How To Watch Saunders Vs Lemieux Live Online

Saunders Vs Lemieux Live Online

An early Christmas cracker for boxing fans – a night featuring IBF and WBO Middleweight Contenders

An undefeated WBO World Middleweight between IBF and WBO middleweight champions; Billy Joe Saunders will offer his belt on the line on Saturday, December 16th, 2017, against David Lemieux in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This fight is said to be the first professional overseas bout of French fighter Saunders before christmas takes some serious tweak; fans will see BJ Saunders travel across atlantic to fight one of the division’s biggest punchers David Lemieux in his home turf in Montreal. Saunders vs Lemieux is the best way to end a tremendous boxing year.

Will Saunders outbox Lemieux with his speed and craftiness, or David end the fight shortly with his massive shots?

Let’s enjoy their training promo

Billy Joe Saunders vs David Lemieux – A quick glance

  • Date: December 16, 2017
  • Time: 9:40 PM ET/PT
  • Venue: Place Bell in Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • Title: WBO Middleweight World Championship

How to Watch Saunders vs. Lemieux Live Online

The WBO is been recognizing professional boxing champions around the globe since late 1990’s and successfully managed to entertain global audiences, but unfortunately broadcasting and streaming accessibility is restricted to certain channels in certain regions. This is the detailed guide for boxing fans, containing all the legal and possible ways to enjoy Saunders vs Lemieux from anywhere. You don’t need to be in the regions where WBO fights are easily available to stream, you just need to use a VPN to access the entire content of WBO events and other restricted contents.

List Of Official Broadcasting Channels

  • BoxNation – for UK and Ireland Viewers
  • HBO – for US Viewers
  • Fox Sports – Three fights, for Aussies only

BoxNation is an official WBO broadcasting channel that broadcast WBO fights at £12/month with registration cost £8, for 24/7 boxing with no fixed contract. Keeping the current events into consideration, you can use promotion code BOXINGDAY to eliminate your registration charges which are around £8. Keep in mind that BoxNation works within the UK and Ireland, else you are not allowed to access, regardless of your subscription status. WBO events are easily available on HBO as well, you can see the entire crowd-pleasing moments on HBO NOW in $14.99/month, by simply subscribing on HBO website or you can also use HBO services by requesting your cable providers, only if you are living within the 50 states of USA. Fox Sports is another platform that gives you access to stream your favorite WBO events.

These channels are geo-restricted and also practice content discrimination among the qualifying regions; means the only limited number of fans can access the exclusive coverage of Saunders vs. Lemieux. If you are one of the affectees of geo-restrictions, then don’t be stress, you are not alone.

Your patience has tested for long; now we don’t let you sweat anymore, you don’t need to disturb Google to search ways for watching your favorite bout. You just need to download the best VPN and forget you’re all the streaming hassle and enjoy buffer-free streaming of all the geo-restricted content. Do find the list of best VPNs given below;

A VPN anonymize your digital presence and hide your real IP address and assign you an unknown IP, which turns you into a stranger in the digital world. Your communication also encrypted in a tunnel to secure your networking. Follow the process and download a VPN

  • Opt and download a VPN, of your choice given in the list
  • Install on your PDAs or any other device
  • Connect to Australia, Ireland, Canada, UK or USA server
  • Access your favorite website and stream geo-restricted from anywhere

Saunders vs. Lemieux – Some Stats

Saunders vs. Lemieux Stats

P.C: The Sun

Saunders, a 28-years southpaw from England, will be entering into the ring with 25 unbeaten fights(48% knockout) holding a WBO world title at 160lbs. The Hatfield fighter lifted the WBO crown first time in December 2015 against Ireland’s Andy Lee, followed by a close decision win-over Russian Artur Akavov.

French-speaking power-puncher Lemieux is a 28-years Montreal-born fighter, will be coming on Saturday with 38 wins from 41 fights 80% knockout) and achieved IBF middleweight crown in 2015, but lost with Gennady Golovkin. He is the hardest hitter Saunders will going to face in his career. The former champion is a thunderous puncher with power-packed hands that knocked the world titleholder down four-time en-route to a unanimous decision victory; racked up four wins with who’s who of middleweight contenders.

Full Fight Card

  • Billy Joe Saunders vs David Lemieux (Main Event)
  • Antoine Douglas vs Gary O’Sullivan
  • Cletus Seldin vs Yves Ulysse Jr.

Billy Joe Saunders vs. David Lemieux – Press Release

War of words – before stepping into the Ropes

Billy Joe Saunders;

“I have a lot of friends in Canada, and I’ll be bringing a lot of supporters over to Canada from the U.K. It has all the makings of a good fight. I’m expecting a good, clean, fair decision. Once I beat Lemieux I’ll be moving onto bigger fish — the winner of the (expected) rematch between Canelo (Alvarez) and Golovkin. I’m looking forward to a great fight.”

“Lemieux looks good against ‘B level’ fighters, but he is now getting in the ring with someone who is far more superior and slick than anyone he has ever been in with. I don’t just want the dog meat that [Gennady] Golovkin has left behind, I want the dog himself and when I come through this fight I will have him. He is a mandatory and we’ve agreed a deal to go over to foreign soil and get it on.”

David Lemieux

“It’s time to be world champion again, . Saunders is about to get destroyed. I’m going to be extremely ready for this fight and I’m going to inflict a lot of pain on Saunders. His 0 must go.”

Who will win? A classical Boxer or Puncher Match-up

Lemieux is not an easily subdued fighter and matches against the banger in his hometown would be tough for Saunders; Lemieux won 38 victories that reflects that he can throw real leather and will retain his championship in bear-pit Montreal atmosphere.

On the other hand, Saunders is building momentum, his win from Andy Lee two years ago was his arguably the best performance so far and this fight is going to be his first fight in the hostile crowd abroad. Lemieux could be a difficult fighter for him; though Saunders is a game you like, fight with anyone anywhere, but boxing is not about guts but having the favorable percentage. This is the only fight for Saunders to earn real gravitas; if he boxes the ears off Lemieux, then the whole world would notice.

A counter-puncher will suit Saunders, who can box as well as fight, though Lemieux has home-advantage, sometime you have to roll the dice.

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