5 Best VPNs for Netherlands in 2022


You might already know that Netherlands is a country where little importance is given to censorship or enforcing proper copyrights law in the country. And that is why Dutch netizens are least bothered when it comes to downloading pirated movies or music online. It is quite mind-boggling, considering the fact that Netherlands is part of European Union.

Now, you may ask, “Why Dutch netizens need a VPN then?” Or more specifically, “What’s the use of a Netherlands VPN service?” Well, we have answered the question already. Netherlands is part of EU and it has to follow the EU Data Retention Directive (DRD). The directive is as invasive as you expect it to be and makes online privacy a far-fetched dream in Netherlands. So using a Dutch VPN service is indeed not a choice, but a must for internet users.

Another concern for Dutch netizens is the NSA’s international spying projects. If the world has learned anything from Edward Snowden vs. NSA dilemma, it is that the internet is the most vulnerable space, and your privacy is at risk 24/7. The truth is Dutch people need a good Netherlands VPN service, to avoid being spied on and getting the logs of their online activities on someone’s storage device. In fact, the need of a good Netherlands VPN service couldn’t be direr as the country has over 92 percent internet users.

We would like to delve a bit more on privacy concerns of a common internet user in Netherlands but for now, let’s get straight to the 5 best Netherlands VPN services.

Top 5 Netherlands VPNs – The Right Options for You

Netherlands Privacy concerns and VPN – Summing up all

Getting back to the privacy concerns in Netherlands we touched upon earlier, DRD (Data Retention Directive) is undoubtedly a significant threat.Along with other EU members, Netherlands has included the 2006 DRD in the national law. DRD requires all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecoms to keep logs of all EU netizen for last 12 months. However, Netherlands government has reduced this time to 6 months.It is important to keep in mind that the DRD requires logging of traffic data only, no record of communication is stored, but even traffic data is enough to reveal usage patterns. And that’s the biggest reason to use a trustworthy Netherlands VPN service.

It is a vague law which has gathered many confusions and controversies over the years. One of the biggest confusions of DRD is the inclusion of VPNs. Most countries have declared VPNs part of DRD and implemented the law accordingly.However, after an in-depth analysis of Articles 1(2), 3(2) and 5, some countries have exempted VPN from DRD. Fortunately, Netherlands is one of those countries which make it an ideal place for VPN companies to deploy their servers. In fact, many VPN providers, who are sick of anti-piracy policies elsewhere, have set up their VPN servers in Holland. So, there you go! You can opt for a good Netherlands VPN service or use a fast Holland VPN service if you are living in Holland.

Free VPN Service Providers in Netherlands – Worth Trying?

All above mentioned are exceptional Netherlands VPN choices, but there is one little problem (we don’t see it as a problem though) – they are all paid. Of course, there are many free VPN Netherlands options too, but we are ourselves a little hesitant in recommending you any free VPN Netherlands. Because we tested over 7 to 8 different free VPN providers and most of them don’t offer any Netherlands VPN servers and those who do offer, are not providing a good enough performance and quality that is a prime need of any Dutch Netizen. NL Free VPNs will not provide you as much security as required. The logic is simple; Holland is a country with an active DRD law, and you can’t simply trust a free Holland VPN service or a free VPN Netherlands with your personal information.

The recent Hola VPN exploit has inevitably raised some real concerns and added a big question mark on the credibility of free VPN service providers. Well, if you still wish to check out some of the free VPN services available online, you can click here. They may not necessarily have free VPN Netherlands servers, but they are still a good bet for you to get to test the service first for free and then to purchase it when you are satisfied with what the VPN has to offer in their paid package.


Finally, there are limitless VPN service providers active in Netherlands. Before making a decision, remember, your goal is to protect your online privacy and security. We strongly suggest against any free VPN Netherlands. You must invest in a service provider that offers you maximum protection at competitive prices. Good news is all VPNs mentioned here fit the criteria – go ahead, pick the best VPN for Netherlands.Long live Netherlands! ??

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