How To Watch UEFA Champions League Final Online

Real Madrid and Juventus will be facing each other at UEFA Champions League Final 2017, that’ll take place on this Saturday, June 3 At National Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.It is the biggest football event of the year as both the teams are super-competent and have created a huge momentum over the course of time. Both Juventus and Real Madrid are all set, ready and pumped to fight for the ultimate soccer club trophy in the world. UEFA Champions League – Real Madrid VS Juventus match is scheduled to kick off at 2:45 p.m. ET.

How To Live Stream UEFA Champions League Final 2017 Online?

There are many online channels to live stream UEFA Champions League Final live online but bear in mind that the channels mentioned below are geo-restricted and would not be accessible in certain regions or countries. But to access those restricted channels, we have mentioned some best VPNs to live stream UEFA Champions League Final – Real Madrid VS Juventus Match Online without having to face any buffering or hiccups. First, let’s have a look at the online channels and countries in which they are available:

Country Channel
France beINSports
Australia SBS, beINSports
United Kingdom BBC, iTV, BT Sport
United States ESPN
Canada RDS
Germany ARD, ZDFSky Deutschland
Hong Kong  beIN Sports
China  CCTV, Tencent, onlysina.comLETVPPTV
Portugal  SportTV
Singapore  Eleven Sports Network
Mexico  OTI
Austria  ORFSky Austria
Belgium  RTLQ2Proximus (FR)Proximus (NL)
Czech Republic  Czech TVo2
Denmark  Viasat
Hungary  MTVASport 1
Italy  Mediaset
Netherlands  SBS NetherlandsZiggo Sport
Russia  Match TV
Spain  Antena 3 & TV3, beIN Sports (Mediapro)
Serbia  RTSArena Sport
Switzerland  SRGCanal+ FranceSky Deutschland
Indonesia  beIN Sports
Colombia  RCN ColombiaFox SportsESPN Inc
New Zealand  beIN Sports 
Saudi Arabia  beIN Sports
Zimbabwe  SuperSport

There are numerous channels to watch UEFA Champions League Final 2017 online, but as stated that not every channel is accessible worldwide. Let’s suppose you wish to view Real Madrid VS Juventus Online on Sky Sports, but that’s only available in UK, and if you try to watch UEFA Champions League Final on it, you’ll be welcomed with this message:

But fear not, you can access any online streaming channel and watch Real Madrid VS Juventus Match Online from anywhere in the world using a VPN. Because with a VPN you can connect to any VPN server of any country and live stream any channel as a local. Here is a step-by-step process to opt for a VPN and live stream UEFA Champions league final 2017 online:

  • Choose and Download a VPN
  • Select Your Desired Country’s server
  • Access your desired online streaming channel
  • Watch & Enjoy watching UEFA Champions League 2017 Final

Watch UEFA Champions League Final 2017 – Real Madrid VS Juventus On ESPN Play

You can watch live streaming of Real Madrid VS Juventus Match online on ESPN Play but it’s only accessible from Spain. And if you try to access it outside of Spain, you’ll see this message, which means that “ This service is not available in Malaysia. If you are in Latin America and you receive this message, please leave us a message here. Thank you for your interest in”

But, you can always use a VPN to connect to Spain servers and watch live streaming of UEFA Champions League 2017 online from anywhere on the globe.

Watch Free Live Streaming Of UEFA Champions League Final 2017 – Real Madrid VS Juventus Online

BT Sport has officially announced that it’ll be showing free live streaming for UEFA Champions League Final on it’s website. It’ll be available for both its Youtube channel and Showcase HD TV channel which is free to use up till now. BT Sports said that anyone can watch Champions League final for free on its website and BT Sport app.

But the issue is that BT Sport is only available in UK and if you try to watch UEFA Champions League Final Outside of UK on BT Sport, you’ll see this message:

But then again, this message shouldn’t bother you if you have a VPN by your side. Just use a VPN to connect to any UK server and watch UEFA Champions League final online from virtually anywhere in the world.

Some Official Tweets Regarding UEFA Champions League Final 2017

So, Are You Ready To Watch Champions League Final 2017 – Real Madrid VS Juventus Match Online?

Real Madrid is all revved up to defend their trophy against Juventus this year as they won last year by defeating Atletico Madrid in the last Champions League. If Real Madrid wins this too, it’ll be the 12th time they’ll become the winner of the Champions League. On the other hand, Juventus hasn’t won the Champions League competition since 1996 and have only come close to winning in 2014-15 when they lost the Champions League to Barcelona. Stakes for both the teams are high. Which team do you think would win the UEFA Champions League Final 2017? Share your thoughts and predictions with us in the comments section below.

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