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Cyber Monday Deals

We all know that the most-wanted and most-awaited Friday which is known to be black, but spread so much happiness among the people, just ended; so, prepare your lists before the sales end. Our list of Black Friday gets ready even before the season starts, but we often ignore Cyber Monday deals, that is as fascinating as black Friday deals and happens only four days later.

So, get ready to grab the cyber Monday deals 2018; we hope you’ll be fresh enough by Monday to click the best picks. Don’t worry! This year you won’t miss Cyber Monday deals; do you know, VPN cyber Monday deals seems the best compared to last year, we are sure you don’t want to lose this opportunity.

To further relax your senses, we are here to share you the latest and the hottest Cyber Monday deals 2018 including – amazon cyber Monday deals, Cyber Monday VPN deals, WordPress hosting cyber Monday deals and everything in between.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a prime online shopping day of the year. In 2017, Cyber Monday sales were recorded $6.59 billion.

The name Cyber Monday was initially coined by in 2005 to encourage people to shop online after the holiday weekend. On the surface, most of the Cyber Monday deals are cheaper compared to Black Friday deals. In the past, Black Friday has been an in-store event while Cyber Monday was online, but in the last few years Black Friday deals are also popping up online.

Cyber Monday is always the Monday following Thanksgiving. Mostly, it is in November, if Thanksgiving will be on the 22nd of November, then Cyber Monday will be in December (ranging from November 26 to December 2).

Best Cyber Monday Deals of 2018

Thanks to the expansion of holiday shopping events including Cyber Monday. In the past Cyber Monday was a single day event, but now revamped as Cyber Week; means you will see the same deals on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as you will do on Monday.

So, are you ready to know the best Cyber Monday deals in 2018? Without further curiosity, here is the list of all the best deals that you should fetch as the clock ticks 12 in the midnight on Monday following Thanksgiving.

Best Cyber Monday VPN Deals of 2018

Best Cyber Monday VPN Deals

It’s not only the real world that needs protection and upgradations but our virtual world also equally needs protection from unknown yet disastrous cybercriminals; the best bait to stay such threats out from digital landscape is VPN –

Virtual Private Network. This holiday season, Cyber Monday is also offering great discounts on VPNs. Search, and you will find an abundance of Cyber Monday VPN deals, but only an expert can detect the best VPN Cyber Monday deals for you based on your usage.

Find our experts’ take on the respective arena; you’ll find the best Cyber Monday VPN deals here;

1. ExpressVPN Cyber Monday Deal – Save 49%


Package Plan: 1 Year Plan (Get 3 Months Free)
Original Price: $194.25
Cyber Monday Deal: $99.95
Your Savings: $94.33 (49%)

2. NordVPN Cyber Monday Deal – 75% Off


Package Plan: 3 Year Plan
Original Price: $430.20
Cyber Monday Deal: $107.55
Your Savings: $320.65 (75%)

Get 75% Off with NordVPN and Make Your Browsing Private

3. PIA Cyber Monday Deal – 58% Off


Package Plan: 2 Years Plan
Original Price: $166.80
Cyber Monday Deal: $69.95
Your Savings: $96.85 (58%)

Avail Cyber Ghost 58% Discount Now

4. IPVanish Cyber Monday Deal – 72% Off

IPVanish VPN

Package Plan: 2 Years Plan
Original Price: $287.76
Cyber Monday Deal: $79.92
Your Savings: $207.84 (72%)

Avail PIA Cyber Monday Discount Now

5. CyberGhost VPN Cyber Monday Deal – 77% Off

CyberGhost VPN

Package Plan: 1 Year Plan (Get 6 Months Free)
Original Price: $215.82
Cyber Monday Deal: $49.5
Your Savings: $166.32 (77%)

Avail CyberGhost Gigantic 77% Off Now

6. Hotspot Shield Cyber Monday Deal – 66% Off

Hotspot Shield

Package Plan: 2 Years Plan
Original Price: $311.76
Cyber Monday Deal: $71.76
Your Savings: $240 (76%)

Avail Hotspot Shield Cyber Monday Discount Now

Best Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

Being the supreme ruler of the online retail industry, Amazon has built the reputation for an extraordinary last year’s weekend. Last year, Cyber Monday became the biggest shopping day in the company’s history. For the first time, it outperformed their annually record-breaking Prime Day sales event.

So, how come the giant stays silent? Amazon’s Black Friday 2018 sale has already started their several deals in the run-up to the big days – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are our picks of best Amazon cyber Monday deals 2018, showcasing this Cyber Monday.

Keep an eye on all the best deals.

Cyber Monday WordPress Hosting Deals

Best Cyber Monday WordPress Hosting Deals

The greatest shopping event Cyber Monday has already begun around the globe. Just like every year, this global discount days is punching hard this year with big savings on web hosting and other products related to WordPress.

We have scoured the Internet to find the best themes, plugins, and extensions to fit our list of best Cyber Monday WordPress hosting deals. We never ignore our young and existing entrepreneurs when it comes to events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals; here are our recommendations!

WPEngine Cyber Monday Deal


Model Name: WPEngine Scale Plan
Original Price: $35/month
Cyber Monday Deal: 2 Months Free
Your Savings: $70 (14% Discount)

Get 2-Month of Free WPEngine Hosting Plan

BlueHost Cyber Monday Deal


Model Name: BlueHost WordPress Hosting
Original Price: $7.99
Cyber Monday Deal: $2.95
Your Savings: $5.04 (63%)

Get Big Discount on Bluehost Hosting This Cyber Monday

HostGator Cyber Monday Deal


Model Name: HostGator WordPress Hosting
Original Price: $10.94/month
Cyber Monday Deal: $0.01/month
Your Savings: $10.93 (99.99%)

Avail HostGator Cyber Monday Discount Now

This is the right time for startups to invest in WordPress hosting and save big bucks on the road. We have listed some of the best WordPress hosting options where you can check your desired features and select the one suits you the most.

Summing Up

Skip the crowds and find the best Cyber Monday deals 2018 here to shop; we want you to earn the greatest value of every penny of your hard-earned bucks. Our lists of Cyber Monday 2018 deals have Cyber Monday VPN deals, best TV deals 2018, deals on video game accessories and muh more. Get huge discounts while saving your time and money to get the most of Cyber Monday 2018 with us.

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