How To Watch France TV Online Everywhere


France owns a culture that has inspired the generations across the world. The country has a certain mysterious aura and charm attached to it that cannot be explained in words. The fascination also extends to the France TV. There are many fans worldwide who want to access the magical content produced by French TV for the native audience.

Of course, watching native French podcasts, listening to a popular French song or watching any YouTube video is easily accessible. However, we are talking about the authentic French TV channels that have a variety of programs. They cannot be tuned in outside France just like the channels of your country are not broadcasted in France.

If you wish you can view French channels in your home country that can virtually transport you to France. A VPN can change your location to France by connecting to the right server. In order to watch France TV online, you should purchase a VPN. We have researched the best VPNs to live stream French TV for your ease and comfort.

Top 5 VPNs For French TV Channels Live Streaming

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3 Ways To Watch French TV Online

So far, we have established that you need a VPN to watch France TV online. The next step involves choosing the medium to view your favorite programs. Luckily, you get different options to watch French TV in your homes. We are mentioning all the ways so you can pick your favorite one;

  • France TV Online Via YouTube

YouTube is a great source to catch up on old school French TV shows. One of the classic French TV shows called “Hélène et les GarçonS” is available on YouTube. It is a story of a few university students in Paris and their intertwining lives. It is just one example, we are sure you can find many more TV shows fully uploaded on YouTube.

  • France TV Online Via Netflix

Netflix has emerged as a new medium to access the mesmerizing French TV. Netflix France has the most authentic French TV content library. You won’t find as many French TV shows and movies in Netflix for other countries. So it is ideal if you use VPN and access Netflix France for maximum options.

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For now, you can watch “Les Choristes”, “Les Femmes du 6e étage”, “La Vie d’Adèle”, and “Les Femmes du 6e étage” on Netflix but the streaming service keeps updating its content library.

  • France TV Online Via Individual Channel

You can directly watch France TV online by accessing their official website. They usually have videos and live streaming. Of course, you need to know the channels before you can utilize this option. Public Senat, France24, D8, BMFTV, and iTélé – these channels have a live streaming option on their websites. Of course, these websites are strictly geo-restricted. So you have to use the VPN here as well.

Watch France TV Online From Wherever You Wish

We understand your attraction towards the France TV even if French is not your first language. If you had this fascination a few decades ago, it would have been impossible to do anything about it. However, you live now and you have developed this interest at the right time. Watching France TV online is not a big deal at all.

A simple act of subscribing to a VPN can bring many France TV channels on your fingertips. We have given you the names of right VPN after thoughtful and methodological research and testing. Of course, the final call is yours.

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