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The internet has radically changed our lives in myriad positive ways; however it has a dark side too. It dispossesses your personal privacy on the Internet, abandoning you at danger from shady people, organizations and security companies. When Tim Berners-Lee was planning the technology that has changed our life, he searched for a thing that would depict what he had as a top priority. The one he ultimately settled on was “web”, which is the way the internet (World Wide Web) got its name.

The internet is a global platform for international citizenship. It allows us share a vast pool of knowledge and makes economic opportunities across the globe. We can connect with our kith and kin, anywhere and anytime through the internet. It enables us to realize we are not alone, and we all are one. Governments and corporations assaulting our online privacy is something that we can’t use and must not take. It may also be worth investing in a VPN only for the sake of privacy and security on the Internet and attaining the right to use the Internet freely. Here we are listing some reliable VPN solutions that would help you to protect you from any privacy breach on the Internet and will ensure your 100% Internet privacy.

Some common sorts of identity theft and online privacy issues

There are several ways for cyber criminals to get access to your private data. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Cybercriminals that intercept your internet connection- generally on public hotspots. Therefore, your online privacy is always at risk.
  2. Utilizing a public computer infected with malware.
  3. Phishing, where you click a malevolent link in a website or email and hand over your private details. This is one easy trick hackers use to breach your Internet privacy.
  4. Making use of vulnerabilities in the software of your device.
  5. Man-in-the-middle assaults.

Random tips to reduce the threat that cracks your online privacy

Although, we have already discussed the best way you can protect your online privacy. Here we will discuss some random Internet privacy tips that can ensure a safe and private browsing on the Internet. There are several ways to secure your confidential, personal and sensitive data from snoopers loitering in the gloom. The below-given points include tricks to lessen the threat of potential NSA examining for both internet traffic and digital voice that leads to advance in security for your online activities.

1. Internet Traffic Encryption

A positive sign that correspondence between your web program and a site encrypts will be the utilization of the “https://” SSL preceding the address of the website. By continually writing this before entering your URL name into the browser, website automatically downloads the encryption certificate. On the off chance that the “https” is not clearly visible in your web browser, then the correspondence between your web server and browser is not encoded. Verify your most usually visited sites for encryption. A few sites have preferred encryption over others. You can simply test all sites by visiting SSL Labs. Using the extension implies the unencrypted text will never reach Google servers.

2. Impair site following

The two techniques used to shield your web page from the internet tracking corporate “white listing” and “blacklisting”. Programs of blacklisting will wedge spyware. Peer Block is a decent case of a free blacklist program. At the time of listing, programs turn off JavaScript, which is the extremely basic dialect for programming that utilizes as a part of your search engine programs. This is the dialect that is useful for tracking methods when you visit regular sites with insignificant online security encryption. When you turn the JavaScript off, the spies discover it endlessly more hard to screen your actions.

3. Explore secretly

We are well aware that Google effectively monitors our internet activity and searches. This is the manner by which they make our profiles and create income. Have you ever notice that when two distinct individuals hunt down the same thing on Google, they’ll get different results. There are numerous sorts of search engines which worry less with our virtual activities. By changing to one of these other accessible choices, for example, Duckduckgo or Startpage, you’ll see noteworthy online protection against undesirable tracking and monitoring. This method helps to ensure online privacy for all your browsing activities.

4. Never faith anybody for your classified information

Are you one of those online clients who are utilizing iCloud, Dropbox, SkyDrive, or Google Drive? If yes, then your online privacy might be in serious peril? Make a point to scramble the majority of your records before you transmit them on the web. Never depend on the encryption protection offered by the cloud provider. You can consider AxCrypt as a feasible choice as it complement online storage services. Although cloud storage options are mostly encrypted, but to ensure your Internet privacy, it is always a good practice to keep a check on these details.

5. Record encryption

TrueCrypt is a kind of encryption framework utilized for scrambling the contents of files. By utilizing this or a comparable sort of framework with a solid calculation and enormous “key”, you must be better ready to control the access of your records and archives by outside sources using password protection techniques.

6. Use traffic tunnels

The establishment of a VPN network or proxy server will surely encrypt your online action by sending your information to outside area decryption first that will fundamentally build your security. Each time that you transmit web requests, emails or data, the Internet tracks your movement using headers that hold individual data of your address, the location of your destination, and the date and time of the action. The VPN networks and the proxy servers vague your activities and successfully make them mysterious. VPN helps to give you 100% privacy on the Internet.

7. Secure your working framework

Install a “read-only” type operating system. It will give huge online security to your computer against all types of undesirable applications, programs, and software. Numerous Linux dispersions can consequently identify PC hardware quickly after booting of your framework. Puppy Linux and Privatix are some decent examples for expanded security.

Obviously, regardless of the fact that you follow this whole agenda of choices, there is no flawless technique for shielding your frameworks from an extremely determined intruder. Such suggestions will indeed make tracking your implicit activity progressively more troublesome. Guarantee you inquire about every alternative before executing to comprehend what you’ll do and don’t incidentally keep yourself out of your records.

A VPN is an ideal solution here to protect your online privacy and yields complete Internet privacy. Since there are a lot of VPN solution providers that claim to have all the necessary checks to protect your online privacy. It is still recommended to get into details before you invest and trust anyone as your Internet privacy escort.

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