How To Watch CBS TV Shows Online Outside USA

CBS TV Shows Online Outside USA

CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) is a name that needs no introduction to the American audiences. CBS is a complete package. It broadcasts TV shows, movies, talk shows, news, sports and everything in between. You can entirely depend on CBS for the entertainment quotient. You can watch CBS online for free on its website if you have subscribed the channel. You also have the option of CBS All Access to view shows on-demand. CBS All Access is an online service that allows you to watch CBS programs online without traditional channel subscription. It is expected of CBS to be geo-restricted like all other American TV channels. So American tourists, expats, or businessmen out there cannot depend on CBS All Access outside the country.

Here’s How You Can Watch CBS Online Outside US

As said earlier, geo-restriction is a problem faced by most entertainment channels, be it American or Australian. The channels are pretty conscious about their content being aired outside the certain boundary and have made some really strict licensing agreements. They try to justify this act with multiple illogical arguments but we are not convinced. We believe you should be able to access CBS anywhere as you have paid the subscription fee, and if you are unable to watch CBS online outside US, then we believe that CBS is not doing justice with its members. Well, you can watch CBS online from anywhere with a VPN. You just have to appear to be from the US to watch it anywhere. A VPN can connect you to a US server and you can enjoy CBS in all corners of the world all the time.

Top 5 VPNs To Watch CBS Online From Anywhere On The Globe

The Amazing CBS TV Shows Online

The Amazing CBS TV Shows Online

People are willing to go an extra mile for a TV channel. Something has to be extremely awesome about it that fans are putting so much effort. A glance at amazing CBS programs will tell you why people are crazy about it. Without further ado, following are few popular shows aired on CBS;

  • Criminal Minds
  • Person of Interest
  • Rush Hour
  • Grammy Awards
  • People’s Choice Awards
  • CBS Sports
  • Hawaii Five O
  • Supergirl
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • The Amazing Race
  • Big Brother
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Scorpion
  • Survivor
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  • Beverly Hills 90210
  • Everybody Hates Chris
  • The Good Wife
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • The Mentalist

Apps To Watch CBS All Access And CBS Live Streaming

CBS Live Streaming

CBS says, “with CBS All Access, your shows are always ready to go”. CBS All Access lets you watch programs on the go. You can catch up on your favorite TV drama on your smartphone while going to work. Everything is mobile now and so it CBS with CBS All Access. The app is compatible with all the major OS and devices. You can simply install the app, sign in your account and start watching programs immediately.

We have discussed the CBS All Access app for two most popular operating systems here;

Android App

CBS Android App

CBS All Access is available in the Google Play Store. You can download it for free. The app doesn’t carry too many positive ratings and has only one and a half star but our testing results were satisfactory. You can install the app to watch CBS on your phone or tablet. The app requires you to sign in to your account. However, just like the channel, CBS All Access is geo-restricted too and functions in the US only. To run the app outside the US, you can use the same formula of a VPN and enjoy watching CBS online outside US.

iPhone App

CBS iPhone App

CBS iPhone app is pretty much similar to Android app in all aspects. It is easily available on the iTunes for free. You can download it on your iPhone and start watching CBS online without any problem. If you are not in the country then you would need a VPN to view CBS programs. Nothing will change, you just have to be connected to a VPN (US server) before opening the CBS All Access app overseas. The rest will function in the same manner.

Review Of The Recommended VPNs To Watch CBS Online Outside US

We know the names and features are not enough to buy a VPN. That’s why we decided to give you more by writing the review of the recommended VPNs here. We are sure you will be able to select one VPN after going through the following overview;

1- ExpressVPN – Your Best Shot To Watch CBS Online

ExpressVPN to Watch Hulu Outside the US

ExpressVPN is an amazing service provider. It is a bit rough on the pocket. However, the quality of its service is so supreme that customers don’t mind paying extra for it. If budget is tight and you want a cheap VPN to watch CBS online, you should leave this one alone. However, if the situation is otherwise then there is nothing better than Express to watch CBS All Access. The selling point here is ExpressVPN’s ability to provide fast internet speed without interruption. You can watch CBS online outside US without worrying about latency or buffering.

2- PureVPN – Cheap Option For CBS Live Streaming

PureVPN for Malaysia

PureVPN is ideal for users looking for economical VPN options. We know Express seems such an ideal candidate but if you cannot afford it, don’t worry, you have PureVPN by your side. It may not be as perfect as ExpressVPN but it is definitely in the top lot. PureVPN has managed to keep its tariff low by offering multiple add-ons. For instance, NAT Firewall is an add-on in PureVPN. You would be able to watch CBS online without the firewall so you don’t need to buy it. However, the money back guarantee was a bit of a let down as PureVPN only offers 7 days for redemption.

3- Ivacy VPN – Secure Choice To Watch CBS All Access

Ivacy VPN for HBO Go and HBO Now

Ivacy VPN is based in Singapore but that doesn’t mean it has no servers in the US. Ivacy VPN has enough presence in the states to quench your thirst to watch CBS TV Shows online. Ivacy offers decent VPN server speeds. It can manage to stream CBS without any breaks. The VPN service provider is not the cheapest if you chose its monthly plan but its yearly plan is super light on the pocket. However, be aware, Ivacy offers no free trial. So if you chose a yearly plan, you are stuck for 365 days with Ivacy. Of course, you can utilize the 7 days money back guarantee.

So We Have Resolved How to Watch CBS Live Streaming Online Outside Of US

CBS is a great entertainment package. We love it and we wish it to keep churning out amazing TV content in form of TV series, dramas, sitcoms, talk shows, news, sports, and live events. However, we don’t like the geo-restriction part. It seems absurd and ridiculous after you pay for the subscription every month. We understand CBS has certain pressure to maintain their end of the bargain.

Instead of boiling your blood over the injustice of the situation, you can simply pick out a VPN to watch CBS online from anywhere in the world. Having your internet traffic and activity guarded by VPN is beneficial for you in so many ways. You must know about the blanket surveillance, cyber attacks, online banking hacks etc. A VPN can protect you against all of that and lets you watch CBS All Access in a geo-restricted zone. Come on, it is no brainer at this point now – just get a VPN already.

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