How To Watch Rungvisai VS Gonzalez 2 Fight Live Online


After a controversial first fight between Wisaksil Wangek VS Roman Gonzalez back in March, when Srisaket Sor was declared the winner by unanimous decision and became WBC Super Flyweight Champion, it’s another chance for Roman Gonzalez to avenge the lone defeat of his career. Roman Gonzalez had a stellar record of 46-0, which after 3 wins would make him stand on par with Floyd Mayweather, but his unfortunate loss in the bout against Wisaksil Wangek broke his record of 0 defeats.

Well, this September 9th, Srisaket Sor Rungvisai vs. Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez rematch is to be broadcasted on HBO and is suspected to make a PPV record, because yet again, the WBC Super Flyweight Title is on the line between the two of the best 115-pounder boxers in the world.

Wisaksil Wangek VS Roman Gonzalez 2 rematch is going to be live streamed online on HBO, but unfortunately, HBO is blocked outside of US. But, don’t sweat yet! In this streaming guide, we’ll let you know how you can watch Srisaket Sor Rungvisai vs. Roman Gonzalez fight live online from anywhere in the world.

Wisaksil Wangek VS. Roman Gonzalez Rematch Fight Details

  • Fight Date: September 9, 2017
  • Fight Time: 9 PM EST
  • Venue: StubHub Center
  • Title on the line: WBC Super Flyweight
  • Current Champion: Wisaksil Wangek

How To Watch Wisaksil Wangek VS Roman Gonzalez 2 Fight Online On HBO Outside US


Image Credits: HBO

HBO is all set to broadcast some pretty sensational boxing bouts which include Cotto VS Kamegai, Canelo VS Golvkin and the upcoming exciting rematch between Srisaket VS Gonzalez. But HBO’s live streaming is only limited to audiences residing within US. And if you try to watch the fight from outside of US, you’ll be welcomed with this message:


But, don’t give up hope yet! You can use a VPN to watch Srisaket VS Gonzalez 2 rematch from anywhere in the world. How? Simply follow the steps mentioned below to unblock and watch HBO from outside of US:

  • Select a VPN from the list mentioned below
  • Download & install the VPN
  • Connect to a US server
  • Watch Srisaket Sor Rungvisai VS Roman Gonzalez 2 fight online on HBO from outside of US

Wisaksil Wangek VS Roman Gonzalez First Fight

In the first fight between Srisaket VS Gonzalez, everybody thought that Gonzalez has done enough to sustain his title, but the decision by the judges shook everybody and that’s why WBC ordered a rematch between the two to give both the fighters another chance to prove themselves. Here’s the Wisaksil Wangek VS Roman Gonzalez first full fight:

All Set To Live Stream Wisaksil Wangek VS Roman Gonzalez 2 Fight Live Online?

Roman Gonzalez is all determined and revved up to regain his title back from Srisaket Sor and again become the Super Flyweight Champion of the world. But Srisaket himself is training hard because he’s the first boxer to knock out Gonzalez and anything can happen in this rematch too. It’s one of the most exciting rematches of the year and a feast for the eyes of the boxing fans. Now you know how to watch Wisakil Wangek VS Roman Gonzalez rematch online, so, don’t forget to watch it as it happens.

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  1. When Wisaksil Wangek starts his career he lost 3 fights and 1-match drawn, but after the fight with Kenji Oba he worked very good and proved that he is the great boxer and now he fights again with Roman Gonzalez. In last fight, Roman Gonzalez lost by decision, but that match again organized Rungvisai vs Gonzalez because on last combat the decision was wrong. I think Gonzalez will win this competition and prove that he is best.

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