ChargeHub React Review 2024: 7 in 1 Emergency tool

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Various car safety products are available in the market these days. Among these, React ChargeHub is rapidly making a good name for itself. Several happy customers offer positive ChargeHub React reviews.
The following sections cover all the key aspects of ChargeHub React reviews. Being aware of these is important for you and your loved ones’ safety.


Use React ChargeHub as a Portable Car Charger. Buy 2 and get 1 FREE now.

ChargeHub React Reviews: Defining the Tool

It is evidently a must-have tool to have in your vehicle. An accident is always the last thing on one’s mind while traveling. But, unfortunate events happen. In the unforeseen situation that your car turns turtle, it always pays off to be ready to deal with such situations. So, this 7 in 1 car emergency tool should be present in every driver’s arsenal.


Use React ChargeHub as a Portable Car Charger

The primary use of this tool is like an ordinary car charger. Besides, it is built to plug into the standard 12V cigarette lighter port of your vehicle. Also, it has a DC input of 12 – 24 V, which makes it compatible with all USB-cable-compatible devices.

ChargeHub React Reviews Think it as a Powerful charge bank

One of the main concerns of vehicle owners is their mobile phones running out of juice in emergencies. Whether you need to call 911, or ask for help from a family member, the mobile phone is vital. Therefore, we insist on having a contingency plan ready to deal with such situations. The users are all praises for the device. Do you know that it consists of a 2200mAh Lithium-Ion battery? Now, it is least likely that your mobile device will run out of charge when you need it most.

It is a Multi-Use Tool

It is quite frankly amazing how the manufacturers thought of everything you would need in the event of an accident. For those wondering is ChargeHub React legit or not, I have good news for you. It is RoHS compliant and has a safety certification by the SGS. To top it all, it also has FCC and CE certification. So, no wonder why the ChargeHub React reviews are so positive, including this one.

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It Helps to Get Out of the Car after Accident

In the unfortunate event that your car has been in an accident, you need to get out of it fast. Besides, the car may catch fire or may blow up in a worst-case scenario. As soon as you overcome the initial shock, you should try to get away from the vehicle and wait for help. React by ChargeHub is the tool that will come in handy during these critical moments.

The impact of the accident can get you entangled with the seatbelt. So, struggling to break free may only make the matter worse. Instead, keep your calm and use the razor-sharp seatbelt cutter included in this device.

Furthermore, the ChargeHub React reviews here cannot recommend enough that this device comes with a strong steel tip. So, just hold the device firmly and strike the glass window. It would shatter after a few strikes, allowing you to escape from the vehicle. It should take a few strikes for the glass to come down. For your safety, turn your face in the other direction as you try to break open. It is common for the car door to get jammed due to the impact of the collision. However, React ChargeHub presents a powerful solution to get out of such situations.

Here, we review different types of products. We have clarified is ChargeHub React any good or not. As for ChargeHub React reviews, our response is unanimous. Moreover, React ChargeHub is truly something that all car owners should always carry. It is a simple yet powerful life-saving tool!

It Helps to Signal Your Distress to Other Drivers

The utility of React ChargeHub does not end with the seatbelt cutter or the glass-breaker. You can also use it as a flashlight to find your way out of the debris of the car in the dark. The ultra-bright LED flashlight with 140 lumens even provides enough illumination to look around. If you are in the middle of nowhere, you can use the React ChargeHub to send out an SOS light so that other drivers can come to your rescue.

It also has a siren feature, sending out an audible signal for help to come your way. The ChargeHub React reviews widely praise all these features that are extremely helpful when your car is in trouble. Does ChargeHub React really work? It does, and it cannot get any better than this.

How much does it cost?

chargehub react price
Now, let’s attend to the most important question regarding React ChargeHub. How much is ChargeHub React? The base price of a single React ChargeHub is $49.99.  Besides, the good news is that ChargeHub React price comes down to purchasing multiple units. So, you can have three pieces for only $99.98. The cost of five pieces is $147.97.

Further, if you are buying ten pieces, you get to avail yourself of a super-saver deal at only $249.95. Moreover, the ChargeHub React reviews available clearly mention that you have a 30-day money-back guarantee with the product! Really, you should not be looking for excuses for not getting one of these products in your vehicle.


How to use this device?

It is incredibly simple to use this device. All ChargeHub React reviews testify to the same. It sports an ergonomic design and is extremely lightweight. Besides, the product weight is only 3.2 oz. Further, the product dimensions are 4.5 inches x 1.6 inches x 1.25 inches. So, you can easily grip it and use it. All product packages come with a USB cable to charge your device. Just plug it in, and the device will do the rest. When the power bank is full, you can use the charger in a standalone way without the need of keeping it attached to the cigarette lighter port of the vehicle.
Is ChargeHub React worth it? Truth be said, it is worth every cent. In fact, it is priceless because you cannot really put a price tag on the value of your life during an emergency. You do not have to access any special switch for the steel tip. It is normally present on the narrow end. The seatbelt cutter is on the React logo. Drivers in distress can turn on the safety siren and the SOS light by sliding a button on the React ChargeHub base.

What do other users think of this device?

Here are a few ChargeHub React reviews from people who actually used it.

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  1. A car driver from Minnesota reports that he was recently in an accident. He says that the React ChargeHub saved his life. He used the seatbelt cutter and the window breaker to come out of the overturned vehicle. After he got free, he called for help on his fully-charged mobile phone.
  2. Another driver from Pennsylvania reports that he never forgets to carry the gadget. Even if his phone runs out of juice in the middle of the road, he regularly uses the power bank to recharge the phone. He also reports the flashlight to be extremely useful.
  3. Someone from Rhode Island reported that the 7 in 1 emergency auto tool helped her to get her distress signal to other drivers when her vehicle was stranded. The strobe light and siren feature alerted other drivers, who promptly came to the rescue.

These authentic reviews prove beyond any doubt that it is an extremely useful device. For the skeptics who think is ChargeHub React a scam, you might just be compromising with your safety.


FAQs on the device

Q1. How do I charge the device?

  1. This is how you charge the device. You will merely have to connect it with the cigarette lighter of your car. It gets charged automatically.

Q2. Does it work even when it is not connected to the car’s electric supply?

  1. Does ChargeHub React work even if you do not have access to the power supply of the car? Yes, it does work very well. It has SmartSpeed technology that helps to charge your device rapidly.

Q3. Does it have an on/off switch?

  1. Yes, React ChargeHub has a switch at the side panel. Besides, it will automatically turn off the power after approximately 30 seconds of being idle. This ensures that you have a power supply when you need it.


This handy device is extremely useful. Besides, it is well worth the cost and can save your life during an emergency. So, here’s hoping that you never get into an accident, but you should have a backup plan ready. You can use this device regularly for charging your mobile phones when on transit.

ChargeHub React
9.2 Total Score
React rating, pros and cons

Listed below are the pros and cons of using it. Here are the overall ratings of this device. These should clarify is ChargeHub React any good or not.

Ease of use
  • Can get your phone charged even when it is not plugged anywhere
  • It doubles as a flashlight
  • It consists of a seatbelt cutter
  • It has a steel tip that can smash car windows
  • It has a strobe light SOS feature and a siren to raise an alarm
  • It can be a little expensive, especially when you are purchasing just one piece
  • It can only break tempered glass. The steel tip cannot break laminated glass, windshield, or plated glass
  • Since it is a small device, you can misplace it
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