FlexSafe Review 2024: Innovative Accessory for the Safety of Your Essentials

Do you find it difficult to carry your essentials while going out or traveling? How about getting an anti-theft travel bag or safe that comes with RFID blocking and a nickel alloy lock? Let’s be familiar with the ultimate “portable travel safe” in our FlexSafe review.

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Last update made on 22 May 2024

What is AquaVault FlexSafe?

The FlexSafe bag is useful, portable, and easily packable for carrying money, jewelry, phone, cards, and other valuable items. Further, the makers present it as the “ultimate portable safe.”

In addition, the bag comes with a top flap secured with a nickel alloy lock.

Plus, once you open the bag’s front flap, you will get access to the zip. In addition, it is made of RFID-blocking material.

Also, the FlexSafe Aquavault bag is water-resistant and has an anti-theft property. Moreover, you can even use it easily anywhere as it comes with belt loops for attachment and extra storage.

Why Choose AquaVault FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe?

AquaVault FlexSafe is very compact in its design and secured with multiple layers of protection. Further, it is hard to detach once attached to a pipe or sturdy rod.

So, anyone trying to steal your valuables kept in the FlexSaf portable travel bag will fail in their attempts.

In addition, its 5-layer material, 3-digit code lock, and the integration of the RFID blocking mechanism make it an ideal choice for carrying essentials anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, this AquaVault FlexSafe bag comes with some additional storage provisions. There are small mesh pockets on both sides of this portable bag.

You can keep small bottles, chewing gums, and hand sanitizers in those pockets.

FlexSafe reviews

FlexSafe Reviews of Features, Advantages, and Benefits

This anti-theft portable travel bag is packed with many features. Let’s find out how these features translate into advantages and user benefits.

Anti-Theft Security System for Optimum Safety of Your Essentials

While conducting our FlexSafe reviews, we found that the bag indeed offers complete safety for your essentials. You must keep your cards, cash, phone, jewelry, and other essentials in the bag and close it properly for carrying it anywhere.

5-Layer Construction for Durability and Security

The 5-layer construction of AquaVault FlexSafe makes it resistant to knife cuts. So, even if thieves have access to it, they cannot cut it loose and run away with it.

The outermost layer of this bag has denier nylon together with slash-resistant fabric, and the next layer is made of 3mm EVA foam.

Further, the other two layers are crafted with RFID-blocking material and nylon interior lining.

RFID Blocking for Cyber Security

As already mentioned, this portable travel bag has built-in RFID-blocking material. So, when you keep your essential documents inside the bag, nobody can scan and steal your confidential data.

FlexSafe review

Nickel Alloy Lock for Improved Security and Functionality

The nickel alloy lock this bag has ensures sturdiness. Also, it is corrosion-resistant. In addition, the makers have tested this nickel alloy lock for safety and functionality. Furthermore, you can easily set the code in the lock and change it.

Once you open the nickel alloy lock, you will find a find lock, keeping the main compartment of the bag secured.

 Loops for Ease of Use

This safety bag comes with various loops for ease of attachment and carrying the bag. There is a small loop on the back, and the sides of the bag have elasticized loops. Again, at the front, there are some stretch loops.

These loops offer additional storage facilities, like allowing you to keep your belts, goggles, or some small staff.

However, the loop most important for this bag is the one formed after closing the bag.

Once you lock the top flap of the bag, you will get a loop, and this loop is the place through which the bag is connected to a rod, chair, bike, or any other object.

This loop is so effective in securing your bag that you can only detach the bag from the attached object by opening the flap.

Spacious Enough to Keep Your Essentials Organized

This bag comes with a single main compartment and does not have dividers. So, you can easily keep your mobiles, cameras, wallets, and other essentials in the bag.

External Mesh Pockets Offering Additional Storage Space

This safe pouch comes with external mesh pockets. You can easily keep your essential but lesser valuable items in the bag.

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AquaVault FlexSafe Reviews of Price

FlexSafe Price and promotion

The price of this anti-theft bag will depend on the number of units you are buying. You can buy one unit at $59.99 with shipping and handling charges.

Further, there is a buy 1 get 1 at a 25% discount offer. So, these two units will be available at $104.98. In addition, another offer enables you to pick 2 and the third one at a 75% discounted rate. Overall, this lucrative package comes at $134.98.

The package deals are available without shipping charges in the USA.

AquaVault FlexSafe Reviews of Payment Options

The makers of AquaVault FlexSafe accept payments through various options. Therefore, you can make payments through American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and Visa cards.

Further, you can pay the charges instantly through PayPal. Moreover, all the payment options are protected by Shopify Secure.

AquaVault FlexSafe Money-Back Guarantee

This travel bag comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have to fix any issues in the bag, replace it, or request a refund, you must make the request within 30 days of your purchase.

Further, for any return and refund-related correspondence, you can email AquaVault at returns@theaquavault.com.

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 FlexSafe Reviews of Technical Sheet

Let’s have a look at the technical details of this 5-layer security safe.

  • Material: 5-layer protection material, including nylon, EVA, slash-resistant fabric, RFID blocking material
  • Lock: Nickel alloy lock with a three-digit combination lock and a zip closure
  • Cyber Safety: Made of RFID-blocking material
  • Storage: Spacious one compartment without divisions
  • Extra Storage: External mesh pockets
  • Water Resistant: Made of nylon and is water and slash resistant
  • Attachment: Loop (when the flap is closed), elasticized loops, and stretch loops
  • Dimension: 10” x 6” x 2.5”
  • Weight: 8oz

FlexSafe Reviews of How it Works

FlexSafe has one of the simplest working mechanisms. So, how does FlexSafe work? Let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide.

  • First, open the nickel alloy lock of the bag.
  • Then, open the zip closure of the main compartment.
  • Next, keep your most valuable essentials there and close the zipper.
  • Further, fold the top flap to get a loop for attaching the bag to a chair, pole, cycle rod, etc.
  • Now, close the nickel alloy lock by setting up a 3-digit combination.
  • That’s it. Your scratch-resistant and water-resistant bag is securely attached and ready to offer you the necessary protection.

Aquavault FlexSafe

Customer Service

You can reach out to the customer service team by emailing them at support@getflexsafe.io. The physical address of this company is 20533 Biscayne Blvd Aventura, Florida, US 33180. Also, the official website of FlexSafe has a dedicated FAQ section answering relevant questions.

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 FlexSafe Reviews from Other Users

My friend gifted me this FlexSafe bag. The bag is spacious and comes with a nickel alloy lock for keeping the essentials safe. Further, I loved it as I could easily set the lock codes.
Thanks to FlexSafe, my essentials got saved from burglars. My daughter and I were in the swimming pool, and I kept the bag attached to the deck chair. Suddenly two people attempted to steal the bag. But they could not detach the bag from the chair and failed to cut it with a knife. Meanwhile, the security guard rushed in and caught them.
I am so happy I found this safe pouch before going to the beach. The bag has enough space, and I kept my Sunscreen lotion and lip balm in the external pockets. The elasticized and stretch loops were also quite helpful in carrying small objects.
FlexSafe is a great purchase as I have to travel a lot, and I am always worried about safely carrying my wallet, cards, and phones. Further, the design of the bag is sleek, and it is very light in weight.
The FlexSafe bag is brilliant, and it even keeps my essentials safe when I have to ride my bicycle in the rain. I keep my wallets, cards, and camera inside this water-resistant bag and attach it to the cycle’s rod.


While doing FlexSafe reviews, we came across a Vaultz money bag with a lock. This bag is water resistant and has a combination lock like FlexSafe.

But this bag does not have the 5-layer protection or RFLD blocking. So, FlexSafe safe pouch is a way better option than the Vaultz money bag.

Another alternative to the FlexSafe pouch is the Hodufy bag.

Though the bag is secured with velcro and zip closure, it is not as safe as FlexSafe, which is secured with a nickel alloy lock, zip closure, and RFLD blocking material.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about FlexSafe.

Is FlexSafe any good?

Yes, FlexSafe is a lightweight and easy-to-use safe pouch for carrying your essentials. This pouch has the protection of five-layer materials, including RFID blocking.

Further, it features a nickel alloy lock and a zip closure. In addition, it has a spacious compartment without divisions for user benefit.

Is FlexSafe fake?

No, FlexSafe is not fake. The makers have tested the efficacy and functionality of the nickel lock. Further, the lock is corrosion-resistant.

In addition, the bag cannot be cut open with a knife. So, this bag comes with a combination of a number combination enabled nickel alloy locks, a 5-layer material, RFID blocking, and a zip closure.

Where is FlexSafe made?

The FlexSafe pouch is made in Florida, USA, by AquaVault.

Is FlexSafe legit?

Yes, FlexSafe is a legit pouch for keeping your wallet, cards, camera, and phones organized and carrying them safely.

Further, it is lightweight and secured with a combination lock.

Also, the RFID-blocking material of the pouch renders it all the more utilitarian. In addition, it is water resistant and cannot be damaged with a knife.

Is FlexSafe a scam?

No, FlexSafe is not a scam. This pouch safe has already been featured in Shark Tank, Forbes, and Good Morning America.

This pouch features advanced engineering and 5-layer material and offers maximum protection against theft and water.

In addition, this pouch offers cyber security as it has a layer of RFID-blocking material.

Does FlexSafe really work?

Yes, FlexSafe really works.

It comes with a tested and functional nickel alloy lock and has a zip closure for added protection. Further, it is crafted with nylon, EVA, and an RFID-blocking material.

So, it cannot be damaged by a knife. In addition, its nickel alloy lock is a combination lock, and the topmost flap of the pouch forms a loop through which any cylindrical object can be attached to the bag.

How much is FlexSafe?

FlexSafe is available in many packages.

So, if you choose one unit, you must pay $59.99. Also, shipping and handling charges are applicable to this order. Further, you can buy 1 product and get 1 with it at a 25% discount offer.

The entire package costs $104.98.

In addition, there is a buy 2 and get one at a 75% discount offer. The entire package comes at $134.98.


We hope you now have a clear idea of what FlexSafe is, its features, price, and how it works. Further to reiterate, this safe pouch is crafted with care using 5-layer protection material.

In addition, it has a nickel alloy lock set with a combination lock and a zip closure. Also, when closed with a nickel alloy lock, the top flap forms a loop used for attaching to any cylindrical structure.

So, if you are looking for a pouch for carrying your essentials safely, choose FlexSafe today!

Your search for a safe and lightweight travel puch ends with FlexSafe. It is made of five-layer material and is quite spacious.
9.6 Total Score
FlexSafe Review Summary And Rating

FlexSafe is a portable and versatile personal safe designed to provide secure storage and peace of mind during outdoor activities and travel. It is a lightweight, flexible, and slash-resistant bag that can be easily attached to various objects like beach chairs, bikes, or strollers. The FlexSafe features a durable lock and a wire mesh construction, making it difficult for thieves to access its contents. It offers a spacious interior with multiple pockets and compartments to store personal belongings such as wallets, phones, passports, and keys. With its water-resistant and UV-resistant materials, the FlexSafe ensures protection against various environmental conditions. Its compact and foldable design allows for convenient storage and transportation. Overall, FlexSafe offers a practical and reliable solution for safeguarding valuables while on the go.

Ease of Use
  • Made of RFID-blocking material for cyber security
  • Secured with a nickel alloy combination lock
  • Spacious main compartment
  • The loop formed by the closed top flap is ideal for attachment to any cylindrical form
  • External mesh pockets
  • Only available online
  • The numbered wheels only go down, making setting the code a little time-consuming
  • The keypad could be larger
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