Is SEMrush the Right Software for Your Business?

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Our Expert SEMrush Review – Is this the Right Software for Your Business?

The number of SEO (search engine optimization) software suites available for business use are certainly not short on the ground, but SEMrush is one that surely deserves a special mention.

Below we will explain what this highly popular digital marketing suite is, and how our SEO Team recommend it should be used to help improve best business practice.

What is SEMrush?

It is classed as an all-in-one digital marketing suite offering marketing intelligence tools for companies of all sizes. Covering a host of important digital marketing disciplines, it offers data and insight into such things as:

  • SEO
  • PPC (pay-per-click) advertising
  • Website traffic information
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Site audit
  • Social Media
  • Content marketing
  • Topic research
  • Lead Generation
  • And more…

Some of the major SEMrush benefits:

As can be seen from the above, the marketing intelligence benefits SEMrush offers are many and varied. The functionality available and subsequent data received will give you a far deeper understanding of how effective your online presence is. Just as importantly it will also provide crucial information on your competitors activity and performance.

Here are some of the most important functions the SEMrush suite offers and why it should appeal to any organisation wanting to succeed in the demanding business sector in which they currently operate in.

SEO analysis:

Website SEO analysis helps you to understand just where your business ranks in terms of search engine results. Once results are analysed, the SEMrush software will recommend steps to take in order to increase brand awareness through improving your current search engine ranking.

As well as other informative SEO data the SEO app also provides a backlinks audit which highlights such things as:

  • Which of your existing backlinks are effective and worth maintaining?
  • Which of your backlinks are least effective and should be removed?

SEO Keyword magic!

This is a recently introduced, highly effective SEMrush tool. It will help you develop a huge list of potential, target-worthy keywords. These can then be broken down into groups and specific niches that will allow for further evaluation.

Examples of what can be achieved are:

  • Millions of keyword suggestions: Through the use of advanced filters you can find niche keywords in semantically related groups. These are automatically created by >SEMrush for each seed keyword.
  • Choice & Deep analysis of desired keywords: You can add keywords that are most relevant to your business to the keyword analyser. This then allows for in-dept research based on the automated, up-to-date analysis SEMrush provides.
  • Export keywords to other tools or Excel: You can send keywords to the Position Tracking tool, to the PPC Keyword tool or export relevant keywords to Excel. The flexibility offered allows excellent export choices.

The in-depth analysis and ways in which you can manipulate keyword data to your advantage should be seen as a major benefit. The SEO keyword magic tool is an excellent addition to the SEMrush Suite of tools and yet another reason this all-in-one digital marketing suite stands head and shoulders above its competition

Improved PPC campaigns:

The SEMrush Software can help to improve your pay-per-click campaigns through advertising strategy analysis. This analysis includes keyword research and social media channel conversation tracking relating to what is being said about your business.

The results produced from such analysis give recommendation on keywords as well as cross groups. You can use the information and recommendations in order to maximise your current and ongoing advertising strategy.

Website content development:

SEMrush helps you to develop the content your website contains. This is achieved through updates on trending topics as well as delivering engagement data relating to your target audience.

Such important data goes a long way to helping you understand the relevancy and effectiveness of content being presented to this crucial group of current and potential customers.

It also highlights new promotional opportunities for you to take advantage of as well as collecting ‘mentions’ of your brand across a wide range of platforms. Both of these features will help build brand reputation.

Competitive edge:

Any company intent on prospering in their market sector will understand how important it is to gain an edge over their competitors.

SEMrush offers a host of benefits including website audits, monitoring of social media platforms and rank tracking, but it is best known for the competitive analysis features offered.

These features give invaluable information on your competition and relate to such things as display advertising, link building and paid, organic search data.

The SEMrush suite of software tools helps give you this advantage through the gathering of competitor information.

It enables you to understand how the competition is performing; not just how effective they are being, but also highlighting things that others in your market sector are currently doing poorly.

The important information at your disposal can then be used to your advantage. It will go a long way to help you decide which strategies will be most effective in terms of your own SEO campaigns.

Well presented data:

When analysing your own performance and that of your competitors it is crucial the data at your disposal is well-presented and easily manipulated.

SEMrush presents the information in easy to understand chart and report form. This ensures clear data visualization and allows side-by-side domain comparisons revealing such things as current rankings and keyword effectiveness.

Having this concise information at hand allows you to understand what aspects of your online presence are working well and which need improving. It also gives an excellent insight into competitor strategies.


The use of proprietary SEMrush tools will afford your business an all-important business edge in the highly competitive market sector you operate in.

Analysing your strategy and comparing it against that of others in your sector means you are keeping your finger on the pulse, you can work to constantly improve brand recognition and to ensure your target audience are receiving what they expect.

Increased brand awareness and growing customer loyalty are things you must constantly strive to achieve if you are to grow your business.

There is no doubt whatsoever that investing in the SEMrush all-in-one digtal markeitng suite will provide this and ensure that visitors to your site benefit from a customer experience that will see them returning time and again.

The icing on the cake is the fact that a 30 Day FREE Trial is offered. By taking advantage of this you really have nothing to lose but lots to gain!


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