Tenta’s Browser Privacy Test To Show Your Browser Data Leakage

The state of online privacy is in a state of limbo after the recent bills and regulations that are being rolled-over by Governments all over the world ultimately allowing official authorities and ISPs complete access to user’s metadata and their personal information online. This intrusion of privacy compelled a lot of internet users to opt for VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to make their digital footprints private.

Seeing the trend picking hype, a lot of fake VPNs also came in the market to bag in their share, but not every VPN has pure intentions as some of the VPNs also started harvesting their users’ data and selling them over to third-party advertisers (usually a practice by free VPN services).

So, to make sure that the VPNs are as real as the money you spend on them to make the purchase, Tenta- An Encrypted Browser company, launched a free Browser Privacy Test tool online which instantly let you know if your VPN is really giving you the anonymity, security, and protection that’s promised by revealing the exact personal information that’s being leaked online by your browser.

This Browser Privacy Tool by Tenta shows you personally identifying information like your IP Address, DNS Servers, Your IP Blacklist status and other technical details that might just come in handy in rectifying whether your VPN is working or not and that’s just the whole purpose of this tool.

How is it different from a normal DNS Leak Test?

Well, a normal DNS leak test would just tell you info related to your IP address and your location, but this browser privacy test tool by Tenta gives you a more elaborative report which goes beyond these basic details. For a normal user, the DNS leak test would suffice, but, for a power-user or a veteran VPN user, Tenta’s Browser Privacy tool is really a blessing in disguise.

And that’s just the whole purpose of this online test. You check the leaking faucet (your browser), you contact your VPN provider, you ensure that your privacy remains intact. Tenta’s encrypted browser too is making huge waves in the online privacy and security industry and this addition of a new tool would just add more rapport to its existing stance in the market.

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  1. How do we know Tenta can be trusted especially on their server?

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