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Orange is the new black, The end of the F**ing world, Lost in space, Maniac, Seven seconds, Everything sucks, and what not; thanks to the growing streaming network especially the role of Netflix in changing our binge-watching experience. This Netflix era has content for everyone and as of January 2018, Netflix has nearly 15,400 titles across its regional libraries, entertaining more than 118 million+ subscribers worldwide; the figures why Netflix is the most discussed topic on every other gathering and whenever the streaming comes to mind, Netflix sounds relatable. No matter what profession you belong to, your smart device must have Netflix app in it, and you always manage your time to watch your favorite season.

Sifting through the Netflix library to find something new and half decent to watch your favorite artist, can’t find any? Request the popular streaming service, a piece of your mind; request your favorite titles to bring to your library. The only phenomena that upset the Netflix users are the regional discrimination; “How to change Netflix region?” You can’t watch the same series internationally, libraries change with your travel plan. Although we all pay for the subscription to access the library but can’t access the entire library from everywhere; isn’t injustice especially for avid traveler. But, if you know the drill, you can watch anything from any Netflix library while sitting in any part of the world.

Before drilling into the hack, keep in mind, that accessing regionally-restricted content and the solution on how to change Netflix region are something Netflix doesn’t want you to do; indeed, it’s forbidden in Netflix’s terms and conditions.

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There are ways to get around with the restrictions and access the library you want to watch, but the best way to circumvent the discrimination is to run a Netflix VPN in the background and be in any region you want. Are you kidding? Netflix has our databases, and their detection systems are blocking VPN encrypted IP addresses, yes you’re right! But we will urge you to not jump on conclusion so soon. We are in the business of VPNs, and even there’s a constant battle going on between the streaming solution and VPNs, but we know which Netflix VPNs can dodge their sharp detectors discreetly and let you watch Netflix US in France, Ireland or XYZ country without any trouble.

Netflix And VPN: The Cat-&-Mose Relationship – How A Netflix VPN Come Into Play and How to Change Netflix Region!

Netflix and VPN are both at odds. The great tussle between Netflix and VPN started when Netflix opened its door for the entire world. Before that, people use to go for VPN Netflix USA to access the streaming service outside the US since it wasn’t available. During that time, Netflix wasn’t keen on going an extra mile to stop the offenders and stop their access. However, once the service was available in the entire world, Netflix changed its tactics and started to take extreme measures to detect VPN users and restrict their access.

We have been witnessing the ongoing tension between Netflix and VPN topped up with our helplessness. It is the unfortunate situation, and we wish Netflix to stop going commando on our VPN encrypted IPs.

Don’t wait for Netflix to fall for you and lift their detecting mechanism, rather fool their systems and stay invisible with a best free VPN for Netflix. The following timeline will tell you more about Netflix’s actions to stop users who access via Netflix Unblock.

netflix and vpns

5 VPN That Works With Netflix – The Ultimate Netflix Unblock Tool For Unlimited Netflixing

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2 Private Internet Access Review 2023
3 CyberGhost VPN Review 2023
4 IPVanish Review
5 NordVPN Review 2023

Note: ReviewDir takes no personal responsibility of any Netflix VPN service provider. They may or may not fall prey to Netflix detection mechanism. At the time, above-mentioned VPNs are resistant to Netflix detectors but we don’t know what may happen in future.

Netflix Blocking VPN: How It Works?

Netflix began its journey to stop people from using Netflix VPN in January 2016. The most incredible advantage that Netflix has against the VPNs is the fact that most VPN users are trying to access Netflix US. So it has to focus on one region, and it will be able to tackle 90% of the Netflix VPN unlawful access.

We have already mentioned that Netflix US has the meatiest and juiciest content library with the most number of titles. Users think they are paying for the service so it is their right to access Netflix of their choice (location-wise).

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The Netflix’s brilliant plan is to apply different layers of VPN detection. Every page or category that you click on is somehow trying to locate your country. We have heard so many cases where people quickly got to Netflix US homepage. They navigated through different categories and pages easily too. However, when they pushed the button to play, following message was displayed on their screen.

Netflix Proxy Error

So Netflix is successful in detecting the VPNs by enforcing multiple checks on random pages. This gives you more than enough reasons to be extremely focused while choosing a Netflix VPN. You don’t want to waste money on a service provider that can only land you on the Netflix US homepage and fails to Netflix unblock when it’s time to watch the TV show or movie.

How Netflix Detects VPN: The Procedure Unraveled

You must be curious as to how Netflix can detect VPN service providers. What is their technique or methodology? To be honest, we cannot give you an exact answer. Someone working at Netflix can be more appropriate to provide accurate details. However, being the in the business of VPN for so long has given us an insight into how things work.

Netflix detects your IP address and directs you to the Netflix version of that particular country. Netflix also keeps a record of the IP addresses it finds suspicious. Netflix VPN service provider has some IP addresses. Most Netflix VPNs are discreet when they access Netflix. However, Netflix is still able to sniff out the IP addresses of VPNs and bans them forever.

Netflix is on a constant lookout to find IP addresses that are fake and belong to Netflix VPNs. So the service providers have to be stealthy and keep adding new IP addresses to stay undetectable by the streaming service.

Again, the horror story of how Netflix can easily detect VPN is a reminder to be aware of your Netflix VPN. It should have many IP addresses and should be in the habit of continuously adding more IP addresses frequently. Finding a free VPN is a hard job as it is but searching for free VPN for Netflix is an even more complicated task.

How Some Providers Overcome The Netflix VPN Ban and Get Netflix Unblock?

We all know that our IP address has a country code, that helps the hackers and legal agencies to track our cyber presence; your IP address is your next domicile, don’t forget to hide with the best VPN providers. It’s quite apparent that companies like Maxmind and others collect information on our IP address and then sell with other companies including Netflix. So, whenever you connect with Netflix, your IP check against with the databases and decide whether to allow or block your Netflix access; these databases also help the streaming service to detect the presence of a Netflix VPN. All the majority VPNs have servers across the globe that help us to hop from location to location to stream the U.S. Netflix library from anywhere. It’s a tab cumbersome, but works.

Be aware that not every server works – we recommend you to contact the best free VPN for Netflix provider and confirm the number of servers operating on a particular date. From our list of best free VPN for Netflix, ExpressVPN has been one of the fastest VPN providers to stay ahead of the Netflix VPN ban. The company is one of that VPN that has been acquiring new IP addresses, that cycle out in case the first address stops working. So, Netflix! You detect and block my IP address, my ExpressVPN Netflix switches to another IP.

Free VPN for Netflix That Don’t Work Anymore

We can tell you limitless qualities of a Netflix VPN, but we know mentioning the names will be more helpful. We have mentioned a few names of Free VPN for Netflix that still works. Now, it is time to see a list of Free VPN for Netflix that don’t work anymore for one reason or another.


IronSocket became the victim of Netflix VPN detection and this free VPN for Netflix isn’t working anymore. It was reported that IronSocket might work on some devices, but overall it is a lousy option for Netflix right now.


Unblock-Us showed inconsistent results. At times, it was working fine with Netflix, but on different attempts, Netflix was quick to detect the VPN and block the access. There is no point in investing in the Netflix VPN that isn’t reliable.


Netflix has blocked Unlocator. We have received a confirmation from a reliable insider source. The Netflix VPN is trying to come up with a solution but so far, it has not made any progress. If you were planning to go with Unlocator, find another free VPN for Netflix.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access (PIA) has a history of performing poorly when it comes to dealing with geo-restrictions and getting Netflix unblock. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when PIA is incompatible with Netflix. PIA is a big no as the answer of how to change Netflix region.


We have received a confirmation from an anonymous insider source in Pure VPN that it doesn’t support Netflix. At this point, it seems like Netflix detecting tool is doing wonders as so many VPN service providers have backed out from the race.


OkayFreedom has no power or potential to fight a giant like Netflix. OkayFreedom is an okay VPN service provider. We were expecting it to fall into the Netflix trap. It is not the biggest surprise for anyone.

In addition to the above mentioned Netflix VPNs, there are many more that cannot help you how to change Netflix region on the desire Netflix version. We are just listing their names below;

  • Smartflix VPN (Paid)
  • TunnelBear VPN (Free+Paid)
  • BetterNet VPN (Free)
  • SurfEasy VPN (Paid)
  • Hola Unblocker VPN (Free)
  • TorGuard VPN (Paid)

How To Change Netflix Region and Get Around Netflix VPN Block

Since you know, the problem is that Netflix sniffs out the IP addresses of the VPNs and blocks them. Netflix VPNs have shared IP addresses to ensure anonymity on the internet. However, this makes it very easy for the Netflix to separate the VPN users from regular traffic.

Shared IP addresses are a brilliant smart way to dodge the sniffers and make it almost impossible to track an individual user. The side effect is that Netflix can catch you quickly. So how to change Netflix region and get around Netflix VPN block. Well, we have a couple of solutions in mind.

  • Netflix VPN gives you an option to go for shared IP address or dedicated IP address. You can select the dedicated IP address. This way, no one else will use the IP address you are using, and Netflix won’t be able to pick you so soon. However, you risk the chance of being traceable on the internet, which kills the whole purpose of subscribing to the VPN.
  • Another option can be to choose a Netflix VPN that promises to keep changing its IP addresses frequently. Whenever Netflix is about to detect the IP addresses, your service provider has a new batch ready. It will be more like cat and mouse game. The downside is you have to always win because it is over forever if you lose.
  • The last option is to find a quality Netflix VPN that isn’t popular and has a limited consumer base. The number of people using the IP addresses will be so small that Netflix won’t suspect it. However, this option seems unrealistic. Only poor VPNs have a lower number of subscribers. The good ones always have many customers.
  • There is a bonus option of subscribing our recommended free VPN for Netflix as our team has spent hours testing them on different devices and various difficult scenarios.

How To Change Netflix Region with VPN? Unlock The Complete Netflix Content Library

During our research, we found an interesting thing about how to watch Netflix through VPN and how to change Netflix region. You must know the process of activating a best free VPN for Netflix on different devices and using the safe internet. However, since Netflix is so smart in its detection gig, you are required to be extra careful even when you have found the right VPN to access Netflix. We have given clear guidelines on how to change Netflix region and how to use VPN to watch Netflix on different devices.

  • Watching Netflix on a desktop or laptop is quite simple; connect the Netflix VPN chrome (or any other browser), and connect to the desired server, once connected reach to the Netflix website and enjoy your binging session.
  • Smartphones can be a bit of a challenge as they can potentially override DNS routing by VPN and send a request to the public DNS server. In other words, smartphones can mess up real bad and reveal you real location to Netflix. Also, it is not a 100% occurrence. It may or may not happen. The safest way to use VPN Netflix Iphone (or other smartphone) is to connect VPN to your router and then use a smartphone. If VPNs protect the access point of your internet, then all devices will automatically follow suit.
  • Many Netflix VPNs do not even support smart TVs, gaming consoles, Chromecast, Fire TV and other devices. So does that mean you can’t use a VPN? Well, no, you can activate some free VPN for Netflix on your router. There are well-explained VPN installation guides for routers. Also, you can buy a pre-configured router from ExpressVPN.

Best Free VPN For Netflix – Do They Work?

Yes, but no, we are not confident in this regard because best free VPN for Netflix doesn’t work all the time; depends on your luck, I believe. Netflixing using a VPN without having to pay, is in the grey-area; holes in your boat end up drowning. Our first suggestion for you is to avoid accessing Netflix using best free VPN for Netflix.

However, if you have no choice and you are really desperate to get US Netflix unblock for a few weeks because of a particular show, and you don’t want to spare money then we will recommend using free trial of paid Netflix VPN. Paid Netflix VPNs are way better and ahead than the free VPN for Netflix – it’s a fact, we cannot change it.

Unfortunately, if you are looking to find a permanent solution in best free VPN for Netflix, then we can give you a few names. However, we rigidly stick to our stance against best free VPN for Netflix. Also, we are sure you will agree with us after using the freebies.

Following are the best free VPN for Netflix;

Why Is It Necessary To Watch Netflix With A VPN? A Must-Have Tool For Every Binge-Watcher

We can give you millions of reasons to use a VPN for get Netflix unblock. However, our answer is going to be based on two factors only.

  • Netflix US has a far better content library than any other version of Netflix. When we say better, we mean tenfold better entertainment than your local Netflix. You need a best free VPN for Netflix to unlock the real world of Netflix. After all, you are paying every month for the services. It seems almost fair and legit to gain unfair access to Netflix US.
  • In case, you used another standard method to get Netflix unblock like a proxy or cheap and free VPN for Netflix; you are putting yourself in a much riskier position. The Netflix’s Terms of Services (TOS) clearly states that it can cancel your subscription if you are caught accessing the foreign catalog unlawfully. There hasn’t been a single case of subscription cancellation. Honestly, we think Netflix has no intention of acting upon this particular rule. It is part of their TOS to satisfy the producers and general Hollywood mafia. In real talk, you are watching the content illegally through a foreign catalog, and you can be prosecuted for it. That’s why it is more important to find a best free VPN for Netflix that never blows your cover and stay unnoticed by Netflix detection tools.

Why Is USA VPN, The First Priority for Netflix Binge Watchers?

Netflix, being the great-grandaddy streaming service has everything -TV shows, movies, comedy specials and original programming- for your entertainment in an honest-to-goodness run for its monthly subscription. If you compare Hulu vs. Netflix, I am sure most of you would prefer Netflix over Hulu, although both are the top streaming services, the only thing that turns the binge-watchers off from these well-known US streaming providers, is the content discrimination. All the highly demanded series like ‘Allo ‘Allo, 100 Day Bach, 100% Hotter, 13 Reasons Why, and other hit titles, is restricted to the US library; if you’re not in the US, you can’t access the favorite originals series in other 189 countries, or have to wait months to get it air in your region.

So, being the generation of the Netflix era, I always use USA VPN before type in my Netflix login credentials, no matter where physically I am located. Designated libraries for different regions is the right practice but still, it restricts our internet freedom; so run Netflix unblock VPN before Netflix sign in, your heart’s content is waiting for you in the US library.

Can Netflix VPN Evade The Restrictions Set By The Streaming Giant?

Netflix is insanely severe about blocking people using a VPN. It has indeed devised a stable detection mechanism. We remember the stir Netflix created when it first introduced the VPN detection. The VPNs are insanely good at their job to get Netflix unblock because they are always prepared to face the extreme situations. In other words, it is hard to rattle VPNs with any case. However, Netflix did it successfully. In fact, Netflix is still making the life of many free VPN for netflix a living hell. The simple move by Netflix has cost many free VPN for Netflix a hefty loss in profits and customers.

Free VPN for Netflix are suffering at the hands of Netflix. However, there are a very few who survived the most toughest test and tricked the streaming service. We have given you their names. You can subscribe to anyone and enjoy Netflix unblock like never before

Which Best Free VPN for Netflix do you use to access international versions of Netflix? Please mention the names below in comment box.

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