How to Watch Foxtel Online Outside Australia With No Restrictions


Australians are in love with Foxtel Go as it lets them catch up on live and on-demand TV and movies. The viewers automatically love anything that offers variety in entertainment. However, the shock comes when an Australian is pretty excited about the AFL in a foreign country and opens Foxtel Go to start a watching the football match. In case, you didn’t figure out; the shock is that there is no Foxtel Go outside Australia because of geo-restriction. Australians who are traveling outside the country for vacations or work are in tough luck when it comes to viewing your favorite programs on Foxtel Go. Hence, Foxtel Go overseas is something the Aussie’s binge-watchers are pretty concerned about.

Foxtel Go Outside Australia Is Accessible, But How?

I know I sound like a downer, but that’s not it. Of course, I am here to tell you that Foxtel Go is available outside Australia. A little bit of creativity is required on your part to watch Foxtel online anywhere in the world. I’m not asking you to perpetrate a sin or murder someone to get access to Foxtel. My solution is entirely legal to unblock Foxtel Go. To watch Foxtel online, you have to fulfill one condition – be within Australia. Well, a VPN for Foxtel can make you appear from Australia virtually. I will get into the details later on. For now, let me reveal the top contenders to watch Foxtel online.

Top 5 VPNs To Watch Foxtel Online

After careful consideration, editors at ReviewsDir have listed the below top five VPN providers who will give you full access to Foxtel on the go. The listed VPNs for Foxtel were tested based on several factors including but not limited to server, speed, security and excellent accessibility.

How to Unblock Foxtel Go With A VPN

I believe it is evident by now that you need a VPN to watch Foxtel online. However, it is time to shed light on the procedure. Foxtel identifies your location by checking your IP address. You can think of IP address as your name tag in the online world. It tells about your location and other details. You can view Foxtel Go if your IP address says you are from Australia. A VPN can change your IP address to any country. In this case, you can use a VPN to get Australian IP address and watch Foxtel Go overseas.

Getting a VPN is very simple. I have broken down the steps for your convenience. Hopefully, you will understand the process of getting a VPN after reading following guidelines;

  • Step 1: Find out the best VPN to unblock Foxtel Go. You have to make sure the selected VPN has plenty of servers in Australia.
  • Step 2: Once you have selected the VPN, sign up for it. You probably have to pay at this step.
  • Step 3: Foxtel Go is an app that runs on smartphones, tablets or any other compatible device. So install your VPN app on the device, open it and connect to the VPN server in Australia. Bingo, you are virtually in Australia.
  • Step 4: Once you are sure about the VPN connection, simply open Foxtel Go, and you won’t face any problem watching your favorite shows outside Australia.

An Introduction to The Finest VPNs For Watching Foxtel Go Overseas

The soul of this whole operation to watch Foxtel Go outside Australia depends on selecting the right VPN service provider. I have mentioned the best ones above, but it is time to go one step ahead and discuss the potentially ideal VPNs for Foxtel Go. I personally loved following VPN providers to watch Foxtel Go online outside Australia. Following is the brief summary of why these VPNs are so useful for the task at hand.

1. Express VPN – The Editor’s Choice to Watch Foxtel Online

ExpressVPN for Foxtel

ExpressVPN is one the most popular VPN service provider in the industry. It has thousands of satisfactory customers who use it actively every day. ExpressVPN comes with a strong list of features that will tempt you in first look for sure. ExpressVPN has more than 136 VPN servers in 94+ countries. Here, our concern is Australia and Express VPN has plenty of servers in the country too. This VPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee. It allows good internet speed that will ensure smooth streaming on Foxtel Go.

Express VPN also has a very helpful team of customer service people. They will go to any length just to help you. The company offers widespread availability on multiple devices. As a binge watcher we understand that you may have many devices for streaming, ExpressVPN gives access to 5 devices simultaneously. Not only this, when you connect to Express VPN account, all your internet activities will go private and will protect you from online identity theft and any other danger. We recommend our readers to choose Express VPN as it is a good option to watch Foxtel Go outside Australia.


2. NordVPN – The Cheapest and Fastest VPN to Watch Foxtel Overseas

NordVPN for Foxtel Online

NordVPN secures the second position in our list of best VPN for Foxtel due to some reasons. The VPN provider has optimized servers across the world. During the test, we have connected to its Australia VPN server, and the test results were incredible. It is an ideal option for binge watcher as they take good care of connectivity and speed. Also, the company puts no cap on bandwidth so you can enjoy unlimited hours of entertainment on the go. NordVPN also has this distinctive feature of multi-device connectivity where you can connect to six devices at a time. Also, the VPN is torrent friendly, so you can also download P2P files safely. In case you need any technical assistance, NordVPN customer support is there to help you 24/7. It also offers a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked.


3. IPVanish VPN – Hosts Optimized VPN Servers to Stream Foxtel Online

IPVanish for Foxtel Go

IPVanish is one of the premium VPN service providers that delivers both privacy and quality together. The company already has servers in more than 60 countries. While we were checking the VPNs for Foxtel, we experienced good connectivity and speed with IPVanish, which is indeed a plus for all Foxtel lovers. It has optimized VPN server in Australia that helps the company to deliver top speed to watch Foxtel online from anywhere. IPVanish comes with 247/7 support option and a 7-day money back guarantee which adds value to the services they offer. It also extended its device compatibility and you can stream Foxtel from five devices simultaneously.


4. VyprVPN – Premium VPN for Foxtel with Standalone Servers

VyprVPN to watch Foxtel Online

VyprVPN is a subsidiary of Golden Frog. Vypr has many distinct qualities that you don’t find in many VPNs. For starters, Vypr offers a free trial. It may seem like a no big deal, but you will be astonished to know that not many VPNs offer a free trial. Sure, others have generous money back guarantees, but VyprVPN believes in giving you a free taste. Another specialty of VyprVPN is that it owns and manages its VPN servers. Most VPNs go for third party servers which involve a risk of leak of information. VyprVPN is full of surprises and will be a perfect pick for Foxtel Go outside Australia.


5. Buffered VPN – Easy to Use and Fast VPN to Binge Watch Foxtel On the Go

Buffered VPN for Foxtel

Buffered VPN offers instant setup and saves you from the tedious task of going through unnecessary steps to get started with a VPN. Buffered has a 30-day money back guarantee. It is also generous enough to not ask questions when you claim the money back guarantee. Buffered has 100 VPN servers in 37 plus countries. Of course, Buffered should add more servers and countries. However, it has the presence in Australia, and that’s what matters for now at least. Buffered VPN offers five multi logins. You can connect up to five devices at the same time. Also, Buffered VPN offers awesome internet speed which is a must for Foxtel Go outside Australia. Overall, we rate Buffered as a reliable choice to stream Foxtel from overseas. It not only gives you access to Foxtel Go from outside Australia but will also encrypt your connection. Buffered VPN also hosts five-star customer support – that assist the customers round the clock.


All Ready! Watch Foxtel Online Now From Anywhere

You get used to watching certain TV shows or programs. However, we often downplay the habit of getting used to a medium. If you like Foxtel Go to view different stuff, then you should be able to access it all the time. Unfortunately, Foxtel Go is not global and restricted to Australia only. So you got to do what makes Foxtel Go accessible in the foreign world.

Also, you are not going against the law or doing anything illegal by subscribing to a VPN. However, you have to make the right call. There is no point in getting a VPN that cannot do the job properly. I have mentioned the best ones for you here. I am sure you won’t find a better VPN list than that. So don’t wait up and sign up for a quality VPN for Foxtel Go.

If you have any other VPN suggestion for Foxtel, please write us in the comment, and we will make sure to give it a try in the next roundup.

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