How to Watch Hotstar in USA & Anywhere Outside India


Hotstar is an online video streaming platform with immense popularity in India. The digital medium was launched by Star India in 2015, and it has redefined the way we consume entertainment on the go. Hotstar offers 50,000 hours of non-stop entertainment across eight different languages. It provides a catch-up platform for all the Star channels. Viewers can watch the shows after a day or two of their broadcast on the respective channels. Hotstar offers free as well as paid content. However, if you want to make most of the streaming service then paid account is the way to go. While Hotstar subscription comes with many exciting perks, the only downside of the service is its geographical restriction. Yes, if you are in India, then nothing to worry about, however, you should be prepared to receive a message “Hotstar content is not available in your region” if you ever try to watch Hotstar outside India. So what is the solution to unblock Hotstar outside India?

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India – The Straightforward Solution!

The non-availability of Hotstar outside India is a major concern, but we have an easy and harmless solution. You have to be in India (digitally) to enjoy the unlimited entertainment on Hotstar. The website will check your location based on your IP address. So if you just change your IP address to that of India anywhere in the world, you are guaranteed unfiltered access to the Hotstar online. There are many means to change your IP address to India, but we would recommend going for Hotstar VPN as it the safest and surest medium. And they are light on pockets too considering the amount of content you can access on Hotstar and other streaming channels.

Watch Game Of Thrones Season 7 On Hotstar App – Winter Is Coming

Game Of Thrones Season 7 is premiering on 16th July 2017 on HBO in US and will be airing on Sky Atlantic too in UK the next day on 17th July.  As Hotstar is the official streaming partner of HBO for Game Of Thrones streaming, it is expected that Game Of Thrones Season 7 episodes would instantly air on Hotstar too once it officially airs on HBO.

But if you haven’t yet watched the last season of Game Of Thrones or haven’t yet watched any season of GOT and have recently developed an interest for it then now is the perfect time to stream Game Of Thrones past seasons online on Hotstar to resume the story from Season 7.

But the ultimate nemesis of every binge-watcher is the geo-restriction issue that is implied on different streaming channels worldwide would prove to be a hassle in case of watching GOT on Hotstar too as Hotstar is only available in India, and if you would like to stream Hotstar outside India, later on in this article, we’ve mentioned some VPNs through which you can easily access Hotstar outside India by connecting to any Indian server and watch Game Of Thrones season 7 episodes online without any issues.

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How To Watch Pakistan VS India: Champions Trophy 2017 Final On Hotstar Outside India

Cricket fans rejoice as Pakistan and India would lock horns at The Oval in Champions Trophy Final 2017 this Sunday, 18th June. For all the viewers who would like to watch the online live streaming of Pakistan VS India: Champions Trophy Final 2017 on Hotstar, below are some best VPNs mentioned for buffer-free streaming of the event;

The 5 Best Hotstar VPNs to Get Unlimited Access to Hotstar Online

Thanks to the minds who developed VPN technology! We’ve done our research on a bunch of VPNs to give you the recommendations of five best Hotstar VPNs to help you access Hotstar from anywhere in the World. Our team tested the following VPNs, and they gave us the best speed, connectivity, and support while we stream Hotstar online.

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$3.29 per month
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$6.67 per month
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$6.49 per month
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$6.55 per month
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Hotstar Live Content & Hotstar Available Countries

The reason Hotstar is so popular and has managed to garner so much attention is that of its phenomenal content library. The streaming service has best of TV, movies, and sports. It not only represents best Indian programs but has a collection of popular American and British shows too. You can watch Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, etc. Hotstar has a collection of movies like The Hunter, Skyline, Vampire Academy, Need for Speed and more. Regarding sports, you can enjoy events such as cricket, badminton, football, hockey, tennis, and kabaddi. So, you see, Hotstar has everything in really cheap monthly cost.

Just like many other popular streaming websites, Hotstar explicitly license the content in India and geographically restrict the access of Hotstar content from other parts of the World. If someone is residing outside of India and want to watch Hotstar on the go, then they may end up with the error message a with full of frustration. Normally, folks from America and Europe love to watch Hotstar online, but it is not always easy for them. It was found that a great number of binge watchers trying to find ways how to watch Hotstar in USA, and from other parts of the World too.

FAQs: How To Unblock Hotstar Online

Now, we have given you a short and simple answer about how to unblock Hotstar but there are still many questions unanswered. So we have prepared a few questions anticipating what a user would want to know about watching Hotstar outside India. Let’s see what we have got;

1. Why Is Hotstar Blocked Outside India?

First of all, Hotstar is not the only streaming website to block content outside a certain location. Most streaming services are geo-restricted. Netflix has gone global only recently. Before that, it was also limited to only a few countries. Our point of concern is why streaming services such as Hotstar limit the content. Well, the reason is plain and simple – they only get rights to show certain programs in a particular location only. If they violate the contract by lifting the ban, then surely a lawsuit would follow. So Hotstar is blocked outside India because of the same reason.


However, streaming services love paying customers. And if someone tries to access the streaming website outside the permitted boundary, they don’t make a big deal out of it. So you can easily use a VPN to watch Hotstar online anywhere.

2. How To Watch Hotstar In UK?

The reason anyone would obsess over Hotstar in the UK is the presence of unlimited Indian content. You can keep up with all the soaps, drama serials, talk shows, sitcoms, Bollywood movies and what not. Hotstar sure seems like a big attraction for someone who loves Indian entertainment but lives in the UK. So you don’t have to distress, we have already told you the secret.

Subscribe to a Hotstar VPN with many servers in India. Sign up and download the VPN client on the desktop. Run the VPN application and connect to a server in India. Now, you have been virtually transferred to India. Enjoy Hotstar and catch-up on your favorite TV shows. This is the best way to watch Hotstar in UK.

3. How To Watch Hotstar In USA?

The process and motivations for someone to get a Hotstar subscription in the USA are pretty similar to the UK. If you’re an Indian living in the USA and looking for the best platform to fulfill your native entertainment appetite, then Hotstar can serve you well. It is not about Indian content only; you get a good deal on popular American TV series and movies too.

As we have told you already, the procedure is similar. In USA, you have to sign up for a VPN. Make sure the VPN is not located in the states (the farther, the better). The VPN should have multiple VPN servers in different states of India. Also, it shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Once you get a VPN, get connected to an Indian server and start binging on Hotstar in USA.

4. How to Watch Game of Thrones Seasons on Hotstar


Binge watching miss serious spices if Game of Thrones is not in the picture. The World’s most popular, and HBO’s flagship show got the attention of Hotstar. All GoT fans can switch on their Hotstar premium account, and watch HBO’s fantasy drama Game of Thrones on Hotstar.

Although the premium account will have the liberty to watch Game of Thrones on Hotstar, however, geo restriction will not allow you to access the show if you are outside India. To watch Game of Thrones outside India on Hotstar, you need to connect to a VPN to get access to all the drama, suspense and thriller of Game of Thrones.

5. How to Watch ICC Champions Trophy on Hotstar?


ICC Champions Trophy is widely recognized and the second most popular cricket tournament after the World Cup. It is the tournament where World’s eight best teams play in the race to lift the Champions Trophy. ICC Champions Trophy 2017 will be played in the UK, and broadcasting rights are available to Star Sports 1, Star Sports HD 1, Star Sports 3 and Star Sports HD 3.

Cricket fans can also watch ICC Champions Trophy 2017 on Hotstar. All the matches will be available to watch live on the go, however, if you are outside of India, then you won’t be able to stream Hotstar to watch ICC Champions Trophy 2017. The simple solution for our cricket lovers is to connect to a VPN, and watch all the action live from the ground on Hotstar from outside India.

6. How To Use The VPN With Hotstar?

We have given you a brief impression about the steps involved in using a VPN with Hotstar. However, here we will explain everything in detail. The reason you need to use a VPN with Hotstar is to change your IP address i.e. location. A Hotstar VPN is the safest way to change your IP address online.

Following are the steps you must follow in order to use a VPN with Hotstar;

  1. Select a VPN service provider.
  2. Purchase a suitable account and sign up.
  3. Download the client software on the desktop.
  4. Install the software on the desired device.
  5. Open the VPN software on your PC.
  6. Make sure your encryption protocol is set to OpenVPN.
  7. Connect to a server in India.
  8. You are connected to a VPN now.
  9. Open the Hotstar website on the browser.
  10. Start watching your favorites TV shows, movies or sports.
7. How To Download Hotstar App Outside India

The world is mobile now. We should focus on solutions for both desktops and smartphones. Well, it turns out no matter which smartphone you own – Android or Apple – the process of downloading Hotstar app outside India is similar. Of course, the Hotstar app is geo-restricted too and not available outside India. We will not complicate anything for you and explain it as efficiently as possible. Here we go;

  1. Activate/Connect to a VPN on your smartphone.
  2. Change your region to India on the app store.
  3. Hotstar will be available in the store.
  4. You can download the app on your phone.
  5. Enjoy watching Hotstar via your smartphone.
Conclusion: Watch Hotstar Outside India With A VPN Today

This is the best part of every blog we write. We often start with a problem, and at this point, we gladly announce a plausible solution. We were dealing with a dilemma of watching Hotstar outside India. The solution lies in connecting to a VPN. To watch Hotstar online, you must change your location and VPN helps you with that. The problem to unblock Hotstar seems too tricky, but upon close inspection, it was just a matter of involving a Hotstar VPN. So watch Hotstar online anywhere and anytime.

We appreciate your love and suggestion. Please drop a comment below if you tried any other VPNs that are not on the list. We will be happy to review the suggested VPN in our next roundup of Hotstar VPN.

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