How to Watch UEFA Champions League Live Online in 2023

how to watch champions league

The UEFA Champions League is one of the biggest football events of the year. It’s a must-see extravaganza for football fans with high-voltage action from all over Europe. The group stage of the league is already keeping millions of fans glued to their screens. So far, so good, as long as you belong to a country where live TV broadcast is available. However, not all countries are showing it on TV! This is quite a bummer for fans who want to know how to watch Champions League at any cost. Besides, many fans want to see the event on their smartphones and not on TV.

How to watch Champions League from just any location? More specifically, how to watch Champions League in USA? Obviously, you would head over to an online live streaming service. But, it is not that easy on that front either. Geo-blocking is a real issue everywhere. So, how to watch Champions League without geo-blocking?

Don’t worry! We are going to tell you a 100% legal method to unblock any site. Millions all over the world use a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. It’s safe, anonymous, and does not track your digital footprint. Besides, you can enjoy Champions League live streaming without the risks of a seedy site putting in malware. First, let’s check out the sites, free and paid, for Champions League live streaming.

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Last Update Made On: 23 January 2023

How to watch the Champions League stream free?

Obviously, you can catch up on a free Champions League stream on the internet. However, here’s a word of caution! This is because some of the free sites illegally stream content.

how to watch champions league

Watching them may land you into legal trouble. Besides, you might have to deal with invasive pop-ups, and NSFW ads with free Champions League live streaming sites. So, we did the legwork and researched the best free sites on how to watch Champions League. Check out this curated list of the top free sites for Champions League live streaming.

  • Laola1 is a popular free streaming site from Austria
  • Stream2Watch often offers football live streaming
  • TV is another popular site. You should check it for Champions League stream. It was previously called
  • Check out Stream Woop for Champions League stream
  • BBC iPlayer is a highly reliable platform from the UK
  • Try out the champion league stream on Reddit.
  • In addition, many people head over to Facebook Live.

Don’t worry if you can’t access if some of these sites are blocked from your location. This is because we will inform you of the best way for Champions League live stream free.

Which are the best-paid sites for Champions League stream?

How to watch Champions League legally without any ads? Hereby, your best bet is to head overpaid Champions League live streaming platforms.

Another benefit of a paid channel is that they usually have official broadcast rights. Therefore, you can know sports schedules well in advance. On the other hand, it’s either hit or miss with most free streaming platforms. Sometimes, they will keep you waiting until the match day to see if the stream is available. In addition, the streaming quality is often better on the paid platforms for the Champions League stream.

So, here are the best-paid channels for Champions League live streaming.

  • CBS
  • Paramount +
  • BeIn Sports is showing Champions League stream
  • LiveSoccer TV is a recommended service for Champions League live streaming.
  • FuboTV comes with a free one-week trial
  • DAZN is a subscription-based service. They also have a free first-month trial.
  • SonyLiv is a popular live streaming platform from India. It also has a freemium version supported by ads. It’s a great option for the Champions League stream.
  • Look up Fox Sports after you subscribe via an eligible service such as Verizon, Directv, etc.
  • Besides, Hulu TV is also worth a try.
  • In addition, look up ESPN Watch.

Hopefully, browsing these sites will tell you where to watch Champions League in USA.

What are the usual issues with Champions League live streaming?

You must be wondering how to watch Champions League without any problem. So, what are the usual issues that you may face?

how to watch champions league live

Geo-blocking is the main issue

Geo-blocking is a familiar problem. It is quite frustrating! You don’t want to visit your favorite site for Champions League live streaming and find it blocked. So, you will have to use a VPN if your preferred site is not available in the USA.

This is a typical issue faced by fans who have to travel away from their own country.

Insufficient streaming speed

How to watch Champions League USA without any streaming problem? This is a common headache with most free sites.

Risk of data theft

Another major risk of free live streaming is that some of these sites may install malware. So, we will tell you a safe and secure way for Champions League live streaming.

How to watch Champions League with a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network works via a string of servers placed all over the world. Major VPN providers have thousands of servers. Therefore, you simply connect to a blocked site via a proxy server located in that country. Besides, the entire process is extremely simple and does not take more than a few minutes.

how to watch champions league with vpn

The VPN will make it seem that you are accessing the streaming platform from your native country. So, here’s a roundup of the benefits of using a VPN for the Champions League stream.

A highly secured network

Standard VPNs use 256-bit military-grade encryption for data transfer. Besides, it will also cloak your IP address, making you practically invisible to data thieves. In addition, good VPNs maintain a no-logs policy.

Accessible across devices

Do you want to know how to watch Champions League right on your phone or tablet? All good VPNs allow live streaming across multiple devices, including Android and iOS. In conclusion, this makes the Champions League stream available practically anywhere.

Enjoy good streaming speed

In addition, top VPNs generally have fantastic streaming speeds. They undergo numerous speed tests by independent reviewers. You can see the results of these tests online.

Go for a free trial run

Free VPNs exist, but these are highly unreliable. Firstly, they do not have a worldwide network of servers. So, this means that they may not be able to unblock your preferred sites. Furthermore, they will show ads and pop-ups. Plus, the streaming speed may not be up to the mark. In addition, some free services are notorious for data theft and data mining.

Try ExpressVPN

Cut the risk and head over to a paid service for Champions League live streaming. We recommend ExpressVPN as the answer to how to watch Champions League. It has a strong network of above 3,000 servers in 94 countries.

In addition, the company is from the British Virgin Islands. This location is not under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). So, this means that there are no legal obligations to share your browsing data. Besides, they use highly advanced security protocols such as Lightway and OpenVPN.

Finally, the whole package is available via a limited-period free trial. Moreover, users can benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee. It is a no-obligation offer. They refund you promptly if you don’t like the service after a month.

A list of Best VPNs

Here are the top VPNs right now.

We recommend ExpressVPN to watch UEFA Champions League without any issue.

More benefits of using a VPN

We understand that you need a VPN for the Champions League stream. However, a VPN can do much more than that!

Using internet while traveling

Public Wi-Fi hot spots make you vulnerable to data theft. A VPN will cloak your IP easily.

Shopping from foreign sites

Sometimes, e-commerce services have separate price tags for the same product in different locations. So, you can browse and shop from where the price is less.

In addition, you can actually get cheaper flight tickets with a VPN. This is because airlines operators hike ticket rates when they identify an IP address repeatedly. You can easily use a different IP address each time to access the same ticket booking site.

Allowing remote access

Working from home emerged as a major trend in the last two years. Many companies adapted to VPNs to allow secured remote access to home workers.


Most people do not recognize how serious the risks of data theft are. The internet probably knows us better than anyone, and all of that information is available for hackers. Increasing Government censorship is also a serious problem in many countries.

Besides, it is a must for sports fans. Many major sports events are unavailable in different countries due to geo-blocking. A good VPN can help you bypass all these issues easily.

I was always a geek ever since I was in preschool. I love reading and writing about the technology of the future and things that can help people solve their problems. Now, 15 years later, I’m writing about it. Looking back, it has been a fulfilling journey from a reader to an author. And what’s more, I get to inspire kids just like myself to follow their own path.

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