How To Watch Beijing Winter Olympics 2023 Live Online

winter olympics live stream
The world is going to get mesmerized once again as the Beijing Winter Olympics is about to begin. This year, the Winter Olympics will start on 4th February and end on 20th February. Many TV channels will broadcast this gala event live from Beijing. However, people are more into online streaming these days. So, they are eager to know where they can watch Winter Olympics live stream.

Well, there are many paid channels for watching the Winter Olympics live streaming online. Besides, there are various online platforms for the Beijing Winter Olympics live stream free. However, there is an obstacle that may bother you if you try accessing these channels in your country.

In simpler words, countries that follow a strict censorship policy or digital laws ban certain online streaming sites. As a result, many leading streaming sites only work within a defined territory. This problem is known as Geo-blocking or digital restriction. To explain further, a USA-based streaming service may not work in the UK or vice versa.

So, what if a citizen of the USA has just settled in some other country? Or, you may need to travel outside the country all of a sudden. So, how will you watch the Winter Olympics live streaming online, evading Geo-blocking? That is where a VPN comes into action. It will answer all your queries related to live streaming Winter Olympics.

But before that, go through our list of paid and free channels for the Beijing Winter Olympics live streaming online.

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Updated Made On: 25 January 2023

What are the Paid Platforms to Watch the Beijing Winter Olympics Live Streaming Online?

As already mentioned, there are a host of official TV broadcasting partners for the Winter Olympics 2023. Some of those are NBC Universal, Candy TV, Plus+ for the USA, CCTV for China, BBC and Eurosport for the UK, and Sony Pictures Network for the Indian subcontinent. However, for the Winter Olympics live streaming online, you can choose any of the following channels.

beijing winter olympics live stream

Watch the Beijing Winter Olympics Live Streaming Online on Sling TV:

It is a USA-based streaming service that covers programs from more than 200 channels. Besides, along with the Winter Olympics live streaming online, you can save the matches using the cloud DVR for watching them later. If you want to watch live stream Winter Olympics on Sling TV outside the USA, you will have to use a VPN.

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You Can Watch the Winter Olympics Live Streaming Online on Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is another USA-based paid streaming service for the Winter Olympics live streaming online. It shows content from more than sixty channels.

DirecTV Now: Another Paid Platform for the Winter Olympics Live Streaming Online

DirecTV Now can be streamed on various smart devices. Besides, it has many packages to choose from. Depending on the package you buy, you will get to see 65 to more than 140 channels on DirecTV.

Choose FuboTV for the Winter Olympics Live Streaming Online:

FuboTV covers the content of more than one-twenty channels. Besides, its interface is very user-friendly, and you can enjoy 4K streaming on it.

Watch the Winter Olympics on YouTube TV:

YouTube TV comes with unlimited cloud DVR storage. Besides, it will show you content from more than 85 channels. So, it is one of the best options if you want to know how to watch Winter Olympics online.

Now, let’s talk about the free channels where you can watch the Winter Olympics.

How to Watch Beijing Winter Olympics Online on Free Channels?

You may come across various links directing to free sports streaming sites on the internet. Especially, when the event is as grand as the Winter Olympics, there are chances of the internet getting flooded with such free links. However, your online safety may be at stake if you click on random links. So, here are a few sites answering your question about how to watch Winter Olympics online for free.

beijing winter olympics live streaming online

Watch the Winter Olympics on BBC iPlayer:

BBC iPlayer will stream the Winter Olympics event for the viewers in the UK. If you want to access it from the USA or any other part of the world, get connected to a VPN with a UK server.

7Plus, One of the Best Platforms to End Your Worry of How to Watch Winter Olympics Online

It is an Australia-based streaming service, and it’s the OTT counterpart of Channel 7. If you are using a VPN that servers in Australia, it will be a befitting reply to your query of how to watch Winter Olympics online.

So, for the last two sections, we have been talking about the paid and free platforms to watch the Winter Olympics. Now, we will explain why you need a VPN for streaming this event.

How to Watch Winter Olympics Online Avoiding Restrictions?

Precisely, this is what we need to talk about. You already know that a digital restriction or Geo-blocking is the main hindrance in accessing many streaming sites. Now, a VPN can easily solve this problem if it has a global server base. Now how does a VPN solve this problem? Let’s find out.

  1. It will establish a connection between your internet connection and a server that is located outside the Geo-restricted zone.
  2. Besides, it will acquire an IP address from the connected server.
  3. Further, the VPN will mask your IP address so that nobody gets to know your real location.
  4. Also, with advanced features like DNS and IP leak protection, and Kill Switch, a VPN will safeguard your IP even when the connection is discontinued.

Because of all these functions of a VPN, you will be able to access all restricted sites. Besides, there will be no risks for getting punished as no one will be successful in tracking down your real location.

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In the next two sections, we will discuss how a VPN can enhance your streaming quality and ensure complete data safety. So, the reasons for using a VPN for streaming the Winter Olympics include evading Geo-blocking, enjoying better internet speed, and ensuring complete data safety.

A VPN Also Ensures Amazing Streaming Quality

We know that you feel annoyed if your streaming video gets disrupted. So, how to watch Winter Olympics online to avoid this issue? Here also, a VPN will become your savior. It will not allow anyone to throttle your internet connection. So, even your internet service provider will not be able to control your bandwidth. Finally, you will enjoy an improvement in the internet speed as well as in the streaming quality.

How to Watch Winter Olympics Online Eliminating the Risks of Data Theft?

Premium VPNs come with powerful encryption protocols. These protocols code or encrypt your confidential data and online logging in patterns. So, your confidential data while passing through the safe VPN tunnel becomes like unbreakable codes. Thus, a VPN protects your data from hackers, spammers, or unwanted entities.

However, do not expect these benefits if you are thinking of using a free VPN for the Winter Olympics streaming.

Can I Use a Free VPN for Watching the Winter Olympics?

No, you cannot use a free VPN for watching the Winter Olympics unless you are willing to face the following risks.

how to watch beijing winter olympics online

  1. A free VPN may not have a strong safety protocol to protect your data.
  2. Besides, a free VPN may fail to give you access to blocked sites in the absence of a wide server base.
  3. A free VPN may fail to mask your IP. So, you can be subject to punishments if someone tracks you down for breaking the digital laws.
  4. You may experience a drop in your internet speed and disruption in your online streaming with a free VPN.

So, how to watch Winter Olympics online in the safest way? Using ExpressVPN is the best solution if you want to know how to watch Winter Olympics online without any hazards. It has the best protocol called Lightway and the widest server base. Besides, it comes with a 30-day free trial and money-back guarantee.

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What is the Best VPN for Watching the Beijing Winter Olympics?

Are There Any Other Benefits of Using a VPN?

Yes, a VPN has many other benefits apart from giving you access to blocked sites. The additional benefits of a VPN include:

  1. It is especially beneficial for companies or employees functioning remotely. It allows remote access to all the devices when connected to the same VPN network.
  2. Besides, a VPN ensures that your files are shared in the safest way.
  3. Also, a VPN makes sure that data and logging in patterns are not stolen or sold to third parties, thanks to powerful encryptions.
  4. Finally, it helps to enhance the streaming quality with a boost in the internet speed.


Hopefully, in this article, you have found the answer to your question about how to watch Beijing Winter Olympics online. You know the names of paid and free platforms. Also, you have an idea why you need a VPN to access those platforms and stream the Winter Olympics without any hassle. So, before the event kick starts, start using a VPN. Happy streaming!

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