Life without censorship could have been a lot better, isn’t it? We would get to access websites of all the nations and gain the requisite information. Businesses would have been lot more productive, and even relationships could have taken the driver’s seat, especially for distant ones. But the reality is just opposite! At present, the internet is going through a bad phase where a big chunk of the online population resides under the apprehensions of censorship. VPN Services could help you break free from such restrictions and let you enjoy like a free bird. However, the decision to choose the best VPN service from among a hoard of VPN service providers could often be confusing. To remedy the situation, we bring forth you the most bankable VPN service providers of 2018 to look for. The list also includes VPN reviews of each tested service provider to help you make a right decision.


Here is a list of top-notch VPN providers that could assure you complete anonymity in this new year, and thereafter. We have tried our best to bring forth you the finest aspects of each of the best VPN Service providers. Our team of expert individuals have tested and reviewed each VPN services, and our VPN reviews for each are conducted based on several factors that could help you choose the right VPN service provider in 2018. The decision is now all yours!

CyberGhost VPN
$2.75 per month
$2.99 per month
$6.67 per month
$6.49 per month
$4.99 per month
$3.29 per month
Private Internet Access VPN
$3.49 per month
SurfShark VPN
$1.99 per month
Astrill VPN
Astrill VPN
$8.33 per month
$2.42 per month


While trying out among the best VPN providers, it is usual to think about the extent to which a VPN can secure your identity and digital data. Privacy is yet another major concern that continues to haunt the minds of both the new and regular VPN users. Talking about security, the encryption standards and VPN protocols available with the VPN best providers nowadays are good enough to keep your identity within the wraps. Hence, make sure that you know the level of security your chosen VPN can provider. As for having apprehensions related to privacy, the best thing is to trust the VPN provider.

If you are one of them, you need to have full faith that your service provider is not logging your browsing activities or handling their personal data to any third party for a commercial or another purpose, without your permission. We have ranked our VPN reviews & providers based on the security protocols also. Our experts have carefully tested the protocols offered by each best VPN providers listed, to ensure that you get maximum safety and anonymity with the VPN connection.

As a beginner, it is better to use free VPN, but as you indulge more in private indulging, you will realize the need for enhanced and speedy services. This is where you will feel the need to avail Paid VPN services. But why? With a free VPN, the problems of unstable connections, sluggish speed, fear of your information being sold to 3rd party advertisers, the absence of customer support, basic insecure protocols, etc. are standard. To the contrary, while you opt for a paid VPN provider you may well expect premium customer service, multiple servers in global locations, extended bandwidth, facility to use VPN on multiple devices, high-level encryption and fast connections with high stability. Need we tell more that paid VPN has to be your foremost choice if you care about privacy?

No! When you log in to a VPN service, all the requests that are going out becomes anonymous. However, it is entirely dependent on the VPN service provider also to have necessary checks enabled on their VPN servers. All the best VPN providers use standard 256-bit encryption that will not let any ISP detect your original identity. Hence, you become complete anonymous when you turn VPN on. In our VPN reviews assignment, all our experts have taken this point seriously to see how the VPN service provider responds to this request.

The best VPN providers enable you to access their network on different OS like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Linux, and more. Likewise, you can use VPN on your smartphone, tablet, desktop, Mac, laptop, Xbox & PlayStation. So there are plenty of options, once you gear up to use VPN.

While looking out for the best VPN provider, you can go through various websites that provide VPN reviews. You could make up your mind accordingly. Furthermore, as you shortlist the VPN providers, it is advisable to compare them by speed, server availability, bandwidth, security and encryption standards, VPN protocol, cost, VPN client software, etc. Besides, logging policy of the company, payment mode, method to keep track of service abuse, the jurisdiction body under which the VPN company operates, are among the other important factors to look for.

It is but a bitter truth that all your activities are continuously under surveillance by imposters and censoring bodies irrespective of your location. Amid such tight monitoring, only the best VPN services can keep your privacy intact. If you still don’t have a secure network which can hide your identity, then rush out to pick the best for secured browsing experience. However, some countries consider VPN usage as a suspicious activity. Thus, be sure to take appropriate precautions while using it in such locations. We also recommend you to check out the guides of that specific country prior to using it.

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  • Amanda says:

    Why is Astrill VPN missing from this article. I’m using Astrill since last 5 years and it’s been great. Their support team is marvelous. They have live chat support, which is very quick and ingenious. Browsing, downloading and uploading speed is just fabulous. I’ll never switch to any other VPN service. I’ll recommend this VPN to all of you.

  • WILLAM says:

    The greatest service to stream Netflix is ivacy and ipvanish vpn. These are the best

  • WILLAM says:

    i am using ivacy to watch netflix and surf the internet safely. The main reason is the price which is ultimately cheap and unmatchable.
    Before that i was a loyal customer of ipvanish but then some one has to pay the bills so i switched

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    A nice friend made me aware of this site and I do think that this is very helpful for most of us.
    The internet is growing and the possibilities are enormous…but we have to make our choices very carefully.
    For me…this site made me think about what is good for me.

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    it’s very helpful for me now I can watch my favourite shows on netflix

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