5 Best Philippines VPNs for Speedy & Safe Browsing in 2023

The Philippines does not only crazy about basketball and boxing but also love to enjoy the freedom of access and expression; thanks to the Data privacy Act 2012, that are protecting the fundamental human right of privacy. But hold on Filipinas! Don’t forget the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, although this law has implemented to protect but somehow to restricted cyber freedom. If you say anything against anyone online that fits the criteria of libel, then you can be charged under the law; fine and imprisonment.

Want to enjoy the Internet freedom without online libel crime, opt a Philippines VPN. A VPN Philippines is a handy software that maintains online anonymity by encrypting all the traffic to and from a device and routing it via an intermediary server other than your country. A VPN will mask your IP address with a fake one, and no one including nosy hackers and surveillance agencies will be able to identify you since they can’t track your real IP address.

At the moment there is a battle between an increasingly authoritarian Philippines government wishing to impose restrictions and ordinary Filipinas trying to reclaim their rights. The Cybercrime Prevention Act regulating the web with far greater scrutiny but other state arms are providing a necessary balancing force, so get hold a VPN Philippines now!

Don’t worry! Bypassing access controls is technically a form of copyright infringement, and for that, no one has been convicted, but it’s always better to be careful. Similarly, downloading torrents exposes you to the risk of prosecution. That is why the VPN protection is so important.

Now, we know the next phase is to find out the best VPNs for the Philippines. Well, our team has already worked on that and dug up the most excellent VPN service providers for the Philippines.

Top 5 Philippines VPN Service Providers to Use in 2018

The major problem in the Philippines is the restricted access that stream servers and games sites. So rather than defeat government blocks, why not trick overseas media servers and let in? Sounds interesting! The best method is to employ a VPN, but does all the VPN Philippines are same? No, we will tell you the secret.

At ReviewsDir, we keep testing tech products including VPNs, so do you want to know which Philippines VPN providers impressed us with their fast speed connections? Scroll down!

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Reasons to Choose a VPN for Philippines

The Internet status of Philippines was declared “free” by FreedomHouse.org in 2015. You may ask what’s the point of VPN Philippines then? Well, we compiled some arguments that will leave no room of confusion for a Philippines VPN in your mind.

  • According to the 2012 Cybercrime Prevention Act, online libel is a crime in the Philippines. Many cases in the court are dealing with online defamation. Your comment, social media post, blogs, and opinions can be declared libel, and you can be dragged into court with a possible punishment.
  • Melinda Magsino was an online journalist who was shot dead in the Philippines due to her alleged outspoken online activities.
  • The government has a history of shutting down the mobile signals of different areas during major events or occasions.
  • The Philippines censor the content on the Internet based on child pornography, hate speech, and anti-state sentiments. Although there have been reports of websites being blocked that don’t fit this criterion.
  • Other issues like copyright infringement, cyber crimes, and geo-restrictions are a part of digital arena throughout the world and Philippines is no exception.
  • The Philippines is a country with flaws that restricts its Internet freedom. Keeping in view the users of smartphones and Android worldwide, it’s essential to have the best VPN Philippines apps installed on your devices, which is a complete package that makes sure you are protected and secured.

Streaming Services In Philippines

The influx of streaming and video-on-demand services have already reached Filipinos in the last year, so now the Philippines has more options to satisfy their entertainment cravings.

Before planning binge-watch sessions, decide which service fits your interests,

  • iwantTV
  • HOOQ
  • iFlix
  • Cinetropa
  • Fox+

If you’re in the Philippines, then accessing these won’t be a big shot for you, but what if you’re traveling outside the region? You’ve to either miss your favorite show or have to wait to go back to the Philippines and then stream. We think both options sounds boring, isn’t it? Let’s find the third option, how about tricking ISPs in the Philippines with an anonymous VPN and browse the Philippines world of entertainment like a Filipinas? That’s a real deal!

Watch Netflix Philippines

Streaming services deserve all the possible efforts to prevent cross-border access, which may include detecting and blocking VPN traffic. As such, it’s difficult to get a streaming VPN to get into overseas streaming services. Netflix- the most controversial of all has the most advanced VPN detection software in the world, so very few Netflix VPN services work. Don’t worry! All of the VPNs on our list have cloaking methodologies to defeat detection procedures and let you cross the barriers safely.

Unfortunately, streaming services (including Netflix) are bound by copyright holders, specifies the country to put a show on the air. That is why some of the shows on Netflix US aren’t on Netflix Philippines. That’s why it can’t allow Filipinos to watch the content that is available in another country. The US library is not suitable for viewing in the Philippines because of different libel and blasphemy laws.

Successful VPNs give you a bonus if you don’t have Netflix. The Netflix price varies by country; signing up in the Philippines require less than those in the US. Subscribe a VPN with a US server to stream Netflix US and others, even though you’re a Filipina.

Online Libel Is Not A Joke!

The decision of whether netizens of Philippines need a VPN or not lies in a straightforward question – will you commit a criminal act or keep your record clean? Of course, you chose the latter. Well, Philippines VPN is a way to do so otherwise you are always in danger of committing online libel. Your online activity can come under scrutiny if somebody accuses you of online defamation. So folks, use your head and subscribe to a VPN Philippines. Good thing we have already mentioned the best VPN Philippine service providers for you.

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