5 Best Singapore VPNs (Tested & Reviewed) to Use in 2023


Singapore has an advanced level of Internet penetration. Almost 80 percent of its population is connected to the online world. However, the freedom of the Internet is in question because of a supposed sensitive political, religious and ethnic environment. The authorities are trying to curb the autonomy of Singaporean Netizens indirectly. It includes censoring the free Internet and enforcing spyware(s) that is not the concern of people living in Singapore, but the global community is under the radar. This brings us to the topic of how Netizens in Singapore can access the World Wide Web freely, without zero (or less) restrictions and with ease.

As we understand the needs and rights of everyday Internet users, we know how important it is to have an appropriate solution to combat all such geographical web restrictions. Well, a Singapore VPN comes in real handy in this case. With a VPN connection installed on your computer or mobile devices, you can be anonymous online. Your anonymous status simply makes sure that nobody comes knocking at your door for alleged copyright violation or expressing your opinion (that may or may not be against the government policies or pro-LGBT).

Now that we have agreed that the easiest way to fight for your Internet rights to connect to a VPN Singapore, let us tell you the best ones out there. Believe us, there are so many great options that you can consider as a reliable Singapore VPN, but the following listed VPNs are smartly picked by our editors, as we trust them the most & they will not let you down for sure.

Top 5 Singapore VPNs – Brings New Life to Your Internet

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Severe Issues That Limit The Internet Freedom In Singapore

Like many other countries, Singapore is also strangling the freedom of Internet in the country. We have found out the major areas of concern for a common Internet user in Singapore. Below we have some of the major concerns that everyday Internet user in Singapore experience:

Singapore VPN For Censorship

Singapore has no such strict censorship policies. You will not find a ton of websites blocked by the government or extreme orders for ISPs by the authorities. Everything is pretty chilled and cool. However, the authorities have found a way to control a certain number of topics that they deem sensitive. You will not find political criticism in the country. Interestingly, the officials are also trying to suppress content that represents the LGBT community in the country.

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The OpenNet has given following conclusive remarks regarding the censorship situation in the country;

“The Singapore government implements a limited filtering regime, relying mainly on non-technological measures to curb online commentary and content relating to political, religious, and ethnic issues. The purported purpose of these measures is ‘to promote and facilitate the growth of the Internet while at the same time safeguarding social values and racial and religious harmony.’ The threats of lawsuits, fines, and criminal prosecution inhibit more open discourse in an otherwise vibrant Internet community.”

At the end of the day, you can enjoy the freedom on the internet as long as you are not openly discussing your political, religious or ethnic views. Well, it seems impossible and who decides what is “political, religious or ethnic”? It is a trick by the authorities to keep you on your toes all the time. If you are sick of this feeling of being watched, Singapore VPN can take you to an absolute online free zone.

Strict Copyright Enforcement Asks For VPN Singapore

Unfortunately, Singapore has very strict copyright enforcement policies. According to the Singapore law, a copyright offender can be jailed for six months along with a fine of S$ 20,000 for their debut infringement and three years of jail along with S$50,000 for repeated copyright violation.

Many Singaporeans received legal notices for illegally downloading Dallas Buyers Club in the country. It is an Oscar-winning movie that revolves around AIDs. The same action was taken in Australia and the USA, but it stirred the public in Singapore because it happened for the first time. The notice required the concerned person to pay the penalty within 3 days. So of course, a third party was monitoring the IP addresses that downloaded the film.

In relation to the topic,

“The Singapore government is mulling over plans to block websites that offer pirated content including movies and music, along with other efforts to curb online piracy.”
ZDNet reported

There is one solution to this problem i.e. VPN Singapore. You need the best VPN Singapore that allows P2P file sharing so that you can enjoy the free content.

Access Geo-Restricted Content With Singapore VPN

In case you are addicted to Netflix, you need to see the Netflix US content library as it has far more options than Singaporean Netflix. Secondly, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go/Now, Pandora and other entertainment channels are geo-restricted, and they cannot be accessed in Singapore. Why? Because these giants VoD networks only license their content to limited countries. And in case you reside in Singapore, or plan to travel, it is certain that you will not get access to all the glory aired on these channels.

A Singapore VPN can lift off these restrictions for you very easily. The SG VPN will connect you to a server located in the US, and you will get a US IP address, which means you can view all the geo-restricted content. Also, not only the US, but when you opt for a VPN service provider, you get access to other servers also. With this, you can not only access content of US-based websites, but a VPN will give you unmetered access to worldwide content. Moreover, that comes without any hidden charges or add-on to add in your connection.

And, Security!

Nothing is pricier than your sensitive data and memories. Not only people in Singapore but also people across the world become a victim of online security every minute, second and hour. You go in public, in cafes, and malls, and for sure you connect to public Wi-Fi networks – and bang! While we all are social and on the go most of the times, these public Wi-Fi networks are the most problematic for our data security. Data snoopers and cyber thieves are always hunting to find an opportunity to decrypt your information and sell it online.

We cannot stop going mobile, but what we can do is to take preventive measures to stop these activists ruling our online journey. The best and most convenient solution that we suggest is to use a VPN when you go out because your data needs protection and we cannot afford to go open in a cyber world where information and date can be easily stolen. We have covered an article before on how smartly you can protect your online identity – read it here.

Free SG VPN – You Do Need it? But Don’t Get Too Excited

We know you got excited after reading the word “free”. It is consumer’s nature to wish for free things. There is no harm in searching for freeware, but everything has a price and it might happen that in exchange of a free SG VPN, you end up sharing all your precious information to some strangers. We don’t recommend our readers to go with a free VPN option, as we know the demerits of using it. Free Singapore VPN is fine, but risk strings are sure to be attached with it, and that’s not we want you to experience.

Our advice would still be a premium SG VPN, as some bucks are not always heavy on pockets if they deliver privacy and security combined. But in case, you still want to try a free VPN Singapore option, then here is one SG VPN that we can recommend:

Zpn – free SG VPN

Zpn is a free SG VPN and it has following features;

  • Only 1 connection
  • No traffic logging (supposedly)
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Restricted to 5 locations only
  • P2P not allowed

See we were right; a free SG VPN is out of question. You need the best Singapore VPN that gives you the Internet freedom in reality.

Verdict – A Singapore VPN to Shield You Online

Singapore is a delicate place to live, and it is surely a beautiful land. However, as discussed, Internet censorship is deployed in the regime (like other countries), and the authorities have found a way to limit the Internet arena by taking a step back and acting behind the curtains. If you think about this situation, it is worst because you do not know what to expect. You can say something that might be deemed offensive to the state, religion or any ethnicity. You cannot live in this fear forever.

Good for you, as discussed in the article, a Singapore VPN can take you out of this fear in seconds. You can be yourself and say what you want to say. Also, thanks to us, we have given you plenty of options for VPN. Just pick one VPN Singapore and enjoy complete Internet freedom.

Thanks for your time in reading our detailed article. If you think we have missed any important information in this SG VPN post, then feel free to drop a line below and tell us what you think about it. We know we didn’t list all the Singapore VPN service providers, but you can share your experience with us, and we can certainly consider reviewing other VPN providers also to update our rankings at frequent intervals.

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