the likelihood of the original site returning anytime soon is really low, a group of KAT-crew members is trying their best to keep the community together. They have started a fundraising campaign, asking for donations so that they can rebuild an authentic KAT website again. There were a few mirror sites, but it has been observed that a few of them were routing users to scammy portals where credit cards details were being asked for. All you torrent users out there need to be careful as websites like these can really harm you by taking your credit card details and other personal information.

So, first thing first: DO NOT ENTER CREDIT CARD DETAILS while signing up on such websites. I repeat. Never give away your personal details including CC info to torrent sites or sites claiming to be KAT mirrors.

Top 5 Most Popular KickAss Torrents Mirror Sites Right Now

We did some more thorough research and came up with a list of top 5 alternatives to kickass torrent. Here is the list:

  • KickAss Torrent Alternative 1:
  • KickAss Torrent Alternative 2:
  • KickAss Torrent Alternative 3:
  • KickAss Torrent Alternative 4:
  • KickAss Torrent Alternative 5:

More KickAss Torrent Alternatives

We also got some suggestions from our readers as they shared a few KickAssTorrents Mirror websites. We are listing them below as they deserve a mention too and will update this list periodically. However, it is highly recommended to use Magnet Links to download files. Try avoiding “.torrent” files if you are using the mirror sites listed below.

We are still not sure which domain is being officially maintained by the KAT crew members so better be safe than sorry. You should only use Magnet links until we confirm the official version of the KickAssTorrents site to you guys. Meanwhile, if you know about some more don’t forget to drop us a message, and we will add them.


Disclaimer: While we have checked the above-listed websites, yet a few Clones/Mirror sites have been known for pushing malware in the recent past while some others were redirecting to scammy portals, so use them at your own risks.

Some Other Big Names of the Torrent Industry

The torrent industry is facing a stiff crackdown, yet there are still big names which are keeping it alive. We all know what happened to the pirate bay, but the giant is, somehow, still going strong. In fact, there are two prominent TPB sites out there right now as listed below. Then there are other hulks like ISO Hunt and Extra Torrent. Torrentz shut down their operations, but the clone war is still on as well. Here is a list of some really decent torrent sites which are still providing leechers the stuff they need.


Updated List: February, 2017

Using a Torrent VPN to Secure Your Torrent Downloads

So what lesson should all the torrent lovers learn from the incident of KickAss Torrent? Well, we have two options for you. Either stop downloading via torrents or hide your identity while doing it. Since we are all addictive of torrent downloads and can’t live without it now, therefore, we can easily skip the first solution mentioned above. That leaves us to just one option i.e. Hide your identity while downloading via torrent. How can I do that you ask? Well, the answer is Torrent VPN.

So at ReviewsDir, we have selected some of the top Torrent VPN providers who are not just extremely fast but super affordable as well.

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Benefits of Using A Torrent VPN

VPN conceals your actual IP address as well as your geo-location with VPN server IP and encrypts all your online traffic through it. This makes you anonymous and therefore your ISP, Govt. or Network Admin are unable to find out what you are doing online. In essence, all these Torrent VPNs create a secure tunnel between your PC/device/smartphone and all your traffic travel through it. This means that if you are accessing any KickAss Torrents alternative site and downloading your favorite content, then all your online activity is being secured by the VPN software.

But wait. A lot of you would be thinking about free VPN for torrenting or the famous TOR browser. Don’t do that. Remember; every good thing comes with a cost. Free VPNs usually don’t allow torrenting because managing a VPN service requires [a lot of] money. Even if they do, the service is poor really.


Now you know where to go, what to do and what not to do in your pursuit for KickAssTorrents alternatives. The whole purpose of writing this article is to help our fellow torrenteers in making the best choice, using the appropriate tools (Torrent VPN) and becoming a vigilant and a smart torrenteer.

So, torrent your heart out, stay safe, and if you know any other websites similar to KickAss Torrents, feel free to comment below, because maybe because of your suggestion we can further extend and update our list of KickAss Torrent Alternatives.

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