5 Best VPNs For Thailand – The Chaotic Internet Situation Demands It

VPN for Thailand

Thailand is on the bucket list of everyone who desires to travel the world. The beautiful scenery, breathtaking beaches, delicious cuisines and the vibrant culture have made Thailand a favorite tourist attraction for all. However, the internet situation is pretty bad in the country for natives as well as for the foreigners. The authorities have complete control over the web and can block any website anytime without giving any notification. The online activity of any Thailand user can come under question as the data is readily available at the ISPs. In addition, malware and spyware attacks are very frequent in the country. Overall, Thailand is in immediate need of a rescue mission to recover its sorry state of the Internet. Unfortunately, this rescue mission is never going to happen as the government is happy with the control. In fact, we fear the situation is going to get worst.

The only hope here is a Thailand VPN that will make you invisible online. A VPN Thailand is like a protective layer that will save you from each and every party that’s trying to eavesdrop your personal online matters. The best VPN for Thailand services will keep the government authorities, ISPs, hackers, spammers, international spy programs and all such personalities at bay.

5 Best Thailand VPN Providers – Tested & Reviewed

Our team of professionals have taken this job to review and recommend the best working VPN service providers to use in Thailand. We have tested the below mentioned service provider based on the performance, security and reliability – so you can rely on them to have your privacy in control all the time.

The Many Problems of Thailand’s Internet Scenario and Why VPN for Thailand is a Must-Have

Unfortunately, Thailand carries a lot of baggage due to its unique social, cultural, political, and religious circumstances. Every part of the country has to bear the consequences of this charged environment in Thailand, and the Internet is no different. There are too many issues and areas that need rectification in Thailand. We are going to show you a brief overview of what’s happening in Thailand and how it is affecting the online community.

  • The Background of Thailand’s Strict Internet Censorship 

In order to understand the reasons for strict internet censorship, it is crucial you know the political and cultural background of Thailand. Corruption is rampant in the country which gives an opportunity to different parties to fight for governmental authority. Political coups are also not an alien concept in Thailand. In addition, the southern region near Malaysian border is in chaos for years. Finally, the monarchy and royal family are very dear and near to Thai nationals. Saying anything against them could land you in serious trouble.

When the political and cultural environment has so many loopholes, the governments of such countries are usually willing to shut down any voice that may become a reason for unnecessary protests or disputes. So is the case with Thailand. Until 2010, the number of blocked sites was 110,000 in Thailand. Cyber Security Operation Center of Thailand has requested Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block at least 22,599 URLs since its advent in December 2011 till March 2014.

Moreover, Thailand stands at 136 out of 180 countries in Reporters Without Borders’ 2016 World Press Freedom Index. According to Freedom On The Net, Thailand’s status in “not free” as of 2015. Thailand’s total freedom score in 63 (0 = Best, 100 = Worst). Furthermore, Thailand scored 22 (0 = Best, 35 = Worst) in “Limits on Content” and 32 (0 = Best, 40 = Worst) in “Violations of User Rights” criteria.

  • Thailand: A Danger Zone for Tourist

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. People flock down here from all corners of the globe to enjoy the exotic beaches and local cuisines. However, regarding online security for tourists, Thailand fails miserably.

Although it is a small country, Thailand is part of top 25 countries that receive most malware attacks. It is estimated that such malicious software infects 90 percent of Thailand’s network. Also, tourists who love connecting to public WiFi’s without the protection of Thailand VPN must keep this in mind that one of Thailand’s tourist attraction is on the list of top 15 places which have most dangerous public WiFi networks.

It is therefore advised to tourists to keep themselves protected online and otherwise in a foreign country to avoid unnecessary trouble. However, in Thailand, it is compulsory for foreigners to use a VPN because of the reasons as mentioned earlier.

  • And the List Goes On

We have just touched upon the surface of endless problems in Thailand’s online zone. The end of this debate is to subscribe the best VPN for Thailand if you care about your online privacy. Without a VPN Thailand, you are literally exposed to government authorities, ISPs, international spy programs, hackers, cyber criminals and what not. There are so many other issues and problems within the country as well. We will just list them here for your consideration.

  • Blanket Surveillance
  • Geo-restriction
  • Malware & Spywares Attacks
  • Cyber-crimes and Cyber terrorism
  • Websites Blocking and Filtering
  • Imprisonment of Bloggers
  • Blocking Political and Social Content
  • International spy programs

Brief Summary of the Best VPNs for Thailand to Use in 2017

Following is a quick overview of the best VPNs for Thailand to use in 2017. It reveals some more analytical details about the Thailand VPN service providers. Here we go;

1. Express VPN – The Premium VPN for Thailand

ExpressVPN for Thailand

Express VPN for Thailand is at the top of our list for this country. ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands. It has servers in more than 90 countries including Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. You get a 30-day money back guarantee that comes with a no-questions-asked policy. This Thailand VPN claims to keep no logs but maintains a few connection logs for a limited time. The desktop client will surely impress you as it is easy-to-use and very quick. The smartphone app is also very convenient and supports all mainstream OS.


2. VyprVPN – The Fastest VPN for Thailand

VyprVPN for Thailand

Vypr VPN is a subsidiary of Golden Frog, a large global consortium. Vyper has VPN servers in many countries including Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Unfortunately, Vypr maintains logs for 90 days, but it should be of no concern for users in Thailand since the company US based. Similar to ExpressVPN, this Vypr VPN for Thailand has the best desktop client and smartphone apps. Vypr VPN also gives a hassle-free 7-day money back guarantee. Lastly, you can connect two devices at a time with Vypr VPN.


3. IbVPN – The Speedy VPN Thailand Option

ibVPN for Thailand

IbVPN is another excellent choice for a Thailand VPN because of so many reasons. It has servers in more than 45 countries (63 locations worldwide) including Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and others. IbVPN even has a Chrome Extension. The most important thing is IbVPN for Thailand provides its users a free trial. You can test its services without paying a dime and then choose to continue with it or not. This VPN Thailand is worth your time and money.


4. Private Internet Access VPN – The Economical Thailand VPN Pick

Private Internet Access for Thailand

Private Internet Access (PIA) may not be the best VPN for Thailand but it is surely very competitive. PIA has no shortage of VPN servers, but it lacks diversity concerning global reach. This Thailand VPN has more than 3100+ servers in only 24 countries. Other than that, PIA has very reasonable pricing packages. It allows P2P file-sharing (torrenting). The customer service is at par with the top VPN service providers. Finally, the data encryption by PIA is as secure as required in Thailand.


5. PureVPN – The Cheapest VPN in Thailand

PureVPN for Thailand

Unfortunately, PureVPN for Thailand keeps logs, but since it is based in the Hong Kong, you really don’t have to worry about it. It allows torrent downloading but on a few selected servers. We loved its iOS and Android apps. They are easy on eyes and works without much fuss. PureVPN for Thailand offers only a 3-day money back guarantee. So if you are planning to test it then spend money on the weekend or when you have time so you can leisurely check its features and services.


Free Thailand VPN – Fly VPN

Disclaimer: We are highly against the use of free Thailand VPN. We do not recommend any free Thailand VPN service providers.

Free VPNs are always a waste of time, especially in countries having strict censorship laws like China, Turkey and Thailand. Subscribing to a free VPN for Thailand is not a good decision though. There is a huge risk involved when you are using a free VPN. Therefore, we strictly advise our readers to subscribe to a fully featured VPN service.

FlyVPN has a trial version for users who want to enjoy free Thailand VPN. The free version offers;

  • 3 times a day usage
  • Each session is limited to 20 minutes
  • Limited server locations available

It is clear that a free Thailand VPN like FlyVPN will do no good to protect your online privacy. You can experience it yourself if you like but we have already given our resounding verdict about free VPNs.

Verdict –Netizens Needs a Thailand VPN

The verdict is going to be no different than what we have been saying since the beginning. Thailand is a country with too many issues that have seeped into the Internet environment as well. There is no miracle in sight that can save the dying Internet freedom in the country. You can either mourn your online privacy in Thailand or take charge by signing up for a good VPN for Thailand. The choice is in your hands, and if you choose logic, then we have already revealed the best Thailand VPN service providers for you.

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