Blissy Silk Pillowcase Review 2024: All You Need to Know

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A lot of people find it difficult to get a shut-eye even after a tiring day. Are you one of them? You may have been trying various remedies, but of no use. Don’t lose hope! Sometimes, the solutions to complex problems are within making simple changes!

We recommend using the Blissy silk pillowcase. It’s truly amazing how good it is! And, it’s not only us. There are more than fifty-seven thousand Blissy pillowcase reviews on the seller’s website, all five stars! So, this Blissy review is just an honest opportunity to share our delight with you.

So, let’s dive into this Blissy review and tell you the shortcut to timeless bliss while you sleep.


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Is Blissy pillowcase worth it? I am a very skeptical buyer who prefers to take things with a grain of salt. So, even when I saw the deluge of Blissy pillowcase reviews, I found it quite astonishing.


And now, let me tell you, I am a lifelong fan of this product. Sleeping has never been so blissful, and I cannot be more grateful for this little change. Like thousands of others, I simply have words of praise.

Obviously, it made a difference to cure my insomnia. But, I feel everyone should use Blissy pillowcases whether they have trouble sleeping or not. However, even if you simply want a makeover of your bedroom, consider reading this Blissy review.

Just to make it easy for anyone looking for it, here I enlist its amazing benefits one by one. Given such praise, you may wonder is Blissy legit. Well, it is, as I will describe in this Blissy review. Keep reading to know who sells Blissy pillowcases, and of course, where to buy Blissy pillowcases.


It’s high-quality silk

If there’s one fabric that most women adore with their very souls, it has to be silk! Put simply, silk appeals to the queen in every woman’s heart just because it is so luxurious and erotic. And frankly, as Blissy pillowcase reviews indicate, the company over-achieves in what silk can do for you. It is silk royalty, made from pure mulberry fabric, and is the best you can get.

blissy pillowcase review

By the numbers, it is 6A 22 momme silk, momme being the unit of measuring silk density. However, I could not find a mention of how lovely the word ‘momme’ is in the reviews. (Maybe it was there, and I missed it.) So, I will just take a moment in the Blissy review here to appreciate how feminine silk is, even by its standard of density. After all, is not mom one of the most feminine words in the world?

In other words, all the mamas and would-be mamas reading this Blissy review, coincidentally, silk is nature’s gift just for you. To be honest, I would be very happy if this Blissy review creates one of those ‘aha’ moments of discovering something amazing and new.

What is the unit of silk density?

22 momme is the standard for the best silk density. A piece of fabric has a density of 22 momme when a 100 ft by 45 inches stretch of it weighs precisely 22 pounds. Furthermore, the company ensures the use of non-toxic dyes in the production process. So, the silk on the Blissey pillow case is the ultimate best silk you can get.

We have not got to the Blissy pillowcase price part yet, but it is totally worth it. Therefore, if you are asking why are Blissy pillowcases so expensive, you probably know the answer!

Silk comes in many colors here

Several Blissy pillowcase reviews appreciate how fashionable and versatile it is. Usually, you have four main color options. You can choose the classic while silk, or go for the silver one. In addition, for black lovers like me, its availability was a definite plus.

And, for all the princesses out there, yes, you can get one in pink! But, some reviewers state other colors as well. You may want to call up the company and verify if your preferred color is available. Also, you can get these in the standard size, queen size, or king size.

It is good for your hair

Reading the thousands of Blissy pillowcase reviews, it is evident that it is a simple cure to one of the most common hair problems. Really, who will not admit that the frizzy hair in the morning is a beauty-usurper?

blissy pillowcase reviews

Besides, do you know that hair tangling during sleeping is one of the reasons for losing it? However, let this Blissy review assure you, you will find next to no hairs on the pillow on waking up. Also, you will have a noticeable improvement of split-end problems in hair.

Many Blissy pillowcase reviews even go as far as saying that they do not have to wash their hair in the morning as often. Moreover, others appreciate how sleeping in it retains the shine of their hair in the morning. Also, pre-sleep hair care products may not work properly unless you rest in silk Blissey pillowcases.

It is good for your skin

Resting your head over silk is not only good for hair but also for the skin. Before I read other Blissy pillowcase reviews, I kind of took the morning crease marks on the skin for granted. Therefore, it was a pleasant change when I started sleeping in the super-smooth silk product. The crease lines simply disappeared overnight, making me look younger and fresh in the morning.

I just want to mention in this Blissy review, I feel like a queen of yore. Sleeping on silk, its lovely texture feels like a dreamy lullaby. On waking up, I still feel as great as a good night’s sleep can make me feel. Honestly, I don’t care now how much is a Blissy pillowcase. I have already got four in the house, and planning to buy a few more. Did I mention that these are really good as gift items? I am sure many other Blissy pillowcase reviews will echo my feelings.

It is anti-microbial

Unless you live in a hotel, the chances are that you neglect regularly washing your pillow cover. In fact, as this Blissy review is my ranting space, I accept not washing pillow covers for weeks.

blissy review

Long spates of not washing cause bacteria to accumulate in the pillows, leading to skin problems. However, I was very happy to read in several Blissy pillowcase reviews that silk resists bacterial growth to a great extent. Moreover, it is also a hypoallergenic material, preventing dust mites.

Washing tips

Please don’t assume that I recommend not washing pillow covers for weeks. They go through a lot, from hair dander to shampoo residues and dust from the air. Therefore, those of you who want to know how often to wash pillowcase, do it at least once every week, if not twice. Firstly, use a silk-friendly detergent to prepare the water. Secondly, put the pillow covers into a laundry bag. Moreover, silk is very responsive to washing, as it does not tend to retain dirt. So, a few gentle tumbles in the washing machine should do the trick.

Now that you know how to wash Blissy pillowcase, let’s have a look at another important issue. I have heard women asking what is Blissey weak against? Don’t use hot water to wash it. Neither should you dry it in direct sunlight. Also, do not use the tumble-dry option for silk. Simply hang it from a wire in a shady place or place it flatly against the clean ground to dry.

Natural body temperature regulator

Last but not the least of its benefits, silk also helps regulate your natural body temperature. So, it does not get warm like cotton, and keeps you cool. So, that’s one more reason to ponder is Blissy the best silk pillowcase.


How to use it?

Simply, put the pillow in it, and you are good to sleep. Silk, being smooth, tends to slide over. Besides, a lot of ecstatic Blissy pillowcase reviews mention how amazing it is to have a zipper on the side.

Blissy pillowcase reviews we love

Here are a few Blissy pillowcase reviews that resonated with us.

blissy pillowcase reviews

Joanne was overjoyed to find this product. Also, she said that she has not been able to sleep this well for years.

Just like this Blissy review, Anna was happy to find this product in black. Besides, she thinks it makes her bedroom even more attractive.

Rashmi is a mother of a choosy 18-year old. She recently gifted a set of two pillow covers to her daughter. She says her daughter is very happy with it.



Q1. Are Blissy pillowcases worth the money?

  1. The cost of the standard size is between $70 and $90. The queen size costs in the range of $80 to $100. The king size is slightly more, in the range of $90 to $110. So, are Blissy pillowcases worth it? Yes, pure mulberry silk is one of the most expensive fabrics in the world. However, you can currently get them at a flat 55% discount and with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Q2. Are Blissy pillowcases made in China?

  1. Many want to know where are Blissy pillowcases made. It is an American product.

Q3. Are the Blissy pillowcase reviews genuine?

  1. All the reviews come from verified buyers.


I wrote this Blissy review because I felt very strongly about recommending this product. It is a small change to make, but it has amazing benefits. I am sure anyone who loves silk as much as I do, would consider using this.

Blissy Silk Pillowcase
9.2 Total Score
Blissy rating, pros and cons

Cost efficient
Ease of Use
  • Anti-microbial
  • Does not cause the early morning creases
  • Besides, it is good for hair health
  • Made of highest quality silk
  • In addition, it does not retain body heat
  • You can only order it online
  • It is relatively expensive
  • Also, some people can be allergic to silk

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