Trump Just Killed Your Internet Privacy! Here’s What You Should Do Now

Repeal Internet Privacy Law

President Trump has just put his signature on the bill which repeals the internet privacy rules passed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last year. Now, your Internet Service Providers including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, doesn’t need your permission to sell your personal data including your browsing history to third party advertisers for targeted advertising. Many of the US internet users are already opting for the counter-measures to save their browsing history and online data.

Besides, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us because White House announced last week that repealing the internet privacy rule introduced by FCC last year will create an “equal playing field” between ISPs and tech companies.

It has come as a major setback for online privacy and security enthusiasts all over the world and those internet users in US which value their online privacy and understand the need of it. Trump Administration recently announced that they are in support of repealing the internet privacy bill and would encourage Trump to do the same, and that’s exactly what happened.

Is There Anything Americans Can Do Now To Save Their Online Privacy?

This genocide of internet users’ privacy in US would wreak havoc and people would protest and fight to get their privacy back from these greedy ISPs. President Trump is surely doing some really unpopular and unfavorable things specifically for the internet users. Democrats are already criticizing Republicans over their support for the bill.

It has now become integral for every US internet user to take their online privacy in their own hands.

Internet users are already opting for security products and encryption software like VPN and TOR Browser, especially after experts have recommended it as a surefire method to hide your online activities and browsing history from your ISP.

VPNs To Encrypt Your Online Communications And Save Your Browsing History From Your ISPs:

Only time will tell about the repercussions this Broadband Privacy Law will have onto the US netizens. We can expect to see some really embarrassing news in future as people will face their demons as their past browsing history will come to haunt them in form of targeted advertisements.

We hope to see Congress make some amendments in this law and follow a more consumer-friendly approach towards things. Till then, stay safe, stay private. God Bless America.

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  1. How about Opera VPN, is it good for good?

  2. To Mr. Trump: How about me make the browsing history of your administration public and let’s not just joke around?

  3. Does that mean Trump administration is run by idiots, who are rich, and don’t know the meaning of free internet?

  4. Now the question is; should we go with a VPN that is US-based?

    • No, go with a non-US based VPN provider. They will still have servers in the US, but they won’t be governed by US laws. US law now requires logging and disclosure of clients activities upon request. That is not in users best interests, nor does it respect users privacy. VPN providers in places like Panama, or the Saychelles fall under the laws of those countries, and those countries allow for no logging of customers activity, and respect the total privacy rights of individuals. You need to find a non-US based VPN provider, to do otherwise would not result in your privacy being respected and guarded.

  5. Tell me something new! ISPs were doing it way before this bill was passed. Yes, this made it official now and Trump will say I did something for something. I believe that users are way more educated than the governments now, and we all use VPN already. Thanks to guys who made it possible!

  6. So, this is how you’re planning to make America great again, Mr Trump? Surely a sad day for all the internet users in America. RIP Online Privacy.

  7. I think TOR is also something you should really consider to keep your privacy private.

  8. Do whatever you want Mr. Trump, we are not going to listen to you laws and you can’t just play with our privacy. Now you gave us another reason to use a VPN to knockout your privacy bills.

  9. What else you’d have expected from Trump and his companions to do good for the people. Thanks to the voters, now face it and allow the ISPs to handover your privacy to everyone.

    • That’s really sad. But we can’t only blame Trump for it, everyone has been selling our data for decades! ‘NOW’ is the time to stop them all from doing it.

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