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“The Enemy of the Internet” – that’s the title for Vietnam by “Reporters without Borders”. The situation is so pathetic that police monitors internet cafes and even arrests individuals who are supposedly propagating against the Vietnamese government. There is not even the slightest internet freedom available to Vietnamese citizens. The state is too bothered and threatened by the idea of its netizens freely expressing themselves online. So it monitors and regulates everything online in the name of protecting the sovereignty of the state.

Online privacy and internet freedom are often compromised throughout the world by the authorities and governments who consider it their right to poke their noses in everyone’s online activity. Thank God, VPNs are there to rescue the people. In case, of Vietnam, you can subscribe to a VPN Vietnam to safeguard yourself online.

We have shortlisted the top 5 Vietnam VPN service providers for you here.

Top 5 VPN Vietnam Service Providers – The Most Quintessential VPNs

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Why Is A VPN Vietnam A Must-Have Online Tool For Vietnamese?

Let us give you a warning before we start scrutinizing the internet scene in Vietnam – it is bad, really pathetic. Of course, we are not going to mention everything that’s wrong with Vietnam in terms of internet freedom and autonomy. However, a few incidents will show you the real picture of Vietnam.

  • Since 2006, the country has been declared “Enemy of the Internet” by Reporters without Borders. Vietnam scored 175th position out of 180 countries in Reporters without Borders’ 2016 World Press Freedom Index.
  • In Vietnam, there is a law known as Decree 72. According to this law, the users are not permitted to post or publish anything that impacts the credibility of the Vietnamese government. Since this law has been implemented, the government is furiously arresting people and blocking content that even slightly dares to criticize the government policies and governance. The government authorities have been blocking and filtering internet content, in Vietnamese and other languages, under the head of “measures for national security”.
  • The government’s brutality doesn’t stop at making arrests only. The Vietnamese authorities are popular for malware attacks on bloggers and journalists to infiltrate their reports and news stories. In January 2014, “The Associated Press” confirmed that the Vietnamese government has tried multiple malware and hack attacks on its reporters.
  • Le Quoc Quan, a human rights activist, has been convicted in the court on the charges of tax evasion. He got imprisoned for 30 months along with $59,000. Although many believed that Quan got punished for voicing out his opinion against the Vietnamese government on social media. He criticized Vietnamese government for ignoring the human rights issues in the country.
  • The Vietnamese economy is in a transition from a communist nation to a western style free-market. Unfortunately, the government lacks the will to disseminate the freedom to its citizen like any western society. The communist government of Vietnam enjoys its power and grip on masses. It sees the Internet as a place where ideas and information can flow easily. Therefore, the internet freedom is a threat to the stability of Vietnamese society.

As said earlier, we have just touched upon a few issues in Vietnam. The online community of Vietnam also faces following problems;

  • Blanket Surveillance
  • Cyber-crimes and malware attacks
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Blocking and filtering content
  • Geo-restriction
  • Content removal and manipulation
  • International spy programs

Verdict – A VPN Vietnam Is The Only Route To Online Privacy

We have already discussed everything there is to talk about the Vietnam’s dead internet freedom. The only way you can revive this freedom is by signing up for a VPN Vietnam. Otherwise, you are always under threat of being arrested or punished for saying something online that supposedly threatens the state of Vietnam.

The final verdict is yours – do you want to live freely or under the fear? You are just a Vietnam VPN away from enjoying the infinite online freedom. Choose wisely!

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