GoDonut Review 2024: Is it The Best Phone and Tablet Stand?


Making your phone or tablet stand properly on the desk can be a problem. But what if we tell you that there is a stylish and ergonomic stand to end your worries? Get familiar with the GoDonut phone stand, which has already won hearts for how it offers a hands-free experience with a simple design.

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Last update made on 12 June 2024

What is GoDonut Phone Stand?

Let’s begin our Go Donut reviews with what this phone accessory is. Compatible with 99% of mobiles and tablets, the GoDonut stand will make your mobile viewing experience hassle-free anytime, anywhere. However, the device should be between 7 and 12 inches in size.

Further, it has built-in grooves, which are flexible enough to accommodate mobiles and tablets of varying sizes. Also, the GoDonut phone and tablet stand holder can hold your mobile or tablet in six ways in portrait and landscape modes. Sturdy in its make, the holder, will even ensure that your device does not topple over.

Made by Raymond Alonzo and Nina Seyedabadi, this accessory has bagged the “TWICE Picks award” at the CES Convention in Las Vegas. Furthermore, it is ideal for all sorts of activities like browsing, video chatting, reading, writing, movie watching, drawing, playing games, etc. You can also easily do FaceTiming and videography with this GoDonut device stand as it’s steady and does not affect the device’s camera function.

Moreover, you can choose a special swivel add-on to make your GoDonut phone holder more functional. It’s great for presenting mobile phones or putting them on display. You can easily lock the swivel base and remove the device from the swivel base when rotation is not required.

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Value Proposition of GoDonut Phone Stand

The GoDonut phone stand is a value-for-money accessory. The makers say this simple accessory can withstand weight up to 33,000 pounds of weight. In addition, this accessory offers a snug fit for mobiles and tablets with covers. In other words, you don’t have to remove the cases before making your device stand on the holder. So, this is every bit worth your money, and you can enjoy it for your entire life as it’s practically indestructible.

godonut phone holder

Why Choose the GoDonut Phone Stand?

First of all, the GoDonut phone stand is a travel-friendly accessory. In addition, being BPA-free, it is even safe for kids to use. Further, you should choose the GoDonut phone stand because of its versatile applications. As it works in three angles, your device remains suitable for multitasking with this stand. You also always find the right angle for various activities on your mobile phones and tablets. So from the office to your gym and traveling destination, the GoDonut phone stand will be a great partner.

Types of GoDonut Phone Stand

The GoDonut phone stand is available in various colors and designs. Once you visit the official website, you will find options like:

  • Original
  • 360 or the Upgraded Original category with a turntable base
  • Glazed
  • Ultra
  • Mini
  • Skulls
  • Plus+

Further, in 2021, the makers launched new color options in their existing design categories. Also, they came up with a limited edition category called Winter Wonderland. They introduced this accessory, having a design resembling sparkling snowflakes in light as the 10th color option of their Glaze line. Nevertheless, here is a list of color options available in each category.

godonut stand

  • Original and 360 options – Purple, black, red, pink, blue, orange, lime green, hunter green, yellow
  • Glazed – Purple, black, red, pink, blue, orange, lime green, hunter green, yellow (All with a glazy finish)
  • Ultra – Oak, Paws, Tech Green, Jaguar, Pink Leopard, Cash, Comic, US Flag, Carbon Fiber, Camo, and Yoga
  • Skulls – Purple, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange, Hunter Green, and Lime Green

Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Is GoDonut Legit? Yes, it is. You don’t have to trust our words. The rundown of its features, advantages, and benefits will surely make you swoon over the uniqueness of the GoDonut phone stand.

Sturdy TPE Body for Durability

The GoDonut phone holder has a Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE body. So, it is impact resistant and does not get destroyed easily. Further, the accessory has the right weight and a slip-resistant base that ensures optimum safety of the devices placed.

FLEX Design for Stability

The GoDonut phone holder has a patented design and is engineered with FLEX technology. So, it ensures that the device fits on the stand properly and does not topple over.

Versatile Compatibility Making it Ideal for Various Devices

The GoDonut phone holder comes in a convenient round shade. Further, made in the USA, it can make a wide range of smartphones and tablets stand upright. Also, the accessory is not bulky in structure, ensuring that you get access to the device’s full screen quite conveniently. In addition, the GoDonut phone holder features expandable grooves for a snug fit of devices, even with cases.

godonut phone stand

Various Utilities for User Convenience

Thanks to versatile utility, the GoDonut phone holder allows you to do practically any activity with your phone, tablet, and small reading devices. You can make your device stand upright or adjust it to multiple angles, reducing the strain on your neck. In other words, it minimizes the chance of developing an ugly neck hump due to uncomfortable viewing angles of your device.

Thanks to its slip-resistant base, you can even place it on your car’s dashboard easily without the chances of toppling over. So you can follow the navigation shown on your phone comfortably while driving.

Multiple Angle Support for Better Visibility

The best feature of the GoDonut phone holder is its multiple-angle support. It comes with several sockets, enabling you to view your device’s screen from 45, 70, and 90-degree angles. All the angles work in portrait and landscape modes.

Hands-Free Operation Making Workout and Cooking Sessions Easy

The GoDonut phone holder is the best for hands-free operation. For example, you can easily place your device on the kitchen countertop or any solid base. So, you can easily follow the instructions on your device and do cooking or exercise simultaneously.

Portable Accessory for Travel Enthusiasts

In our Go Donut review, we must also recommend it as a portable device. Its 5.8 * 4.2* 1.3-inch dimension ensures an easy fit into your pocket. So, you can carry it to any place of your choice.


The price of this stand depends on the category you are choosing. See the details below.

godonut review

  • Original: $19.99 for every unit
  • Glazed: $24.99 for every unit
  • 360: $29.99 for every unit
  • Ultra: $29.99 for every unit
  • Skulls: $29.99 for every unit
  • Plus+: $29.99 for every unit
  • Mini: $14.99 for every unit

Further, the makers are now offering special discounts for a limited period. So, it’s time you grab the Buy 2 Get 1 and Buy 3 Get 2 offers. Also, if you are placing an order above $50, you will get a free shipping facility in the USA. Additionally, there is a separate box on the official website’s checkout page to add the GoDonut coupon for special discounts.

The makers of this phone accessory accept payments through multiple Shopify-secured gateways. So, you can complete your payments through Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express cards. Also, payments can be made through PayPal.

Return and Refund Policy

The makers of this phone accessory have come up with a 30-day return and refund policy. So, if you are unhappy with the product, you can return it within 30 days of its purchase. However, the item should be unused and inside the original packaging.

You will have to bear the shipping charges for returning the product to 351 W. Cromwell Ave #105, Fresno, CA 93711. However, shipping charges will not be applicable if the return is due to some manufacturing defects in the product.

So, you can email customercare@godonut.com to get a return authorization number and learn more about returns and refunds.

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Technical Sheet

Have a quick look at the technical specifications in our GoDonut review.

  • Construction: TPE
  • Durability: FLEX technology, Bendable but not destructible
  • Colors: Multiple options
  • Angle Support: 45, 70, and 90 degrees
  • Operation: Hands-free
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Dimension: 5.8 * 4.2* 1.3-inch
  • Compatibility: 7-12-inch Mobiles, tablets, and reading devices with provisions to adjust ½-inch thick covers
  • Made in: The USA
  • Design: Patented

How the Phone Holder Works

During our GoDonut review, we loved this product as it’s easy to use. Further, it does not need any setup. So, you can use it after taking it out of the box. Nevertheless, follow this simple step-by-step guide to use this mobile phone holder.

go donut reviews

  • First, take the holder out of its poly package.
  • Then, fix your mobile phone or tablet on its socket.
  • Next, to change the angle, reposition the device between the grooves of your mobile holder.
  • Now, you can work, write, watch movies or read, draw and do many activities on your device.
  • Moreover, you can easily carry it inside your pockets while heading outdoors.

Customer Service

The makers of the device offer friendly customer service, and you can reach out to them at godonut@giddyup-support.com. Further, you will find a dedicated FAQ section on the official website. The questions and answers cover a lot of important details about the mobile stand. In addition, the FAQ section addresses customer pain points superbly.

GoDonut Review from Other Users

Let’s know what other users say about this easy and stylish mobile phone holder.

In my GoDonut review, I will give this mobile stand a five star. We have toddlers at home, and they love to chew everything. However, I let them use this stand without any worry as it’s BPA-free.
Nicole, G.
I am a driver. So, I have to use my mobile phone a lot for navigation. Nevertheless, driving and navigating roads with my phone has been easier with this mobile stand. Further, I can drive fast when needed as the stand does not topple over.
Mathew, C.
I love to try new recipes, but I didn’t know how to follow the instructions on my phone while cooking. In other words, it wasn’t easy. But now I have this amazing phone holder that gives me a hands-free experience. Further, it’s waterproof. So I don’t have to worry about some minor splashes here and there.
Arnett, N.
I love my workout sessions outdoors. But I was worried about how I will follow the video instructions from my trainer. Then I found this superb phone holder. Further, this gets easily fitted into my pocket. So, now, I cannot think of my workout sessions without this accessory.
Michelle, N.
I love to watch movies as I get back home from work. But holding my mobile phone is a pain. However, things have been different since my friends gifted me with this smart accessory. Further, I got the add-on swivel. So, watching movies is more exciting for me these days.
Lisa, K.

Why is This Accessory Better than Other Alternatives?

There are many reasons why this mobile phone holder is better than many other alternatives available in the market. First of all, it works in portrait and landscape modes. Further, it allows you to position your mobile phone at 45, 70, and 90-degree angles so that you can conveniently watch movies, draw, read or do official chores.

Additionally, made of TPE, it is indestructible and lightweight at the same time. Moreover, it comes in various stylish designs, making it popular among people of different age groups. Also, being smart and ergonomic in structure, it does not affect the functionality and visibility of your device’s camera and screen.

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Final Words

To sum up, we recommend GoDonut as a smart, portable, and durable mobile holder in our GoDonut review. It can be easily placed anywhere, from your kitchen countertop to your office workstation and car dashboard. Further, it’s a delight for people who spend a lot of time with their mobiles, tablets and reading devices. So, considering a lucrative offer from the makers, it’s time you grab this mobile holder at the best price today!

9.7 Total Score

GoDonut is a smart mobile phone holder giving you the ultimate hands-free experience. It comes in various colors and designs.

Ease of Use
  • Compatible with mobile phones
  • Supports 45, 70, and 90-degree angle positioning
  • Supports landscape and portrait modes
  • Made of TPE, it is durable
  • Slip-resistant and waterproof
  • Only available online
  • Doesn’t support devices smaller than 6 inches and bigger than 12 inches
  • Doesn’t feature any space for charging your device
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