How to Watch Hotstar in USA & Anywhere Outside India

Hotstar in USA

Are you an Indian expat living abroad, a sports fan or just love Indian movies? Hotstar India is all that you need. But wait! Are you seeing something like “The content is not available in your region”? Well, here you need a VPN to watch Hotstar outside India or if you are residing in USA, the VPN will help you watch Hotstar in USA. Today, we will be showing you, how to use a VPN to access Hotstar in USA and outside India anywhere in the world.

The popular video streaming platform founded by Indian company Novi Digital Entertainment Ltd. boasts the most extensive online repository of Bollywood movies and TV shows in eight Indian languages. Stream Hotstar in USA from your favorite screen and enjoy over 50,000 hours of seamless video playback, TV shows, movies and all the sporting events across 60 themed channels, using its smart search, and a friendly interface.

Being a catch-up platform of all the Star channels, Hotstar India lets you watch the shows after a day or two on the respective channels. Good news for all those searching ‘how to watch Hotstar for free?’ is that Hotstar offers free as well as paid content; enjoy free content or, pay for the premium content and make the most of Hotstar in USA streaming service.

Hotstar in USA covers over 100 million downloads with the most extensive library coupled with exciting perks reserved for Indians; yes, you must be Indian to stream the exclusive content of Hotstar from anywhere, at least for the virtual world.  Or else you’ll be restricted to limited content based on the region you’re virtually locating; currently, Hotstar is operating in three areas -India, USA, and Canada. So if you’re traveling abroad and want to stream Hotstar India in Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, or elsewhere, get ready to receive a message “Hotstar content is not available in your region.

hotstar unavailable

Kick all the geo-restrictions and stop googling “How to watch Hotstar in the USA or elsewhere?” we have a safe bet for you, scroll down and see Hotstar in USA for yourself.

Why Is Hotstar Blocked Outside India?

All the favorite video-on-demand streaming sites including HBO, Hulu, Amazon, etc. are geo-restricted, so does the Hotstar; only Netflix has gone global recently. Well, the reason is plain and simple – they get rights to show specific programs in a particular location only and if you violate the contract by lifting the ban, then surely a lawsuit would follow. So Hotstar in USA is blocked outside India because of the same reason.

However, streaming services love paying customers. And if someone tries to access the streaming website outside the permitted boundary, they don’t make a big deal out of it. So get yourself connected with Hotstar India from anywhere.

But, how? The best way is to change your IP address, using one of the best VPN services and be an Indian for the cyber world.

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India – The Straightforward Solution!

The non-availability of Hotstar in USA or outside India is a significant concern, but we have an instant solution. Get a VPN and settle yourself in India (digitally) and enjoy the unlimited entertainment on Hotstar. As you sign up, the website checks your location based on your IP address, and if you change your IP address to that of India, you are guaranteed unfiltered access to the Hotstar online. There are many means to change your IP address to India -you will get to know some of them in this article- but first let’s check out the list of the countries where Hotstar is not available.

The Availability of Hotstar in USA & Canada

Frequent query arises on how to watch Hotstar in USA but before that let’s go through its origin. Hotstar in USA initially started its services from the origin country ‘India,’ and the services were also accessible in the neighboring countries. Back in September 2017, Hotstar went international; Hotstar India turned into Hotstar USA and Hotstar Canada. The Star India-owned streaming service has extended its Premium subscription to countries other than India – USA and Canada.

With a step-forward of expanding its jurisdiction, Hotstar in USA took a step back by going dark in many regions where it was first available for free. Earlier, accessing Hotstar was more accessible from any region, although it was official only in India. As of September 2018, it’s available in just three countries.

Following the footstep of Netflix and other go-global streaming services, the content library of Hotstar in USA varies from region to region, according to the regional restrictions and licensing deals.

Frankly speaking, the real appeal and strength of Hotstar lie in its Indian version, consisting a bouquet of channels such as Star Plus, Asianet, and Star Jalsha coupled with promising live sports. Subscribe to Indian-centric Hotstar in USA and enjoy the realm of cricket, badminton, kabaddi, and hockey, but don’t forget to keep the Hotstar VPN intact.

How to Watch Football World Cup 2018 on Hotstar?

The waves of the most-watched sports has already started and everyone around the world is trying Streaming services to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online in their respective screens, so does with the Hotstar. Stop searching how to watch Hotstar in USA, as the answer is just a scroll away.

Sony Entertainment Network’s Sony LIV has the legal rights to broadcast the entire FIFA season in your smart screens. Now, the debate is whether the Sony Entertainment is accessible in your Hotstar app or restricted due to the regional restrictions? If you’re using Hotstar US, then you can’t access Sony Entertainment, get a VPN for Hotstar and be an indian citizen and stream FIFA and other region-specific content on Hotstar; now, you don’t need to disturb Google to search how to watch Hotstar in USA.

Best Options To Access Hotstar US

There are many ways with which you can access Hotstar outside India. We have listed some of the best and most affordable ways that you can use to get a virtual visa to India.

  • Proxy
  • SmartDNS
  • VPN

But we would highly recommend going with a fast streaming VPN for Hotstar in US and elsewhere as it’ll give you a buffer-free experience to your favorite content. And they are light on pockets too considering the amount of content you can access on Hotstar and other streaming channels.

But choosing the right VPN to fulfill your needs without compromising your internet speed and online privacy is the real deal; it’s not as easy as it sounds. So, let’s see what we have for you:

The 5 Best Hotstar VPNs to Get Unlimited Access to Hotstar Online

Thanks to the VPN technology! We’ve researched a bunch of VPNs to give you the recommendations of five best Hotstar VPNs so that you can access Hotstar from anywhere in the World. Our team tested many VPNs, and following are the best regarding speed, connectivity, and support while streaming Hotstar US.

So, listed below are some of the fast VPNs that are best for streaming Hotstar outside India or in any country you wish to access. Have a look;

Rank Provider Price Details
$3.99 per month
You Save 72%
$8.32 per month
Exclusive 35% Discount
$6.49 per month
You Will Save 46% On Yearly Plan
CyberGhost VPN
$2.75 per month
Save 79% on 3 Years Plan
$3.33 per month

The list of available VPNs is ever-increasing, but what keeps the online presence secure yet private and evade censorships and geo-restrictions, actually stands out from the rest. Our team keeps reviewing VPN providers to help you in making the right decision and based on our analysis; the above list consists of all the best yet affordable VPNs that help you access anything on Hotstar US from anywhere.

Scroll through the summary of all the VPNs mentioned above and then finalize your VPN purchase decision; whatever you choose, we assure you that the opportunity cost would remain prominent.

  • NordVPN – A Veteran VPN For US Hotstar

Nord VPN

NordVPN has been in the VPN business around for over a decade, enabling us to select a server based IP address to stream videos, secure privacy, or be anti-DDoS, on our smart screens. The Nord’s ever-expanding network comprises more than 4,300 servers across 94 countries, including India. The provider boasts 256-bit AES encryption coupled with 2,048-bit SSL keys, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch. The service follows to a zero-logs policy; your data would remain yours.

NordVPN offers double encryption service to protect your sensitive data effectively while being online, without affecting unlimited speed and bandwidth; no more delays while streaming Hotstar US. NordVPN has 13 servers in India to connect to HotStar; such a wide selection of a server in India, a well-performing server is waiting for you at any given time, so that you can kick all the geo-restrictions.

Nord is a top notch service at an economical price tag, this is what makes this VPN provider outstanding; pay $2.57/month and enjoy up to 77% discount and get yourself connected with the Hotstar for three years. Furthermore, you can also benefit from the 30-day money back guarantee to protects your interests in case of any problem. Download Hotstar in US or anywhere and be in the Indian region to enjoy the unrestricted world of entertainment.


  • Offers Double VPN Feature
  • Fast VPN Connection speed
  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee
  • Fastest VPN servers, but light on pocket


  • Experienced some performance fluctuations
  • Kill Switch didn’t performed well in initial tests



  • ExpressVPN – A VPN To Watch Hotstar In USA


Want to watch Hotstar outside India? ExpressVPN, being a highly trusted and reliable service, is one of the best with an excellent fast server in India. ExpressVPN offers a superb software topped up with the military-grade -OpenVPN- encryption and offers speedy, reliable, and minimal downtime services across all the 2000+ servers in 148 virtual locations – countries.

You have three servers in India to be an Indian to enjoy the entire library of Hotstar; don’t worry! The provider has no interest in your detailed log, but keen to maintain your cyber privacy. The service uses 256-bit AES-CBC protocol along with perfect forward secrecy and HMAC authentication; don’t know such jargons, read our detailed expressVPN review or else ask the dedicated staff of ExpressVPN, which are there to serve you 24/7. Besides, the firm also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so that you can reimburse your hard-earned bucks in case you’re not happy with the services.

BE RISK-FREE: Get the ExpressVPN annual plan and save up to 35%; pay $8.32/month rather than $12.95/month. We pretty assure that accessing Hotstar in USA would never be that easy.


  • Speediest VPN of the industry
  • Smooth app interface
  • Proactive 24/7 Customer Care
  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee


  • A bit pricier than the competition



  • IPVanish VPN – An Indian Touch To Your Hotstar USA

IPVanish VPN

Whether you’re a casual browser or streaming enthusiast, IPVanish is one of the ideal VPN to go with. It offers 256-bit AES encryption, unlimited speed and unlimited bandwidth across 1000+ servers located in over 60 different countries. Be it Android, iOS, Mac, Linux or any other, IPVanish works on all the operating systems and allows five simultaneous connections to a single account. Like other VPNs, IPVanish keeps no logs of your online activity to ensures your online anonymity.

Choosing IPVanish to stream Hotstar outside India would be a wise decision, as the service provider has servers in India. Although the software is not as intuitive as other VPNs but easier enough even for novices and has excellent connection speed; you won’t be troubled while streaming your favorite movie on Hotstar US.

The only slight drawback is that this VPN belongs to the US (home of the NSA). However, the firm has transparent logging policy that suggests the firm is not keeping your logs. Other than that, encryption is OpenVPN -our recommended- and the service offers excellent value for money. With a seven-day money-back guarantee, test this service and enjoy streaming anything you want using Hotstar in USA.

While reviewing IPVanish, the service performed significantly, especially when subjected to HD streaming, that’s why we called this a solid choice to access Hotstar. Subscribe to IPVanish now for a year and save up to 46%; you have to pay $6.49/month rather than $10/month to enjoy unrestricted Hotstar USA login.


  • Unlimited P2P traffic
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption
  • Excellent Customer Care
  • Fast Indian servers


  • Doesn’t offer Live chat support
  • Had a hard time streaming Netflix




  • CyberGhost VPN – Be a Hotstar US Ghost In The Indian Territory

Cyberghost VPN Website

The reason we add in our list of best Hotstar VPN is the availability of its servers in India; there are 14 servers within the region to serve your streaming needs. Other than that, CyberGhost offers a 256-bit AES encryption topped up with unlimited speed and bandwidth across all the 1800+ servers locating in more than 60 countries. It is available on all your favorite platforms securing your seven different devices per account.

While providing an easy interface to over 15 million users globally, CyberGhost has kill-switch to keep you anonymous; thanks to its no logs policy for maintaining such a vast user base. CyberGhost ships with nifty features like; anti-tracking and ad-blocking.

Get this low-budget VPN and stream Hotstar in USA from anywhere, trust me, its military-grade parameters won’t reveal your identity in the cyber world. Pay just $2.75 instead of $11.99/month and forget the geo-restrictions for three years. Don’t like the services? You have 30 days to claim your refund back in your account.


  • Access 1250+ servers globally
  • Seven simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Strict no-logs policy


  • Complicated UI



  • TunnelBear VPN – Tunnels Your Hotstar USA To India

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is a Canadian-based VPN that has a wide selection of features and add-ons to turn you an Indian for streaming Indian-specific Hotstar in US. The best thing about TunnelBear VPN is a strict no-logs policy, that’s enough to stream heart’s content anytime from anywhere. The service has speedy servers in India for your love with Hotstar.

It’s a feature-rich VPN that works on all the mainstream platforms and keeps extraordinarily minimal yet non-invasive connection logs about users. All its clients are excellent for beginners and super easy to use. The only deal-breaking points are the origin that’s in Canada -one of the five-eye surveillance region- and yes, this VPN is not counted as the best Netflix VPN.  However, it has improved its connection speeds since last year: this shows its hunger to keep improving the service.

With its free plan, you can watch Hotstar in USA free, using full capabilities up to 500MB data every month; use your credentials to subscribe TunnelBear and enter into the world of entertainment with a US Hotstar login.

The freemium plan will halt your Hotstar in USA in the mid, so why not just pay $4.17/month for up to 12 months and enjoy unlimited data, saving 58% of your VPN expenses.


  • Lightening Fast Servers in 20 Countries
  • Strong OpenVPN Encryption
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Transparent Logging Policy


  • Limited Customer Support



How To Watch Hotstar In USA Through VPN

You search your favorite movie on Hotstar and you’ll be halted with the disappointing message; now, this is where usually your journey stops, and you go about searching for alternatives to Hotstar. But, for seekers like us who are always on the lookout for smart solutions, let’s get the VPN and access Hotstar like a pro:

  • Go to NordVPN website or download app from Google Play Store and iTunes
  • Purchase a suitable account and sign up.
  • Download the client software on the desktop.
  • Open the VPN software on your PC.
  • Make sure your encryption protocol is set to OpenVPN.
  • Connect to a server in India.
  • You are connected to a VPN now.
  • Open the Hotstar in USA website on the browser and start watching your favorites TV shows, movies or sports.

You can also do the same by following the step by step procedure of how we were able to Escape into Hotstar’s world of entertainment with a VPN. This can’t be done more easier than this.

Can I Watch Hotstar Outside India For Free?

For India, Hotstar has free broadcasting services. But the Star-owned streaming service has extended its premium services in other regions like the USA and Canada. The subscription costs for the US citizen is $9.99/month and in Canada it costs CAD $12.99/month but with a limited library. One month trial is also available in these regions via apps on the country’s respective iOS App Stores and Google Play stores.

This gives us one more reason to switch from a US IP to Indian IP and stream content on Hotstar without paying.

Do I need VPN To Download Hotstar Apps Outside India?

The world is mobile now, now we focus on solutions suitable for both desktops and smartphones. Well, it turns out no matter which smartphone you own – Android or Apple – the process of downloading Hotstar app outside India is similar. Of course, the Hotstar in USA app is geo-restricted too and not available outside India.

If you are living in any region then India, USA and Canada, you will need a VPN to change your iTunes and Google Play Store location to download the App. This means VPN is your innate need to Watch hotstar in USA Free.

Here’s how you can switch your iTunes and Google Play Store settings to download Hotstar outside India, USA and Canada. But before moving ahead with the steps, remember you should be login with your VPN account connected with the Indian server.

How To Watch Hotstar In USA Free On Mac, iPhone and Apple TV:

  • First, log out your current iTunes store account on the particular device.
  • Now, open the iTunes again and at the bottom of the ‘Store’ select India from the regions flag.
  • Look for any free app and get it.
  • A pop-up will appear asking you to create an account. Remember, always choose ‘No Card’ option where you don’t need to add any credit card information.
  • The next step it will ask you to create new username and password for this account.
  • Enter an Indian address. You can create one at fakenamegenerator.
  • Now, login with your new indian account on your particular device and download Hotstar app.

How To Watch Hotstar In USA Free On Android:

    • Open your Android store and go to settings and select “Apps”
    • Now, on the downloaded section search for Google Play Store App.
    • Click on the  Whatsapp icon.
    • Now, clear the data and “Force Stop” the app.
    • Now exit settings.
    • Relaunch the Google Play Store and connect with new India.
    • Tadda! Now download the Hotstar app on your device.

How To Watch Hotstar US & CA On Kodi?

Hotstar US gained tremendous popularity during the IPL, and now it’s becoming one of the top streaming services among the binge watchers. The increasing demand for Hotstar USA can be complemented with a fact that Kodi, -the home of world’s entertainment- has a designated add-on for US Hotstar.

Scroll down and follow the walkthrough to get the Hotstar addon in your Kodi screen, you need to have Fusion to get the Hotstar.

  • Launch Kodi and go to “system,”
  • Now go to “file manager” and click “add source.”
  • Here you need to select “none” and type “”
  • Now click “done” and scroll down the empty bar and write “fusion”
  • Now “OK”
  • Go back to your Kodi home screen to select “system,” then “add-ons,” and finally “install from zip file”
  • Now choose “Fusion,” “Kodi repos,” “international” and then “”
  • Select “install from repository” then “YoColdRain’s Repository.”
  • Now go to “video add-ons” “Hotstar” and finally “install”
  • Wait! Addon is downloading
  • Go to the home screen and select “videos” and “add-ons”
  • Here choose Hotstar

Voila! You’re good to stream Hotstar on Kodi.

Can’t stream? You must be geo-restricted, get the best Kodi VPNs and then enter into the world of Hotstar’s never ending entertainment.

Watch Hotstar In USA And Anywhere With NordVPN – ReviewsDir Most Recommended

As you see a geo-blocked message in your Hotstar US screen, you start searching for alternatives. Stop it! Don’t you think you should seek a smarter solution rather than switching our favorite streaming app? So let’s opt NordVPN and access Hotstar USA like an Indian.

Here’s how a pro VPN helped us being a boss while using US Hotstar;

1- We downloaded & installed NordVPN from the list mentioned above.

2- Launched the VPN client and scrolled down the list of available servers in India

3- Clicked one of the recommended India Server.

4- Once connected to an Indian server, we browsed Hotstar & played ‘Escape Plan’ which was available for free to stream:

Finally, Hotstar Gets Global, Are You?

This is the best part of our write up when we ask for your contribution. We started off with a problem, and come to a point where we are gladly announcing a plausible solution; that lies in connecting to a VPN. To stream the entire Hotstar library online, you must change your virtual location and be an Indian; here VPN plays its role. The problem to unblock Hotstar seems too tricky, but with close inspection, we observed that it’s just a matter of engaging with a Hotstar VPN.

So, are you ready to be an Indian without physically being in their territory? We believe, with our walkthrough you’re already locating in the Indian region while reading this on your comfortable couch.

We appreciate your love and suggestion. Please drop a comment below if you tried any other VPNs that are not on the list. We will be happy to review the suggested VPN in our next roundup of Hotstar VPN.

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