5 Best Indonesia VPN Services In 2021 To Keep You Private Online

Indonesia VPN

Indonesia is the fourth largest populated country in the world. 42 percent of the internet users are from Indonesia. Indonesia has laws that undermine the privacy of an ordinary internet user. We can name a list of threats that an Indonesian internet user has to face every day. Indonesians have witnessed ban on social media for an infinite period; strict but extremely vague and unfair internet laws; copyright infringement that leads to obnoxious imprisonment and hefty fines; cyber crimes and geo-restriction. Remember we have just named a few issues, there is more to it.

However, the only solution to survive virtually is Indonesia VPN. We have crafted a list of top 5 best Indonesia VPN for you.

Top 5 Best VPN Indonesia Services To Surf Internet Privately & Securely In 2018

The Polluted Cyberspace of Indonesia – Why VPN For Indonesia Is An Essential Online Tool?

Indonesia has got many issues. You may feel like you are attacked from all corners when you are online in Indonesia. The country has banned social media in the past. They have vague laws that may take you to prison. Copyright infringement, cyber crime, geo-restriction and others add to the long list of issues in Indonesia. Here, we are listing a few:

Indonesia VPN to Access Banned Social Media Website

Indonesia is one of those countries that have blocked, temporarily or permanently, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Reddit, Imgur, and Vimeo. In 2012, when Indonesia blocked Google in the country, the action affected the service of Google in Singapore and South Korea as well for many hours. Vimeo was banned in the country because it showed a video containing artistic nudity. The video search engine tried to negotiate with the Indonesian authorities but nothing worked out, and poor citizens of Indonesia suffered.

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Can you imagine a day without Facebook or Google? What would the internet feel like without these two giants? Unfortunately, Indonesians know that. If it has happened once, what makes you think it will not happen again? The only guarantee of continuous availability of your favorite social media site seems to be an Indonesia VPN.

Avoid Strict Internet Laws By Hopping On To A Secure Indonesia VPN Server

The Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) Law has given complete authority to Indonesia Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCI) to remove any content on the internet by requesting the Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The law has been worded very vaguely and can affect almost anything, and everything present online. ITE covers the issues related to pornography, gambling, violent threats, hate speech, disclosing private information, spreading lies, copyright infringement, and degrading content. However, there is no proper definition of any of these issues like pornography covers a much larger area than required.

When the laws are so strict and equally vague, it becomes hard to follow them. Also, the consequences are worst. You may end up in jail along with hefty penalties. The offenders can be poisoned for six years and 1 Billion Rupiah fine ($101,000). Now the choice is in your hands. Do you want to live in fear of getting caught for doing something completely innocent or do you want to enjoy the internet freedom with VPN Indonesia?

Copyright Infringement Protection With VPN for Indonesia

Copyright infringement is another issue where Indonesia has taken a stand. It is a recent change in the Indonesian internet atmosphere. Regardless to say, it is a rather despised initiative by the Indonesian government. After years of pressure from global copyright protectors, they have finally convinced Indonesia to take firm action.

As a result, the ISPs are directed to block websites like IsoHunt.co. Now, you have one way to access such websites i.e. Indonesia VPN. You need a VPN for Indonesia that allows P2P file sharing while hiding your IP address and not affecting the connection speed.

Say No to Geo-restrictions By Using The Best Indonesia VPN Provider

Geo-restriction seems like a huge problem for people all around the world. The theory is simple – people have limited time to watch TV, and they want to see the kind of shows they like or enjoy. However, the problem arises when certain content is not available in Indonesia or outside the country.

A VPN can ensure that you get to see local Indonesian channels like Bali TV, SINDOtv, and Metro TV when you are not in the country. Similarly, you can quench your thirst for Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC player, Spotify, NBC, ITV, and others in Indonesia. When you have a limited time in life to watch TV, it is your right to see what you want to watch – no matter if you have to subscribe to an Indonesia VPN.

Detailed Description Of The Best VPNs For Indonesia

Do you want to know why we have picked these 5 VPNs for Indonesia? Well, there is an intense and exhaustive research process involved, and we have chosen the best VPNs after testing them repeatedly. Following is a glimpse as to why each Indonesia VPN is worth your time and money;

1- Express VPN (Hands Down, The Best Indonesia VPN Service In The Market)

ExpressVPN Vietnam

With exceptional service to offer, ExpressVPN ranks on our list as the most recommended VPN for Indonesia. It is the only all-rounder VPN service provider that fits in all situations. For Netizens in Indonesia, ExpressVPN is the ultimate option as it delivers all the good a VPN user wish for. Our readers from all around the world have vouched for this VPN.

There are some reasons why Express VPN Indonesia is so popular and has many satisfied customers. For starters, this VPN provides phenomenal connection speed. ExpressVPN has servers in Hong Kong and Singapore. The company offers 30 days’ money back guarantee. They claim to ask no questions when you avail this guarantee. A special mention about its app those are fantastic for Android iOS and Windows. In addition to its servers and devices, it is an efficient VPN that gives you speed with top security. ExpressVPN offers all the basic and advanced VPN protocols that help in safeguarding your digital privacy and let you access all the geo-restricted content.

2- PureVPN (A Decent VPN Service That Offer Ample Indonesia VPN Servers)

PureVPN for Malaysia

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong which has extremely lenient internet laws. Pure VPN maintains the connection logs, and it has openly declared it on its website. PureVPN for Indonesia is somewhat a miser when it comes to the money back guarantee as it gives you only seven days (7-day money guarantee) to figure out whether you want to use it or not. Despite this little glitch, Pure VPN is worth considering for any Indonesia VPN. It has servers in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia in addition to other destinations. Apart from this, they also offer several other features that come for free with their standard package. You will find PureVPN as the cheapest option available for Indonesian VPN as they are always marketing with a huge discount. So it is a win-win situation for you to avail their discount and get a VPN at meager rates.

3- Buffered VPN (The Most User-Friendly Indonesian VPN Service)

Buffered VPN Anonymous

Buffered is a promising VPN for Indonesia. It comes at an affordable price as compared to other VPNs in the market. The VPN has high speed. It encrypts your data correctly. There are no user logs involved. It has servers in many countries, especially in Indonesia and a few of its neighbors. In addition to all these excellent features, you can switch servers as many times as you like. Buffered VPN has an impressive service because it is new among other VPN companies. Also, the company is in the phase of adding more VPN servers at new locations.

4- IPVanish VPN (A Fluid Indonesia VPN Service Provider)

Japan VPN

The primary concern while using any VPN is a compromise on speed. With this Indonesia VPN, you can be sure of a consistent speed as we have tested it. IPVanish is a perfect choice because it has servers in the country as well as neighboring nations like Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. An added advantage is that the service provider doesn’t keep any logs of its customers, so your activity is entirely anonymous. Besides, they offer easy to use VPN apps. With a single click or tap, you can switch between hundreds of VPN servers, and you can also connect to 3-5 devices at same time.

5- HideMyAss VPN (An Indonesia VPN Service With Plethora Of VPN Servers)

HideMyAss VPN to Watch Hulu Outside the US

Anyone aware of VPN arena must have heard about HideMyAss because it has been in the business for too long and has a history of providing excellent service. Despite the fact that HideMyAss is based in the UK and maintains connection logs, it seems like a good pick for Indonesia. The reason is the presence of many servers in Indonesia and the countries nearby. This VPN has servers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, and Taiwan. Also, it is unlikely that HideMyAss will hand over any data about its users to the concerned authority. They also have native apps for almost all the operating systems and devices. It is a fair deal to opt for HMA VPN as they have a strong history and reputation in the VPN market.

Verdict – Strict Actions Demand Equal Reactions – VPN For Indonesia Is The Only Safe Haven

Indonesia’s rules and regulations have reached a point where it can almost suffocate the netizens in the country. In such situation, when the rules are so strict, the only way to come back and survive is by adopting equally severe counter-measures. In this case, a VPN that can hide your IP address and thus your identity is surely a great tactic.

The good news is we have done your homework by revealing the best VPNs for Indonesia. Your job is to subscribe to anyone from the list mentioned above. So, are you ready for the action? Let’s sign up for a VPN Service today.

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