5 Best USA VPNs To Protect You From NSA, FBI Spying


Whether you like it or not, if you’re a US citizen your every cyber move is being recorded, archived and possibly repurposed in innumerable ways; you cannot resist something that started back to WWI and grows into institutionalized intelligence agencies like FBI, CIA, and NSA. Interestingly, in the presence of such agencies cyber attacks are increasing in prominence every second – from crippling businesses overnight to influencing significant elections; we can’t underestimate the role of cyber warfare in our lives, but can be controlled with a VPN for USA, also known as a United States VPN and/or even VPN Amerika.

“Cyber threats are the biggest threat to mankind and that they are bigger than threats from nuclear weapons”
Investor Warren Buffett

Don’t you agree with the billion dollar investor? Scroll down; you’ll be forced to take your cyber security, seriously.

Back in 2016, US Government spent approx. $28 billion on cybersecurity and according to the Juniper Research, an average cost of a data breach will reach $150 million by 2020. As the opportunities evolve, skill turns into sophistication and specialization; since the cyber security is an industry in its terms, so how this industry couldn’t be professional. As more specialists join the rank, the number of malware samples per day increased till 230,000, while the hacker attack is taking place every 39 seconds, and the total identity fraud loss reached $16 million only in the US; do you want to be a part of this shocking stats? Obviously No, then get a hold of your cyber world now with the best US VPN IP address and best VPN Amerika service.

You need a VPN address USA or at least a USA VPN IP to get around with restrictions and censorships, and now you don’t need to visit the US to watch your favorite American dead season; just run a USA VPN for PC in the background and watch Hulu outside US from anywhere. When it comes to US VPN, the list is enormous, and it takes around a year to test all the available options in the market; the financial stake is yet another story to tell.

To respect your privacy consciousness and your hard-earned bucks, we have dedicated list of the five best United States VPN and USA VPN download to protect your online privacy and anonymity and keep you stray away from NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA Spying.

Here’s What All Americans Need To Know From The Whistle Blower, Edward Snowden, About American Government Surveillance:

5 Best USA VPN Service Providers That Will Protect You From Online Spying & Unwanted Surveillance

How We Select The Best USA VPN?

Every VPN Amerika and VPN USA users aim to access the world with a US IP address; as the US is, after all, the best source of the world’s most popular entertainment, and much of it’s only available within the access to those living there. This doesn’t mean that if you’re in the US, you don’t need a US VPN, as privacy is still paramount; don’t forget NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA, and many others, who are dying to invade the privacy of the nation that got independence on liberty and freedom, leading to a need for a free VPN USA

For Americans, United States VPN, VPN Amerika and USA VPN download is more for security and less for foreign content, scroll down and see how we achieve this equilibrium following the given criteria to get VPN USA.

  • The provider is ideally located outside the United States, or else the logging policy should be transparent.
  • The VPN provider must be clear about logging policy; no less than zero-logs.
  • Strong encryption; 128-bit AES or greater to deal with the surveillance
  • The US VPN must have Shared IP addresses to preserve anonymity
  • A VPN USA is ideal if the provider offers anonymous payment methods, such as Bitcoin, a highly appreciable aspect.

The Extremely Compromised Situation Of The Internet In The USA

We expected the situation to be a little gray when our team started the quest of assessing the cyber arena in the country and the results exceeded our expectations. The USA is known to be the hub of technological advancement for the entire world to follow; imagine a world’s trendsetter has the abundance of blurry lines and ambiguities in the laws especially those governing electronic privacy and telecommunications. Like, the Patriot Act is loaded with vaguely worded legalese; giving the government the power to judge at its discretion, isn’t scary.

Do you mind living under such invasive laws, along with the constant threat of copyright infringement every time you stream your favorite video? If not, then grab one of our top recommended VPN USA and keep yourself and your data protected from Big Brother snooping. Before moving on, first, expand your knowledge base about your cyber security, scroll down and get to know more about free VPN USA.

Unfortunately, online privacy and freedom of US netizens are being extremely compromising, check out the ratio of surveillance in the US without the Fast USA VPN IP address, United States VPN or VPN Amerika;

Surveillance In USA

National Security Agency (NSA) of the USA is extremely smart when it comes to spying its citizens. The emergency legislation after 9/11 and a few more legal loopholes gave the freedom to NSA to keep an eye on every American netizen.

Although the legislation that allowed NSA to spy on everyone was supposed to expire on June 1, 2015, this agency continues its unnecessary trail of surveillance. Of course, thanks to Edward Snowden we know the ugly face of NSA but almost all other government agencies like FBI, CIA, and DEA are somewhat engaged in similar so-called surveillance activities. Although the bombshell revelations and sacrifices made by the whistleblower didn’t bring any changes in the government surveillance, at least he opened our eyes with the document he shared that reflects the evidence of ridiculous surveillance claims.

To remind you, Snowden revealed that NSA initiated a program called as Prism, with an aim to indiscriminately access emails, documents, photographs and other sensitive data logged in major companies. According to the documents, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple give the NSA direct access to their users’ information. The current wave of mass surveillance theories is becoming the real-time invasions of privacy; it’s the high time netizens! Join the hands in the VPN Amerika scene, VPN USA drive and get a Fast USA VPN download speed.

We don’t need to spell it out here, but you need a US VPN to prevent this brutal invasion in your cyber world.

Censorship in the US

On paper, US only bans websites that are related to terrorism and child pornography but the reality is far from that. Reporters without borders listed the US under the category called Enemies of the Internet. It is a section reserved for countries with most internet censorship and surveillance.

“The US… has undermined confidence on the Internet and its standards of security. U.S. surveillance practices and decryption activities are a direct threat to investigative journalists, especially those who work with sensitive sources for whom confidentiality is paramount and who are already under pressure.”
The report

Once again we will urge you to subscribe to any USA VPN download because it is the only way to exercise your internet freedom in this so-called Freedom house -The United States, even you can stream your favorite streaming sites like Hotstar, in the US. Only through a United States VPN and/or VPN USA! Try and stay away from those free VPN Amerika and USA VPN free services if possible.

Copyright Infringement Laws

As if the blanket surveillance and censorship were not enough, USA has the most advanced pro-copyright lobby. It is an active group of people who strive hard to ensure zero violation of copyrighted material.

The diplomacy is evident in this matter as well. US Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have not censored torrent and streaming websites. However, they are a part of Copyright Alert System (CAS). ISPs like AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon have adopted CAS.

CAS is a system based on six strikes where there are some actions taken against an alleged copyright offender. First, you will get a DMCA notice on copyright violation. This notice is just a warning, and after six consecutive warnings, your ISP can restrict your access to certain websites and throttle the internet speed.

The worst part is yet to come; your ISP can pass your personal details to the copyright holder. Usually, copyright holders are represented by extremely cunning legal authorities that are trained in making money through copyright violations. So you might have to pay a heavy cash settlement to get out of the copyright mess.

USA VPN is your ultimate savior in the country and ultimate among United States VPN. Just the thought that your ISP can pass on your personal information is frightening enough to convince you into subscribing the best VPN for USA.

The US Entertainment and Streaming Business

Remember when we had to drive to the store to fetch a new DVD? Popped open and plug our DVD into the player? Surround sound setup well, and we’re laying back in our reclining La-Z-Boy; ahh.. the 90s.

Fast forward to 2007, when Netflix started DVDs delivery to our doorsteps; keeping with the emerging technologies, Netflix has grown from DVD delivery into the industry leader for streaming videos.

The shift from cable to streaming media, now we are more into accessibility than the ownership, we prefer personal video consumption then the communal activity, no we want to control our viewing experience; the entire magnitude has changed. Although the viewership of American Idol back in 2006 was 35 million, way less than the viewership of Breaking bad in 2013 that is just 10.3 million; still breaking bad has an impressive popularity than the American Idol.

The US has a wealth of media content; shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead mesmerize the millions around the globe, all the world’s popular streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and others are based in the US. Accessing these services is not blocked within the US, you might be blocked out at some networks like the school campus, hotels, and bars; for conserving bandwidth. The best way to deal with this is to go with any of the best Netflix VPNs or run the best and fastest USA VPN and/or United States VPN service to enjoy your favorite content without any lag.

We are not saying that streaming is better than the cable or vice versa, both have evolved and served the industry in their own manner for the time in which it thrived but the need of a VPN USA is critical to avoid any mishaps.

Torrenting In USA

Torrenting is legal but not its specific usage, the same rule applies in the US, although the number of streaming services is on the rise, still there are more than 30 million users in a given day. They might be using USA VPN download to avoid nasty DMCA takedown notices; this practice ensures accessing your desired content with total protection.

The future of torrenting in the US is hazy; the continued efforts of copyright enforcers, content providers started their legal, high-qualitative and economical streaming services. Resultantly, back in 2015 torrenting took the third place in the streaming ratio.

Within the U.S., content providers, like HBO, are way quicker in issuing DMCA takedowns; even music industry has established a “strike system” that warned long before receiving a notice to stop downloading torrents.

To stay away from ISP throttling and/or DMCA notice while torrenting your favorite movies and TV series, run a torrent VPN US and remain anonymous.

Should We Use Free VPN For USA

We have just discussed the state of privacy in US and have also recommended those VPNs which are established outside of America because the strict data retention laws in US would compel any US VPN provider in the jurisdiction to extract the required information. Having said that, if you’re still persistent to go for a free USA VPN, scroll down, we are recommending you three free USA VPN with free USA servers for VPN Amerika users seeking US-only content.


Hola is an interesting free VPN USA and VPN Amerika service with an unconventional approach to preserving your online privacy. Unlike others, Hola doesn’t have a fixed network of managed servers; the company describes this, as more of a “peer to peer” VPN, where traffic is routed through its users. Your web traffic will pass others who’ve installed the service, and some of their traffic might pass through PC. This has advantages of having no fixed routes or destination servers, making it difficult for sites to detect that you’re using a United States VPN or USA VPN download. It also keeps costs down, with no servers or bandwidth bills, allowing the essential service for free.

TunnelBear VPN

The ultimate ‘VPN services for beginners’, TunnelBear is the most user-friendly of the lot, but has limited free version of up to 500 MB/month. TunnelBear has recently purchased by McAfee, let’s see how the additional resources would work with the major corporation to continue developing the top-of-the-line security and privacy upgrades to its VPN. This free US VPN log no data of over 22 million global users with their simple to use interface and limited advanced features. Let me tell you the secret about TunnelBear, after acquiring McAfee, the service provider comes under the US jurisdiction.


It is a Canadian provider with a track record of being the best and the worst in its field. This is the most downloaded free USA VPN download that bundled with malware and trackers across a limited number of servers, with limited speed; its primary bait is free forever, this is what makes it popular among the competitors. A free service typically monetizes our privacy, while some trustworthy providers offer limited free services, But Betternet is hardly one of those to count highly reliable due to the lack of transparency in many aspects.

Wrapping Up

No matter, whether you’re an expat, citizen or tourist in the US, you have to access the internet that’s freer than those of other countries. Although the US ranks 43rd on Reporters Without Borders’ 2017 World Press Freedom Index, but in recent times, the US has become a dangerous place to browse the web (with respect to privacy). Make sure you’re protected against all the unwanted snooping with one of the best USA VPNs and best United States VPN we’ve mentioned above.

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