What Is Kodi? Everything You Need To Know About Kodi Box

what is kodi

Streaming is the new media and we never mind investing hours on a daily basis just to stream our favourite music, movies, TV shows, and what not. Before the streaming revolution, we have to search multiple browsers and look for websites which provide live streams. There is a catch though! Every channel is good for one particular stream and the dire need for a streaming box was needed. Thanks to the developers of Kodi, for bringing the whole world of streaming channels in a single screen and put an end the frustration of switching channels and websites again and again.

That is where the infamous question arises. What is Kodi? Surfacing on the online world providing HD quality streams under one roof. Imagine having control over what you want to watch in a single Kodi box. It’s indeed a blessing for streaming lover! For those who have no or little knowledge about Kodi, this post will certainly answer the question – what is Kodi box. So continue reading and get know everything about the popular streaming media player, Kodi!

What Is Kodi?

I’m sure you must have heard the word Kodi and must be curious about the growing fuss. Came to light as Xbox Media Center (XBMC) in 2002. Kodi is an open source platform for controlling all your movies, TV shows, music. Basically, anything you want to stream can be streamed directly through Kodi box without going off the page. Kodi in itself isn’t a platform for movie creation. It’s a hub of existing media where you have the access of a wide range of media types with compatibility.

Kodi can be anything! A digital box, an app or a software. It’s all depending on where you want to use it. At home it can be connected to a TV while having an app for your PC as well. The connection is simple while configuration takes a few minutes. Whether its Android iOS or any other device; Kodi is available on all, here are some popular ones:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Raspberry Pi (RPi) devices

What is a Kodi box and what content can I stream with it?

It’s essential to understand that Kodi does not directly provide or sell any content directly neither does it deal in piracy content or illegal streams; which the company name does not live up to because of the third-party addons it provides. Every individual is accountable for the illegal content they stream and browse which has no relation to Kodi itself.

Other media software’s comes with a user manual but not with Kodi. All you need to do is access its remote of the Kodi box. If you are using on your laptop then click on the content type on the left hand side of the menu. Scroll down to see different genres of movies, music etc. Chose from Files and add source. Name the source as you like it and type the content name.

That’s it. Kodi has made lives easy with its epic response and ease of access.

Is Using Kodi legal?

While users seek what is Kodi? The next initial question arises; is Kodi legal? It’s a tough question to answer which many users confuse over watching the headlines and having a word to mouth experience. But to be frank, the software is 100% legal being an open source its safe for anyone to install on their devices. What Kodi does is store all your files in a library and tries its best to ignore pirate content.

People comment and assume reading the headlines about the legal issues pertaining Kodi. The software itself is legal and it can be used for multiple useful purposes such as having a big archive of music movies. How is that possible? Being an open source platform Kodi has an edge over other media players since it gives users the freedom to not only watch but to choose as well. The legality of this media box lies within its utilization. Kodi uses addons to access numerous websites and channels like Netflix and Hulu without any subscription. Netflix being geo restricted outside US can also be accessed from anywhere. How? Through Kodi ofcourse.

However, since its an open source platform users can download and install third-party addons which are used for illegal purposes. The addons found in the official Kodi repositories are 100% free and legal. That said, the way Kodi is being used to bring it under the radar as being an illegal device and being shut down throughout the world under piracy and copyright clause.

Users opt for third-party addons created by external sources which enforce and provides access to pirated content. TV Addons is among those addons which have a collection of unofficial Kodi apps which provide infringing copyright streams. That’s just one addon! There are countless many which provide pirated content, loved and enjoyed by the users. If you reside in India, Canada, Pakistan, and Australia, you can access these unofficial Kodi addons through third-party apps without any fear of legal issues or copyright laws.

Then again, that can be said for these countries which are lenient when it comes to copyright clauses. If you talk about the UK, having a Kodi box or to openly sell it could lead to definite jail time without bail. Avoid these unofficial addons, and you’ll be far away from legal punishments.

What is the latest version of Kodi?

Kodi has been around for a while and it has gone through some drastic changes with time. Since 2010 onwards Kodi has brought some advanced changes for its updates which showed bug fixed and removal of addon slugs. For a better stream Kodi did its best to work on the functionalities. The current versions which are being used are Kodi Jarvis and Kodi Krypton. Both these updates are a huge success bringing in more users. In 2016 Kodi team came to a conclusion regarding its release of the v17 Krypton and released in the market

The table listed below states the changes in Kodi updates over the time. It’s quite clear due to the increase user response Kodi developers came up with bug fixes and multiple fixes to make the Kodi experience better than ever. The answer to what is Kodi?; lies behind its progress and its fame.

Kodi Version Date
v10- Dharma December 2010
v11- Eden March 2012
v12- Frodo January 2013
v13- Gotham May 2014
v14- Helix December 2014
v15- Isengard July 2015
v16- Jarvis February 2016
v17- Krypton February 2017
v18- Alpha 1 March 5, 2018

Kodi Krypton v17 currently is the king of the updates being a great release of the year 2017. But soon Kodi fans will bid farewell to the much used v17 version as the developers are working on the Alpha 1 v18 version soon to be available through out with enhanced features. It will contain what Kodi neglected in its previous version. But still v17 proved to be a good update as it included:

  • Fixed connection issues with internal webserver
  • Fixed crash in controller dialog pane
  • Updated standard scrapers to latest version available on release
  • Fixed crash when peripheral joystick addon is disconnected

While that’s just the hit Kodi Krypton. The new and updated Kodi v18 is currently standing in Alpha; its still new to the Kodi world but work is in progress. The spontaneous Kodi team itself admitted Kodi v18 is not “living room ready yet” which is why users are suggested to take extreme caution when converting your Kodi box and revamping it.

Then again users can always use v17 Krypton until v18 Alpha appears online.

Terminologies of Kodi

Kodi is like having a brand-new car with just the basic features. You need to add in as much detail in it to make it function better and perform well. For that Kodi builts come into play with the help of addons and repositories.

Kodi Builds

Kodi build is a collection of multiple addons that are already installed on Kodi, with an added bonus of having Kodi skins as well. Having a v17 built for your Kodi software means you don’t have to download addons separately as they will be preinstalled. Manually installing addons takes time and Kodi users want things to happen instantly. Having the latest software, you will get access to addons like Poseidon, Flixanity, Bob unleashed and Covenant whereas if you try to set it up manually, that will inevitably take time but if you are willing to wait and do it manually then why not do it the right way? Check out Best Kodi Addons to get your favorite addons.

That is why Best Kodi Build is the preference for many Kodi users who need a customized version of Kodi that comes with already installed add-ons. This way new entrants in the Kodi world can make the best use out of Kodi through the guide and find the best addons for their use on their operating systems such as Raspberry Pi, Android TV Boxes, Fire Stick and Windows.

These are the most happening and up to date working Kodi builds of 2018:

  • Leviathan
  • JayHawk Media Wizard
  • Equinox Kodi Build
  • DJ Jubee Kodi Build
  • Khaos
  • Nymeria Build
  • Maze Build
  • 4K Build
  • Titanium
  • Nemesis Build
  • Evolution Build
  • Comic Saints
  • Hyper TT Build
  • Misfits Mod Lite
  • CellarDoorTV
  • Dominus
  • Blackout Kodi Build
  • Kryptikz
  • Tomb Raider Krypton
  • Diggz Xenon
  • BK Links Build with Video
  • Durex Build
  • Schism TV Build
  • Spark Build
  • Hard Nox
  • No Limits Magic Build
  • The Beast

Kodi Repositories: What’s it about?

Before moving ahead of its crucial to understand basic terminologies of Kodi that will help you better gauge how Kodi works and what the function.

Having Kodi will never satisfy your need, the only gateway to tremendous fun and satisfaction through Kodi is by using Best Kodi repositories which makes streaming through the addons worthwhile. People prefer to update software’s automatically, so they receive addons and updates simultaneously. Kodi Addons can be installed separately as well without the need for the repository, but that would require manually updating for the Kodi addons.

Independent developers focus countless hours on creating a mix of Kodi addons which stores all kinds of streaming content necessary for users to enjoy; including music, movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc.

Kodi Skins

That was all about the addons and repositories. Kodi is not just a media player which is customized to your needs! It can be tailored to the way you like it. How exactly? Kodi is an evolving media player which can be upgraded and customized according to user requirements and just as there are clothes for people, Kodi has skins for its internal attire which can give Kodi a brand new look just as a theme does to an operating system. The skin can change colors, interface, menu, and panes provided.

It changes user experience to the utmost making you enjoy all the features and menus again. The feeling of a brand new Kodi box will be felt, and if you are bored with your current Kodi skin, then this is the perfect way to bring some excitement in your Kodi life. Kodi does come with a default skin when you download or purchase it, but users soon try to customize it exponentially.

What is a Kodi VPN?

Kodi being a famous media player is a realm with no boundaries. You will keep digging into the streaming channels and still won’t come to a halt. It’s like traveling the world with every city and street at a time. It’ll take some time for you to cover everything; and by the time I mean hundreds of dedicated hours and years.

Kodi fulfills all your streaming needs. That is the reason it’s so popular among the masses. New users are springing up on a daily basis who aim one thing; Best streaming! But there is only one thing that will hinder your Kodi device! Limited addons due to geo restrictions. These addons at times are geo-restricted and to install them you need to be in that region. What to do then? That is where a VPN for Kodi is a dire need.

Having a VPN for Kodi will surely spoof your location making you appear in that particular region to browse and install your favorite addons.

How to Install VPN on Kodi

For all who don’t know regarding a VPN; it’s simple. Virtual Private Network is a software that allows you to disappear in an unknown territory. Confused? VPN lets you switch your IP address to a different country where you want your IP address to be connected in and masking your real IP address so no one could trace your location. Clever isn’t it?

Expand your surfing paradigms on your Kodi but don’t forget to run Kodi VPN in the background of your choice. It’s crucial to have a VPN designed to spoof your Kodi’s location and give you 100% privacy and anonymity.

How to access Free Kodi VPN

There’s no shame if you are light on the pocket, but you still need a VPN. What to do? There’s a quote “Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart.” To work smart, you need to know which VPN to get and use and where to get it? Don’t panic, ReviewsDir has a crack for you. We have analyzed a list of free VPNs on Kodi that are cheap but will give you’re the same premium experience on your Kodi device.

You will get access to those restricted addons without any fuss.

How to install Kodi on Roku

For starters, Roku is a digital set-top box likewise to the famous Apple TV that streams entertaining streaming applications. It streams on the workaround on the internet connection to stream content from the channels directly such as Netflix and Hulu. The ultimate choice for cord cutting. Sadly, being a top-notch streamer Roku under no circumstances support nor does it install Kodi. That is mainly due to the third party addons that Kodi uses, but Roku avoids.

But hey! Kodi has a way around. One method, optimum for all your Kodi issues; Screen Mirroring! All Windows and Android devices can resort to mirror their screens to install Kodi on Roku. How? Take some time out to check thecomplete Guide on how to install Kodi on Roku. However, need to catch a train?

Here are some quick steps;

  • Check your Roku remote and click on the home button
  • Go to its settings Settings and browse to System Update. It’s necessary to have your Roku updates enabled for seamless screen mirroring. If an update comes, update Roku
  • Later go onto Screen Mirroring within Settings and enable this option.
  • That’s it.

Kodi on Firestick

Amazon Firestick is a plug and play USB flash into your Fire TV or Smart TV’s HDMI port, making it the best way around for cord cutters but when streaming comes into play; Firestick isn’t that effective.

To enhance your Firestick experience the all-rounder media player Kodi can be installed bringing you hundreds of streaming content without the use of an Amazon Prime Subscription. Kodi is a whole new world of streaming entertainment. Having Firestick on it will enable you to access unlimited pre-installed addons. All you need is a guide to install Kodi on Firestick, and you’ll be thrilled with the no subscription free of cost entertainment without your FIrestick. Through this guide, you will be one step ahead of all your friends and colleagues when it comes to streaming.

Netflix on Kodi

Let’s not waste time with an introduction, neither Kodi nor Netflix requires any introduction. Netflix is the best streaming channel craved and loved by billions due to its biggest libraries. But Kodi users face disturbance while accessing Netflix on Kodi.

Netflix being a streaming channel is restricted to the US only as geo restrictions are imminently followed. Unless you have a subscription, you cannot access the best streaming channel. To further get access to Netflix on Kodi, what you need is a Netflix addon called NetfliXBMC. It will give you the best of both worlds. All you need to do is know how to install Kodi Netflix Addon to view all your Kodi Library and addons aligned together under the same roof.

Unblock Kodi in UK

Having a Kodi box in the UK or selling it, is as bad as committing a murder! ISPs are blocking things in the UK containing Kodi. UK has been in unrest due to ISPs blocking the infamous Elysium, Covenant, and Specto leading to nationwide chaos with Kodi streams. Among the many, BT and Sky are the main culprits for blocking illicit streams of Kodi.

There has been an uproar on social media by frustrated fans by the decrease in links for Kodi addons. A significant block has been set by UEFA whose purpose is to halt matches being beamed indirectly to Media players such as Kodi without any consent. That falls under copyright infringement. High Court order was made effective immediately last year blocking all the major football streams and restricting them to official channels and broadcasters.

Express News survey states; around 70 per cent – some 28 million – of Kodi adopters end up viewing premium content illegally.

Does any blockade stop users from accessing restricted websites? The more you restrict, the more people will try to penetrate it. Users try to penetrate the block quite often but the IPSs trace their IP address, and strict action is being taken leading to significant jail time. Then again we have a way out for you. You can unblock Kodi in the UK without being traced or tracked. Your visibility will be hidden and safe.

How to download Kodi Addon Spotify

Kodi having a title of an open source media player doesn’t produce or create content, but it has addons through which you can access all the entertainment that you want. Music, in particular, is amongst the favorite Kodi usage which users utilize to hear and store a list of Music coming from all the genres.

All you require is a good Kodi addon that only serves the purpose of Music. After lengthy research and trial and error, we have come across “Spotify”! This addon is ranked the best when it comes to music. The best part is if you are a Kodi user, you will agree many Kodi addons aren’t free, but Spotify being an excellent Kodi addon is a freemium music application which has a big music library.

Coming to the pivotal part! Accessing Spotify on Kodi isn’t child’s play, you will require some sort of help to get you across the configuration and installation phase. For that you need to check the installation guide to install Spotify Kodi Addon to get in-depth instructions to download Spotify on Kodi.

Sports addons on Kodi

Just as we have a crack for music buffs, how could we leave Sports Enthusiasts behind? Kodi has an option to stream as much content as you desire from either pre-installed addons, or unknown addons which are not official. That’s your choice. But many fail to access Sports channels through numerous websites as major sporting events are geo-restricted.

If you talk about UFC fights or the FIFA World Cup. Only limited channels broadcast the event live such as ESPN, FOX Sports, UFC Fight Pass, Sky Sports, WWE on Demand, Ten Sports and Hotstar. While if you don’t have access to these through subscription then sadly you won’t get to stream the channel.

That’s when you are trying to stream the channel right through the website. That’s not the case with Kodi. If you know how to use or even if you are a beginner. You require best sports Addons to browse on top-ranked streaming channels like ESPN and FOX Sports.

Must have Kodi Tips and tricks

Just as other streaming devices and channels it’s essential to know shortcuts, cracks and must have tricks to run the infamous Kodi smoothly. Go through the Kodi tips and tricks to get command over anything from changing your Interface skin to make your Kodi look more engaging and exciting to making your Kodi work faster removing buffering and lags. OR keeping your Kodi device safe from unknown location targeting; it will be a disaster if you are living in the UK and use Kodi openly without any protection.

Final Words on Kodi

This is all the information you need to understand the structure of Kodi and how it rolls. What are the problems you’ll face when dealing with Kodi and how you can make your Kodi experience better and efficient.

Due to Kodi crackdowns and removal of famous robust addons, the users face quite difficulties as the strictness regarding Kodi is becoming more and more profound. Companies and broadcasters with the coalition under movies act and copyright infringement, authorities are taking severe actions.

That said, users are still not ready to give up on Kodi, and its popularity has increased exponentially. Which is why you need this blog as a ticket to stream like a pro on Kodi.

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