Keyless PRO Review 2024: A Pain Reliever From Tiny Phone Typing Spaces

keyless pro

Are you tired of carrying a laptop everywhere just for the sake of work convenience? Also, is the tiny phone keypad reason for your failure to catch up with work? Here let’s explore a smart solution in our Keyless PRO review.

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Last update made on 12 June 2024

What is Keyless PRO?

Keyless PRO is a device that projects laser light in the layout of a keyboard. The compatible size lets it fit even inside your pocket. So, it offers great carrying ease. Thus you can attend to work emails or client queries that occur unexpectedly when you are outside.

Importantly, the device needs a USB or Bluetooth to get paired with your device. After setting the connection, you get a flawless keyboard with a laser outline and characters in front of you. So a flat and non-reflective space, even in a dimly lit hotel, can give you a complete working setup. That gives you an easy typing experience.

Further, it comes with a complete setup in a single device to substitute traditional keyboards. It has a power switch for on and off purposes. Also, it has prominent charging and charging status and Bluetooth connection indicators. It further comes with a rechargeable battery.

Importantly you have sensors that maintain proper alignment of the laser projection keyboard. So here you get a complete setup that works fine without wires or accessories.

Why Choose Keyless PRO?

You may consider choosing Keyless PRO as harmful because of its laser projection. But the laser projection imparts no harm to eyesight, skin, or troubling health issue.

Also, the projected keyboard is neither too large nor too small for typing. The keyboard characters, despite having non-physical existence, are sensitive to your touch. As you press a keyboard number or alphabet, the input gets registered inside the Keyless PRO system. You can see the output on your paired phone screen.

Plus, the laser projection is not sensitive to air motion. So you can work with it happily with fans on inside your room or outside in a café or other places.

Features, Advantages, and Benefits of Keyless PRO Keyboard Review

Let’s explore the features of Key less PRO that give attractive advantages and benefits.

Light Weight for Carrying Anywhere You Go

The Keyless PRO has a size that can be easily fitted inside your bag or purse. So you can carry it wherever you go. Then start your work as soon as you find a flat surface.

Further, the light weight of the device never makes your luggage bulky. So, you can carry luggage while traveling for work easily.

Ease of Use for Daily Work

Key less PRO keyboard looks as simple as a physical keyboard in conventional setups. So, you face no issue in getting accustomed to the laser keyboard. Thus you have no delay in work while using this simple yet smart technology.

A Compact Design for Minimal Arrangement for Keyboard Projection

Just one device! That’s all it takes to get laser projection that presents you with a holographic keyboard. So, you don’t need any other device with Keyless PRO other than your phone obviously. Plus, the projected keyboard has various characters like numbers, symbols, and alphabets.

Even you can get media controls here. Thus, you can perform functions like play, pause or stop video or similar files while working from your phone.

So, you get a minimal setup for getting a laser projection keyboard which helps in easy maintenance.

Key Less pro

Wide Range of Device Compatibility for Great Pairing

You can connect a wide range of devices with Key less PRO through a USB cord or Bluetooth pairing. Devices that you can pair with this amazing technology include Apple products and Tablets. Also, you can connect the device with Android phones.

The device, moreover, gets connected to laptops and desktops. So with this long range of pairing capacity, you don’t need to worry about having different setups for different electronic devices.

A Clear Laser Projection for Seamless Typing

Each character on the keyboard has a clear laser outline. So you can recognize the numbers, alphabets, or other characters easily. That paves the way for not only fast but effective working.

A Complete Package for Self-Sufficient System

Keyless PRO is equipped with light panels, a projector, a sensor, and switches. Even you have an indication outlet for Bluetooth connection status. Also, you have a distinct charging port and indicators for showing charging status.

So, here you have a fully-sufficient system. It helps you make an easy and better transition from physical keyboards to laser ones.

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Price for Keyless PRO Keyboard

Keyless PRO Keyboard price and promotion

The price of Keyless PRO depends on the quantity you are buying. Plus, every cost below is included with a 50% discount. A single Keyless PRO comes at a price of US $94.06. On the other hand, two items lighten your wallet or purse by US $151.08. Four of these products need you to spend US $236.6.

Further, the Keyless PRO keyboard comes with two free deals. You can get two Keyless PROs and one free with an overall price of US $187.2. To buy three items and one free, you pay a final price of US $282.21.

Importantly, you can pay an extra US $23.9 for three years of protection and a replacement guarantee on every Key less PRO purchased.

Payment Options

You can purchase the item through credit cards. The payment occurs through a seamless and tight-knit secure site. The payment is protected through McAfee SECURE, TRUSTe VERIFIED, and Norton by Symantec.


On top of a 50% discount on every deal, you get a 5% coupon. As you get a popup for 5% off, activate the coupon by clicking on the option. The final discount gets added to items on your cart.

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Technical Sheet of Keyless PRO

  • Light type: Infrared light projection
  • Projection surface: Laser
  • Device color: White or Grey with a Black screen
  • Operation surface: Any even surface
  • Projected keyboard type: QWERTY
  • Devices that you can pair with for getting a laser keyboard: Apple products, laptops, desktops, and tablet
  • Power switch: Present
  • Battery low or high indication: Present
  • Battery: Built-in and rechargeable
  • Battery material: Lithium-ion polymer
  • Operation time: 150 minutes
  • Time required for full battery charge: 90 minutes
  • Charging port: Present
  • Keyboard type: Non-physical existence and laser-projected
  • Device component: Single
  • Portability: Yes
  • Movable parts: Absent

Keyless pro keyboard

Working instructions for Keyless PRO

Given the sophisticated product, you may think using this requires learning tricky processes. But using the Keyless PRO keyboard is really fuss-free, as demonstrated in the following steps.

  • Start by using an even and non-reflective surface.
  • Switch on the device and wait for it to get started.
  • The holographic layout of the keyboard appears on the surface.
  • Select a device like the Apple iPhone or Android phone you want to pair with the virtual keyboard.
  • In your selected device, switch on the Bluetooth connection
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the device from the Keyless PRO
  • Also, make sure the paired devices are not far away from each other
  • Otherwise, the Bluetooth connection may get blocked
  • The best arrangement is to place your phone or device facing you.
  • Then keep the Keyless PRO in a way you get the laser projection keyboard in front of your phone.
  • Now open the email or document which requires your inputs
  • Type directly from the Keyless PRO keyboard
  • As you type a character, you hear a low beep sound
  • That guarantees your keyless entry or entry using laser-outlined characters.
  • You can see the typed letter, number, or symbol on your device’s screen.
  • As you shift your fingers across the keyboard, the system identifies your motion.
  • Then it acts also as a mouse.

Keyless pro keyboard review

Customer Service

The keyless PRO keyboard comes with a minimal yet effective customer service system. You can call for queries or any issues on an international number +44 20 3808 9234, available 24 hours. Also, you have another number, +552135003992, which operates from Monday to Friday.

Plus, the number remains available from 9 am to 14:00 pm. Moreover, you can send a mail to

Further, you can use their postal address: NOVADS OU, Valukoja 22 11415 Tallinn Estonia.

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Keyless PRO Reviews from Users

As an online teacher, I faced problems typing for my students from my phone keyboard. I heard about Keyless PRO but considered it costly. But then again, whenever I was traveling or away from my workspace, I couldn’t answer the queries of my students. I finally purchased the device. Now I can even take classes anywhere. So this is worth the money I spent.
Given it has no physical keyboard, I wondered about its longevity. But I used Keyless PRO, which belonged to my roommate. You can carry it wherever you go and start working wherever you get a plain surface. There’s no pain in typing emails, blogs, and replies with this product. Despite being without a physical keyboard, the laser-projected keyboard works like any other.
Keyless PRO is an amazing technology that makes work so fun. It looks straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie. The laser projection is so clear that you can see the alphabet, numbers, and symbols. Also, there’s no lag between the typing time and the appearance of your typed-out text on the phone screen.
I thought working with Keyless PRO would be struggling, considering how upgraded it seems. But it works just fine. You just need a suitable surface for the projection keyboard and a Bluetooth connection. Plus, there are switches for battery indication and charging.
I have an advanced iPhone and never thought of needing Keyless PRO. But my dad gifted me this. The keyboard size is long enough for official work. Here you have no problem with typing or finger movements. Thanks to this system, I can have a full-fledged work system anywhere and everywhere. Also, now I don’t carry a laptop everywhere.

Comparisons/Alternatives for Keyless PRO

While exploring Keyless PRO, we came across a similar device called Atongm Laser Keyboard. On pen and paper, the features of the Atongm Laser Keyboard sound cool.

But users can face problems while typing owing to its blurred laser display.

So, you can have difficulty making out keyboard characters in a room or office lightning. But with Keyless PRO, you get a prominent laser display and a clear projected keyboard.

Another device similar to the Keyless PRO keyboard is the AGS Wireless Laser Projection.

This product looks great, just like the Keyless PRO keyboard. But in the AGS product, you can press a single laser button at a time to get the typed-out text properly.

In comparison, Key less PRO recognizes approximately 350 characters per single. So with Key less PRO, you can have better output and working speed.

Keyless Pro keyboard review

Further, we have another innovation similar to Key less PRO: the CTX VK200 Key fob Virtual Laser keyboard.

Like the product in our review, the CTX VK200 Key fob connects with your phone or tablet through Bluetooth.

But this Keyfob device runs continuously with a battery life of 120 minutes. On the other hand, Key less PRO gives you a battery life of 150 minutes.

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Here are some answers to commonly asked queries about the Keyless PRO keyboard.

Is Keyless PRO any good?

Keyless PRO is extremely good, especially for remote workers and tech lovers. As you switch on the device, you get the laser projection giving you a virtual keyboard. All you need is a strong Bluetooth connection. The said product gives a clear laser layout of the keyboard. So you have no problem using the keyboard for writing emails or making work documents from your phone.

Further, this device gives you ease of use and a quality speed. Importantly, the device is portable and not heavy-weight. So, you can carry it wherever you go.

Is Keyless PRO fake?

Key less PRO is certainly not fake. The whole device acts as a full-fledged system as a traditional keyboard replacement. Despite being a holographic keyboard, it is definitely not for show. Besides, it is just as useful as keyboards having a physical existence.

When you press any number or alphabet on the keyboard, you hear a slow beep. That indicates your typing is successful. Also, you get charging ports and battery level indicators in the device. So, you get clear indications for charging time to continue using the keyboard.

Is Keyless PRO legit?

This device is absolutely legit. The system removes the necessity of carrying heavy laptops wherever you go. You can continue working with a Keyless PRO and absolutely without a desktop. The laser-projected keyboard comes with a clear layout. Plus, it has numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks.

So, it gives a full-fledged system to do more than just type replies or texts. Plus, you can charge the device when it reaches a low battery to resume working.

Is Keyless PRO a scam?

Key less PRO is nothing but a scam. The device is made in a way to act as a comprehensive substitute for physical keyboards. There are switches to detect battery levels, ports for battery charging, and outlets for laser projection.

Also, you get a touch-sensitive laser interface. A Bluetooth or USB connection is necessary to pair your phone or electronic device with Keyless PRO. As you use the keyboard, you see the result on the phone screen.

Does Keyless PRO really work?

Key less PRO is convenient for removing the hassle of typing from a small phone keypad. With Keyless PRO, you can get a fully-equipped laser projection keyboard. You can enter your inputs there and see the outcome on your phone screen.

Further, the keyboard comes with a touch-sensitive interface. Plus, you don’t get any lag between typing and the time of getting the result on the phone screen. So, you can get good working speed with Key less PRO.

How much is Keyless PRO?

The price of Key less PRO depends on the purchase deal you are selecting. A single Key less PRO comes at a cost of US $94.06. On the other hand, two and four items cost US $151.08 and US $236.6 respectively.

Further, Key less PRO gives you two free offers. You can get two items and one free at US $187.2. Three items and one free come at a final cost of US $282.21.Also, you can pay an extra US $23.9 to get a security and replacement warranty valid for three years.

How does Keyless PRO work?

The working mechanism of the Keyless PRO keyboard is quite easy. Start by switching on the Key less PRO device. Switch on the Bluetooth connection of your phone or other compatible device. Make sure your phone and the Keyless PRO keyboard are in the correct arrangement.

You get to see a laser projection from the device projector. The projection comes in the form of a keyboard layout. As you type on the keyboard, you can hear a low beep sound. You can see what you have typed on your phone screen.


You must have obtained a clear idea after reading our Keyless PRO review. The product needs a USB or Bluetooth connection to connect with your device, like a tablet or phone.

Placing the paired devices on the same flat surface, you can type seamlessly on a laser projection keyboard. Your phone screen shows the typed-out text, mail, blog, or any word document.

Further, the device packs an impeccable combo of simplicity and comprehensiveness. You can carry it anywhere and continue your work. Also, there are different outlets or ports for charging and connection.

Also, the said device comes with a 50% discount and a 5% off coupon. So, what are you waiting for? Get this sophisticated technology at an affordable deal. You are just a decision away from transforming your work life.

Keyless PRO Giving New Outlook to Work from Anywhere
Keyless PRO has a simple design for easy use and portability. The laser projection shows a distinct outline so you can type without any hassle.
9 Total Score
Keyless Pro Review Summary And Rating

Keyless Pro is an innovative security device that provides a convenient and secure way to access and protect your personal belongings. It eliminates the need for traditional keys, offering a keyless entry system that uses advanced technology to enhance security and simplify your everyday life. Keyless Pro utilizes biometric authentication, specifically fingerprint recognition, to grant access to your valuables. By registering your fingerprint within the device, you can effortlessly unlock it with a simple touch. This eliminates the risk of losing or misplacing keys, as well as the inconvenience of carrying them around. The device is designed with robust security features, ensuring the safety of your belongings. It employs encryption algorithms and secure protocols to safeguard your fingerprint data, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring your privacy is maintained. Keyless Pro offers a versatile and adaptable solution, as it can be used for various purposes. Whether you want to secure your home, office, or personal belongings, this device can be easily integrated into existing locks or used as a standalone security system. It provides a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to manage and grant access to multiple users, such as family members or trusted individuals. The device also includes additional features to enhance convenience and peace of mind. For instance, it can be connected to a mobile app, enabling remote access control and real-time notifications. This means you can monitor and manage access to your valuables even when you're away, giving you greater control and security.

Ease of Use
  • Minimal arrangement requiring even surface and Bluetooth connection
  • Clear and effective laser-projected keyboard
  • High range of device compatibility
  • Portable, allowing work from anywhere
  • Easy typing experience and no typing errors
  • Can be found online only
  • A poor Bluetooth connection can be prohibitive.
  • Not suitable for children's use
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