5 Best Turkey VPNs for Safe & Free Internet to Use in 2023


Turkey has an absolute zero Internet freedom. The government is known to block and filter the content they deem unsuitable from various social and political forums. Bloggers/Journalists are fighting their battle for unbiased and fearless reporting. Also, blanket surveillance is a norm in the country. Overall, the freedom of press, net, and speech has been murdered by the authorities in Turkey. The situation is so pathetic that Electronic Frontier Foundation has declared Turkey as a ‘bastion of Internet censorship.’

In these extreme scenarios, if you wish to experience the internet freedom then a Turkey VPN is the safest option. In Turkey, there are too many authorities keeping an eye on your online activity and waiting for you to commit a mistake and give them a chance so they can slap you with brutal punishment. A VPN for Turkey serves as a thick protective wall between you and anyone who is trying to spy on you. It keeps your online privacy intact and makes the Internet a haven for you. Therefore, we have hunted down the top 5 VPNs for Turkey;

Top 5 Turkey VPN Service Providers to Use in 2017

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Why Netizens Need A Turkey VPN?

Turkey is a challenging country with way too many issues. We have tried to discover the current view of Turkish Internet here. And following are the reasons why netizens are in desperate need of a Turkey VPN.

  • Turkey’s Background

Turkey has always been addicted to questionable censorship policies. However, since the coup in the country, the situation has worsened. There are plenty of draconian laws that limit the freedom of its citizens. The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) and the Presidency of Telecommunication and Communication (PTC) are two bodies that handle the affairs in Turkey related to the Electronic Communications Law (ECL) and the Internet Act.

  • Ban On Social Media

The popular social websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others have already been banned in the country multiple times due to many reasons. The reason is simple that Government cannot deal with any criticism from anyone on its clandestine activities.

Recently, these three websites were banned in April 2015 as there was sensitive content present on them regarding the abduction and killing of a public prosecutor. Besides, most courts ordered Twitter to remove all content originated in Turkey. Also, Erdogan has formally complained against 67 people for throwing insults at him online after his presidency in August 2014.

  • Brutality With Bloggers/Journalists

The journalists and bloggers are targeted the most in the country. There are plenty of incidents where journalists have paid the additional price for voicing out their opinion.
An anchorperson SedefKabas was sentenced to 5 years in prison for criticizing the court ruling on a case of corruption. Similarly, two journalists faced the worst consequences for declaring strong opinions about the Kurdish minorities in the country. If you are residing in Turkey and have an opinion that might offend the government or any authority in the country, you will have to face severe consequences for sure.

  • Blanket Surveillance

Turkish civilian police hired Italian Hacking Team to keep an eye on Turkish citizens from 2011 to 2014. This shocking news was revealed in a series of leaked emails. Also, the 2015 Homeland Security Act has enhanced the time limit for investigations from 24 hours to 48 hours without the court order. The investigation may include wiretaps and other measures to get to the root of the case.

Ultimately, somebody is watching your online activity 24/7 in Turkey. You can either choose to stay quiet about it or fight back with a Turkey VPN.

  • Geo-Restriction

The entertainment websites like Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, ITV, VUDU and many others are not available in Turkey. You need to connect to a particular server to access these websites in Turkey. A VPN for Turkey will break the barriers of geo-restriction for you.

Besides, Netflix is available throughout the world. However, the Netflix US has a comprehensive content library. So connecting to Netflix US will give you access to more titles and entertainment programs.

  • Freedom on the Internet

FreedomHouse.org has declared Turkey “partly free” in 2015. Also, the report found that access to social media and political content are banned in the country. The bloggers and journalists are continuously arrested for one reason or another. The status of press is “not free” in Turkey. Moreover, as per the 2016 World Press Freedom Index, reflected the intensity of the attacks on journalistic freedom presented by the Reporters without Borders (RSF), Turkey ranked on the 151st position out of 180 countries.

Free Turkey VPN – Reality Check

Free Turkey VPN is nothing but a ploy to fool you into a false sense of online security and protection. If you believe in a free Turkey VPN, you are living in a fantasy world. We are not giving this strong statement randomly here. Our team of experts tested a handful of free Turkey VPN service providers and then decided to recommend against it.

Hide Me

We are going to showcase one free Turkey VPN here for your better understanding about the uselessness of free VPNs. Let’s see;

  • 3 locations (Canada, Netherlands, Singapore)
  • Only 2 GB data transfer
  • Limited protocol support
  • Only single connection allowed

Verdict – Turkey VPN is the Oxygen for the Internet in Turkey

There is nothing more to tell about Turkey. We have already presented you with hard-hitting information and facts about the country. Now the decision is in your hands. Are you fine with prying eyes that are looking into everything you do online? If not then get a VPN Turkey ASAP.

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  1. I am a journalist myself and I haven’t heard of any of the VPNs you’ve mentioned beside Express. That’s the only VPN I have used and a lot of my coworkers use it too. We don’t really go into all the schematics of what this VPN for Turkey does and how it works, but that’s just a standard protocol that we follow.

  2. Restrictions my ass! I don’t agree with any of this bullshitery. I have been watching İçerde and How I met Your Mother simultaneously on different channels and have been using internet with little or no hassle. I don’t think the situation is that grim in Turkey as you describe. Have you ever been to Maldives, Adam? Have you seen the beautiful scenery there? I don’t really think a Turkey VPN is such a necessary thing as most of us are better off without it.

  3. I have seen Freedom Of Speech deteriorated over the time in Turkey. But is using a VPN for Turkey is the solution for all this? Perhaps not, because that’s what our biggest problem is, “Instead of solving the problem, we try to settle with it.” I don’t think this freedom of speech and net neutrality issue is going anywhere near towards betterment

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