EyeQue Review 2024: Does it Really Work or Just Another Scam?

eyeque review

Visiting an optometrist for every vision problem can be extensive and bothersome. How about getting a vision tracker that transforms your smartphone into a professional eye specialist? In this EyeQue personal vision tracker review, get familiar with a vision tracker that will check your eyesight and prescribe accurate eyeglass numbers.

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The EyeQue personal vision tracker can perform eye testing at home within 8 minutes. It is easy to use and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Last update made on 12 June 2024

What is EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker?

The EyeQue personal vision tracker is an ophthalmic refractometer for testing your eyes. You can attach the EyeQue eye test device to your smartphone to start the test. The instruction on the screen is easy to follow. Further, it is as simple as a video game. You will find a green line and a red line. Then, you will have to adjust these lines using buttons on your device so that they get merged into a single yellow line. This yellow line means an accurate focus on your retina.

The EyeQue vision test device can perform eye tests within eight minutes thanks to its patented MIT technology. Further, The makers mention in their success story how the EyeQue personal vision tracker has already been used for over 1,50,000 tests. In addition, 92% of the users vouch for its exceptional accuracy in reading.

The EyeQue personal vision tracker is reasonably priced, with one unit available at just $49.99. Further, the host of benefits it offers speak of its advanced technology and make it stand out. Also, it is a value-for-money product as it saves you from the hassle of expensive eye tests regularly.

Additionally, in this Eye Que review, we must mention that the reading results are scientific and accurate. Further, the reading includes axis, sphere, and cylindrical reading. So, you can completely trust the reading and order spectacles based on that. Simply put, you don’t need to step out of your house to get your eye tested and spectacles.

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Why Choose EyeQue?

Choose the EyeQue personal vision tracker as it helps you take charge of your vision. Further, using this device, you can take preventive measures regarding eye problems. In addition, you can check your eyes and vision many times before visiting the doctor. You can share the results with him, making his task easier.

In other words, when you visit your doctor, he will have multiple readings of your eyes and vision spanning over many months. So he will have the background to chart your course of treatment. To sum up, the treatment procedure speeds up if you do prior eye testing with this EyeQue personal vision tracker.

Features, Advantages, and Benefits

It’s time to highlight the features, advantages, and benefits of the EyeQue personal vision tracker. Engineered with patented technology and a cloud database, it will be an instant favorite of any user.

eyeque personal vision tracker

Advanced Technology Ensuring Accurate Eye Testing

The EyeQue personal vision tracker has patented MIT technology and is engineered by Atomic Physicist Dr. Jon Serri. The advanced mechanism of the EyeQue personal vision tracker helps it optimally use the optical lenses and pixel movements of your smartphone. Thus, the test begins by measuring the light focus on the back of your retina.

Cloud Database for Easy Sharing of Test Results

You will get accurate EyeQue glasses numbers once the device’s cloud database assesses your information. So, you can have a personalized glass number that you can share with any online retailer and order your glasses. Also, the refractometer uploads the EyeQue test results to the cloud. As a result, you can conveniently share the EyeQue test findings with your doctor.

FDA-Approved Refractometer Ensuring Trustworthiness

This is an FDA-approved class-one ophthalmic refractor. So, it is non-invasive in nature and will not cause any discomfort/damage during an EyeQue test. You can trust this device and start using it without worries today. In addition, this product is “doctor-tested” and “doctor-approved.”

eyeque personal vision tracker

Frequent Screening Facility to Save Your Time

The EyeQue test will be a time-saving solution for you, thanks to its frequent screening facility. You can just attach the refractometer with your smartphone and do the EyeQue test. In addition, the device offers accurate results regarding your eyeglass numbers within 8 minutes. So, as a whole, it saves the time you would otherwise spend by visiting the doctor frequently and waiting at the doctor’s chamber.

Reasonably Priced for Saving Money with the EyeQue Test

Usually, a visit to an optometrist will cost you an amount in triple digits. On the other hand, you already know from our EyeQue review that a single unit of this refractometer costs just $49.99. So, you can conduct the EyeQue test three times at the expense of a single visit to the optometrist.

Easy to Use, Making EyeQue Test Possible Anytime

You don’t need to wait to book appointments anymore. You can check your vision with the EyeQue test anytime, anywhere. Further, once you attach the refractometer to your smartphone, it will start showing easy instructions. Following the instructions is as simple as playing video games on your device. So, from your kids to your grandparents, everyone can use it.

Easy Accessibility for Fast EyeQue Test Results

You will get the EyeQue test faster as you can easily access the online portal and mobile application. Further, the cloud database will allow you to compare the current result with previous test reports. You can even share this comparison with your optometrist to take immediate measures.

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EyeQue Price

In our EyeQue review, we must tell you that the cost will differ based on the number of devices you buy. You are already aware from our EyeQue review that you can buy a single device for $49.99+ shipping & handling charges. Further, if you can choose the buy 1 get 1 50% free offer. For this package, you will need to pay $74.98. So, you will spend just $37.49 for each unit and save $25. In addition, with this package, you will get free shipping in the USA.


We recommend that you pick the buy 2 get 1 package. In this package, you will be able to save $49.99 and get free shipping in the USA. Further, the entire package will cost you $99.98, bringing down the cost of every unit to $33.33.

You can make payments through American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa cards. The makers also accept payments through PayPal. All the payment gateways are secured by Shopify.

Return and Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the refractometer, you can return it within 30 days of its shipping date. Further, you can email support@eyeque.com for correspondence regarding returns and refunds. However, you will have to bear the shipping charges for returning the product to Giddyup LLC, 16 N. Oak Street, Ventura, CA 93001, United States. Upon receiving the returned item, the makers will process the reimbursement.

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Technical Sheet

This optical refractometer is packed with technical specifications. So, let’s get familiar with its technical features at a glance.

  • Smartphone resolution requirement: Minimum 250 PPI
  • Compatible device: Android OS 5 or later, Apple iOS 11 or later
  • Source of light: Eye-safe display of the attached smartphone
  • Power Supply requirement: Not applicable
  • Humidity: Non-condensing 10% to 95% RH
  • Temperature: 10-40 degrees centigrade
  • Spherical power: -10 to +8 D (0.25 D steps)
  • Astigmatic axis: 0° to 180° (1° steps)
  • Cylindrical power: 0 D to -5D (0.25 D steps)
  • Minimum pupil diameter: 2mm
  • Dimensions: 3.62 x 2 x 1.38 inch

How Does it Work?

Using this device is extremely easy. Follow the simple step-by-step guide to get the test results.

  • First, attach the device to your smartphone.
  • Then, the device will scan the refraction errors in both your eyes and give a report on eyeglass numbers.
  • The numbers will cover the axis tilt, cylinder depth, and sphere sizes.
  • Next, you will receive personalized test glasses for them. If the numbers seem comfortable, you can order a new pair of spectacles.

eyeque personal vision tracker review

Guideline on Taking the Vision Test

Go through this guideline to get an accurate reading after your eye test.

  • Hold the smartphone steadily and position the smartphone at a reading distance.
  • Then, move the smartphone closer to your eyes so that each of your eyes can see the red and green lines.
  • It may take a few seconds for your eyes to find the lines.
  • If your eyes cannot find them, move the mini scope left/right or up/down in a gentle manner.
  • You should be able to see the red and green lines now. So, open your left eye, “the non-testing one,” and try focusing on a big object located at least six feet far away.
  • Next, tap the plus and minus buttons to create a straight yellow line. Then, click “Next” when all the green lines are below the red lines.
  • It’s time to rotate your mini scope to position 2. Follow the direction of the arrow on the device and rotate the device until you can see the number 2 on the white dot. Further, look into the scope; you will see red and green lines overlapping each other.
  • Click Next once you see a solid yellow line on the screen.
  • Finally, rotate the device to position three.
  • You need to repeat this entire process so that your device can do nine necessary measurements of your eyes.
  • There will be voice guidance to help you throughout the process.

EyeQue Customer Service

You can expect decent customer service as you buy this device. You can reach out to them by emailing eyeque@giddyup-support.com. Further, you will find free tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions on the official website.

EyeQue Reviews from Real Users

Many users have largely benefitted from using this device. Let’s find out what they are saying.

Hey, this device really works! I got my eyeglass numbers from it and got a new pair of specs made. I have cylindrical eye power, and often my eye check-up needs endless trials. But this time, it has been perfect on the first go!
Hezel M, C.
I was not sure about the accuracy of the test result at first. I shared the same with my optometrist. She said it was perfect.
Jay, A.
Eye test at home? Frankly speaking, I thought Eye Que to be a scam at first. But it’s very easy to use and assessed my glass numbers perfectly.
Kathleen, N.
I was not sure about getting a pair of spectacles without a doctor’s prescription. But wow! The Eye Que test result looked exactly like a doctor’s prescription, and I could easily use it for placing an order for my new glasses online.
Matthew, G.
I wear bifocal glasses. I was not ready to experiment until one of my friends suggested Eye Que. It gave accurate glass numbers, and I am so happy I used it.
Liza, C.

Why is this Optical Refractometer Better than Other Alternatives?

Packed with advanced technology, this device stands out as it works for people with farsightedness and near-sightedness. Further, people across various age groups can use this product. In addition, its reading is accurate and includes spherical power, cylindrical power, and astigmatic axis. Also, approved by the FDA and doctor-tested, it leaves its competitors miles behind. Moreover, the “glass power” reports you will get after the test is like a doctor’s prescription. So, Eye Que is always a safer and smarter choice.

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Final Words

From our personal experience, we can recommend this device for safe, fast, and accurate eye testing from the comfort of your home. The best thing is that with regular screening, the device can make you aware of any possible problem in your eyes without visiting the doctor’s chamber multiple times. So, it’s a value-for-money product and great for your eyes.

8.8 Total Score

Your search for an eye-testing tool at home ends with the EyeQue personal vision tracker. Grab it today for accurate reports within minutes.

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Patented MIT technology for accurate reports
  • FDA-approved for reliability
  • Doctor-tested
  • Easy to use
  • Cloudbase data storage
  • Only available online
  • It’s not a substitute for professional doctor consultations
  • Refractive error measurements only within a specific range
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