KoreTrak Watch Pro Review 2021: Powerful Health Tracker

To help you best with our official KoreTrak watch Pro review, we need to know these: Are you on a journey to lose weight, increase muscle strength, stay physically fit, or train for a fitness competition? Your answer must be Yes to at least one of these questions, and here’s why.

The National Institute of Health states that obesity is the second leading cause of preventable disease in the United States. And according to the World Health Organization, globally, obesity has reached epidemic heights with at least 2.8 million people dying each year from being obese or overweight.

It gets worse.

Obesity also leads to major health complications such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and even stroke. Governments and organizations are pouring in billions of dollars into innovating technological components that can minimize, and possibly eradicate this issue. One of such innovations is the fitness smartwatch which has gained popularity over time, with major brands keying into the idea. These portable, lightweight devices serve as the fitness enthusiast’s best friend. They stay by your side at all times, helping you track your fitness routine and stay on top of your health.

One of such devices is the KoreTrak Pro Fitness Smartwatch. This highly prized smartwatch checks all the boxes for quality features on a smartwatch and also serves as a fitness accountability partner. It tracks the calories you’ve burned while performing a physical activity, monitors your heart rate and other health parameters.

This comprehensive Koretrak watch review discusses everything you need to know about this product. We take a deep dive into its features, how it works, what others are saying about it, and the benefits you can gain from using it.

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Koretrak Watch Review

Imagine a device that monitors all your physical activities – walking, skipping, running, dancing, etc – and ensures you are continually making progress on achieving your fitness and health goals. It’s a fitness watch. These devices also monitor health vitals such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, etc. One of the best on the market today is the KoreTrak Pro.

But where is KoreTrak manufactured?

Designed by the KoreHealth Fitness Company, a renowned health brand with an impressive collection of fitness and exercise equipment, this highly rated fitness tracker watch offers comprehensive monitoring of vital health and daily activity of users who want to remain active. It also provides them with real-time analysis and clear insights into their daily living.

Little wonder the KoreTrak Pro and its wide range of quality features have become really popular. The manufacturers also claim that the Koretrak Pro Fitness Watch will track your body shape and fitness progress even more effectively than a coach will, and several users have testified to the truth in this KoreTrak watch review.

Here are some of the outstanding features of the KoreTrak Pro Fitness Smartwatch that stood out to us.

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The KoreTrak Pro Watch is designed to combine “the style of a smartwatch with the biometric features of a fitness wristband,” as accurately described on their website. It features the convenience and style of the former and the biometric insights of the latter.

What’s more, you can wear the device every day. Its elegant, stylish design prevents it from looking like an exercise-only watch and as such, several users wear it as their normal, everyday watch. The material of this gadget is delicate with a customizable lash, ensuring that it holds on securely throughout your exercises and daily activities.

The interface layout is also simple – you can take in and understand all the information at a glance. Even more interesting, you can change the Korerak Pro UI at your convenience and to your desired preferences. The watch allows you to download and install background images, themes and apps from KoreHealth’s website.

Health Information

In our findings for this KoreTrak watch review, we learned that it provides users with health information by taking in vital measurements like heart rate, pulse, blood oxygen levels. For instance, when you perform cardio activities like running or strolling through your community, the watch observes your pulse and records every single calorie burnt. And how about blood pressure? How does KoreTrak Pro measure blood pressure?

The watch measures information on these health parameters within 10 seconds and you get the results immediately. It then saves the data and users can transfer it to their mobile device through a Bluetooth connection. Meanwhile, we should include that the KoreTrak Pro features sensors that give you status on your health, real-time as you move about.

Sleep Information

Koretrak Pro monitors health information when the owner is resting and not physically active. It tracks your sleeping pattern and gives suggestions on how you could sleep better and feel more rested afterward. After a nap, you can check to see if your pulse hopped, if your breathing eased back easily, and other relevant information.

koretrak watch

Fitness Tracking

Several users have commented on the fitness-tracking abilities of this smartwatch as exceptional. You can wear it while cycling, strolling, or performing any physical activity.

Are you familiar with the 10,000 steps a day activity? Research has shown that this activity helps burn calories, strengthens the heart, helps stabilize blood sugar, and enhances brain activity. For obvious reasons, counting the steps in your head will not just work.

And using your smartphone is not ideal. In comes this KoreTrak watch review. It helps you count the number of steps you take in a day and calculates the estimated amount of calories burnt.

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Cellular Device Connection

Do you own a traditional smartwatch? These watches allow users to receive alerts when their mobile device is within a certain range. The same applies to Koretrak Pro. You’ll receive calls and messages on the watch and you can decide to respond or continue with your workout. The watch displays some applications on your phone, notifies you of upcoming events, and you can play music and/or change tracks on the device.

IP67 Rating

KoreTrak Pro has an ip67 rating. What this means is that you can safely wear it in the shower or while swimming. It works well in wet environments and can withstand as much as one meter underwater for 30 minutes.


It is evident to users and from testimonies in KoreTrak watch reviews that KoreTrak Pro swears by the high quality of their product.

Why do we say so?

Their warranty is a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to request a full refund if you have an issue with the product within 30 days starting from when the product is shipped to your home. What’s more, if you want to protect your interests further, you can purchase lifetime protection and a replacement warranty for the KoreTrak Pro smartwatch for an extra £9.99. You can do this on the KoreHealth website.

KoreTrak Reviews: Pricing and Purchase

Koretrak Pro includes all the important health features seen in top-name brands and even more, but for a way lesser price. Before KoreHealth designed this fitness smartwatch and put it on the market for a pocket-friendly price, companies in the $20 billion smartwatch industry made millions of dollars profit by selling smart fitness devices at overrated prices. This made them difficult to own.

Now, with KoreTrak Pro, you can own a highly functional and elegant smart fitness watch without spending thousands of dollars. For as low as $49.95 per unit, you can purchase a unit of KoreTrak Pro.

KoreTrak Reviews: Where to buy KoreTrak Watch Pro

With several KoreTrak scam, it’s hard to find where to get a trusted seller. Fortunately, we have made a deal from this KoreTrak watch review with the official manufacturers, KoreHealth, to get you a 50% discount on your order with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply click this button here.

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Other additional features on this KoreTrak Watch Review:

As part of this KoreTrak watch review, additional features are worth noting for readers who would like to consider this fitness tracker.

  1. Bright, easy-to-read HD display
  2. Strong, long-lasting battery life that requires minimal recharges
  3. Takes high-quality photos by directly syncing with a mobile device
  4. Beeps when it is vital for the user to move more and warning reminders against sedentary sitting
  5. Can be charged via a computer or plug, and a USB cable is provided.
  6. Touch screen operated with a full color, LCD screen.

KoreTrak Reviews: How Does KoreTrak Pro Work

The KoreTrak Watch Pro is manufactured to 10x improve your exercising experience. It sets out to keep your fitness routine and health in check, all while helping you achieve your daily targets. Just like wellness trackers, the KoreTrak watch Pro syncs with your Android or iOS mobile device – you have to download the KoreTrak Pro application from the app store on your cell phone.

Once the gadget is charged, you wear it on your wrist and synchronize it with your smartphone through the application.

In this KoreTrak watch review, you would know that the smartwatch is designed to use a combination of its inbuilt sensors and your telephone sensors to follow your health information and monitor your overall well-being. For instance, the watch is not equipped with its own GPS so it makes use of that of your phone to follow your movement.

how does koretrak watch work

But, on the other hand, the watch does not depend on your smartphone’s sensors to follow your heart rate. Once on your wrist, it measures all relevant health parameters continually to keep you updated. The watch relies heavily on Bluetooth technology for a seamless connection with your mobile phone. It comes with its own inbuilt Bluetooth sensor and so long as your mobile device has Bluetooth, you can connect your KoreTrak Pro effortlessly.

And that’s not all.

KoreTrac Pro also serves as a bank, one for storing fitness progress. Current users love how they can see their progress day in day out, week after week on the application. All the long-term, tracked health statistics are consolidated and stored on the application.

Also, in the event that your cell phone is out of range, the KoreTrak Pro device can operate and store data for up to seven days without it. Feel free to take your KoreTrak Pro camping with you and rest assured that it will store your health information.


  • Flexibility Highly Flexible and adaptable for tracking various activities
  • Durability: It is designed to last for long and its waterproof nature further enhances this.
  • Tracks sleep duration and quality
  • Helps you stay connected to your smartphone
  • Monitors health parameters in ten seconds health awareness
  • Helps you record workouts and calculates calories lost from activities
  • Reminds and prompts users to get up to exercise
  • Koretrak Pro how to charge is straightforward
  • Budget-friendly price and money-back guarantee
  • Very simple and suitable for anyone who prioritizes fitness and a healthy lifestyle
  • IP67 certified
  • Helps users stay alert and health-conscious throughout the day


  1. Only available for sale online. No physical stores.
  2. Does not provide specifications as to if the battery is replaceable
  3. Cannot function for more than 7 days without your mobile device

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KoreTrak Reviews: Conclusion

With the lockdown and remote lifestyle caused by the pandemic, people all over the world are spending time in sedentary positions. As such, there has been a surge in the interest in physical fitness. One product that is making it easier to exercise keeps you in the know of what happens in your body and helps promote your healthy lifestyle is the topic of this KoreTrak watch review.

Its biometric technology analyzes your body while its sleek, sporty look makes it integrate fashionably into your daily life. The watch does all the computing so you can focus solely on meeting your daily goals. It is that cheering digital friend that keeps track of and celebrates all the little and big wins you achieve on your fitness journey.

When compared against other brands, Koretrak Pro comes out on top. Despite coming from a top, recognized brand and having a superior range of functionalities, the KoreTrak watch Pro is also sold at a budget-friendly price. You don’t need to break the bank to afford a smartwatch.

KoreTrak Watch
8.3 Total Score
KoreTrak Pro Review 2021

Ease of Use
  • Highly Flexible
  • Durable
  • Tracks sleep
  • Monitors health parameters
  • No physical store.

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