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The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious and famous football competition in the world where you get to see the jaw-dropping athleticism and some real camaraderie, sportsmanship, and rivalries between the European football club being sorted out in the fast-paced and nail-biting football matches. In 2016, Real Madrid has crowned the champion, and again in 2017, they’ve made it to the UEFA Championship Semi-Final draw. Let’s see what is going to happen this 2021 season.

UCL Champions League has just progressed from Quarter Finals and has now entered into the Semi-Finals stage, and the last match between Barcelona VS Juventus was really breathtaking. However, Juventus won against Barcelona in the second leg of the quarter-finals and are now in the Semi-finals draw.

UEFA Champions League Highlights:

Now, UEFA Champions League semi-finals are scheduled to take place from 2nd to 10th May. But the real issue is that many of the cable providers don’t show the game and most of the channels where UCL Champions League matches are broadcasted are geo-restricted, so how can football fans watch the UEFA Champions League online from anywhere and feed their soccer obsession?

How To Watch UEFA Champions League Live Streaming 

If you’re having a hard time finding the official channels broadcasting the UEFA Champions League online then worry no more because we’ve compiled a list of online channels that would be streaming the match as it happens:

*Bear in mind that most of these channels are geo-restricted and would require a VPN to access the channels. VPNs to accessing these channels are mentioned just below the channels section:

Country Official Broadcaster
France RMC Story, RMC Sport, Téléfoot
Australia Optus Sport
United Kingdom BT Sport
United States CBS, Univision
Canada DAZN
Germany DAZN, RTL
Hong Kong beIN Sports, Cable TV
China PPTV
Portugal SIC, SportTV
Singapore beIN Sports, Hub Sports, mio Sports
Spain Gol, Moviestar+

Watch UCL Champions League 2021 Online With A VPN

As discussed that most of the mentioned channels are geo-restricted, you can use a VPN to access the servers of any of these regions and watch the UEFA Champions league online like a local. So, here are some of the best VPN mentioned below for smooth and buffer-free streaming of UEFA draw matches:

  • With a Paid VPN subscription, you won’t be bombarded with sponsored ads
  • You can watch UEFA Champions League by simply connecting to the server of your choice
  • You can watch UEFA live online without worrying about limited data and bandwidth

The Best VPNs to watch UEFA Champion League live online

Watch UEFA Champion League Match Online On Ten Sports

Ten Sports is a famous sports channel in India and is also an official broadcaster of the UEFA Champions League. But the issue with watching any live sports on Ten Sports is that it is restricted for audiences within India only and if you try to access Ten Sports outside of India, you would see this message:


But, don’t fret. You can easily watch Match Online on Ten Sports by choosing any of the VPNs that are mentioned above, download them and connect to India’s server. Voila! Now, you can watch the match easily from anywhere in the world. Ten Sports is accessible after connecting to a VPN:

This is just one channel that we’ve mentioned. You can access any channel that’s geo-restricted but streaming Live online matches with a VPN. You can find the list of official broadcasters of the UEFA Champions League 2021 here.

Why You  Shouldn’t Watch UEFA Live With A Free VPNs?

There are several downsides to watching UEFA Champions League online with free VPNs. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Your stream will continuously be spammed with ads
  • You will have a data limit and a cap will be set on your bandwidth
  • Your original IP address and other browsing activities may be tracked and sold to third parties
  • You will have limited server options with a limited server uptime
  • Your IP address may be blocked upon being verified as being used to bypass the barrier

When is the UEFA Champions League Final?

UEFA Champions League season 2021 Final will be held at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey on May 29th, 2021.

Where to watch UEFA Champions League online?

On your laptops, PCs, smartphones, tabs, iPads, and smart TVs. Basically, with a VPN you can watch the matches live anywhere and on any device!


What better way to spend the summers than by watching UEFA Champions League from anywhere on your devices? Get yourself a VPN service before the UEFA Semi-Final starts on May 3rd, 2017. We hope you have enjoyed reading the post and would love to get feedback from you.

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