One-stop Solution on How to Watch Paramount Plus Outside US

how to watch paramount plus outside us

Paramount Plus is the ultimate jukebox for TV junkies. However, it’s largely for US viewers. In fact, not even UK and other European viewers can enjoy it! Sorry, Star Trek fans outside the US, you need a workaround. Many folks want to know how to watch Paramount Plus outside US. Let’s tell you how.

Last update made on 25 January 2023

Where to watch Paramount+ without any additional connection?

We will tell you how to watch Paramount Plus outside US. But, before that, let’s explore some more why you would even want that! And, why would you not? After all, this channel broadcasts highly addictive shows such as I Am, Marriage Rescue, and Yellowstone. Besides, you gain access to CBS Sports streams and live CBS. Given all these and more, it’s no wonder you want to know how to watch Paramount Plus outside US.

Where is it available currently?

Currently, the channel is available only in a few select markets. Besides the US, Paramount+ outside US is available in select locations. These include Canada, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East, where you can access it as a pay-tv channel. However, owing to its extraordinary diversity, viewers everywhere want to know how to watch Paramount Plus outside US.

watch paramount plus outside us

In addition, people want to know if it is possible to enjoy Paramount+ outside US on streaming services. The app is available for download on Android TV or on the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Besides, one can also find it for Apple TV from the app store. You can also watch it on Roku. However, none of these options are available outside the locations where the Paramount Plus televised service is available.

Why is Paramount + outside US not available everywhere?

The Los Angeles based service is highly secretive. If you are from a country where it is not available, the service website is practically blocked for all purposes. This is because, in most of the places, Paramount+ outside US is unavailable due to tough geo-blocking. Also, it is a matter of which locations have the official TV rights from the parent company.

How to watch Paramount plus outside US?

Here’s the key to Paramount+ outside US. You will need to bypass the geo-blocked wall by using a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. This is because streaming platforms geo-locate IP addresses to accept or deny your viewership.

paramount plus outside us

With a powerful VPN, users can successfully cloak their IP addresses and appear to be belonging from one of the accepted locations for Paramount Plus. So, this is the basic idea of how to watch Paramount Plus outside US.

The safest route for accessing Paramount Plus from outside US

Let’s cover it step-by-step how to watch Paramount Plus outside US. Here’s a simple tutorial on watching Paramount+ outside US.

Firstly, you will have to have subscription credentials for Paramount Plus. For folks outside the geo-boundaries of Paramount Plus, you need to get in touch with a subscriber willing to share the login details. Alternately, if you have a US credit card, it should be no problem to create an account.

paramount+ outside us

Otherwise, you can work your way around via a Paramount Plus gift card from an established retailer. It is relatively easier for the US citizens traveling abroad. You already have the account details. Simply log in to the streaming service after you gain access to Paramount+ outside US via a preferred VPN.

Using a VPN to access Paramount Plus

  • Guess what, now you need to subscribe to a VPN. You don’t have to have a US credit card or anything for this. We will tell you the best VPN for seeing Paramount+ outside US. But, before that, let’s tell you how to use just about any VPN. Trust us, this is the only way how to watch Paramount Plus outside US, safely and legally.
  • Now you have the VPN installed. Route your connection through a server located in one of the approved countries. In this case, it is better to use a secured server based in the US. Nonetheless, you must make sure to subscribe to a recommended Paramount Plus VPN.
  • Visit the platform URL and see if it is accessible. If it is still not accessible, try using another US-based server. Competent VPNs have a network of thousands of servers, so finding an alternative won’t be a problem.

We have done the legwork to prep a VPN list

Let’s get to the point and tell you how to watch Paramount Plus outside US. We reviewed and compared each of them to prepare this list.

  • Try ExpressVPN. It boasts of phenomenal privacy and security. Plus, it has hundreds of servers in the US.
  • Check out NordVPN for Paramount+ outside US. It also offers great privacy and delivers fantastic streaming speeds.
  • CyberGhost is a low-budget option. But, it’s good as it is.
  • PrivateVPN is a newcomer in the field. Nonetheless, it can be a fast option to see Paramount+ outside US.

Why free VPNs are not ideal options?

As to how to watch Paramount Plus outside US, don’t fall for the free VPN trap. They belie the promise of the free internet that a VPN ideally offers while masquerading as a good solution. For starters, they are notorious for installing malware on your computer.

So, unless you want to lose your sensitive financial data, and other personal information, avoid free VPNs like the plague. Also, they conduct other harmful practices such as ambiguous logging policies and bandwidth reselling.

Also, the free part is only a façade. They may still want you to pay up when you exceed a certain data limit. The data caps are often very strict, sometimes offering only 1 GB of free data per month. In addition, the viewing experience is not that great.

watch paramount plus

Get ready for abysmal slow streaming speeds and interrupting ads. To top it all, you may not even be able to look up Paramount+ outside US with these platforms. Forget customer support, and they may not even have the robust server network that ExpressVPN has.

Yes, we recommend ExpressVPN on how to watch Paramount Plus outside US. It is the most preferred option, not for nothing. Besides, it is currently available by a 30-day free trial run, along with a money-back guarantee. So, get it now!

Why should you get a VPN?

If digital censorship bugs you, get a good VPN. ExpressVPN has the ability to bypass all kinds of geo-blocks, including the Chinese firewall. It’s your best weapon against censorship, and it’s all legal, as long as you are not choosing a so-called free VPN service. The VPN service goes deeper than just watching Paramount+ outside US. It can also unblock Hulu and Netflix for users outside the US.

Furthermore, the highly encrypted data transfer ensures optimum online privacy and protection. Standard IP cloaking practically makes you the Phantom of the Opera, when you use a VPN. In addition, it is mandatory while you travel and need to access the internet via public wi-fi systems.


To summarize, you need a suitable Paramount+ VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN for the job. So far, it is the best one because of its robust security features, great speed, and massive server network. So, don’t delay and get it now to enjoy the amazement of Paramount Plus.

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