ExpressVPN Review

Striking Features of ExpressVPN

  • Offers 145+ VPN servers in 95 countries
  • PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and Open VPN protocols
  • Unlimited bandwidth & server switches
  • Unlimited speed with three multi logins
  • P2P allowed with zero-logs policy
  • 30-day money back guarantee
$6.67 per month
Exclusive 48% Discount
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Premium VPN service. A wide range of VPN servers. Simple & user-friendly interface. ExpressVPN delivers super-fast Internet speed with supreme security. Servers optimized for torrents/P2P. Zero logs. Best for streaming, especially for Netflix. ExpressVPN apps available for Android & iOS. Multi logins allowed. 24/7 customer support.


ExpressVPN is a bit pricey (but gives top-notch VPN services) compare to its counterparts. Unfortunately, no ExpressVPN free trial is available. Only three simultaneous connections are allowed.

Bottom Line

ExpressVPN creates a cutting edge by providing a fast & secure internet access. It is loaded with numerous impressive features including unlimited speed, bandwidth, extensive server network, high-end encryption & more. Our ExpressVPN review highlights all the great features that make it the most promising VPN service provider of 2018.

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee
145+ VPN Server Locations
99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
5/5 Rating ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN Review – Let’s Start With the Overview

ExpressVPN is undoubtedly the most remarkable VPN service provider available in the market today. It stands out amongst all due to all the fascinating features it offers. You can browse all website with military-grade security protocols and top speed only with ExpressVPN. Speed, security, and fanatical customer support is the trademark of ExpressVPN. They claim to be the ‘The Fastest VPN on Earth,’ and in the ExpressVPN review, we concluded that they do honor their claim with phenomenal service and transparent 30-day money back guarantee. The year 2009 marks the introduction of ExpressVPN in the competitive realm of VPN (Virtual Private Network) vendors by its founder Ben Newman.

Where is ExpressVPN based?

ExpressVPN has hosted servers in more than 93 countries; however, the company’s headquarter is located in the British Virgin Islands. Being registered in BVI gives ExpressVPN leverage to the US laws. It means that you can have complete logless activity on the web and can browse privately and anonymously.

What Does ExpressVPN Do and Why Should You Use It?

With a distinctive aim of acquiring a reputed position in the market, ExpressVPN initiated its services by offering unlimited bandwidth, unlimited access to servers across the world and high-end encryption technology. Its incredible online privacy and security distinguish it from all other service providers available in the market. Additionally, it also acts as a distinctive medium to get around the areas of internet censorship and geographical restrictions. ExpressVPN allows you easy and uninterrupted access to geo-restricted websites along with other content of streaming media. Below are some main reasons to use ExpressVPN every time you go online:

  • To browse privately and anonymously:

The Internet is a fun place but surrounded by forces that can intrude and harm your privacy. Every year there are several cases registered in the US, where peoples’ browsing logs and activity are being tracked. ISPs and spy agencies can have control to all your data, and you will be left with no private sessions on the Internet. With ExpressVPN, you can put a no-go stamp to all anti-privacy acts, and encrypt all your sessions to be anonymous and private. The company uses advanced technology that safeguards users’ privacy – giving no chance to spy agencies, hackers and data snoopers to get hands on your personal information.

  • To watch your favorite geo-restricted content:

If you are someone who loves to get going with entertainment, then you must know the pain when your favorite channel is not readily available from your location. There are hundreds of VoD channels available on the Internet, and all of them have an incredible catalog that you can’t afford to miss, right? The sad part is that all of them are geo-restricted due to licensing and other issues. ExpressVPN is very handy in this case also. With a wide range of server availability, the company offers all the binge-watchers to get access to all amazing content without worrying about the location. ExpressVPN streaming servers are optimized to an optimum level to give you HD experience without any interruptions. And that too with no caps on bandwidth!

  • To bypass web censorship and mass surveillance:

Internet censorship is a norm these days. Every other day we get to know about a new law passes by the authorities to censor the web, and it becomes such a pain for users to fight for their freedom. Also, different countries pass surveillance acts to keep track of user’s activity for political, or some other reasons. On top of the list, China sets an example of mass censorship and surveillance where netizens are not even allowed to access social websites like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are blocked in the country. ExpressVPN is committed to fighting for Internet freedom. They have engineered appropriate protocols that bypass severe web censorship allowing users to access the web in one go.

  • To save money when you shop online:

Who would think that a privacy tool can also help you save money? Well yes, you get to have this when you browse the web while ExpressVPN is installed on your PC and device. There are a large number of online stores that vary their prices based on the location you are coming from. In many cases, users get massive discounts when they simply switch to a different location. Since ExpressVPN offers servers in more than 145 locations, you have all the chances to claim a significant discount on your next online purchase.

  • To connect from one-to-many:

One of the greatest advantages on why you should choose ExpressVPN is its extended coverage. A lot many people question about what if I have multiple PCs and devices, how can I protect all of them? Not surprisingly, the company takes privacy and anonymity seriously and have the answer to all our questions. With ExpressVPN account, you get coverage for all your PCs, devices, and even on SmartTVs and consoles as it allows three multi-logins that protect all your browsing activity with a single click.

  • ExpressVPN Works with Netflix

One of the many reasons why people use a VPN service is to access popular streaming sites like Netflix. The video-on-demand site is geographically restricted the real juice of library is available only on US Netflix. Most of the VPNs used to work flawlessly to stream Netflix outside the US, however, in 2016, Netflix started to ban VPN use to restrict users to access US library. During our ExpressVPN review tests, we have collected results that show that ExpressVPN Netflix works great without any interruption in the connection. Since the company hosts a wide range of servers, connecting to US Netflix with ExpressVPN is not a big deal. And if in case you encounter an issue, then you can contact the customer support team via live chat to quick fix Netflix error.

We have invested a lot of time while doing the ExpressVPN reviews to check Netflix connectivity especially, and the results were more than we expected. The best part about the service is that if at any point of time you experience issues with Netflix, you can request for your refund, but we guarantee that won’t happen as ExpressVPN Netflix works impeccably great regardless of your location.

  • ExpressVPN Works in China

China has been a great victim of internet censorship for years. With rigorous censorship law imposed in the country, users find it extremely difficult to access social and work websites from within China. We have seen many claims in the VPN industry for China, but not all of them proved to be an ideal solution. In our ExpressVPN review, we explicitly tested ExpressVPN servers to check if they can circumvent the GFW (Great Firewall of China), and the results we’ve got are excellent. The reason why ExpressVPN China solution works really well is the ‘Stealth Servers’ located in Hong Kong. The servers are fully optimized especially for netizens in China that need strong protocols to bypass the web censorship in China.

We strongly recommend our readers to connect to the closest servers located in Hong Kong. If in any case, you experience any connectivity issue, contact to ExpressVPN customer support via live chat to get instant help to access blocked content in China. Moreover, during our ExpressVPN review speed tests, we found that the connection is pretty stable and we didn’t experience any throttling issues.

How ExpressVPN Works?

Simply put; ExpressVPN connects your home PC or mobile to the web with full-proof security. It establishes a secure connection between your computer to the websites you intend to browse, and encrypt your online activities. It comes in real handy when external forces like hackers and agencies try to invade your privacy. ExpressVPN service completely safeguards your online identity and gives you anonymity while you browse online.

ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN Features – All That Makes It a Perfect Choice for VPN Users

ExpressVPN is a feature rich service provider. There aren’t many qualities that you won’t find in it. We have declared it an all-rounder for a reason. The listed features will further establish its standing as the best VPN in the industry currently. Following are the few features that you avail with ExpressVPN subscription;

  • Widespread ExpressVPN Servers:

ExpressVPN has more than 145 servers in 93+ countries. It is continuously adding new servers in the network. VPN has a presence in Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and South Asia. You can get complete details about the locations of servers from ExpressVPN’s Server location page. ExpressVPN keeps updating its website about the additions in server locations. We are pretty satisfied with the current presence of ExpressVPN’s servers in the world. However, we do feel that ExpressVPN should increase the number of VPN servers. As compared to others, ExpressVPN doesn’t make an impression with its VPN servers’ count.

  • ExpressVPN Speed Test: 

ExpressVPN is surely a special one. It has created a speed test to let the users find the fastest servers in their location and always enjoy fast, reliable and secure internet connection. ExpressVPN is of the opinion, “no two VPN servers are same. Even servers hosted in the same country can have different speeds.” Now a VPN which dares enough to admit it has got some guts. Otherwise, most VPNs will sing songs about the lightning speed of their internet. ExpressVPN has given a complete rundown on how you can find the best VPN server and enjoy the maximum speed. We have summarized it below;

Open the App and find the “Speed Test” option in the upper left menu icon;

ExpressVPN Speed Test

“Run Test” to determine the speed results of all the VPN servers;

ExpressVPN Speed Test Run

Once the test is conducted, you will see the results divided into three sections i.e. Speed Index, Latency, and Download Speed;

ExpressVPN Speed Test Results

Different internet speeds result in different video streaming quality. According to Netflix, the internet speed connections are as follow;

Speed Quality
500 kbps Minimum quality
1,500 kbps Normal quality (less than 480p)
3,000 kbps SD quality (480p or better)
5,000 kbps HD quality (720p or better)
25,000 kbps Ultra HD quality (1080p or better)
  • Specially Designed/Customized Stealth Servers: 

Unfortunately, the companies or countries, which are trying to restrict or control your access, are aware of the VPNs and the awesome services they provide. So they have developed technology to detect VPN users and limit their access. Of course, it was a huge problem for VPNs, so they also took some extra measures to neutralize the situation. Stealth servers make you completely invisible online. Nobody can locate you or limit your access. ExpressVPN has plenty of stealth servers for users who live in sensitive locations and require special services like China. The Great Firewall of China is not easy to surpass, but ExpressVPN specially designed stealth servers make it happen.

  • ExpressVPN Encryption Protocols: 

The job of a VPN is not only to hide your IP address and disguise you online, but a good VPN like ExpressVPN also makes sure to encrypt your traffic. So whatever happen between the internet and your VPN-connected computer stays hidden, and no third party can interfere. Encryption is a complex process that involves the implementation of advanced mathematics. ExpressVPN ensures strong encryption. ExpressVPN applies AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256-bit keys — in other words, AES-256.

Security experts use this standard encryption to protect classified information. ExpressVPN has many protocols to apply the encryption between your computer and VPN servers. The VPN provider has an automatic option, or else you can choose manually. The automatic options find the protocol that provides the best of speed and security. Otherwise, the open-source OpenVPN is the best protocol. We are more than satisfied with ExpressVPN and its encryption protocols.

ExpressVPN Review Protocols

  • Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth With No Cap On Switches: 

If you are a binge watcher and have every weekend planned with some new show or movie, then a VPN with unlimited speed and bandwidth is a necessity. ExpressVPN definitely fulfills this criterion. It keeps no tabs on your bandwidth usage. So you can easily enjoy hours and hours of online video streaming. Other VPNs charges extra for crossing a certain bandwidth limit. However, Express is in the elite league and believes in serving the customers impeccably. You already know how to pick the best ExpressVPN server for video streaming.

  • ExpressVPN Zero-logging Policy: 

ExpressVPN knows the first and foremost reason users subscribe to a VPN is to go on private mode permanently. Being a privacy company, ExpressVPN has been very transparent about its conduct and logging policy. ExpressVPN declares its financial support to many non-profit digital advocacy groups like Electronic Frontier Foundation, Fight for the Future, etc. However, Express does note certain things about your VPN connections but it is for technical purposes, and none of the logged information can be used to identify a single user. ExpressVPN knows about your;

  • Dates (but not times) when connected to the VPN service.
  • Choice of VPN server location
  • Total amount of data transferred per day

ExpressVPN has no interest in recording the personal details like;

  • Browsing history
  • Traffic data
  • DNS queries

A Tip To Remember: How to troubleshoot if you experience a slow connection with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is considerably worried about the slow service. It has promised the fast internet speed multiple times on its website alone. Also, it has given the speed test in your hands to find out the fastest VPN server in your desired location and connect to it. If you are still facing slow connection with ExpressVPN, then it is an alarming situation, at least, for the service provider. However, at times, the slow connection is not the fault of the expected party. Some indirect factors are playing a role in bringing down your internet connection speed. ExpressVPN has an entire section dedicated to troubleshooting small problems like these for its valuable customers.

According to an article about the slow connection speed present on ExpressVPN troubleshooting section, you may be facing the issue due to network congestion. It suggests changing the VPN server location or VPN protocol to see if the speed jumps back to normal. Hopefully, this will resolve the problem of slow connection.

ExpressVPN Apps – How to Download and Install ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN apps have been known to be friendly and easy to install. The company has really put some thoughts into the ExpressVPN apps and client. You will find them to be really easy to navigate and good to look at the same time. ExpressVPN apps are compatible with multiple OS and platforms. We have explained each individually here;

ExpressVPN App for Windows

ExpressVPN app for Windows can be downloaded from the official website of ExpressVPN. The VPN supports Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, and Vista. ExpressVPN has complete instruction and tutorials present on its website. It is really a hub of knowledge for Windows users. If you feel stuck at any step, simply visit here, and you will find a solution for sure.

ExpressVPN App for Mac

ExpressVPN has given the special treatment to Mac as well. You will find each and everything required to install and use ExpressVPN on a Mac device in ExpressVPN’s support section. In case, you find yourselves lost; you can always talk ExpressVPN support team via chat or email. The official page of ExpressVPN for Mac is here.

ExpressVPN App for Android

Gone are the days when desktops were enough, today you need a similar protocol for the smartphones. Thankfully ExpressVPN has app for Android. In fact, considering the popularity of the platform, ExpressVPN has dedicated a page to the Android app.

ExpressVPN Review on Google Play Store

Google Play Store has pretty fine reviews too. We have not come across too many negative reviews. Most people were busy in praising the phenomenal services of ExpressVPN. However, there were some users disappointed in the VPN, but their quantity was way too less. Here’s what we found about ExpressVPN on Google Play Store;

ExpressVPN App for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Of course, we cannot ignore the iOS here. The iPhones and iPads are used by millions of people throughout the world. So, ExpressVPN cannot be the fool to ignore it. Just like others, ExpressVPN has a complete package for iOS. In fact, it has different sections for iPad and iPhone apps on its website.

ExpressVPN Review on Apple Store

The clarity that we found on Google Play Store was nowhere to be found on iTunes (Apple apps store). ExpressVPN users gave mixed responses. The opinions were polarized. Some loved ExpressVPN while others not so much. Here’s the brief summary of our findings of ExpressVPN on iTunes;

Does ExpressVPN Offer Multi Logins?

Yes, ExpressVPN offers simultaneous connections which mean you can use ExpressVPN’s exceptional features on the different set of devices and machines. You don’t need to buy different accounts. All you need is one VPN account, and magic will happen on many devices and OS.

In our ExpressVPN reviews, we have attempted to connect the subscription on multiple devices, and the results were good. The service works flawlessly on multiple devices without any disturbance in the connection. If you wish to connect more than three devices or PCs at the same time, you’d need to disconnect one, and then connect ExpressVPN on your new device. You can also buy additional subscriptions if you wish to connect ExpressVPN on more than three devices. Alternatively, during the process of conducting the ExpressVPN review, we discovered that users could simply connect any number of devices by configuring a router at their home.

ExpressVPN Customer Support

ExpressVPN customer support is of exceptional quality. The company has a dedicated support team that’s available 24/7 to assist you in any matter. In addition, the company has a support section and blog that have discussed various issues at length. One thing is for sure if a customer is facing trouble in any regard, ExpressVPN has enough material to assist him or her. If there is no solution in the resources on the website, then the customer service representative can help you out. We checked the customer support on multiple occasions, and the results were always satisfactory.

ExpressVPN For Gaming

The kinds of games that are played today do not require VPNs, but they require GPNs (A VPN that has been specifically designed for gamers). So the question is whether ExpressVPN is a solid GPN or not? Well, you will be exhilarated to hear that ExpressVPN qualifies as a GPN. ExpressVPN offers lightning speeds and 99.9% uptime. A gamer knows the tortures of a Denial of Service Attack (DoS), and they will go to any length to prevent it. ExpressVPN protects you from the DDoS attacks. You need a VPN to play games because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throttle internet speed when a user exceeds a specified bandwidth limit, so you end up with a pathetic internet connection. Well, a VPN ensures you get consistent internet speed and have excellent gaming experience all the time.

ExpressVPN For Torrenting

When it comes to safe and private torrenting, ExpressVPN gets our endorsement for many reasons. The offered service is indeed torrent/p2p friendly and keeps no track of your activity. We have seen various VPN companies claim to offer torrent VPNs, however, most of the time you find their servers overloaded, and with poor performance.

In our ExpressVPN review, we found that the service provider has placed dedicated servers (in Switzerland and Netherlands) for torrenting purpose which enhances the performance significantly. Since ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your activity, which makes the service an ideal solution for users intending to do torrenting without being tracked or caught. While running tests on ExpressVPN, we tested different servers to download torrents from sites like The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, and KickAssTorrents – the speed results made us believe that the company takes torrenting seriously and delivers the best solution to the end users.

Is ExpressVPN Safe to Use?

As a VPN user, the most important thing to check in a service provider is how seriously they take your privacy. During the tests we performed, our technical experts revealed that ExpressVPN uses the highest level of security, 256-bit encryption, to send the information from your PC to the web. Not only this, in our ExpressVPN review, we found that the company also protects users against DNS leaks, which happens when the connection drops unexpectedly. Another edge that the company gets from its counterparts is the transparent logging policy.

ExpressVPN has different VPN protocols to offer. Among them, OpenVPN is the most secure protocol that adds military-grade encryption and is effective to decrypt severe censorship boundaries. We highly recommend you to use OpenVPN protocol if you need strong encryption. For streaming lovers, PPTP and L2TP are the most optimized protocols that deliver blazingly high-speed during the peak binge-watching hours.

ExpressVPN Pricing – How Much Does ExpressVPN Subscription Cost?

ExpressVPN offers three distinctive plans for the users depending on their usage and specific requirements. ExpressVPN pricing includes a monthly payment plan, half-yearly payment plan, and yearly payment plan. The per month price of ExpressVPN that you may require to pay every month is $12.95 with a 30-day guarantee of money back. However, if you are willing to pay for six months together, your total billed amount will come across $59.95 on every six months. This package will certainly cost you about $9.99 per month that is fairly reasonable for the users, of course with 30 days guarantee of money back.

ExpressVPN Pricing

In addition, ExpressVPN also offers an annual package of $99.95 that is billed on the completion of every 12 months. The average monthly charge of this package will come around $8.32 that is certainly the best and much-recommended alternative for you. This plan also comes with the guarantee of 30 days’ money back. While working on the ExpressVPN review, and in particular on the packages the company offer, we come to this conclusion that it is a bit pricey as compare to other options available in the market. But if you go with ExpressVPN’s annual plan, then you save 35% for the premium VPN subscription.

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN doesn’t come with a free trial; however, you can avail ExpressVPN free trial through its awesome referral program. With every referral, you get 30 days of free service, and that adds up to your existing VPN subscription. The more you share ExpressVPN reviews with your friends and family, the rewards become maximum. In addition, when you sign up for ExpressVPN account, your 30-day money back guarantee becomes active, and you can cancel ExpressVPN subscription anytime you want – and trust me they won’t bombard you with too many questions. The company designed a special free trial tier for its mobile users. All the iOS users will enjoy seven days of free ExpressVPN service, while the Android users are entitled to enjoy one day of free service as per the standard store policy.

How do I cancel my ExpressVPN account?

If you decide to cancel your ExpressVPN subscription at any point of time, then it can be done by following the below-mentioned steps in our ExpressVPN review. Before we jump to the steps on how to cancel your ExpressVPN account, please note that you can’t cancel the subscription within the App. Also, if you intend to cancel your subscription due to issues with any streaming channel, we advise you to contact with the ExpressVPN support team to ensure you have followed and tried all the possible alternatives. Below are the simple steps to cancel your subscription:

  • First, you need to Sign in to ExpressVPN account from the website. It will show you the history of your subscription where you can check the expiration date of your account.
  • On the ‘My Subscription’ page, locate the ‘Automatic Renewal’ section and click on the ‘Manage Settings’ option.
  • You will find the billing information of your VPN account. From the option, select ‘Turn automatic renewal OFF and cancel my service on the expiration date.’

Note: If you have opted ‘BitPay’ payment method, then you won’t see ‘Manage Settings’ option in your dashboard. In this case, your subscription will automatically end on the expiration of the service. Your dashboard will show a screen like this.

Simple! If you follow the steps mentioned above, your ExpressVPN subscription will be canceled, and you won’t be charged at the end of your billing cycle. We strongly advise our readers to check with the support team via Live Chat before you proceed to cancel your ExpressVPN account.

ExpressVPN Reviews on Social Sites

The magic of social media (networking) is that it reveals the true opinion about any product or service. We deemed it necessary to include the general reviews posted on social media about ExpressVPN. This will give you an unfiltered access to what the actual users of ExpressVPN thinks about it after experiencing it. Here we go;

ExpressVPN Review on Reddit

People are brutally honest on Reddit. They won’t shy away from mentioning the good, bad, or worst about any brand. One of the users couldn’t help but mention the availability of ExpressVPN in the Amazon app store.

ExpressVPN Review on Twitter

Twitter is quite the platform that has the tendency to destroy or appreciate the brand in 160 characters. Well, lots of people had a lot to say about ExpressVPN. We have shared some opinions here;

ExpressVPN Tweet 1


ExpressVPN Tweet 2

ExpressVPN Review on CNET

The verdict given by the users of CNET is very important for any technology. Let’s see what CNET users have to say about ExpressVPN;

The results are pretty clear. Everyone seems to love ExpressVPN but the prices are a tad too much. So folks, if you are tight on money then now is the good time to find ExpressVPN alternatives.

What Are The Best Alternatives to ExpressVPN?

Our ExpressVPN review concludes the VPN as the “best all-rounder” of the industry. From speed to connectivity to privacy protection, ExpressVPN has the remedy for all the digital and censorship queries. For users who like to review services similar to ExpressVPN, we have added some recommendations below that also work great as per our VPN test criteria.

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