Best KickAss Torrent Alternatives In 2023

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Best KickAss Torrent Alternatives

If you are a torrent lover and freak, and finding alternatives to KickAss Torrents, then we have the perfect recipe cooked for you. Our today’s article will discuss top KickAss Torrents mirror sites, list sites similar to KickAss Torrents along with URLs and touch base on how Torrent VPN can help us remain anonymous while torrenting.

Kickass Torrents -KAT- has fell prey to an arrest made by law enforcers, arresting Kickass lord Artem Vaulin. This happened back in 2016, and since then Kickass has been a constant victim of shutdowns. What was once a champion and most referred torrenting website among users is now no more.

The original site is back and its torrenting better than ever. However, since is in the limelight and is prone to more shutdowns in the future, for which we would suggest to play it smart and use a shield for any upcoming mishap. You never know if someone knocks your door to arrest you. Get a hold of a VPN for Torrent to vanish your online presence or at least defend yourself against viral attacks.

But hence many users are now double minded with the use of Kickass torrents; we have come up with top Kickass Torrent alternatives that will surely give you a platter of choices. All these alternates are a niche of their own.

KickAss Torrent Seizure and the Arrest of Alleged Owner – A Brief Recap

As reported earlier by Torrent Freak, Artem Vaulin, 30 years old Ukrainian national was arrested in Poland over multiple accounts of copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit money laundering charges while operating KAT [KickAssTorrents]. Not just this, a federal court in Chicago has ordered the seizure of several KAT domain names which has sent chills amongst torrent users across the world. KAT was much more than a torrent site to millions of regular visitors as a great majority of the users considered it to be their virtual home where they gathered with friends on a daily basis thus creating a very active community. There is chaos and as you can understand people have started looking for alternates already.

While the likelihood of the original site returning anytime soon is really low, a group of KAT-crew members is trying their best to keep the community together. They have started a fundraising campaign, asking for donations so that they can rebuild an authentic KAT website again. There were a few mirror sites, but it has been observed that a few of them were routing users to scammy portals where credit cards details were being asked for. All you torrent users out there need to be careful as websites like these can really harm you by taking your credit card details and other personal information.

So, first thing first: DO NOT ENTER CREDIT CARD DETAILS while signing up on such websites. I repeat. Never give away your personal details including CC info to torrent sites or sites claiming to be KAT mirrors.

Let’s quickly do this! Take me to the KickAss Torrent Alternatives NOW!

Top & Most Popular KickAss Torrents Mirror Sites Right Now

We did some more thorough research and came up with a list of top 5 alternatives to kickass torrent. Here is the list:

  • KickAss Torrent Alternative 1:
  • KickAss Torrent Alternative 2:
  • KickAss Torrent Alternative 3:
  • KickAss Torrent Alternative 4:
  • KickAss Torrent Alternative 5:

Top 20 Alternatives for Kickass Torrents (KAT)

  • YTS.AG

After the shut-down of kickass, resumes to be the best kickass torrent alternative since it’s the official website which deals in 720p and 1080p HD streams. The website allows you to download the latest movies with just a click of a button. Knowing IMDB reviews and ratings is essential for movie buffs, but with YTS the website has integrated IMDB in the website making it more convenient for users to check the ratings and then opt to download it.

YIFY and YTS are two popular groups which are working side by side as a good kickass torrent. According to YTS, YIFY is not related to YTS. But we know is the only official website which has a clean and smooth interface making it easier for users to download.

  • The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay TPT, like the name suggests, is a Pirate for kickass torrent alternate, being around for more than 15 years now and has escaped government bans and restriction so far. Considering the strict bans and shutdowns, the website did well so far evading these restrictions. However, the domain changes more often which is helpful for users to find torrents on spot.

Pirate Bay is a tough contender when it comes to kickass alternative as it indexes one of the best library of popular torrents. During a recent crackdown, Pirate Bay surfaced without any problems which was a big blow to kickass torrents since TPB was the most searched torrent website. Right now Pirate Bay is considered the biggest kickass torrents alternate as its downloads are immense.

  • Popcorn Time

Unlike Kickass torrent, Popcorn Time stands out as a streaming service which uses P2P BitTorrent protocol making it a premiere torrenting website. Popcorn time has an easy and slick interface which is browsed swiftly by the users who visit the website for the first time. All the menu and panes are easily accessed and understood giving you the option to stream movies on your desired set quality; whether its 720p or 1080p accordingly in HD and SD irrespective of the buffering. But we do prefer to use a Popcorn VPN to make your browsing safe and malware free

Popcorn Time isn’t a regular torrent as compared to It also allows you to stream the movie side by side as you download it as well. Popcorn time also gets regularly updated as its uploaded with latest TV shows and movies as they are premiered making it the best kickass alternative to date


Compared to Kickass, RARBG contains a big directory of niche torrents ranging from different languages having multiple magnet links making users aware of new releases and streams. Founded back in 2008, but was shut down for a while by legal pressure from BREIN disappearing from the web.

It got blocked in multiple countries including in Saudi Arabia, Denmark, and Portugal and mostly from the UK which has the strictest laws containing copyrights and illegal infringements regarding movie piracies. Kickass underwent the same issue and was taken down through where RARBG came to light. RARBG so far has a vast customer base with movie buffs easily accessing movie torrents.

  • LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is nowhere close to the ultimate Kickass torrent, but since its shutdown Limetorrents is more superior than the infamous Kickass bringing you unlimited torrent files in different language and subtitles for you to understand, making it the best kickass alternative. Having a gigantic library filled with torrent streams is a plus when you need to cater to so many users who are craving free torrents.

What’s best is you can filter searches to your needs as you want to search your desired magnet link. But now Limetorrents in regard to its policy amendment, do check what content is being searched and shows searches accordingly. Unlike Kat torrent

  • isoHunt is by far the biggest BitTorrent search engine which catches almost every BitTorrent tracker making a big user client. Isohunt users have the flexibility to download all the torrent file they want to leech or seed irrespective of its popularity. Since Media organizations are enforcing laws to take down these torrent websites due to which torrent downloads have a high risk involved if you are residing in a country like the UK. Things can go wrong by the minute.

Then again users still surface Isohunts website as a Kickass torrent alternate, making its popularity bigger and bigger.

  • YourBittorrent

Not as a hyped torrent website as Kickass but it surely gives the same satisfaction as kickass torrents. Its popular in indexing its website proficiently and is suggested by many who are doomed to finding torrents online. Launched in 2003 YourBittorrent came a long way in the rule for best torrents but currently, it is one of the best kickass torrent alternatives.

YourBittorrents has a library of music, movies and TV shows. Even the recent Suits season 8 episode one is also available on the torrenting website with a good quality stream. It’s also available on your respective device no matter which operating system you use. Apart from the big names Android and iOS, it also smoothly runs on Windows as well.

  • TorrentDownloads

Search Kickass on Google, and you’ll see TorrentDownloads suggested by many websites. Kickass sadly is facing legal problems due to which TorrentDownloads is the right choice for you. The media gallery showcases it’s exceptional giving you the approach to Foreign access content as well unlike any other. The content gallery consists of movies, books, TV shows and foreign content.

TorrentDownloads is also famous for giving you’re a directory of E-books that helps you engage in a variety of quality reading material. Kickass is top notch at what it provides, but when it comes to e-books, TorrentsDownloads is far ahead in the game having enough seeds to educate you.

  • Worldwide Torrents

Just like The Pirates Bay, Worldwide Torrents also has a large directory of popular and latest torrent files in broad variety categories. You will find all the latest movie and music torrents on this website. It’s a top kickass torrents alternatives right now, and you should try it out.

When it comes to finding your favorite torrent, you can definitely give Worldwide Torrents a shot. It holds numerous torrents in various categories: movies, music, books, anime, software, games, and much more. You can download any kind of torrent file of your choice straight away. Thus, you can assume the torrent site as one of the best kickass torrents alternatives.

  • Zooqle

Among the best kickass torrents Zooqle is a significant new entrance in the torrents world, providing a large database of verified torrents. It hosts nearly 3 million verified torrents and has been under supervision for years but managed to stay alive regardless of the threats from law enforcement.

Zooqle has an advanced torrent search which allows you to filter uniquely; through time indexed, size range category and of course language. A major focus is on TV shows and movies while offering a public API to gauge torrent metadata. Zooqles performance depends on the stardom. That will only happen if a big name in the torrents website is turned down such a Kickass. Then only Zooqle will cease to entertain the users.

  • TorLock

Among the big torrent players such as Kickasstorrents; Torlock is being used as a good kickass alternate to search your desired movies and entertaining content with a variety to choose from. Lots of genres at the palm of your hand making your torrents experience smoother.

While Torlock is a good Kickass torrent alternative, their policy distinguishes and says no to Fake Torrents. The website is so legit that it pays users $1 for every fake torrent unmasked. That too as a bonus, much more. Torlock is a standard Torrenting website which provides more than it offers. It’s a refreshing website with unique features keeping the users interactive and engaging them to make more downloads with its ease of access.

  • BTScene

BTScene sounds so fancy, but its interface is loved by many as to being easily maneuvered and accessing the search you wanted. It’s a decent choice for any user who has a blindfold trust on its torrents. BTScene is filled with anime, books, games, movies, music, and softwares. It’s the right choice to look for the right torrent.

Kickass created a brand of itself which later got taken down by authorities. As an alternate BTscene is a splendid choice as it focuses on the same torrents which Kickass torrents used to have. Try downloading a torrent from BTScene, and it’s a promise you won’t regret it. Users look for different torrent websites for every drama serial they need. What if all your loved genres in one torrent? All your troubles will b over.

  • TorrentDB

While the website seems dull and boring, its suggested not to go by its looks and appearances. TorrentDB is a big name in the torrents industry where users access unlimited content for free. No strings attached! Whenever a movie comes to mind, TorrentDB is the right place for you. Even Google lands it on the first page of the suggestions due to your keyword placement.

Also, it allows users to become an exclusive premium member of its community, once you have registered them for the process. That one thing I like the best! Security. While these torrents surface the web on and off.


While many prefer being comfortable in their PJs and download torrents with all the comfort they can get. While some are those, who prefer to stay mobile while downloading torrents. For that you require iDope. Just search torrents and the app will be shown, and iDope is listed as due to its ascending and descending order based on the quality of the streams.

Users can enjoy their streaming desires on all devices making the variation vary between iOS and Windows. Ether ways it’s not that hard to get it. If you are a die-hard fan than cut the cord. This is the website users praised and shouted to be better than Kickass Torrents.

  • Monova

You’ll be surprised to hear Monova torrents to the infamous Kickass torrents and is also a good alternative a well to it. Belonging to the same family get your hopes high as its coming from the master kickass torrents. Dozens of questions will be raised in your mind but yes

Monova has a clean interface and comes under Kickass Torrents. That is the sole reason its interface is unique, and users can move around efficiently on it. For you, there’s an added feature that help you search torrent using hash strings into the search bar. Then again users will face numerous ads which can get on your nerves every time, but that’s won’t stop you downloading your favorite Torrents.

  • Seedpeer

SeedPeer started off as a minor torrenting site earlier, and its main aim was to keep the interface clean from malware and hacks, so it’s safe to use. The BitTorrent tracker guarantees to provide high-quality torrents before adding them to their list of HD torrents. If you’ve been searching for a single torrent for hours, then SeedPeer is the right place for you as it gives access to hundreds of Torrents and is in direct competition to kickass torrents.

While many torrenting aren’t compatible with all the operating systems, Seedpeer has a big compatibility ration since it works on the majority of the OS whether its Apple TV or Mac. The categories are similar to Kickass Torrents but are diversified bringing new and latest hits on the shelf.

  • 1337x

When it comes to 1337, Its the best kickass torrents alternate so far as it provides a pit stop for all the entertainment you require, while exploring the world. The torrents website self-generates instructions and remembers the choices users made as later the website suggests MOvies and TV shows as per your taste and need.

A good streamer is one who hosts a lot of niches. 1337x has the audacity to provide unlimited content which users require. Also, 1337 deals in providing Foreign content making users aware of the culture and upbringing of new tastes and ethnicities. Kickass was a God in the torrents world, but hence it’s being targeted by various groups its functioning will be closely monitored.

  • ExtraTorrent was once the biggest BitTorrent system being a torrent leader in all spheres. Its vibrant evolving torrent community appreciates its niche compared to Kickass and is famous for its torrent files and infinite magnet links. is the best in its categories and provides content which is not available on other torrenting websites like kickass torrents

It includes anime, books, movies, music, TV shows and much more. Users refer to as, unlike other torrent systems it works on a peer to peer P2P file transfer protocol that bases its count on the number of peers as well as users willingness to seed or share files. That’s how it revolves.

Can’t access the ExtraTorrent, there’s an alternative man!

  • EZTV

EZTV comes under a kickass torrent alternative, but you won’t find many torrents here. EZTV has been a target of shutdowns and law enforcement issues but users to compliment regarding its good quality streams and downloads. compared to EZTV is a different and genre but since it has been a victim of threats is giving EZTV a chance to increase its torrenting peers.

After a hostile takeover EZTV came under the new ownership of the brand while the new group operates from a new domain;

  • Skytorrents

When Skytorrents initially started, the ambitious site said no to ads and guaranteed privacy for its users. But soon as it gained fame, the torrenting website became a victim of its own success. With an average of 1 million page views per day, the website increased its torrenting peers.

As Kickass fell into legal issues, Skytorrents rose to fame as a good kickasstorrent alternate making headings for the users. Users require secure malware free torrents which SKytorrents was able to score easily, and it won’t let users down when it comes to movies

Some Other Big Names of the Torrent Industry

The torrent industry is facing a stiff crackdown, yet there are still big names which are keeping it alive. We all know what happened to the pirate bay, but the giant is, somehow, still going strong. In fact, there are two prominent TPB sites out there right now as listed below. Then there are other hulks like ISO Hunt and Extra Torrent. Torrentz shut down their operations, but the clone war is still on as well. Here is a list of some really decent torrent sites which are still providing leechers the stuff they need.


Updated List: February, 2023.

Using a Torrent VPN to Secure Your Torrent Downloads

So what lesson should all the torrent lovers learn from the incident of KickAss Torrent? Well, we have two options for you. Either stop downloading via torrents or hide your identity while doing it. Since we are all addictive of torrent downloads and can’t live without it now, therefore, we can easily skip the first solution mentioned above. That leaves us to just one option i.e. Hide your identity while downloading via torrent. How can I do that you ask? Well, the answer is Torrent VPN.

So at ReviewsDir, we have selected some of the top Torrent VPN providers who are not just extremely fast but super affordable as well.

Best All Round 1 ExpressVPN Review 2023
2 Private Internet Access Review 2023
3 CyberGhost VPN Review 2023
4 IPVanish Review
5 NordVPN Review 2023

Benefits of Using A Torrent VPN

VPN conceals your actual IP address as well as your geo-location with VPN server IP and encrypts all your online traffic through it. This makes you anonymous and therefore your ISP, Govt. or Network Admin are unable to find out what you are doing online. In essence, all these Torrent VPNs create a secure tunnel between your PC/device/smartphone and all your traffic travel through it. This means that if you are accessing any KickAss Torrents alternative site and downloading your favorite content, then all your online activity is being secured by the VPN software.

But wait. A lot of you would be thinking about free VPN for torrenting or the famous TOR browser. Don’t do that. Remember; every good thing comes with a cost. Free VPNs usually don’t allow torrenting because managing a VPN service requires [a lot of] money. Even if they do, the service is poor really.


Fate of kickass is uncertain as its facing legal constraints every now and then. Users are frustrated as is not available anymore and its peers are either not enough or the sharing is limited. Once a torrent site is shut down users move on to the next best alternative since no one waits for its to Re-open. That loyalty does not exist.

That is the sole reason we have come across 20 Kickass Torrent Alternatives that will give you the best torrenting experience possible.

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