Bed Scrunchie Review 2024: A Revolutionary Tool for a Comfortable and Well-Fitted Bed

Bed Scrunchie

Are you tired of waking up to dishevelled bed sheets slipping off the corners? Say goodbye to that frustration with Bed Scrunchie – a smart and innovative solution that promises to keep your bed sheets perfectly fitted, tight and in place. With its unique design, the Bed Scrunchie offers a 360-degree hold mechanism that extends the life of your bed sheets, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep every night.

But is it really worth trying?

Continue reading our review to find out more and make an informed decision.

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Bed Scrunchie is an all-inclusive tightening solution to keep your bed sheet in its place. So, you can pull the bed sheet and jump on the bed, but the bed sheet will remain fit. Grab Bed Scrunchie, available at a 50% discounted rate.

Last update made on 17 July 2024

What is Bed Scrunchie?

The Bed Scrunchie is the foremost 360-degree, all-inclusive bed tightening solution, designed and patented in the USA.

With Bed Scrunchie, you can emulate the look of a bed in any five-star hotel.

Further, you will not need to lift the mattress to set up this tightening solution.

Also, functioning as a big belt for your bed, Bed Scunchie will always maintain a good fit to keep the bedsheet properly. So, you will enjoy a peaceful sleep every time.

Most importantly, Bed Scunchie is smartly designed for every type of bedsheet and beds in different sizes. Further, it ensures a tough hold but is soft against the fabric to prevent any damage to the bedsheet.

Makers say that this bed-tightening solution is already loved by more than 2,50,000 customers. It has also won the laurel of being Editor’s Pick as the “Best Sheet Straps” in 2022, according to Tuck reviews. Moreover, it does not matter whether you will pull, turn, twist the bedsheet, or jump on it, as the bedsheet will remain in its place with the Bed Scrunchie sheet holder.

The inventor of this useful bedsheet tightener, Jack Nekhala, was inspired by the proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Jack Nekhala joined hands with Michael Nusinkis to use their experience in the textile industry to come up with a real solution to all the common problems regarding fitted sheets. The Scrunchie bed sheet holder got introduced in early September 2015.

Once you buy a unit of Scrunchie, you will get the tightener with eight Bed Scrunchie clips. Now, let us tell you why you will choose this 3-in-1 solution.

Why You Should Choose Bed Sheet Scrunchie

You should use the Bed Scrunchie sheet holder straps to keep your bedsheet tucked properly under the mattress. These can also work as an extender if the bedsheets are smaller in size. Further, Bed Scrunchies can hold and maintain the fitting of a bed topper, mattress pad, or mattress topper.

Bed Scrunchie review

In addition, with a Scrunchie, your flat sheet can be easily transformed into a fitted sheet. While doing our Bed Scrunchie reviews, we even found it versatile in its application. In other words, from cribs and hospital beds to your regular and hotel beds, it’s a solution that fits all.

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Bed Scrunchie Review: Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Bed Scrunchies are very simple yet smart in their designs. So, when we used Bed Scrunchie, we actually enjoyed all the benefits promised by the makers. Let’s have a look at its unique features that get translated into many user benefits.

Simple and Ergonomic Design for Easy Use

With this bed sheet tightener, you will not need to lift the mattress and face any discomfort. You just need to tighten the bed sheet using the draw cord from the mattress’s side. So, within very little time and with little effort, you can get a fitted and fresh bed sheet.

Perfect Engineering to Keep the Bed Sheet Fitted

This bed sheet tightener will continue to offer you a perfect fit until you change the bed sheet for the next time. Further, it comes with a 360-degree hold mechanism that will help you avoid the chore of fixing your bed sheet daily.

Sturdy and Good Gripping for Using it the Way You Want

It is engineered with a bungee cord, having parachute strength. So, this extender will continue to offer a perfect grip for years. Also, the grip offered is ideal for your bed sheet, and you can tighten the bed sheet until it is fitted properly.


While the Bed Scrunchie offers numerous benefits, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. One of the most significant is the initial adjustment that may be required to get it to work with your bed sheet and mattress.

You may need to play around with it a few times to get it just right. Another potential drawback is compatibility. Not all bed sheets are created equal, and the Bed Scrunchie may not work with every type of bed sheet.

You may need to experiment with different sheets to find the right fit.


Bed Scrunchie price and promotion

The price of Bed Scrunchies will differ based on the package you are choosing. You can get one unit of this extender for $49.99. However, shipping and handling charges will be applicable to this deal. Further, you can avail yourself of the buy 2 get one offer. The entire package comes at $99.98, bringing down the price of each unit to $33.33. So, overall, you save $49.99 and get free shipping in the USA with this order.

Further, the best deal you can have is the buy 3 get two offer. The complete package costs $149.97 or $29.99 for every unit. So, you are saving $100.03 on this order, along with the facility of free USA shipping.

As you checkout, you may be lucky enough to unlock a free gift with your order costing above $149. (T&C apply). We chose two buy 2 get 1 packages and got a 3pc luxury towel set free with the order.

Furthermore, you will come across a pop-up showing a 10% discount offer as you visit the product page on the official website. On clicking the pop-up, a small box will open. You can enter your email ID there to get exclusive discounts, coupons, product information, and other details.

 Payment Options

The payment options for buying Bed Scrunchies are versatile. You can make the payment through your credit card. The makers also accept payments using shopPay and PayPal applications.

 Money-Back Guarantee

The makers of the Scrunchie bed sheet tightener come with a 100-day return and refund offer called a “100 Night Sleep-Tight Guarantee.” You can twist, pull, turn, or jump on your bed sheet, and if your bed sheet becomes loose or wrinkled, you can request a risk-free refund.

You can watch the video before returning your product. You can even visit the contact us page on the official website, where you will find a form. There, you can fill in your name, email ID, phone number, subject, and message in the form and submit it to take things forward. After the correspondence with the customer support team and getting your return merchandise authorization or RMA number, you can return the product to the address below.

  • Bed Scrunchie
  • RMA (insert your authorization number here)
  • 1418 E Linden Ave, STE A
  • Linden NJ, 07036.

If you have received a free gift with your order, you also need to return it to the above address. However, you can keep the free gift by paying its charges.

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Technical Sheet

Have a look at the technical sheet of this Scrunchie Bed sheet extender.

  • Hold: 360-degree
  • Mattress lifting required: No
  • Ideal for: Beds with Memory foam or deep mattresses and different adjustable beds
  • In the box: One Bed Scrunchie and eight fabric clips
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Money-back guarantee: 100 days risk-free guarantee
  • Extender function: For fitted sheets shorter in size
  • Converter function: For transforming flat bed sheets to fitted ones
  • Availability: Online

How Bed Scrunchies Work

As already mentioned, using the Scrunchie Bed sheet extender and tightener is very easy. You just need to follow a simple step-by-step guide.

Bed Scrunchie clips

  1. Take a fitted sheet and keep it on the mattress or the floor. Make sure that the elastic is facing toward you.
  2. Then, place the Scrunchie on the fitted sheet’s top. The elastic band of the Scrunchie should be aligned with the fitted sheet’s elastic. Further, the wheel lock and pull ties must be placed on the fitted sheet’s foot.
  3. Now, it is time to attach the fitted sheet across the overall length of the Scrunchie. The clips will come with 2 sides, and the clip side, featuring tabs with snaps, can be attached to the Scrunchie’s elastic. Once done, the fitted sheet’s elastic should be clipped with white clips made of plastic.
  4. Next, you can place the bed sheet on your bed with the Scrunchie going under the mattress.
  5. Finally, tighten and fit the elastic by pulling the drawcord and keep the elastic secured by turning the wheel lock.

Customer Service

The makers of this Scrunchie for bed offer decent customer support. You can visit the contact us page on the official website. There you can fill in your name, email ID, and phone number for correspondence.

Further, there is a dropdown list under the subject section, and you can choose your area of concern from that dropdown list. You can also add your message in the given box and submit the form after clicking on the “I’m not a robot” box.

You can even go through the dedicated FAQ and blog sections on the official website. Moreover, you can follow the makers of this Scruchie bed sheet extender on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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Scrunchie Bed Sheet Extender and Tightener Reviews from Other Users

This bed sheet extender, tightener, and converter has many happy customers across the globe. So, let’s find out what others are saying about it.

My toddlers always messed up the bed sheet, and I lost track of how many times I needed to fit the bed sheet in a day. However, with this Scrunchie for my bed sheet, I don’t need to change and fit the bed sheet for days. They can now jump on the bed as much as they want. But the sheet will remain in its place.
Amy, California
I am a working mom, and my younger daughter gave me a hard time keeping my bed sheet looking fresh and well-fitted. Then, my friend suggested me this scrunchie. It’s so easy to set up, and I don’t even need to turn the mattress. Also, the only time I have to re-fit the scrunchie is when I need to change the bed sheet.
Alice, New York
I inherited a vintage wooden bed from my grandfather, and I love to sleep on it. But I faced problems in fitting the bed sheet over such a huge bed. The scrunchie worked perfectly as an extender, and it kept the bed sheet perfectly in place.
John, Georgia
Thanks to this super smart Scrunchie, I don’t need to set my bed sheet every day. It transforms a flat bed sheet into a fitted one within minutes. And I don’t have to be extra careful about not messing up the bed sheet.
Maria, Atlanta
This scrunchie never loses its tightness, making my bedtime extra comfortable. The clips of the scrunchie hold the bed sheet perfectly and keep it wrinkle-free.
Mark, Connecticut


There are similar types of scrunchies available in the market. Especially, Siaomo, RayTour, and JBYAMUS are close to the Scrunchie bed sheet extender and tighter in feature.


Siaomo bed sheet holder straps come with a crisscross design. These come with adjustable elastic and clips. Further, it is useful for keeping bed sheets, mattress covers, and table covers in a fitted condition.


RayTour bed sheet holder straps are engineered with elastic straps and clamps made of heavy-duty nickel. Easy to install, it comes in a triangular design. Further, it is compatible with various types of beds.


With the JBYAMUS bed sheet straps, you can say goodbye to crumpled bed sheets. These are made of plastic and have nickel clamps for easy and secure fitting. The three-spoke design makes these all the more utilitarian.


Is Bed Scrunchie any good?

Yes, this Scrunchie for bed sheets is really a useful and smart tool to keep a bed sheet well-fitted and wrinkle-free. You can pull the bed sheet or jump on it, but the Scrunchie will keep the bed sheet in its place.

Further, it is extremely easy to set up and gets adjusted by only pulling the drawcord. Also, it is made in the USA and comes with a patented design to offer a 360-degree hold, as promised.

Is Bed Scrunchie fake?

No, this Scrunchie is not fake. It is the first-bed sheet tightener, extender, and converter to offer 360-degree hold.

Further, its patented and smart design makes it compatible with various types of bed sheets and beds of varying sizes.

Also, its elastic strap is able to maintain elasticity for years. In addition, if you are not happy with the performance of this product, you can request a no-risk refund within 100 days of your purchase.

Where is Bed Scrunchie made?

This Scrunchie for bed sheets was made in the USA. Jack Nekhala and Michael Nusinkis used their combined experience in the textile industry to introduce this product in September 2015.

Is Bed Scrunchie legit?

Yes, this Scrunchie is legit, with a patented design and origin in the USA. Further, it is the first bed tightening tool offering an all-inclusive or 360-degree solution. Also, it works with all types of beds and bed sheets and comes with a lifetime warranty.

In addition, the makers are happy to offer you a 100-day refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with its performance.

Does Bed Scrunchie really work?

Yes, this Scrunchie for bed sheets really works. All you need to do is follow a simple step-by-step process to align the elastic bands of the fitted sheet with the Scrunchie’s elastic, do proper clipping, and pull the drawcord.

It can even convert a flat sheet into a fitted sheet without much effort. Further, you don’t have to check your activities or movements in the bed when you have fixed the bed sheet with this Scrunchie.

Is Bed Scrunchie a scam?

No, this Scrunchie is not a scam. It is made by two experts in the textile industry and comes with a lifetime warranty. Further, you can fit any type of bed sheet on the mattress with this Scrunchie.

Also, it can expand a bed sheet, which is shorter in size in comparison to the bed. In addition, the support team is always willing to support you through email, FAQs, and blogs.

Furthermore, you are entitled to get a 100-day refund facility if you find the product to be not up to the mark.

How much is Bed Scrunchie?

The Scrunchie for Bed sheet is available in various pricing packages. You can get a single unit of this tool at $49.99. Also, you will have to pay shipping and handling charges for this package.

Further, you can pick the buy 2 get 1 and buy 3 get 2 packages to enjoy lucrative discounts and free shipping in the USA. The buy 2 get 1 package costs $99.98, while the buy 3 get 2 package comes at $149.97. In addition, you will get free shipping with the buy 2 get 1 and buy 3 get 2 packages.


In conclusion, the Bed Scrunchie is an innovative tool that offers numerous benefits, including ease of use, comfort, and improved sleep quality. While there may be some initial adjustments required and compatibility issues to consider, the benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks.

If you’re looking to simplify your bed-making routine, enhance your sleep experience, and enjoy the comfort of a perfectly fitted bed every day, the Bed Scrunchie is a product worth trying.

With its simple design, sturdy construction, and ease of use, the Bed Scrunchie is a must-have tool for anyone looking to upgrade their bed-making experience.

Your search for a useful bed sheet strap ends with Bed Scrunchie. It has a patented design, and it offers a 360-degree hold for a better grip.
9.4 Total Score
Bed Scrunchie Review Summary And Rating

The Bed Scrunchie is a versatile and innovative tool designed to make your bed-making routine a breeze. This simple yet effective device promises to simplify the process of making your bed and ensure that you have a comfortable and well-fitted bed every day. Whether you're a busy individual who wants to save time or someone who struggles to make their bed due to discomfort or physical limitations, the Bed Scrunchie has got you covered.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
  • 360-hold for keeping the bed sheet in its place
  • 3-in-1 function as a bed sheet tightener, extender, and converter
  • Design patented in the USA
  • Parachute strength bungee cord
  • Only available online
  • Free shipping in the USA is not applicable on the purchase of a single unit
  • Free gift is only available on purchases above $149
  • An initial adjustment may be required to get it to work with your bed sheet and mattress
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