Quora Is Down And No One Knows Why!


Quora, the biggest Q&A social platform on the web is down and people are asking is Quora down? The outage report shows that it’s been quite some time that Quora website down time is accurate.

*Update: Quora Is Working Fine Now. 

Quora users are panicking and flocking to social media to report this issue.



If you try to open Quora, it’ll show you this error.


Well, nothing can be said for sure, but we’ll be updating the blog as soon as we get updated on this situation and see why Quora is down.

Ben Lyndon

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  1. UPDATE: August 29, 2018, 3:29 PM Eastern

    Quora went down again today, shortly after 12 PM Eastern Time. Problems are still being reported on other outage sites as of right now, but nowhere near as many as between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM. At the moment, I’m able to access the website but unable to log in (the blue “Log In” button is disabled.)

    One thing I did notice was that my browser’s “MinerBlock” extension detected a cryptoware script on Quora’s front page about a half-hour ago. It didn’t flag this morning, or even when I logged off a few minutes before the site went down. (Note: I use bigger security firepower than Google.)

    The outage world map seems to indicate DDoS attack on L3 Communications.

    • Hi Cyberluddite,

      Thanks for reporting the outage Quora is experiencing.

      The website is working fine now, but speed is very slow and I believe it is still affected.

      Will keep you posted with the updates.

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