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The World of Entertainment has no end at all. We live in the fast-paced planet where renting DVDs for fun has become isolated already. Today, our entertainment is packed online, and we use online networks to watch movies and TV shows. For this, we thank great content delivery networks which make the accessibility easier and smarter. We are covering today the great gems hidden in one of the best content delivery network, Vudu, who made it easy for binge watchers to stream or download the latest of movies and TV shows same as DVDs.

Vudu is yet another on-demand video streaming service operated in the US. It has a content library filled with thousands of movies and TV series. Vudu follows a pay-per-view payment structure, so people only pay for what they consume. Vudu has severe competition in the market due to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video but this Walmart-owned streaming platform has managed to make its place.

It comes as no surprise that Vudu is geo-restricted like its competitors. So folks who are addicted to Vudu cannot watch it during a trip outside the US. Fortunately, there are no reports of Vudu trying to control the non-US access as there are ways to watch Vudu outside the US. You need to have an IP address originating from US to enjoy Vudu everywhere, and a Vudu VPN can replace your IP address quickly.

So you need a Vudu VPN that has a lot of US VPN servers and provides good enough internet speed for buffering-free video streaming. Well, it seems like you are in luck as we have extracted the top 5 Vudu VPN service providers.

Top 5 Vudu VPN Service Providers

The below listed VPN providers have been tested by our technical team to evaluate the top speed that can give you best Vudu streaming experience. The tests include streaming Vudu HD movies by connecting to US servers and check the compatibility of different operating system and devices.

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Why Vudu outside US is Such a Big Deal?

Vudu is an on-demand video streaming service that has a vast collection of movies and TV shows. What’s striking about Vudu is that its popularity is increasing not only in the US but all around the world. If US citizens have to go outside the US for business or leisure trip, they inevitably worry about how to watch Vudu. Let’s figure out what’s the fuss is about and why Vudu is so insanely popular;

  • Vudu is compatible with most operating systems and devices. So no matter what device you own, Vudu is readily available there to entertain you with unlimited video streaming. Vudu supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Playstation 3 and 4, Google Chromecast, Blu-Ray, Smart TVs, Roku, and others.
  • Vudu has a free sign-up option for its new customers. Not only that, you get to watch five free movies as a sign-up gift. So a new customer is welcomed by free entertainment at Vudu, that’s why everyone is so Vudu-fied.
  • Vudu allows you to purchase or rent your favorite movie or TV show at an affordable rate. It has a pay-per-view structure, meaning you only pay as much as you consume Vudu. It has a “Movie of the Day” option that lets you watch a new movie each day for $0.99 only.
  • Vudu has over 5000 TV shows and 18000 movies in its content library. Regardless to mention that it keeps adding new titles now and then. Most of these titles are present in high-quality. Vudu adds new movies as soon as they are available on DVD. Unlike Netflix, which takes approximately a month to add a movie after it’s been officially released on a DVD.
  • Vudu has some of your favorite TV shows including Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, From Dusk Till Dawn, Arrow and more.
  • Vudu has recently launched a feature called “Movies On Us” which allows you to watch movies for free. Of course, these free movies have a few commercial breaks, but you are getting a treat from Vudu, so the ads are bearable.
  • Vudu also has a “Deals” section on its website, which has bundle offers that give you a crazy percentage of discounts on purchase. Like you can buy a Six-Pack Star Wars Bundle, Independence Day Bundle, X-men Bundle and others at a lower price.
  • Vudu is geo-restricted to the USA only. Although, there are no such attempts to hunt down Vudu VPN service providers who are making it possible to watch Vudu HD movies and TV shows outside the confined country. The geo-restriction is more because of the pressure from producers to limit piracy and protect copyrights. Also, Vudu has no formal permission to stream video content in other countries

Verdict – Vudu outside the US is Possible

Vudu outside the US is easily accessible with the help of Vudu VPN. You just need to figure out the right service provider. For Vudu, someone who has blazing internet speed, a bunch of US VPN servers and affordable cost seems like a perfect Vudu VPN. Our team has given you the best options here. Now it is your job to test and check out each one and subscribe to a Vudu VPN for watching Vudu movies, TV shows, and other video content.

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  1. My ExpressVPN works great with streaming sites VUDU and Crackle. I have it installed on my Mac and iPhone and I rarely notice a decrease in speed.

  2. I’ve downloaded a bunch of good movies and TV shows to my VUDU box for my 7 years old to watch while travelling. Have been hearing a lot about connecting to the network for watching the downloaded content. Do I really need to connect and download the content again? Or is it just a money making scam?

  3. I recently installed ExpressVPN on my android phone and got connected to a USA server successfully. However, when I tried logging into my app store (Google play), I was unable to download the VUDU app. What’s wrong? How to install the app? Do I have to change my mobile settings to watch the VUDU movies outside the USA?

    • It appears to be that your Play store is set for a country where Vudu is restricted. Try changing your settings (store) and then you’ll be able to download Vudu on your device.

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