10 Vital Reasons Online Backup is a MUST for your Business

Why Online Backup is important for businesses

We all are well aware of the importance of data security and online backup. Technology is getting advanced and better with time but so are hackers. Protection of information from either data thieves or natural disasters is vital to your survival, regardless of the size of your business. That is why a secure online backup specifically is of great significance to your business needs.

According to one statistic, 93% organizations that lost their data for any reason go out of business within 2 years. A Majority of businesses are now moving to Online cloudbackup to counter data protection problems. Cloud backup for business and cloud backup solutions for small business are becoming a widespread solution for many.

What makes Online Backup the best option for Confidential Data Protection?

Backing up your precious data online on a cloud service is safe and inexpensive whereas protection of data using typical tape backup methods is difficult, expensive, unreliable and hard to organize. A lot of online backup services are offering their services and providing your precious data a digital safe haven. Cloud backup for business and cloud backup solutions for small business are now easier to get than ever.

Cloud not only protects your data but also integrates the modern technologies in disk-based backup with the online cloud to ensure immediate and accurate recovery of their vital business data. Online Cloud Backup for business is an economical solution that is cost-effective and takes the burden off your staff so they can focus on more important things like growing your business. It keeps backing up your data continuously storing it off-site for disaster recovery purposes. We have devised a list of ten reasons explaining why it’s a good idea to have an online backup of your data right now. So if you have a business, make sure you’re using a decent cloud backup for business and cloud backup solutions for small business.

1 – Disaster Recovery Made Easy with Protected Offsite Cloud Backup

You are backing up your data every day making sure all the backup equipment and settings are up and running. You are right on track with your data backup, but suddenly a flood comes in or a pipe bursts in your building damaging everything including your backup media and server, you can still lose all your precious data despite being extra cautious.

To ensure 100% protection of your data, you must also save this data off site and not rely 100% on cloud backup for business and cloud backup solutions for small business. Many organizations make the rookie mistake of maintaining their backup onsite only risking losing all of it from any natural or man-made disaster i.e. fire or flood. The recovery of data can be a painful and costly process however if you choose disk-based cloud server backup, it will automatically transfer your data offsite and can be recovered in minutes in the event of any disaster. It’s these kinds of situations that make you regret your decision of not having an online backup of your official data or some sort of cloud backup for business.

2 – No More Complicated and Manual Backup Tasks

Tape-based backup is a rather complicated and time-consuming task. The organizations that manage disk-based backup usually have a team of IT specialists that is dedicated to handling the manual backup tasks. Cloud Backup Solutions is based on the “Set it and Leave” model meaning you can trust your cloud to back up your data online your data automatically allowing the IT to focus on more strategic tasks. This, in turn, increases your business’s efficiency and productivity. Some cloud service providers also offer 24×7 coverage, data monitoring and latest recovery technologies at a fairly economical price.[vc_column_text]

3 – Easy Budgeting

Cloud Data Backup and cloud backup for business is not only convenient for your staff and productivity but it is also good for your business’s budget. Since the cloud backup servers are entirely automated backing up data immediately to an offsite location, you are not required to obtain various licenses for different servers. Your cloud service provider will charge you a monthly service fee that’d allow for easy budgeting and predictable monthly costs. Something to consider when looking for a good cloud backup for business and cloud backup solutions for small business.

4 – Guaranteed Data Recovery

Cloud Service Providers and cloud backup for business solutions mention their guaranteed data recovery processes in their Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Some of the cloud servers even offer backup solutions that not only secure the most recent changes to the files but also capture the modifications in the open files and databases recovering all the data. On the contrary, if you are relying on a disk- based backup, it usually follows a nightly backup boot due to which you will not be able to recover the data fully. Having an online backup service is not only a smart decision but should be an integral part when it comes to backing up official data.

5 – Reduced Risk of Downtime

Data protection involves multiple steps which are:

  • Replication of your data to another device.
  • Transmission of replicated data to an offsite location.
  • Storage of data where it is protected and organized for recovery.
  • Immediate recovery of data when and wherever required.

If your current online backup solutions do not involve any of these steps, then your data is only partially protected. Online Cloud Backup solutions and good quality cloud backup for business, address each and every step mentioned above making sure that there are minimized risks of downtime or data loss.

6 – Immediate Restoration of Your Data

Restoration of your data becomes easier with online backup solutions and cloud backup for business. Instead of waiting hours for your data to restore; losing revenue and time in the process, cloud- based restoration enables you to restore all your data in a matter of minutes.

7 – Benefit from the Expertise of Your Service Provider

When you are using an online backup service, you are leveraging their expertise and skills to secure and give uninterrupted access to all your data. You will be using the latest technologies and infrastructure that your cloud service provider updates on regular basis. Cloud services also help businesses exercise better control over their cost which allows the organizations to grow.

8 – Compliance with Other Regulatory Bodies

Since most of the sensitive data is stored online on cloud- based online backup these days, there have been many regulations governing off-site data protection and retention. For example: HIPAA compliance governs the protection of healthcare information etc. Sometimes, you are liable to hold certain records for a specific time period and if you lose that data, you can be held personally responsible.

To avoid this liability and protecting critical data, online cloud- based backup is the best option. They move your data off-site automatically and cloud providers ensure the security of data at every stage i.e. transmission, storage and access. The SLA provided by your cloud service provider mentions the compliance with different industry regulations relieving you of any liability.

9– Be Extra Cautious when Choosing your Cloud Provider

Your organization manages a lot of sensitive data i.e. financial records, personal information, customer data, employee records etc. You cannot just trust any third party with this information. Using a secure online backup that stores all this information at an offsite facility ensures the security of such sensitive data. The cloud also encrypts your data so it can only be decrypted when it reaches the offsite location, that too with a decryption key.

10– User-Friendly Setup

Disk-based backup solutions data recovery requires vigorous training and a lot of time that organizations just can’t afford in today’s fast paced world. Every unproductive minute is opportunity and money lost. Recovering data from a cloud-based backup is super easy in comparison. Your data can be restored with the minimal technical assistance.

Businesses don’t usually realize the critical threats and shortcomings in their data protection strategies until it’s too late so shift to online backup now and safeguard your data from natural disasters, human errors, attacks, failures etc.

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