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IPVanish VPN – A Brief Summary

It is one of the most consistent and reliable VPN service providers when it comes to performance. Engrossed with fabulous speed, 1000+ servers, Tier-1 network and thousands of users worldwide, this exceptional provider needs no significant introduction for its praise.

Possessing an exceptional team of professionals in the VPN industry, IPVanish indeed seeks the top position in the market with its tier-1 services that promise the best speed over networks. Founded in the year 2012, the entire team of IPVanish holds deep expertise of 15 years for serving in the field of secure service delivery and network management. In fact, it is often regarded as the most secure, flexible, reliable and uber-fast provider of VPN services across the world due to its widespread network of more than 1000 servers available in 60+ countries worldwide.

Where it is based?|=|

With its base in Florida (USA), the company has its independent proprietary infrastructure and custom software for its users. This means that it does not render kits services through any third party. Instead, its in-house VPN applications and software make it easily accessible for almost every mobile device and OS but hold on don’t forget to shed light on widespread US surveillance gags and warrants that swap within the US; huge threat to privacy.

Its tier-1 services and its distinctive privacy policy distinguish it from all the other competitors available in the market. According to its privacy norms, IPVanish VPN does not keep track of any of your online activities whenever you log into their VPN services. This means that they do not keep any log of your data usage and online identity for any further use. However, it only stores your payment info in a PCI (payment card industry) environment.

What Is So Special About IPVanish?

IPVanish operates and owns every layer of its services including network infrastructure, software, and hardware. This is an ultra-secure and private VPN that is purpose-built, keeping the speed and anonymity into consideration and encrypt your entire web traffic to the last mile. Very few VPN operates on a top-tier backbone, that’s the reason why IPVanish tests are the fastest and this also justifies the honoring the claim of zero-logging policy with no-third-party hosting providers.

This is the VPN with massive capacity in place to deliver and sustain the fast VPN feeds, ever wondered why your feeds chops in the evening with some providers? Because their network crappled during the peak times and unable to handle the increasing traffic. IPVanish currently offers 40,000+ shared IPs, 1000+ anonymous servers in more 60 countries worldwide, become one of the fastest growing VPN networks in the market.

To make your privacy and security decision more comfortable, we highlighted some striking feature of IPVanish that would blow your mind.

  • No More Web-Tracing

You don’t need to go incognito to stream your favorite content online, it masks your real IP address anonymous, so that nobody can trace your online activities – download IPVanish and enjoy your favorite content without the fear of being traced.

  • Secure Internet Connection

We all love to stream our favorite UFC fights while on the go, using public WiFi. But how safe open WiFis are, this is another debate, well, for now, such internet connections are not secure enough to risk our personal information. IPVanish keeps your data lock and passwords encrypted from all kinds of internet threats.

  • Bypass Censorship Filter

We are often restricted by the regional or local laws to use certain domains or websites. Many times employers are not allowed to access some top-notch strategies, and at times students’ connection throttled while accessing certain research related content. What’s the solution then? No restrictions survive with IPVanish – break regional restrictions and explore the virtual world with no limits.

  • IPVanish in China

IPVanish users can easily bypass the Great Firewall of China to access the blocked sites including Facebook and Youtube, but with one big caution; You can’t use the app to access anything you want. Instead, you can use the third party OpenVPN app to configure manually. IPVanish server domains are blocked in China, but still has active server IP addresses. Manual configuration is tough and you cannot access some features like kill switch, modulating IPs and traffic obfuscation, that you can use in apps.

Does IPVanish VPN work with Netflix?|=|

Unfortunately, being an excellent VPN provider with fantastic speed, excellent performance and of course zero-log policy, Netflix blacklisted all the IPvanish users, and the most-anonymous VPN gave up on trying to unblock its content. The best part is that users are moving towards the next best thing; Torrents. Due to the mentioned qualities, this VPN service is still popular among the users although the network abandons further attempts to unblock Netflix.

Some Extra-Special Features Of IPVanish VPN

While we are analyzing IPVanish VPN, we at this time highlight some of the exquisite features that it offers to its users. These comprise of:

Tier-1 network of VPN

The most exclusive feature of IPVanish that creates its unique presence in the market is its tier-1 VPN network. With most of the service providers taking help from varying third parties to establish their network, IPVanish holds the full-fledged ownership of its widespread network across the world. This feature brings additional competitive advantage to the service thereby ensuring a higher level of security and protection while using public internet connections.

Allow P2P / File-Sharing Traffic

With IPVanish, you are not restricted to enjoy peer-to-peer traffic, like TOR and BitTorrent. So if you want to share and download torrent/P2P files with the world around, then this VPN is the best option to go. Your internet speed will not be affected while torrenting.

Dynamic IPs

Supporting all types of protocols including PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN, IPVanish creates an impressive mark on its users by directing all its protocols through its dynamic IPs. Having 40,000+ IP addresses and 1000+ servers geographically distributed in more than 60 locations for its subscribers, it ensures anonymous browsing experience for all. It further assures better data encryption and privacy.

Lightning Fast Speed

Another striking feature of IPVanish VPN service that attracts the attention of most of the users is its super fast internet speed on different protocols. However, you can experience slight variations in its speed while connecting with its client. You may experience a difference of 1 MBPS in the speed while connecting through the L2TP or PPTP protocol whereas, while using the OpenVPN protocol, the speed gets reduced to less than 1 MBPS.

IPVanish VPN Speed Test

NAT Firewall Protection

When the principal concern is the security of your data online, IPVanish maintains its promise to the ultimate level. By only including the feature of NAT Firewall, they ensure a superior level of security and protection to you. This feature prevents your system from unwanted attacks, as NAT firewall is capable of tracking the inbound traffic thereby assisting in blocking it.

No Logging

One of the most influencing reasons behind the success of IPVanish is the strict policy of zero-logging, the provider claims that they are against the collection of both activity and connection logs. The service provider never stores your VPN session’s metadata and related information.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You can transfer unlimited data with comparatively faster and infinite of IPVanish server. It empowers you to use as secure VPN connections as possible, without throttling your network connection. Join the vast network of IPVanish and access the content of more than 60 different countries.

What Is The Security Level Provided by IPVanish?|=|

IPVanish uses 256-bit AES encryption that shows excellent yet military-grade security. To guarantee the further safety of the users, this VPN provider use shared dynamic IP addresses, ensuring that your browsing activity cannot be identified in any case.

Other aspects of a VPN that might create doubts among users are customer support credentials and app development, IPVanish managed such elements internally without third-party involvement. Some VPN providers keep the log of connection times, but IPVanish follows zero-logging policy comprehensively and does not log anything about the users. The absence of the middle-man by IPVanish make sure that the user’s information remains protected.

IPVanish Pricing And Plans

With IPVanish VPN services, you are open with three distinctive pricing packages to opt from. They are undoubtedly one of the most affordable VPN providers available in the market with beyond satisfaction performance. Almost, every existing user of IPVanish reveals a higher level of satisfaction regarding their pricing policy. The three different packages include payment on monthly basis, yearly basis, and three-monthly basis.

IPVanish Pricing Plans

By subscribing to the monthly package of VPN services, you need to pay $ 10.00 every month. This payment plan also comes with the guarantee of 7-days money back. Moreover, with the three-month payment subscription, you need to pay $ 26.99 for every three months. This package will certainly cost you around $8.99 for every month.

However, above all, the most recommended package of IPVanish is a yearly payment plan. It offers the best value for your money thereby allowing your savings up to 46 percent. In this plan, you need to pay an annual charge of $ 77.99 that approximately comes around $ 6.49 for every month.

Additionally, in comparison to its competitors, it is also offering great additional discounts to its valuable customers to retain their existing top position in the VPN service market.

Does IPVanish offer free trial and money back guarantee?|=|

Currently, IPVanish offering a free trial only to iOS users and for everyone, 7-day money back guarantee there that can apply to all new customers who opt to cancel their subscription before the end of the 7th day of their subscription. Upon unsubscribing, your money will automatically be refunded to your respective payment method – it takes maximum ten business days to process your refund. We recommend you to opt refundable payment method while sign-up.

IPVanish VPN Payment Options

Globally payment options are increasing, so does the concerns of the users to remain anonymous, especially when buying something to enjoy their anonymity. IPVanish currently offers more payment options than any other VPN provider. Other than PayPal, and all major credit cards, the VPN provider added the following options – some are highly anonymous while others are cash options.

  • PaySafeCard
  • CashU
  • Giropay
  • Alipay
  • Poli
  • Master cash
  • Boleto Bancario
  • SOFORT Banking
  • ELV
  • EPS
  • Przelewy24
  • DineroMail Oxxo
  • DineroMail Bank Transfer
  • DineroMail 7 eleven
  • DineroMail Servipag

Global Server Network

IPVanish has a server’s network of 40,000 IPs on more than 1000 servers geographically scattered in 60+ countries. Join IPvanish and locate yourself in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia or even in Africa virtually without physically being there.  More and more regions are on the way to be a part of IPVanish – the VPN network is extending its geographical reach constantly.

Can I get High-end gaming experience with IPVanish?|=|

IPVanish says maintains the tagline, “Everything for almost everyone,” and the VPN provider lives up to its claim. By establishing a successful partnership with leading game acceleration service namely Lag Assassin; IPVanish VPN creates a cutting edge over its competitors by enhancing the online gaming experience of its users. With shorter routing channels and faster transition systems, you will receive a minimal level of throttle in their services.Yes, aforementioned that it has user-friendly apps for all your favorite devices and you can use five simultaneous connections on multiple devices. Download IPvanish VPN and anonymize your digital presence across five devices.

IPVanish VPN Connection – The devices & OS it supports

When it comes to VPN services, IPVanish holds the most extensive ranges of supported devices and are flexibly compatible towards all mobile devices and operating systems. You can get an automated software for all the mainstream platforms like; Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS and for others, you will get the manual configuration.

Can I use IPVanish on multiple devices simultaneously?|=|

Yes, aforementioned that IPvanish has user-friendly apps for all your favorite devices and you can use five simultaneous connections on multiple devices. Download IPvanish VPN and anonymize your digital presence across five devices.

Be it Windows Phone, Chromebook, Android TV, Linux, Ubuntu, or any other router, IPVanish is compatible across all the devices. Some of the encryption protocols might not be available on all the tools.

Here is the precise guide to installing IPVanish on different platforms. The process is simple and involves zero level of complexity.

IPVanish VPN for Windows

Regardless of the Windows edition, you have on your laptop, PCs or mobile phones, IPVanish is capable of supporting all. The different versions of windows that IPVanish VPN supports include Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows 10. From zero-logging to kill-switch, to IPv6 Leak Protection, to LAN blocking, to OpenVPN scrambling, and to dual-user interface, you will be facilitated with all the IPVanish features in your windows OS. Technically, you will be using all three protocols, both IPVanish and 3rd party DNS with AES 256 encryption.

IPVanish VPN App for Android OS

The Android users can conveniently download the android supporting app of IPVanish VPN from the Google play store for free of cost. However, you need to make sure that this app is supportive towards android 4.0+. It will hardly take few minutes to set up the VPN on your android device. With this app, you can stream and surf through the public network of WiFi without any fear of malware, snoopers, and hackers.

IPVanish Android App

It also allows you the usage of VOIP services with the help of which you can quickly make cheaper international as well as local calls. The best of IPVanish Android app is API Load balancing feature that suggests you about the fastest VPN server based on ping and location. Additionally, it also helps you in switching to different servers available with them. OpenVPN and AES 256 are the practicing protocol and encryption for the Android client.

IPVanish VPN App for iPad & iPhone

Enhance the security level of your iPads and iPhones by simply installing the IPVanish VPN app. You download the app directly from the iTunes store for free of cost. Within five minutes after downloading, you will be able to enjoy incredible advantages of IPVanish VPN services. Enjoy the hassle-free experience of Torrenting and other several streaming services like Hulu on your iPhone without any geographical restrictions with this app. Long-press on your home screen and connect to IPVanish – this 3D touch secures your convenience.

Is IPVanish the best Torrent VPN?|=|

Yes, undoubtedly IPVanish VPN is a popular choice among torrent-freaks trying to keep their torrent traffic anonymous. IPVanish allows torrenting, and its newest No Log Policy is a cherry on the cake for torrent downloaders. Hide your torrent activities with IPVanish as this VPN does most things better than the average VPN provider. The reason why we recommend you to use IPVanish for torrenting due to its incredibly fast speed and diversified coverage of servers in more than in more than 60 countries that is more almost any other VPN provider, rest the concept of ‘the right VPN’ to you is not debatable.

Enhanced IPVanish VPN App for Mac Users

With greater emphasis on making easier things for the users, IPVanish has simultaneously improved their application for Mac users. If you are one of the Mac users, you can enjoy an enhanced level of IPVanish services with its IPVanish VPN Mac app. The latest version of the app lets you select your favorite servers if you are satisfied with their performances.

Moreover, you can also personalize your application as per your specific requirements in regards to the selection of either IPVanish DNS service or any third party DNS service of your choice. Mac OS client supports all the available protocols and the same AES 256 encryption tool.

IPVanish Customer Support

Your query is just a ticket-based email away from IPVanish customer support. You will find staff and customers contributions on their Forum – provider claim that the staff is fast, knowledgeable and helpful, that’s pretty justified, as you can find happy users crawling on IPVanish forum. You will be additionally facilitated with the support they offer on their official website that includes step-by-step tutorials, video walkthroughs and knowledgeable answers to the most common queries.

A Beneficial Alternative that gives IPVanish an Edge Over Competitors

Looking at the exclusive features that it offers to its subscribers, ReviewsDir hereby states all the significant benefits that you can obtain with any of its plans. These include –

  • It simultaneously allows two distinctive connections at a time.
  • It does not keep any log of your VPN usage.
  • With unlimited usage and bandwidth, you can easily gain access to more than 40,000 IP addresses.
  • It also further ensures complete security of online data.
  • Provides high-end protection via Wi-Fi hotspot against the intruders.
  • You can consecutively save on additional costs for long distance with the help of VOIP support.
  • In addition, it provides you the guarantee of 7-days money back with all its plans.

Sign up today!

Considering all the significant advantages and weaknesses of IPVanish review, it is certainly the most appropriate alternative for the users. In fact, it is the most reliable, speedy and secured option for you. Also, unblock your favorite channels like BBC iPlayer, and HBO with its superior level of encryption. Don’t let geographical restrictions create a hurdle for you in watching your favorite shows on such channels online. Besides, it also allows you to gain access to YouTube and Skype across any geo-restricted area.

ReviewsDir strongly recommends you to take a trial sign up of IPVanish today and obtain its endless advantages.

End Note: I want to cancel my IPVanish subscription, What to do?

Firstly, IPVanish doesn’t want you to unsubscribe, as their supportive team would ask and try to solve the query that is leading you to unsubscribe their services. But, still, if you want to cancel, simply visit IPVanish website and click the link “I like to wish to cancel my subscription.” You will be notified by an email once you cancel your subscription.

9.2 Total Score
IPVanish Review

Having a vast customer base of thousands of users, IPVanish indeed sustains a competitive edge in the market with its hard to imagine features. Considering all the plus points of this service provider, it has something flexible, affordable, user-friendly and exciting to offer you. However, the availability of no live chat alternative for customer support does not make any significant difference in its position.

Privacy and security
Speed and Performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Offers 1000+ servers in over 60 countries
  • P2P friendly VPN
  • 256bit AES Encryption enabled
  • Promote zero-logs policy
  • Five simultaneous connections allowed
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • When it comes to analyzing the downfalls of its services, you can hardly find one with IPVanish VPN
  • However, it lacks live chat option for customer support that is undoubtedly the primary drawback for its users
  • Additionally, it does not offer any custom-client for its Ubuntu users
  • One can think about NSA and Gag orders before considering US-based VPN, and there’s no free trial.

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