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Taiwan VPN Services

Taiwan is a small country that has come a long way. The struggle is evident in the freedom of speech, press and the internet that the Taiwanese people have achieved after years of struggle. However, like everything in the world, the good times always come to an end. Taiwan’s liberal and democratic laws are also under threat. Copyright lobbies are trying to stab the Taiwanese peaceful regulations. There have been reports of government filtering the internet. Geo-restriction is a very valid issue. Unfortunately, the list of problems is growing in Taiwan.

We feel Taiwanese people should be proactive and take control of their online privacy. The current situation in Taiwan is a privilege and it shouldn’t be taken for granted because it is not going to last long. A Taiwan VPN will protect your online privacy no matter what Taiwanese government decides to do in future.

A VPN Taiwan will hide you on the internet. No one will be able to track your IP address. Your online activity will be your business only as nobody else will have access to it. A VPN is must these days, no matter where you live because the internet has become an unsafe place.

For now, let us present the top 5 Taiwan VPN Services;

Top 5 Taiwan VPN Services To Access The Web Anonymously

Why Need A VPN For Taiwan?

Taiwan is a dream country where laws and regulations never cross their limits. The freedom of speech, the internet, and even press is pretty much intact. In fact, Taiwanese government provides access to free WiFi. Does this mean that people should use the internet without a Taiwan VPN? We have answered this question in following arguments;

Internet Censorship in Taiwan – More Reasons For You To Opt For A VPN Taiwan

Internet censorship in Taiwan is just limited to child pornography, hate speech, and defamation, which is pretty standard throughout the world. Other than that there are no reports or incidents of government trying to block access to any website. Sadly, that’s the official version.

In 2010, Taiwanese government was caught restricting access to certain information by using electronic filters. The restriction made it impossible for the users in Taiwan to access US versions of MSN and Google, particularly in public libraries. However, the same tactic was not used to control Yahoo!

So the moral of the story is Taiwanese government allows freedom until it is caught. There is a possibility that the government is filtering the internet right now. The solution lies in a Taiwan VPN, which makes sure nothing is blocked or restricted for you online.

Mass Surveillance in Taiwan – Taiwan VPN Is The Only Savior

As far as mass surveillance, aka blanket surveillance, is concerned, Taiwanese authorities have a crystal clear record. After digging for days, we couldn’t come up with anything that may hint at any suspicious surveillance activities in the country.

“There are no official restrictions on access to the Internet or credible reports that the authorities monitor e-mail or Internet chat rooms without judicial oversight.”

However, as we said earlier, Taiwan government is innocent until proven guilty. The mass surveillance tactics have been adopted by authorities in the world. So if Taiwan is not conducting surveillance currently, there are no guarantees that it will stay like this in future as well.

The cure is better than prevention. Rather than taking action later, we advise you to get a VPN for Taiwan now as blanket surveillance is just a matter of time.

Concerned With Geo-restrictions in Taiwan? A VPN For Taiwan Will Help You Hop The Digital Boundaries!

Geo-restriction in Taiwan makes access to certain websites impossible. For instance, Taiwanese people cannot visit websites like Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go etc. You need a VPN Taiwan that can mask your personal IP address with that of a US IP address so you can visit the aforementioned entertainment channels and enjoy binge watching your favorite shows.

Also, there is a reverse side of this as well. There are certain websites that cannot be accessed with a Taiwanese IP address. The website owners have restricted it for users in Taiwan for whatever reasons. A Taiwan VPN will connect you to a server outside the country so you can access all such websites.

For gamers only, the best Taiwan VPN can connect you to a US server. So if you are playing an online game that has gaming servers in the US, with the help of a fast online gaming VPN, you can avail faster connection speed by getting a US IP address.

Copyright Infringement Cases in Taiwan Are Picking Hype. A Vietnam VPN Is Mandatory If You’re Surfing On Uncharted Territories.

It is not a hidden truth that Taiwanese government wanted to introduce a bill similar to SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) in the country. The government is basically anti-piracy and favors such strict measures to control copyright infringement. Of course, the influence of international copyright lobbies cannot be denied here.

In fact, in 2013, the government tried its best to pass an internet blacklist law (similar to SOPA). But the strong protests from the Taiwanese people against this internet blacklist law, backed by continuous reporting from media warning netizens about its repercussions, stopped its implementation. The media called this bill similar to Great Firewall of China.

The government authorities tried their level best to defend the bill. They promised that the bill would never block any US website or unnecessarily censor the internet, except for blocking illegal websites. The Taiwanese public stood strong and the government had to give up. The netizens in the country were very clear that any such authority in the hands of government is bound to be misused.

So, folks, we ask you again, the public was able to defeat the government in this case but what about future? The government has learned its lesson. Next time, Taiwanese authorities will be more discreet in their efforts to implement a similar bill. We believe it is only a matter of time. You should stay prepared for the worst by subscribing to the best Taiwan VPN.

Is Free Taiwan VPN Worth Your Time?

When we were finding details about Taiwan and its VPN service providers, we stumbled upon plenty of free Taiwan VPN service providers. So we decided to test a few just to see whether the free VPNs provide the same level of encryption or not. The result was as we expected, free Taiwan VPNs are good for nothing. The reason is simple – there are so many people accessing the free version that it becomes almost impossible for the free Taiwan VPN to provide quality services.

We have one free Taiwan VPN service provider for you but it will not provide you necessary level of online security.

ZPN – Free Taiwan VPN

ZPN is a free Taiwan VPN that claims to give you the world without any cost. However, when we tested it, ZPN is not up to the mark. Here’s what ZPN offers;

  • 1 connection allowed
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Only 5 locations
  • P2P not allowed

You have seen the long list of features that’s been provided by top Taiwan VPNs and a free one – the difference is clear. Now the choice is in your hands.

Taiwanese Internet Freedom is at Stake & A VPN For Taiwan Is The Ultimate Solution

We admit there is no such problem in Taiwan’s current internet setup. However, there are very strong indicators that copyright infringement lobbies will change it pretty soon and of course, for the worst. Then the government is also trying to enhance its capabilities to censor and conduct surveillance. If we put aside these fears for future, what about the international spying programs that have infiltrated the online space throughout the globe. Ultimately, in our times, Taiwan VPN is crucial because a Taiwanese user is threatened, rather attacked, by multiple forces.

ReviewsDir has already done the research for you and narrowed down the top 5 VPNs for Taiwan. You just have to subscribe to one. Ultimately, your online privacy is just one tap away.

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