10 Best Kodi Repositories You Got To Have In 2021

Kodi Repositories

There’s a long list of Best Kodi repositories but not all the best Kodi repositories are worth your time, and if you start doing the job of finding the worthy ones then you will go insane as it is a lengthy and tiring process. To help save your time and efforts, we have crafted a comprehensive list of best repository for Kodi. So, just fasten your seat belt and get ready for a bumpy ride on the Kodi repository roller coaster! Before moving further, let’s first discuss what Kodi repository is and what makes it unique.

What is Kodi Repository?

Best Kodi repository is the only gateway into the fun and exciting world of Kodi repository media streaming via add-ons that bring the best of entertainment for free. In simple words, best Kodi repositories are like jars which contain all the add-ons. People prefer to install Kodi repositories as they not only include the add-ons but the updates as well. Interestingly, the add-on can be installed on Kodi without best Kodi repositories. But in such a case, users need to update the add-on manually.

The most recommended way is to download official best Kodi repository as they are legal but limited. There are third-party unofficial best Kodi repositories as well which provide way better functions and features than the official one. Independent developers spend hours and hours to create the best Kodi repository that can store all the Kodi add-ons with latest TV shows, movies, songs, documentaries, and other forms of entertainment. The unofficial best Kodi repositories basically bring the most sought-after content for free.

NOTE: Using unofficial and third party best Kodi repositories can be harmful and illegal in many countries as they provide pirated content. We recommend using a VPN to stream content on Kodi. At the end of this article, you’ll find three best VPNs you can use today. Check them now!.

Before we move further, we would like to stop and clear the air around the three most important best Kodi repository terms that you need to know if you are interested in best Kodi repositories.

3 Kodi Terms You Should Understand Before Moving Further

Kodi is a world of its own and has a number of terminologies that can be understood only if you know the platform. Once a brand or technique becomes extremely popular, people assume that everyone understands the lingo. Like it is the case with Apple, everyone knows about Siri or cloud. However, we like to believe that Kodi is very popular, but still, certain terms require an introduction. So before we go near the Kodi repositories, we would like to define three key best Kodi repository terminologies.

  • Kodi Add-Ons

Add-on is like an extension of best Kodi repos. Best Kodi repository add-ons are known for extending the features and qualities of the platform. There are many add-ons available on official best Kodi repositories. However, Kodi is an open source platform so plenty of the add-ons can be found in unofficial repositories. Independent volunteers develop the third-party add-ons. They usually focus on bringing the banned or unreachable content to the Kodi users.

  • Kodi Builds

The build is actually a packaged version of Kodi. It already has add-ons and repositories so in a way you don’t have to do anything. Of course, this completely takes out the element of customization but build is a perfect option for people with limited understanding of technology. Kodi builds have menu bars, unique wallpapers, and widgets. However, you have to be careful as some builds are perfectly updated with a right selection of Kodi add-ons and repositories while others are just full of crap as they have outdated Kodi sources add-ons and Kodi repositories.

  • Developers of Kodi

Developers are usually people who create and develop computer software and programs. Best Kodi repos has two sorts of developers. One is the official team of Kodi developers who maintains and develops the Kodi platform. The other team is known as third-party Kodi developers. They work independently and create Kodi repositories 2018, wizards, builds, etc. The Kodi platform is so successful because of the efforts put in by both types of developers.

List of Best 2018 Kodi Repositories

The task of finding the working and worthy best Kodi repositories wasn’t an easy one but kudos to our team for accomplishing it in record time and digging the dirt to figure out the best Kodi repositories to use in 2018. Here they are;

  1. Blamo Repository
  2. Kodil Israel Repository
  3. Jesusbox Repository
  4. KodiNerds.net repository
  5. Stream Army Repository
  6. TVAddons
  7. Mucky Ducks Repository
  8. Illuminati Repository
  9. XvBMC Repository
  10. Falcon AJ Repository

Now let’s discuss each of the above-mentioned from our list of Best Kodi repository.

Blamo Kodi Repository

Following last year’s purge of many reports, another most popular best Kodi repository add-on has just been taken down. The latest victim of the takedown is ‘Noobs and Nerds repository;’ unforgettable repos remaining. This repo had an extensive selection of so many most popular add-ons for the Kodi community, and the fact that it is no longer available is a significant loss for Kodi-geeks.

Now that the Noobs and Nerds repository is no more, what should you do?

Don’t worry although it’s unfortunate that best repository for Kodi unexpectedly have taken down, but not that unfortunate. Luckily there are still some repositories, frequently a dead repository gets replace with the best alternative, but don’t forget to secure your system by removing the old repository. The best alternative to Noobs and Nerds is Blamo.
Blamo, a small best repository for kodi, but deserves a bundle of thanks for the fact that it hosts the one of the best addon – Neptune Rising. It’s a fork of Exodus; which is the variation of a previous addon that was for watching TV shows and movies. If you’re looking for an addon to stream almost every other movie and TV content, then this add-on is the right decision.

Additionally, Blamo hosts other less well known yet handy streaming add-ons including Placenta and Death Streams.

Download Blamo on your Kodi Krypton 17 or Higher

Follow the procedure with the updated URL (http://repo.mrblamo.xyz/) to get the best repositories for Kodi

  • Launch Kodi and click on the Addons in the settings
  • Now turn on the Unknown Sources
  • Get back to the homescreen, and go to File Manager in Settings
  • Select Add Source
  • Hit None and enter the following link http://repo.mrblamo.xyz/. And name it Blamo and then OK
  • Go back to Kodi homescreen, select Addons and click Package Installer Icon in the top left corner
  • Now Install Blamo From Zip File
  • Select repository.blamo-0.0.5.zip install it
  • Wait to receive, Blamo Repo is now installed
  • To install addons, Go back to the addons screen and hit Install From Repository
  • Now open Blamo Repo and click on Video Addons
  • Select Neptune Rising, Placenta, or any other addon you want and wait to get the addon enabled notification
  • Now you will find all the installed addons under addon tab.

Kodil Israel Repository

Kodil Israel repository doesn’t have many add-ons, but it sure has enough to be kept in Best Kodi repository. The principal quality of Kodil is its insistence on updating the add-ons. This repository is known for regularly updating the add-ons. It is a good thing as all the add-ons are as per the current standard always. Also, Kodil welcomes many new add-ons. So it is the place to find new and latest best repository for Kodi. Users will be happy to install Kodil Israel repository.

Download Kodil Israel Repository on your Kodi Krypton 17 or Higher

Follow the give procedure below and add Smash to your repositories on Kodi 17.

  • On your Kodi home screen, click on the Gear Icon and select system setting.
  • Now turn on the Unknown sources  within the Addons tab – this will allow third-party addons to install.
  • Now click back to the menu screen, and click on the File manager.
  • Now double click  Add Source and select None.
  • Now type exactly  http://kdil.co/repo/.
  • Name a media source kodistuff and OK.
  • Now select Addons, from the Kodi main menu.
  • Click on the Package Installer and choose Install from Zip file then select kodi stuff.
  • Select Kodi Israel to install
  • Wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  • Now, select Install from Kodi repository.
  • Choose the Kodi Israel Repository  then Video Add-ons.
  • Now select the Kodi Israel Repo to install it.

Best Addons Of Kodil Israel Repository

Kodil Israel repository has made its name with the help of following add-ons;

  • Elysium
  • Gurzil
  • BoB
  • Bennu
  • 1Channel
  • Livehub

Jesusbox Kodi Repository

Jesusbox comes under the kodi repositories 2018 as its one of the least known repositories with just two section in its list including, program and video add-ons. This repository aims to provide the Kodi community with another excellent source for watching free movies & tv shows. There’s a super easy way to install Jesusbox repository in just a few steps.

How To Install Jesusbox Kodi Repository

Here’re the easy steps to install Jesusbox Repository on Kodi Krypton 17

  • Go to Homescreen and select Addons under System settings
  • Enable Unknown Sources option to install third-party addons
  • Now go back to Settings, and then File Manager
  • Click Add Source and select None
  • Now type in (http://jesusboxrepo.xyz/repo/) in the given box
  • Name it Jesusbox ⟶ OK
  • Go back to Kodi home screen ⟶ Addons ⟶ Package Installer Icon (the top left corner)
  • Choose Install From Zip File and select Jesusbox and click OK
  • Select repository.jesusboxtv-1.0.3.zip and give it an install
  • Wait for addon notification
  • Now install popular Jesusbox addons from the Install From Repository under addons screen
  • Now open Jesusbox Repository
  • Click on Video Addons
  • Select Genesis Reborn, FlixNet, or any other addon to install and wait for the addon enabled notification
  • Find all the video addons you installed by clicking addons tab

Best Addons Of Jesusbox Repository

The most famous add-ons of Jesusbox repository are:

  • Genesis
  • Exodus
  • Zen
  • Specto

KodiNerds.net Kodi Repository

Before proceeding, KodiNerds is an unofficial best Kodi Repository with unofficial Kodi addons, but there is more to it. At a time when Kodi addons were in the news, the KodiNerds Repository remains the safe and secure place to download addons from. Thanks to the efforts addon developers to ensure that all the addons in the Repository are legal and safe to download.

Given that, this repository has significant addons to surprise you. Being a German resource, Kodinerds.net mostly offers German content but, there are some great addons for universal appeal. So, if you’re German and into sport and culture, this is the best addon for you.

How to download KodiNerds Repository

The process to download the KodiNerds Repository is a fairly straightforward. You need to do download the zip file to install its content onto your Kodi. Spare your five minutes and download with the help of this guide:

  • From your Kodi Home Screen go to System settings and then Addons
  • Enable Unknown Sources
  • Back to the Settings again and click File Manager
  • Hit Add Source and go for None
  • Enter the address http://kodinerds.co and OK
  • Name Kodi Nerds or whatever you can easily remember and then OK
  • Return to the home screen and Click Addon Browser
  • Now press Install from zip file
  • Select illuminati from the list and then go to repository.kodinerds-6.0.0.zip.
  • Wait! Addon is downloading
  • Go back to Install from repository and then select Kodi Nerds to Install
  • Wait again
  • To access, go to the home screen, click Addons then Video addons to get the installed addon

Best Kodinerds.net Addons

Either German or English, there’s no shortage, so here our pick of the most popular best repos for Kodi. Keep in mind that Kodi Repositories 2018 content can change sometimes, but for now these addons are active. It’s a reliable yet dependable source of addons that have chosen to go down the safe and legal route.

  • Anime on Demand / Animexx Videos – two separate addons, Anime and other Japanese-related content.
  • DailyMotion – A popular addon to stream Daily motion website: the European YouTube.
  • Comedy Central – A addon for all the best shows from the US comedy network.
  • DAZN – An English paid addon, but you need a VPN with a German server.
  • Eurosport Player – enjoy live sports from the multiple Eurosport TV channels with this this addon.
  • VEVO TV – A music addon for the music-fanatics available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, the USA, and the UK. Outsiders can also access, but with a VPN.

Stream Army Kodi Repository

Stream Army repository can be considered as a replica to Supremacy repository where it consists of some of the best sports add-ons. It contains documentaries, movies, and live sports. Stream Army also got a fair bit of list for 4k movies that make it a great collection. The process of installing Stream repository is very simple and easy.

How To Install Stream Army Kodi Repository

To add Stream Army to your Kodi app, follow these steps.

  • On Kodi Mainscreen select Addons under System settings
  • Turn on Unknown Sources option to let the Kodi install third-party addons.
  • Hit the Settings back, and grab File Manager.
  • In Add Source and select None
  • Now typein http://streamarmy.co.uk/repo/ in the box.
  • Name it Stream Army ⟶ OK.
  • Once again get back to Kodi homescreen select Addons and then Package Installer Icon
  • Select Install From Zip File and select Stream Army and OK.
  • Hit repository.StreamArmy-15.1.zip to install.
  • Wait! Go to Install From Repository under addons screen and install Stream Army addon.
  • Open Stream Army Repository and install it.
  • Find all the installed addons under Video addons tab.

Best Addons Of Stream Army Repository

  • Live TV Channel Add-ons
  • TV Shows add-ons
  • Sports Channels add-ons
  • Movies add-ons
  • Music add-ons
  • Audiobooks add-ons

TVAddons Kodi Repository

After being offline for a month, one of our most favorite best Kodi repository is finally back online. Thanks for resuming our thrilling journey!

First and foremost, make sure that the addon named indigo for download and install. This addon is a so-called system addon; keeps your best repos for Kodi in check, clears your Kodi cache, run maintenance scripts and also remove junk files. In other words, Indigo has everything to run your Kodi at its best.

How To Install TVAddons Kodi Repository

  • From Kodi Home Screen go to System settings ⟶ Addons
  • Enable Unknown Sources (so that Kodi can install third-party addons)
  • Back to the Settings and then File Manager.
  • Double click Add Source and select None
  • Highlight the box and type exactly, http://fusion.tvaddons.co in the box.
  • Name the media source like; tvaddons and click OK.
  • Once again go back to Kodi home screen select Addons and then Addon Browser
  • Select Install From Zip File and select tvaddons and OK.
  • Hit repository.xbmchub-3.0.0.zip to install.
  • Wait, for the notification
  • Go to Install From Repository under addons screen and install Stream Army addon.
  • Open Stream Army Repository and install it.
  • Find all the installed addons under Video addons tab.
  • Most recommended TVAddons Repository Addons

There are 35 addons, and almost all are working, the most recommended are;

  • Binaural
  • Jango
  • Adult Swim
  • Film On Simple
  • Last Week Tonight (with John Oliver)
  • Mr. Bean
  • UFO TV
  • USTVNow
  • FilmON Simple

Mucky Ducks Kodi Repository

It includes 123Movies, C movies HD, Afdah, Genvideos, DiziBox, Gorilla Streams 2.0, HD-Movies 14, and other TV series, Watch32HD, Soaps, We and Wrestling. The best thing about the Mucky Duck Kodi addon is that the media content is available in all the possible formats. As you hover over a video, it will tell you the quality of the media – Blu-Ray, DVD, HD, or Camera – This means that you know the expected quality of the video before streaming.

Furthermore, the content on this addon is single-linked, unlike Velocity or Exodus; the movie will start without picking a host!

How  To Install Mucky Duck Kodi Repository

  • Kodi Home Screen ⟶ System settings ⟶ Addons
  • Turn on Unknown Sources
  • Back to the Settings  ⟶  File Manager.
  • Double click Add Source then select None
  • Type exactly, http://muckys.mediaportal4kodi.ml in the box.
  • Name the media source Muckys and click Done.
  • Go back to Kodi home screen ⟶ Addons ⟶ Install From Zip File and select Muckys and OK.
  • Hit repository.mdrepo-x.x.x.zip to install.
  • Wait, for the notification
  • Go to Install From Repository under Video addons screen and install Mucky Duck addon.
  • Open Mucky Duck Repository and install it.
  • Find all the installed addons under Video addons tab.

Best Addons Of Ducky Muck Repository

  • Git Browser
  • Twenty 4 seven
  • Quantum
  • Wolfpack
  • Orroo

Illuminati Kodi Repository

This is also a new addition in the list of best Kodi repositories. It’s a repo with a comprehensive list of some popular addons, under one roof. Install the repo and enjoy all sorts of media content without any hassle.

How  To Install Illuminati Kodi Repository

  • On your Kodi Home Screen ⟶ System settings ⟶ Addons
  • Turn on Unknown Sources
  • Back to the Settings  ⟶  File Manager.
  • Click Add Source and select None.
  • Enter the address http://repo.illuminatitemple.xyz/ and OK.
  • Name the source illuminati or whatever you want to call it.
  • Now OK, to add the source.
  • Return to the home screen and click Add-ons.
  • Click Addon Browser.
  • Now click Install from zip file.
  • Select illuminati from the list and then repository.Illuminati.1.1.7.zip.
  • Wait! Now, go back to Install from repository ⟶  Illuminati ⟶ Install. And, wait again.
  • To stream, go to the home screen ⟶ click Add-Ons ⟶ Video add-ons ⟶ installed addon.

Best Illuminati Kodi addons

  • Fright Night
  • Tempus Reborn
  • Boondock
  • Extreme Sports
  • F4mTester
  • Xtreme Odyssey
  • LiveStreamsPro
  • Fantastic Beasts
  • and Xtreme Wilderness.

XvBMC Kodi Repository

XvBMC, a kodi repository hosts abundance of favorite addons. Some TV addons have taken down temporarily, seeking new homes after the anti-piracy shake-down. XvBMC has a huge selection of top quality third-party plugins.

How to Download XvBMC Kodi Repository

  • Enter the Settings from the main screen
  • Now, choose the File Manager then Add source
  • Choose None and Enter this URL: http://archive.org/download/repository.xvbmc and then OK
  • repository.xvbmc is okay for a name, then hit ok
  • Now repository.xvbmc is now ready to install, then get back to the Kodi home screen.

Now let’s install,

  • You’re on the Main Menu in Kodi, enter into the Add-ons section
  • Enter the Add-on browser and click Install from zip file
  • Select the XvBMC Repository
  • Next, look for repository.xvbmc-4.2.0.zip and open it.
  • Wait just a moment, you will receive a pop up indicating XvBMC (Addons) REPOsitory installed.

Falcon AJ Kodi Repository

The Falcon Kodi, created by an indie Kodi developer. The vast menus of the repo allow you to find IPTV and links to on-demand movies and TV shows. Additionally, you will discover Falcon’s sports section jammed with live sports feeds and yes, Falcon has the specialized area that caters to female alone known as “Her Place.”

How to download Falcon Aj Kodi repository

Download the repo with the given procedure;

  • Open Kodi
  • Select settings
  • Go to File manager
  • Click Add source
  • Select None
  • Type http://ajbuilds.uk/repo
  • Click OK
  • Name it like; FALCON
  • Back to home screen and click addons
  • Click addon browser
  • Install from Zip file
  • Select FALCON
  • Click repository.aj.zip
  • Wait, it’s downloading

Best Falcon Aj Kodi Addons

  • Falcon sports
  • Falcon Ultra TV
  • Champion Sports
  • Pauls World

Repositories That Have Been Closed And Currently Not Working

Noobs and Nerds Kodi Repository – The Hot and Happening One

Noobs and Nerds repository rattles the authorities and has invited many crackdowns from law enforcement agencies. In fact, it has been temporarily banned in the past to a point where it had to change its URL for a comeback. The Best Kodi repository is working fine for now, but the future is uncertain for this one. Noobs and Nerds gained popularity because of its unusual features. Its community portal is regarded as the best source for information about the latest and useful Kodi addons. Noobs and Nerds repository is for sure the hot and happening best Kodi repository, and you won’t regret installing it on your Kodi.

Colossus Kodi Repository – Controversial But Totally Worth Your Time

Colossus repository is a controversial one. It has been targeted and shut down multiple times. You cannot find the usual zip file for Colossus repository. There is a slightly shady method to install Colossus repository. It is loved because of owning many lucrative Kodi addons. That’s why people still find ways to install it on Kodi despite the ban. Colossus became famous mainly because of Covenant addon. Covenant was deemed as the replacement of Exodus, and many people were dying to own it because of unlimited free movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, Covenant also followed the faith of Exodus have been shut down permanently. However, Colossus repository has still many worthy Kodi addons.

Ares Project Kodi Repository – One Of The Oldest Kodi Repository

Ares Project repository is not the newest entrant in the best Kodi repository category. In fact, it has been around for a while. At one point, when Fusion repository collapsed, Ares Project repository was considered the best. However, it couldn’t maintain its status. Now, its only achievement is surviving the Kodi world for so long. Ares Project repository has Ares Wizards, Builds, add-ons and many other things. The secret of its survival is focusing on the diversity of add-ons. Many other best Kodi repositories are far better than Ares Project repository, but we are not sure about their lifespan. On the other hand, there is no threat to Ares Project repository’s life.

SuperRepo Repository – Largest Kodi Repository

SuperRepo repository is true to its name and has a super extensive list of add-ons. We are not wrong to declare SuperRepo repository as the largest best Kodi repository. It has sub-repositories as well. You can literally find thousands of Kodi add-ons in SuperRepo repository. It has different categories of Kodi add-ons like video add-ons, music add-ons, program add-ons, subtitles, animation, skins and a lot of other things. Nobody can question the magnitude of SuperRepo repository. The only problem we have with SuperRepo repository is the lack of updates. The add-ons in this repository are not updated frequently so most of the time they are not even compatible with various requirements.

Simply Caz Kodi Repository – One In All Kodi Repository

Simply Caz also known as Cazwall is one of the best Kodi repository. Simply Caz repo contains many popular add-ons such as SKymashi TV, Team X Kodi, ARNU Box, Beau B R, FilmKodi.com addon, MRKNOW, and Elite. You can also install program add-ons such as Simply Caz Wizard, Axel Downloader, Beaus Wizard, CellarDoorTV Wizard, Elite TV Wizard, NTV Krypton Wiz, One Alliance Wizard, Skymashi Wizard and Tesla Wizard.

Smash Kodi Repository – An Amazing Repository

Smash Repository is the second home for all the forgotten add-ons which once were available at Fusion repository. After the Fusion repository was deleted, most of the add-ons were transferred to Smash Repository. Smash Repository may not contain too many add-ons, but it surely has enough to provide complete entertainment to watch movies, TV shows, live sports, and live TV.

Dandy Media Kodi Repository – One of the Oldest Repositories

Dandy Media repo is one of the best repositories of Kodi for TV shows lovers. Dandy Media shows a complete playlist which can be found at Isream. There’s a huge possibility that most of the add-ons available in the Dandy Media repository are not working anymore. We include it in the list because it still has a lot more to offer.

How To Install Addon On Kodi Repository

The process of installing any addon on best Kodi repository is more or less same in most cases. There are some special cases where the installation method will differ, but it rarely happens. We will reveal the most common procedure of installing an add-on in a Kodi repository. Please follow following steps;

  • Step 1: Select “System” and then “Settings” from the home screen.
  • Step 2: Click on “Add-ons”
  • Step 3: Now go to “My Add-ons.”
  • Step 4: Click on “All”
  • Step 5: Choose the plugin you want to install. We are choosing “1Channel” here.
  • Step 6: Once the add-on is installed, go back to home screen and click “Videos” > “Video Add-ons.”
  • Step 7: The add-on has been installed. Now you can use it for watching your type of content.

Don’t Risk It – Always Use Kodi VPN When You Install Kodi Repository

It is our duty to bring it to your attention certain limitations attached with Kodi. You must have read that some of the above mentioned best Kodi repositories were banned for a while like Noobs and Nerds. In fact, some of the best Kodi repositories were shut down like Fusion. The whole point is that Kodi is a platform that has garnered unwanted attention from law enforcing agencies and cyber monitoring agents. We are not sure if your Kodi activity is being watched by a third party.

The whole situation only dictates one thing – you have to be careful and take self-precautionary measures in order to protect yourself from unnecessary digital and legal hassle. One of the most effective ways to use Kodi safely is via a VPN. You need to find the best Kodi VPN for your personal use. We can also help you here. Please check the following Kodi VPNs and don’t take your online privacy lightly.

You can also check other best VPN for Kodi and stream like a boss!

In A Nutshell: Best Kodi Repositories Can Bring Any Sort Of Entertainment Content

The reason we wanted to know about the best Kodi repositories is to bring our sort of entertainment within our reach. Kodi is brilliant in this regard as it crosses all kinds of barriers like geo-restriction, censorship, etc. to actually bring the material to the end users. Of course, it is made possible by countless independent developers who are working day and night to create new Kodi repositories and add-ons.

It is a good thing that we keep updating our listicles because best Kodi repositories keep changing frequently. It is only expected from Kodi since so many developers are working on the platform simultaneously. At the end of the day, Kodi is the perfect platform for streaming your favorite shows, movies, and other stuff. However, don’t forget what we said about a Kodi VPN – always use it.

Is there any worthy Kodi repository that we didn’t include on our list? Please do tell us about your experience with different best Kodi repositories as it will help other Kodi users. Come on people, share the knowledge.

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