Striking Features of NordVPN

  • Offers 746+ servers in 57+ countries
  • IKEv2/IPsec, PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN
  • Six Multi logins allowed with one account
  • No cap on bandwidth and speed
  • P2P friendly with no logs policy
  • 30-day money back guarantee
$3.29 per month
You Save 72% on Yearly Plan
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Strong data encryption. User-friendly software. 6 multi logins at the same time. 30-day money back guarantee. 696 VPN servers in 53 countries.


Torturous process for availing free trial. Delayed customer support response.

Bottom Line

NordVPN is a strong VPN contender with razor sharp focus on your online security and privacy. However, there is a lot of scope of improvement in speed and customer support department. Overall you will love its features be it no logs policy, the quantity of VPN servers, data encryption, user friendliness, automatic kill switch, and P2P file sharing. Read our full NordVPN review for more details.

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NordVPN Review – Overview

Based in Panama, dedicated commitment to privacy and security, strong data encryption, 30-day money back guarantee, and an extremely affordable price – ladies and gentlemen, meet NordVPN. It’s been in the industry for a while now and gradually progressing among the top lot. Our team spent days and did a NordVPN review so in order to find out what’s good, bad and worst about NordVPN, read our Nordvpn review till the end to find out.

NordVPN was founded in 2012 with an intention of making the internet a free zone as it was in 1989. It is based in Panama, a country that has very convenient and favorable internet laws thus considered ideal for a VPN headquarters. Nord is under the ownership of Tefinkon co S.A. Nord has established a unique place in VPN market with its amazing features and consistent performance. NordVPN has more than 200,000 customers in the world utilizing its services for dealing with issues like surveillance, geo-restriction, malware attacks, and cyber crimes. The name Nord has been inspired by the Nordic rules which highlight the value of confidence, innovation, trust, and freedom. So lets get down to business and lets look at our reviews for nordvpn.

NordVPN Review – Features

In a quick glance;

  1. Firewall pass-through
  2. 24/7 Customer Support
  3. VPN Servers in 54 countries
  4. Double VPN for increased anonymity
  5. Strict no logging policy
  6. Connect 6 devices simultaneously
  7. SSL-based 2048-bit encryption
  8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, router, Windows mobile
  9. Shared IP (static/dynamic) and Dedicated IP
  10. Web proxy extension for Google Chrome
  11. Pay using Bitcoin, PayPal, Paysera, Webmoney, or credit card
  12. Encrypted chat
  13. OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec protocols
  14. Secret notes
  15. OpenVPN on SSL ports
  16. Convenient server map & custom software
  17. Free proxy list and up to 3000 free proxies
  18. Tor over VPN server
  19. Supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, and Android
  20. Custom software for Windows and OS X
  21. Own DNS servers

Notable Nord VPN Features

Following in our review of Nordvpn is the list of worth mentioning its features that put it apart from others;

1. Double Data Encryption

While reviewing NordVPN we noticed that Nord vpn will encrypt your data twice for strong security. It means your online traffic will pass through two servers thus making your 100% anonymous online. Also, the shared IP address combined with double data encryption makes it impossible to trace you online.

2. Servers Worldwide

NordVPN has 696 VPN servers in 54 countries and it is constantly adding more locations to its network. As far as the number of VPN servers are concerned, NordVPN’s server accumulation is satisfactory. However, it needs to work on expanding its mark in more countries.

3. Ultra-Fast Speed

Connecting to Nord doesn’t mean your internet speed will suffer. In fact, it will improve dramatically – at least that’s what the Nord says. Usually, there is a fear that since your traffic will go through an added layer of encrypted server, the internet speed might go a notch down but that’s not the case with Nord.

4. Easy-to-Use

Nord has easy to use software client and apps. Even a naïve tech user can figure it out without help. Also, Nord has provided more than enough guides, tutorials and information on its website to assist you instantly if you are stuck at any point.

5. No logs

Nord has a strict no logs policy which is never compromised. There are many VPNs who logs limited information about customers for supposed technical reasons. Well, Nord doesn’t seem to follow the same league and respects customers’ privacy.

6. Automatic kill switch

In case the connection drops due to any reasons, Nord will immediately shut down your online activity for avoiding accidental exposure. Nord has a sophisticated method for kill switch as it will only close the websites or apps that you have requested for rather than halting your entire online activity.

7. Simultaneous use on multiple devices

NordVPN allows simultaneous use on 6 devices, which is huge. Most VPNs don’t allow that many devices. It can be your VPN for the entire family. Or at least you can use each of your devices at the same time. Nord is for your mobile, laptop, tab, smartwatch and everything in between.

8. P2P file sharing

Most VPNs have issues with P2P file sharing but Nord allows it openly. Unfortunately, the feature is available on limited servers only because of legality issues. Torrenting is a blessing as you can download your favorite series, games, books and what not. So a VPN that allows it is important.

9. Free Extras

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, Nord has a treat for the general public as well. Nord offers multiple free features for public like free proxies, an extension for Chrome, encrypted chat, and secret notes. These valuable free tools are extremely useful for everyone. Also, secret notes let you send a link to encrypted message through an email or IM to anyone.

NordVPN Compatibility

NordVPN is compatible with a wide array of devices and operating systems. It is impossible to exist in a VPN industry without being available to a maximum number of devices and OS. Well, Nord understands this and is compatible with following;


Nord is compatible with multiple devices. To name a few, you can use NordVPN on iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, Apple TV, Android smartphones, laptops, notebooks, tablets, gaming consoles, internet-enabled TVs, and routers. We don’t think there is anything left. NordVPN is for every device.

Operation System:

Same as devices, NordVPN supports most operating systems. You can use Nord on Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, and XP, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, Android, Raspberry Pi, Tomato, Synology, Asustor, AsusWRT, SOCKS5, Proxy, and Sense. Phew! That’s a long list of OS.

NordVPN Windows

NordVPN Windows supports multiple versions of Windows like 7,8,10, Vista, and XP. The website has complete installation guides along with tutorials for different protocols. The guides have been explained in detail with step by step directions along with screenshots. Windows is an important platform as it is used by millions around the world. The devices that use Windows include laptops, notebooks, tablets and even Windows Phone. NordVPN has provided an extensive support and compatibility for different versions of Windows.

NordVPN Mac

Just like Windows, Nord VPN Mac guides are as extensive as can be. Although Mac is available on Apple devices only, the product is widely used throughout the world, especially in America. NordVPN realizes the importance of Mac and optimized its software and services for Mac users. It won’t be difficult to install and use NordVPN on Mac but if you are stuck then the tutorial on Nord can help you out.

NordVPN Android

NordVPN Android is not properly covered on the website as there is no basic installation guide. However, that’s not too difficult. You can simply download the app from PlayStore and follow simple directions. But it comes as a surprise since all major OS has a basic installation tutorial on Nord’s official website. Anyways, you can check the detailed Android tutorials on OpenVPN,L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP protocols.


iOS is another major operating system which is part of too many devices. NordVPN iOS section has multiple tutorials on the installation of the VPN. You can check out the basic app installation guide as well as configuration information about different protocols. NordVPN iOS guides are also extensively explained with the use of screenshots.

NordVPN Pricing

NordVPN offers a standard pricing plan which comprises of three different packages based on the monthly, half-yearly, and yearly timeline. Here are more details;

  • 1 month plan priced at $11.95
  • 6 month plan priced at $42.00, which makes monthly cost only $7
  • 1 year plan priced at $69.00, which makes monthly cost only $5.75

Payment Method

NordVPN allows you multiple payment methods. Most importantly it has a BitCoin payment option that enables anonymity. NordVPN receives payment via;

  • Bitcoin
  • PaySera/WebMoney
  • Credit Card (via Paypal)
  • PayPal

Money-back Guarantee

NordVPN gives you a generous 30-day money back guarantee that comes with no questions asked policy.

NordVPN Free Trial

NordVPN free trial is not openly mentioned on the website but the feature is offered to the customers upon request. Nord allows 3 days free trial but you have to request the company formally.

NordVPN Customer Support

NordVPN has a number of options to facilitate customers. It definitely lacks few mediums but overall we are satisfied with the available customer support.

  • Email/Request Form: 

NordVPN primary mode of customer support communication is Request Forms. In case, you need help, there is a dedicated page for it where you will get links to valuable guides and FAQs. Nord insists on going through the already present help material and only contacting the team if you still haven’t found a solution. The response of request form took a considerable amount of time from NordVPN customer support but the reply was satisfactory and helpful.

  • FAQs: 

Nord has an extensive list of FAQs that’s been divided into categories like general, billing & sales questions, set up questions, connection issues, and technical information for quicker search. We found FAQs extremely helpful and on point.

  • Tutorials:

The tutorials are limited to installation guides only. The page layout is very clean and detailed. Nord has classified the tutorials on the basis of operating systems. For instance, all the tutorials on Windows 10 are listed under Windows 10 head and so on.

NordVPN Security and Privacy

  • Security:

NordVPN is highly committed to the security of its users. Since we all know that OpenVPN is the most secure VPN protocol, NordVPN provides just that with 256-bit AES CBC encryption and 2048-bit SSL Key. The L2TP/IPSec and PPTP use 256-bit AES encryption and MPPE-128 encryption respectively. However, we would suggest to always go for OpenVPN.

As far as other security features are considered like double data encryption and automatic kill switch, we feel Nord is trying to trick its customers. Double data encryption means your traffic will be channeled through 2 servers making the encryption even stronger. However, we feel it won’t do any better than a single encryption. Double encryption is the just play of words to lure more customers.

The added layer in automatic kill switch is a smart feature. However, giving the power in the hands of users is not wise as they may forget to add their preferred list and end up being exposed due to a sudden connection failure.

  • Privacy:

As far logging is concerned, NordVPN is quite clear as it told TorrentFreak;

“We do not keep any logs – no traffic logs, no timestamps, nothing. All of our logs are pointed directly to /dev/null so as much as third parties would want it is impossible to trace the user itself. In addition, our service has only a minimal configuration which does not give away any information about the user.”

It has also mentioned the same stance in its privacy policy. Also, Nord is based in Panama where there are literally no data retention laws. We are satisfied with the no logs situation of Nord.

Next, it allows BitCoin payment which allows a user to not reveal its identity even to Nord thus adding to the absolute anonymity. However, you cannot claim money back guarantee if you have purchased a NordVPN account via BitCoin.

As you must be aware that P2P downloading is not allowed in many countries and even VPNs don’t offer this feature. Well, Nord allows P2P file sharing but on selective servers. You can use servers of those countries where P2P downloading is legal.

Overall, NordVPN is highly committed to the security and privacy of its thousands of customers worldwide. It keeps tweaking and updating features here and there to make itself more secure every day.

NordVPN Review –  Summary

Since all the information about NordVPN is too overwhelming and mentioned in great detail, we deemed it right to present a summary comprising of major highlights about NordVPN. Regardless to say, this summary will help you in decision making.

NordVPN pricing package is very economical if you purchase the yearly plan but a tad bit too much for a monthly subscription. However, the question is whether you are willing to take a risk by buying the yearly plan without experiencing Nord first. There is a free trial of 3 days but we don’t understand why Nord has kept it such a big secret.

Customer service is good in terms of contextual response but they can work on improving their response time. We heard a lot of bad things about NordVPN’s speed but the tests weren’t that bad. NordVPN provides average internet speed. The VPN network has more than enough servers but it should work on expansion in terms of location. As far as compatibility is concerned, NordVPN gets the full score.

Nord is a feature-enrich VPN where it is constantly trying to come up with new valuable benefits for customers. However, there is a certain reservation on how it creates a magnanimous hype about an average quality/feature like double data encryption.

There is no denying the fact that Nord is highly committed to providing utmost online privacy and security. The major indicators of this fact are no logging policy, headquartered in Panama, and BitCoin payment. A special mention is compulsory for the NordVPN’s Knowledge Base that has phenomenal guides, FAQs, and tutorials. The users will find answers to most of their queries in the Knowledge Base.

NordVPN Review – Final Words

Our final word goes in favor of NordVPN. We just found two slight concerns with this VPN service provider. One is average speed (not slow speed) and second is marginally delayed response (but answers the query). Other than that NordVPN is a powerful consistent performer. We loved its dedication to online security and privacy. Also, the fact that it keeps no logs and is based in Panama simply serves as a cherry on top.

We recommend NordVPN for personal and professional use. However, it is logical to try out its free trial feature before making a monetary commitment.

Note: ReviewDir is a NordVPN’s affiliate but this NordVPN review has been conducted by our team independently with the objective of presenting real facts and information.

  • Gavin Parker

    I have been a NordVPN customer for almost an year now, but I am still finding ways to use Netflix with Nord VPN servers. Their technical team keep giving me hopes to switch between servers in order to access Netflix, but the trick doesn’t last long and every time I got blocked from Netflix. The above Nordvpn review indeed highlights great features they offer, but sadly they still don’t have a solution for Netflix. I use NordVPN for privacy and torrenting purposes only, so I will continue my subscription and hoping if they have any solution for Netflix also.

  • Chen Yu

    NordVPN is no value for money if you are intending to use it in China. I have invested a lot of my time in NordVPN review, and thought that it would work during my stay in China. I paid for 2-year account but at the end it didn’t work for me. I still have their subscription but hardly use it because it is not good for VPN purposes in China.

  • Alain Gaston

    As a torrent lover, I only care about the ‘seeds’ and NordVPN gives it all. I am in their happy customer list for 6 months now and really impressed with how they have engineered the servers. Speed is good and so as the connectivity, so I would give 5-star to the service.

  • Disgruntledcustomer

    Paid for the two year package. Noticed immediately the speeds are unacceptable. It’s like traveling back in time 15 years and I only have 60mbps to begin with so my bar is not even that high. Impossible to even watch a YouTube video unless you’re a fan of 240p. I’m located in the US.

  • Ruffy

    One of the best premium VPN services. It combines everything you could ever need. It allows you to torrent and doesn’t keep logs and also based in Panama what is excellent for security. It works watching Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer and many others – hadn’t any worries to watch GoT and previous month they have started to work in China! 5 stars out of 5!

  • FallenSkillful

    NordVPN literally is the best vpn in the market at the moment as they have started to work in China, banged Expressvpn in number of servers worldwide, now NordVPN have more than 1100 servers, I’m very happy with them!

  • BristleLog

    NordVPN’s price is slightly above average, but it worth price, because you get instant customer support 24/7 and don’t need to wait working hours like with some vpns.

  • Sr. Jammie Lewis

    Nord vpn and ivacy are the best and cheap service in the market. I am using both one for office and the other for personal use. They provide best streaming with security The tough decision comes when you have to choose one..

  • Blasius Fadil

    At the moment NordVPN is leader in vpn services. They have reached 1100+ servers and still growing, works with Netflix 99% what is amazing, friendly with p2p and keeping no logs and their price starts from 3.29 what is below the average keeping in mind it’s premium service

  • Greenet

    Perfect customer support, I’ve connected them via live chat late at night and got the solution to my problem instantly. Happy I’ve chosen them!

  • JanReport

    NordVPN works super fast and smoothly no matter what country I connect to