5 Best & High-Speed New Zealand VPNs to Use in 2023


New Zealand, a country with the highest rate of car ownership, you will find 2.5 million cars among 4 million people; Kiwis does not only love their cars but also surfing the world wide web. New Zealand is not a country with strict blanket surveillance or heightened internet censorship, but you never know when any national or international agency start or may have started following your digital footprints. Thank God, New Zealand authorities and officials are not villains but don’t ignore the increasing number of cyber threats. Kiwis! Don’t risk your online presence and start using a New Zealand VPN to anonymize and protect your cyber world.

Global netizens face international spying programs, cyber terrorism, cyber-bullying, cyber crimes, geo-restrictions and many more issues and New Zealanders are of no exception. To some extent, they are also the victim of web censorship and geographical restriction and only the best New Zealand VPN can safeguard their internet privacy and let them enjoy Internet rights.

Imagine you browse a website say Netflix to watch your favorites series and unfortunately, you forced to a page where ‘restricted content’ message appears on your screen; this only extends your frustration level and start your never-ending research, right?

So no matter you’re living in the New Zealand territory or on a week’s trip to New Zealand, bookmark this blog to know all the information about the five must-have VPN New Zealand along with related concerns and queries.

Top 5 New Zealand VPNs to Install Today

Picking a VPN for New Zealand is not an easy job to do since all the available market players claim to be highly anonymous; while the reality reveals when you download. To give you the best VPN New Zealand service, we have reviewed more than a dozen VPN services that claim to be the best Kiwi VPN options, and below are the best from our VPN experts.

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Why Should I use a VPN in New Zealand?

The uses of a VPN are many, but a Kiwi wants to know that matters the most; the primary purpose of using a New Zealand VPN service in New Zealand is to prevent any external influence. It means that when you connect to a VPN, you will be free from all worries of identity theft, which, indeed is a growing concern of netizens around the world. Secondly, New Zealand VPN help in accessing global content, that, unfortunately, is not available in the region.

Not convinced yet? No problem, the following reasons would make up your mind; you’ll soon be using a New Zealand VPN.

Blanket Surveillance

Don’t worry! There is no such thing as blanket surveillance in New Zealand, and you all are confident that your government is chill and value your privacy and freedom. But we guess you’re missing the NSA; you must remember the NSA’s blanket surveillance that was not limited to the USA only. Edward Snowden has already cleared that the NSA’s outrageous actions were conducted in many parts of the globe and New Zealand could be one of them.

Another aspect to notice here is the possibility of some other agencies, international or national, spying the New Zealanders. It may seem too far-fetched, but once you start exploring the online privacy of different organizations in the world, you will be convinced easily. Long story short, there is a constant threat of either your government or a third party observing your every move online. New Zealand VPN is a legit way to get yourself invisible for those trying to keep an eye on you.

Internet Censorship

The internet censorship is limited to child pornography and sexual abuse mostly. The New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is responsible for filtering the internet. The good thing is Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are given a choice to join DIA or not.

Interestingly, the government official criticized the web censorship in Australia in March 2009. The government representative said that the censorship causes delays for consumers. The interesting thing is later in the same year; the DIA confirmed that they had built their filtering system with the help of Swedish software (cost: $150,000). Since then the internet filtering software is active and functional in the country.

The official narrative is that they are only censoring child pornography and sexual abuse. However, what’s actually happening is unknown; there may be more than necessary censorship in the country. Only a New Zealand VPN can break all the barriers of censorship.

Geo-Restricted Content

Geo-restricted content is a pain for everyone in the world. We love Pandora, HBO Go, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and many others but cannot access these services unless we have an IP of a particular country. Well, a VPN for New Zealand just exactly performs the same function. It can mask your original IP address with an IP address of your desired country, meaning you can see and access whatever you want, even you can stream Netflix US outside the US, using US IP address. So if you are paying for a VPN New Zealand, you should get the maximum out of it; enjoying the Netflix US is the most-demanded.

Cyber Crimes and Cyber-bullying

Cyber crimes and cyber-bullying are part of our internet culture throughout the history. Your internet connection has an IP address that can be used by anyone to get your personal information. It may be used to exploit your banking or financial details to hurt you financially, or it can be used to access your personal information and exploit it.

Let us share one incident with you. Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pictures were hacked and shared on the internet. She became the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. It is an extreme form of cyberbullying. You may not be a big shot or a celebrity, but still your privacy matters. Your data can be fetched without your consent and misused by hackers, spammers, cyber terrorists or cyber bullies.

So folks, get a New Zealand VPN and save yourself from cyber snoopers, that are closer and harmful than your imagination.

How to Watch TVNZ Outside New Zealand?

When you’re away from home, it’s tough to feel like home unless you take a piece of it with you, like TVNZ. For those Kiwis living outside New Zealand, getting their piece of the home is not that easy because they need a best VPN for New Zealand to access all the TVNZ content.

Short for Television New Zealand, TVNZ is a platform features content from TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2, and TVNZ Duke (both on-demand and live programming). Everything is free with a free account. Unsurprisingly, TVNZ is available in New Zealand, like other local platforms. Due to licensing issues, the content can only be accessed from New Zealand.

There are many ways to get hands-on TVNZ’s content from anywhere, but perhaps the best one is to get an easy-to-use VPN New Zealand. Thankfully, a New Zealand VPN let you access TVNZ content no matter where you are, and who you are – a New Zealander or a foreigner.

What Is The Scope of New Zealand VPN Free?

Whenever we do country-related VPN analysis, often readers inquire about the free versions of VPN in the country. So it is now part of our process to search a free VPN for country-related reviews. Finding New Zealand VPN free was interesting because we couldn’t locate even one worth mentioning here. The closest we got was New Zealand VPN free trial versions only. We tested a few and were not satisfied with anyone at all. To be honest, we found them lacking in features that could protect your online presence. However, we will share one New Zealand VPN free trial version so you can see for yourself.

Fly VPN – New Zealand VPN Free Trial

Fly VPN is a small New Zealand VPN service provider that has a free trial version available to lure customers. This VPN has limited servers in 40 countries, including New Zealand. However, the free trial version of Fly VPN gives access to limited servers only. Also, the features are also limited.

Fly VPN – New Zealand VPN free trial allows;

  • Netizens can use 3-time-a-day.
  • The free trial session is only limited to 20 minutes.
  • You have to create an account for free trial.

After reading our brief analysis of Fly VPN as a New Zealand VPN free trial, you must have understood that it is good for nothing. Instead of wasting your time on this, get a paid New Zealand VPN.

Verdict – Online Protection is Priority

The sorry state of internet throughout the world has made it compulsory for every netizen to seek extra measures for online protection. Even in a beautiful country like New Zealand, where the internet laws and censorship are at the minimum, users are compelled to join the best New Zealand VPN.

We have already mentioned the reasons and threats for New Zealand netizens. Also, we have given you enough choice to pick a New Zealand VPN. At the end of the day, you need a best New Zealand VPN that provides excellent services at reasonable price and has no history of compromising on customer’s personal information and data.

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