How To Watch Horn VS Corcoran Live Online

Horn VS Corcoran Live Online

A bloody battle between a world-shocking champion Jeff Horn with hard-bitten Hellraiser Gary Corcoran

First title defense of a Queenslander fighter, Jeff Horn has set and officially scheduled to take place on December 13, 2017, against an English gypsy hitman, Gary Corcoran in the second most populous Australian city, Brisbane. This is the first time that Australians will host a big-money WBO fight with a native fighter, fighting against a British fighter in the main event. This is going to be far exciting than other bouts as this fight does not only decides the fate of champions but of nations; let’ see who will defend the WBO welterweight belt and remain consistent in the boxing frame.

WBO has global fan-following but sadly it’s not easily available globally, but don’t worry we won’t let you miss your favorite boxing fight anymore. This guide would highlight all the TV and streaming channels where you can watch your favorite WBO events from anywhere even from geo-restricted regions as well. Before proceeding to the channels and ways to stream WBO events, let’s look at the fight details.

The battle of Brisbane 2, Horn vs. Corcoran – A quick round-up

  • Date: December 13, 2017
  • Time: 7:30PM AEDT
  • Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia
  • Title: WBO Welterweight Champion
  • Horn vs. Corcoran – Some Stats

Official Broadcasting Channels – Watch your Favorite Punches Online

  • HBO – for US Viewers
  • BoxNation – for UK and Ireland Viewers
  • Fox Sports – Three fights, for Aussies only

HBO is an official broadcaster where you can watch Horn’s headbutts through PPV at $45.95. Simply visit HBO’s official website or contact your cable provider in case you live in the 50 states of USA. BoxNation is the UK and Ireland official broadcasting channel that broadcast Horn vs. Corcoran at the subscription cost of £12, with a promotion code BOXINGDAY, you can waive-off your annual registration fees that cost another £8. You can stream BoxNation only in the UK, no matter if you have an official subscription or not.  Other than these two, you can also enjoy live-streaming of three fights on Fox Sports.

Above mentioned channels are paid and are mostly geo-restricted in areas other than the mentioned territories; however content discrimination still exist within the broadcasting regions. The exclusive content is only available to selected viewers, and if you are not locating within the allowable regions, then what you do? Don’t take stress in searching sub-standards ways to stream your favorite bout and risk your online privacy. We would recommend you to stream anything you want with a simple tool; VPN, yes the best VPN can solve your streaming problems without compromising your digital identity; stop sweating and start using a VPN.

Find the best VPNs in the given list

VPN is easy to download, walk through the following process;

  1. Select and download a VPN from the given list
  2. Install on your best screen
  3. Connect to Australia, UK or USA server
  4. Stream your favorite website and enjoy Horn vs Corcoran online from anywhere.

Dialogues – Punching in Words

Gypsy hitman, The Londoner threatened to bite Jeff Horn:

“Horn is a tough come-forward fighter like me so it’s going to be a very tough, physical fight and I believe I can beat him at that game.

“I’m very strong. I’m only a welterweight but I’ve beaten up middleweights and this is the chance of a lifetime for me.’’

“I’m expecting headbutts. I’m used to it. I’ve been headbutted before and that’s the way Jeff fights. He’s known for leading with his head.”

“I won’t headbutt Jeff back — I’ll bite him,’’

“I have bullied bigger boys than Jeff in previous fights. I’ve trained for 12 hard rounds and he hasn’t fought anyone as big or young as me.”

“I can’t wait to fight now,’’

“I want to get it over and done with. I don’t take any fighter lightly but Jeff is another one I can tick off the box.

“You’ll see on the night I have the power and the strength.

“It means the world to me to win this fight — that’s why you get into boxing to win a world title. I’m a better fighter than Jeff but it’s just business to me. So no hard feelings.’’

Horn denies that he is a dirty fighter:

“I’m an aggressive fighter,’’ “The way I fight in close it’s just natural that sometimes your heads collide.

“I got accused of butting against Manny Pacquiao but I was the one who came off worse.

“I got a bad cut over my eye when our heads banged together but the head clash was accidental.

“My trainer Glenn Rushton has always taught me to fight hard but fair. But if Gary wants to turn it into a brawl with me well bring it on.’’

“It’s a distraction when you hear all these guys wanting to fight you but it happens all the time.

“I will just get used to it, worry about Gary and whatever happens after that if I get passed him.

“I’ve been training to knock him out so I’ll just make it quicker if he tries to bite me,’’

Want to enjoy some giggling moments – Watch Horn & Corcoran Interview

Full Fight Card

Main Even:

  • Gary Corcoran vs Jeff Horn

Other Events

  • Nestor Faccio Cardozo vs Lenny Zappavigna
  • Roger Izonritei vs Alex Leapai
  • Kleopatra Tolnai vs Shannon O’Connell
  • Vergil Putin vs Paul Fleming
  • Apti Ustarkhanov vs Rohan Murdock
  • Aelio Mesquita vs Nathanael May

Who will win? Aussie or Englishman

Horn is coming off with a controversial win over the decision with Manny Pacquiao. Horn voted for the Queensland Sports Star of the Year for his win over Manny Pacquiao, expected to retain his WBO welterweight against the rugged gypsy in the coming fight. Whereas, Corcoran is charitably described as a fringe contender, fought notably in July 2016, which was stopped in the 11th round. He is gone 2-0 in the welterweight.

Experts believe that if Horn gets past Corcoran, his reign would probably end in the next April against American Terence Crawford in Las Vegas. Spirited efforts still are expected from Corcoran, in case Horn taken him lightly. Though Horn is pretty tough to knock down but not so good as he can overlook fellas who fight for their lives. This is meant to be Horn victory lap, which Corcoran have planned to spoil and will going to shock Aussies.

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